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Posted: Yesterday at 11:39

Bah, end of my post got cut off then website crashed!  Wouldn't have bothered to run last night but had promised IMTB that I would, and he was happy to go even if late, so kind of felt I had to given he'd waited for me.  Actually enjoyed it and although I'd been on my feet all day it was good to stretch my legs and get the blood flowing.  And we had a nice chat and it was good to have company - haven't run together for over a month now I don't think.

Can't believe my little man goes back to school next week - Year 3! OMG. The summer has flown - not that the past week has felt anything like summer ... who stole the sun?

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Posted: Yesterday at 11:11

I am laughing at your posts, CM, but really - WTF?? Does no-one take anything seriously in your place?  Here that would certainly have resulted in some disciplinary action I'm sure - I don't think our pay has ever been late and you are a much bigger organisation than us.  The senior management sounds seriously suspect - really appaling that when you tried to invoke the major incident procedure you couldn't get hold of anyone.  What if it had been a REALLY serious major incident - the kind that could have had a major impact on people's lives?  There needs to be a few high-level meetings I reckon ...

Caro, that sounds horrible. Can you take a smaller dose of the lactulose than recommended? Being bunged up is dreadful - I get a bit like that when we go to the in-laws; I think it's the change in water but I get dreadfully constipated.  It usually takes a run to get things moving (!) - luckily it's very remote there and there are trees, bushes and fields aplenty! Hope you don't end up feeling so rubbish this time but be prepared for it just in case.  And if you feel like doing absolutely nothing that's completely OK.  You have to work through this as best you can - it will be great to have your sister around to help you through the rest of the sessions.  When does she arrive?

You'd be great at 800m Lotte - that's a fast time!  You should give it a go - do a distance you don't usually do and get out of your comfort zone a little   Any more thoughts on the Royal Parks Ultra?  I just want it to be done and dusted so they open next year's entries!  Need to get in quick as it's SO expensive once the early-bird registrations have been filled.

Trying to plan my autumn race schedule.  November is proving awkward; too much other stuff on.  Have emailed hubby all the potential race dates but he hasn't replied (typical) and I don't want to go ahead with entries until he's OKed the dates (he does the same with his rowing races to be fair).

We had a family day at Legoland (Windsor) yesterday.  It was a great day out but man, SO expensive.  And I nearly lost the will to live with all the queuing.  We had a 50% off voucher but it still cost us £71.50 to get in, and then they have the audacity to charge extra for parking which I think is appalling.  Admittedly I had gone there fully expecting to be fleeced from start to finish but even so, I was shocked at how expensive food and drink is.  We took a packed lunch but I still spent £10 just on coffees!  We queued anywhere from 30-75 minutes per ride (only one was 75 minutes; the rest were no more than an hour) but given we were there for 9 hours, literally half of that time was spent standing in queues.  Kit absolutely loved it though so it was all made worthwhile.  I think if we go again we will do all the most popular rides early in the day before they get too busy.  Also take more drinks and snacks.  There is a 'fast queue' system but it's SO expensive - for £30 per person you can reduce your queuing time by 50% (woohoo) and for a whopping £70 per person you can get straight on any of the rides without queuing.  But that is extortionate!  On the plus side, despite what we'd been told by other people, we got out the car park in 5 minutes and had no traffic issues in either direction.  Kit was a very happy but VERY tired boy last night - I think the best decisionwe made all day was to buy him his dinner before we left at 7pm so we didn't need to worry about it when we got home - there's no way he'd have eaten at 8:30pm, far too tired. 

Having been on my feet literally all day I still managed a 5-mile run with IMTB at 9pm last night!  I'd kind of promised

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Posted: 23/08/2014 at 13:58

That's so great about your sis taking time off to help you through the chemo Caro - couldn't ask for greater devotion than that.  Let me know if/when it's OK to visit again at any point though; would love to see you if it's not too much for you.

Camlo, nightmare about hubby - glad he got away with just a few cuts though.  It coud have been a lot worse.  Yes, IMTB did brilliantly - 1:25 for the swim, 5:37 for the bike and 4:32 for the run.  Now it's all over of course he thinks he could have done better on the run (and having trained him, so do I).  But he did the sensible thing and was reasonably cautious having never run that kind of distance before so definitely there's potential for shaving some time off.  He's already decided to do another one same time next year so it looks as though our days of long runs home from work may not be over!  But next year they will also have some purpose for me as I'll be training for the ultra.

