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London Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 10:39

There is still no information on the VLM website as to when the ballot opens - given that it's supposedly 22 April it would be good if they could update the information on there!

London Marathon 2015

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 15:16

Jeez, does it really close that fast?

I'd like to know the same as Jazz, and also what personal info they need for the ballot entry, as I've got to enter my friend as well as he's away on the day the ballot opens.

Does it really open at midnight?  Don't particularly want to stay up to do it!



Mums Running Club

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 14:00

Oh no Caro - hope you're feeling better?  Thanks for the company on Sunday - hopefully we can do it again sometime in drier conditions!  Funny that you ran to work yesterday - I ran home.  With Eye Candyman   We met at Liverpool Street, took train to Tottenham Hale then got straight on the River Lee Navigation towpath and followed it back to Cheshunt for 9 miles.  His car was parked there so lift home.  Started run at 6pm and was indoors by 7:25pm - great way to get a slightly longer run in and still have some evening left and perfect run now it's lighter.  Think we'll be doing that a lot over the next few months while his runs build - the great thing with the towpath is we can just start further back depending on how far we need to run.  It was a lovely evening for it (apart from the flies - think I swallowed tons!)

MM, really hope you make your ultra and salvage something from all your training.  I would love to do London again - maybe next year - and am also considering an ultra next year: Royal Parks Ultra which is 50K mainly on Thames towpath but starting in one of the London Royal Parks.  Hubby is against it - he thinks that kind of distance puts too much strain on the joints, even though I pointed out it's only 5 miles more than a marathon.  We shall see

Have read back but forgotten most of it!  Brookie, glad you're seeing GP and I hope it helps.  CM, hope you found the offending payslip!  Hate it when that happens!

Currently in throes of organising a party for hubby's 40th next month.  Cocktails and karaoke theme - have booked karaoke, in negotiations with bartender to come and make cocktails, hopefully should be a fun evening!

Will try and catch up properly but at work at the moment and need to crack on!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 21:25
CC, I'm in that boat too. I'm training a guy who's doing Ironman in August. When I started running with him last September he had never run before (is a strong cyclist though). He only did two runs per week with me but I paced him to 1:47 for his first half in December. I do his long runs with him each week. He used to row with hubby - gave up rowing a year or so ago - and he is single with a reputation for being a bit of a shark. I don't think hubby likes that I run with him or that we text each other all the time about training. Doesn't help that he's fit and good looking but he's also 9 years younger than me! I admit I find him quite attractive but I am fully aware that the grass is not greener plus I would never jeopardise my family.

Caro, not sure yet about next Sunday - it's a possibility if we could run early doors? I've got my brother and SIL (yippee) and my mum coming for lunch so need to get run done early that day to get back in time to cook etc. I may even end up running Saturday instead but we haven't finalised arrangements yet so depends what time they're coming.

Well done Tangy, that run looks great! And to feel that good after 18 miles is impressive! CC really pleased that things are coming back together for you, that's great news

Cannot believe that about your work, CM. Just do the bare minimum that you need to do to get through this project - no putting yourself out, you hear?! They are not worth it. Bet you can't wait to leave now!

Happy Mother's Day lovely running mums!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 13:12

Caro, sounds great - I have a load of routes around there (10-12 miles) that I do regularly and it would be lovely to have some company   What's your next goal running-wise?

That's really sad about your friend's son and husband.  Puts things into perspective.

If I don't get back on here before, I hope everyone has a fab Mother's Day and hubbies do the right thing!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 10:24

Have a great break, Lotte - sounds like you perhaps need it?  Don't pack the trail shoes - a break from running will do you good both mentally and physically.  Sounds like it won't be long before Dylan is challenging you - your splits are awesome though!  I would be in heaven if I could run consistent sub-7 miling!

Long run sounds grim but then anything at 4:15am is grim in my book!  And yes, I'm sure the wine was the reason for it being so unenjoyable

I'm having a fairly easy week after my half last Sunday.  The fall seems to have slowed my usually quick recovery and I've felt tired and heavy all week.  Ran 3 miles Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday and will do 3 or 5 this afternoon/evening depending on when I end up running and what can be fitted in to that slot.  10 planned for Sunday - think I'