JG, I am allergic to autumn!  I know it sounds weird but as soon as we get the heavy dew in the mornings and general dampness I start to sneeze.  I am bad with dust (good excuse to never do any housework!) and mildew is a nightmare.  I can never help out with jumble sales (bummer!) because the damp, dust and mildew covering all the crap people get rid of just sets me off big time.  I'm fine with pollen, dogs, cats etc. though but it gives me a second reason for disliking autumn!

No I don't fancy the ice bucket challenge either, so hope I don't get nominated!

Been for a nice walk in the woods this morning with Kit and a friend from school, and his mum.  She then gave the kids lunch and I'm having them this afternoon so she can get out and sort out school uniform for her eldest.  Means I can get stuff done indoors too as Kit will be occupied.

Fantastic training Lotte.  If you feel like doing the Royal Parks next year instead of this year we could meet up as I'm planning to do it too.  Kept getting invitations to do this year's but managed to resist as haven't really done the training I'd want to do (despite all the extra long runs with IMTB).

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Posted: 22/08/2014 at 09:55

Good to hear from you, Lotte and CC.  I haven't managed to post much either.  Back to normal work routine now though so more time to post

Glad to know I'm not the only skanky one here!  I quite often wear the same kit a couple of days in a row (generally not in very warm weather though as stuff gets minging) and quite often do the school run in running gear having just got out of bed!

CC, sympathies on the house situation - although as you said, it might force a solution to this constant limbo you have been existing in for the last four years (four years! Man you are a saint!)  Definitely at least get a roof sorted where you are for the time being - there's nothing worse than that level of insecurity. Hubby needs to get his head out of the sand and do something about his job situation, especially if he's likely to be made redundant in the foreseeable future. Sorry that things there are still unresolved and that you are not clear about your own feelings.  Which, I think, is perfectly understandable given the situation.

Hubbies are getting a bad press here at the moment. Mine does complain that we are not intimate regularly enough and that I am not always affectionate. But then he never really 'talks' to me other than daily chit-chat so I have no clue what's going on inside his head. Rather worryingly I talk more to IMTB than I do to hubby! And hubby really doesn't like my friendship with him - even though it is just friendship. Sigh. Problem is that for the most part marriage is necessarily dull - life is routine, there are things that have to be done, and it's easy to lose the important stuff in the day-to-day nitty-gritty.

IMTB really nailed his IM - 11:50, very impressed.  Already talking about doing another next year so I fear another summer of 15+ mile slogs along the towpath is on the cards - especially if I do the Royal Parks Ultra too.

Pip, hope all is OK with you too.

CM, job sounds a nightmare most of the time - but even in its worst moments I doubt you can be as miserable as you were at your old job.  Keep that in your mind when the going gets tough, and get as many people as you can onside. I find that being nice to people at every level of the organisation really helps when you need to call in a few favours.  I have very much flown by the seat of my pants on a number of occasions and it's only by virtue of the fact that I've been here a long time and know a lot of people that I have been able to save a situation without anyone really knowing!

Caro, boo to more chemo.  Hope that they can give you something to lessen the side-effects next time. You are doing so amazingly and taking it all in your stride. Perhaps I can come and visit you again soon when the kids are back at school?

TTid, baby Fay looks gorgeous.  So love little newborns!  You seem to be doing great despite continued building chaos.  Hopefully the end is not a million miles away now 

The change in the weather is really getting me down, and there's only a week left of the school holidays.  Have had a fab summer and hate the thought of autumn and the dark nights (already drawing in quite noticeably here). Need to get organising something to look forward to!

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Posted: 21/08/2014 at 21:11

It's 12 October Caro.  Keep receiving invitations to enter for charity.  I'm going to do it next year - very tempted this year but it's not in this year's plan  

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Posted: 15/08/2014 at 09:54

And so it starts, TT   But at least they both seem sensible - agree that going into Glasgow to meet him behind your back was a bit sneaky, but if she'd told you you wouldn't have allowed her to go, would you?  I wouldn't worry about it too much.  It's highly unlikely to last once she starts uni I'd have thought - there will be far too much going on and the prohibitive cost of travel will soon put the mockers on it.  Maybe if he comes to visit first you'll decide he's lovely (hopefully) and feel better about her going to London to see him?  All part of the 'letting go' process which we all hate/dread!

CM, you sounded so much more chipper yesterday - very pleased to hear that things are a bit better at work and you have someone you can offload to.  Very important!  Sorry to hear your holiday wasn't what you'd hoped for and expected, but I do agree with Hoggle that holidays can sometimes be that way simply because we expect far too much from them and almost feel under pressure to make them perfect when we have spent a lot of money on them and looked forward to them for many months.

CC, sorry to hear things are still not great and that you're having doubts.  I hope you are able to work it out - and whatever the outcome, find a way forward.  Big hugs.

TTid, love the name Fay and what a sweetie!  Nice to be able to name her after your grandmother as well.  Love the FB photo of all three of them; gorgeous.  Birth sounds a bit traumatic so hope your recovery is good.

Sonya, hope it isn't too long a wait for you now and pleased that you have some home security - that must be a weight off your mind.  Not great to be in limbo at your stage of pregnancy! Pip, hope there is some progress on the home front for you too.

Caro, hope you are feeling a bit better.  You are one amazing lady - so brave.  I can't believe you had the courage to have your head shaved; not sure I could do that, even if I knew I was going to lose my hair anyway.  You looked fab in your buff in the FB photo (was goi ng to say 'you looked fab in the buff' but realised that might sound a little odd!!)

We had a lovely holiday in Wales and even managed two weeks (almost) without rain.  Our accommodation in Pembrokeshire (Freshwater East) was great - about 150 metres from the beach - and we had barbecues on the beach three times (with varying degrees of success; keeping the bloody thing lit in the wind was a challenge!)  Weather was mainly dry and sunny although not always spectacularly warm but Kit was in the sea regardless.  I think if we do UK holidays more regularly we will all buy wetsuits; water was far too cold to be in for any length of time, and even if you got used to the water temperature the wind when you came out of the sea was offputting.  We explored some beautiful, unspoilt and often virtually empty beaches and little coves, went to Pembroke and Manorbier castles, spent a day at a water park and did some of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path walk which was amazing.  Our second week was spent at the in-laws and we had one especially nice day at Aberdovey - it was hot and it's a lovely, old-fashioned seaside town and totally unspoilt, with a lovely big beach.  Being back at work sucks - and I can't believe there are only two more weeks left of the school holidays


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Posted: 13/08/2014 at 22:13

Congrats TT! And a pink one - that took me by surprise! Looking forward to pics very soon and hope you're OK. So much for the section you were booked in for!

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Posted: 05/08/2014 at 22:26

Caro, hope it went OK. As far as I can tell from reading around the internet, the Port-a-cath is the way to go. It's inserted under the skin so is completely invisible apart from perhaps a slight bump (more visible if you're skinny) and is also less likely to get infected as there is no line hanging out anywhere. Advice was to draw around your bra/crop top if getting it fitted so it can be positioned away from any straps and therefore avoid rubbing. Hickman is a central line that goes straight into one of the heart veins but you'll be left with an external line that has to be sterilised. The PICC is similar to Hickman but goes into an arm instead. Issues with it appear to be very limited range of movement in the arm it's in, difficulty in finding t-shirts/short-sleeved tops that hide it and again the need to keep it clean/sterile (bagging it for showers etc). The main drawback to the port seems to be that there can be a wait to get it fitted.

Hope that helps. Will be back properly when back from holiday next week, we have very limited mobile and WiFi here at in-laws so going to post this now before I lose it!

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Posted: 25/07/2014 at 12:50

Caro, that's very reassuring. And I think the consultant should be prepared to answer as many questions as you ask! If you go to Wales whereabouts are you going?  We leave tomorrow and are staying at Freshwater East in Pembrokeshire (kind of midway between Tenby and Pembroke I think, not far from St Davids). Really looking forward to it, although I think the heatwave's about to end ...

Woohoo Hoggle!  Great news, you must be so pleased.  Hope it all goes well for him, always daunting starting a new job especially after a period of nothing.

CC, how did you get rid of S's comforter?  I so want Kit to ditch his - it's minging.  He sucks his thumb when he has it (only then) but he also sucks the thing itself and it stinks.  It is - of all things - a baby Grobag that he once slept in and now has holes worn through where it's been sucked so much.  Eeww.  Would love him to give it up as I'm constantly having to wash it to stop him getting a rash round his mouth but I can't just take it away from him - that would be too cruel.  I have a very lazy left eye - it was picked up when I was about J's age and I had to wear hideous NHS glasses with the right eye frosted for a few years.  Eventually the strength of the eye improved a bit and they told me I didn't have to wear them any more.  Eye now is pretty bad but my right eye is 20:20 so compensates.  I suppose I could have laser surgery on the bad one?  Or just wear one contact lens?  But it doesn't really affect me in any way so I don't bother.

Great news about nut allergy Sonya.  We found out in a pretty irresponsible way that Kit doesn't have one - on the beach in Cornwall when he was about two, decided he was starving and raided the lunch bag containing peanut chewy bars ... good job no reaction as God knows where the nearest hospital was!

Enjoy the Games Ikkle!

Sensible decision re. Abingdon, Pip - and I agree, I don't think I could face putting in all that training if I knew there was no chance of getting the result I wanted/am capable of.

Just a few things to tie up at work and then I am free for two weeks!  Yay!!


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Posted: 24/07/2014 at 10:47

Sonya, that does sound so stressful.  I only have the one child so can't comment on what it's like to have to look after other littlies post-section, but I found recovery from my section absolutely fine (undiagnosed breech, so technically emergency but baby wasn't in distress so it was all quite calm).  I definitely drove before 6 weeks and also had no choice but to lift the carrycot in and out of the car, on and off the pram base etc. within the first 2-3 weeks and was fine.  I went for my first run 5 weeks post-op with no ill effects.

Caro, cannot believe the hassle you're having trying to get your chemo sorted out.  Well done for being bloody-minded enough to keep hassling - sadly it's the only way to make sure you're heard.  The consultant sounds good though - nice to know you should be in safe hands.  Do hope you get to go away for a break though, you must need one by now.  Loved the photos of Matilda - so grown up.

Commonwealth Games opening ceremony: don't get me started!  It was so bad.  Ghastly.  The Scottie dogs were super-cute but that was about it!  I didn't approve of using the ceremony as a charity drive for UNICEF either.  Much as I admire their work, this is the opening ceremony of a major sporting event, not Children in Need.

We're off on hols on Saturday and I cannot wait.  A week in Pembrokeshire (really hoping the heatwave lasts!) and then a week with the in-laws ... mixed feelings about that part as hubby has already told me he plans to help his dad with lots of tasks in the house/garden that he can't really manage on his own.  Fair enough, but I don't want to end up hanging around their house for the whole week - it's my holiday as well!  Kit will be happy as they've recently acquired a border collie pup who he can't wait to play with - we may have a hard time getting him home afterwards!

Did the Harlow 10 on Sunday - boy, was it humid!  You can enter on the day so I hadn't bothered to pre-register and on Saturday evening I was pretty sure I wasn't going to bother given the heat and humidity.  Got up early Sunday planning just to run, then decided that as the race is so close to home it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn't do it, but decided to just take it steady and not kill myself.  Set off at a fast but comfortable pace from the start and felt the benefit of that decision very early on as I started overtaking all those who'd sprinted away at the gun.  It was a challenging course - no major hills, but undulating and a few sections offroad on tracks which were uneven and incredibly hot, with hedges either side blocking any kind of air flow.  There was a particularly nasty incline at about 6 miles which someone at the start had pre-warned me about, so I'd made sure I had conserved energy for it.  It wasn't especially steep but went on for at least 2/3 of a mile - the water station at the top was very welcome and I clocked my slowest mile of the race here as I walked through to drink properly.  As the race progressed I noticed I was passing more and more women and then there was a nice track finish at the end.  Decided to wait around for the results and was amazed to discover that despite being 3.5 minutes slower than my PB I'd managed to win 1st FV45!  So then hung around for the prizegiving and was presented with a nice trophy.  This getting older thing does seem to have some advantages!

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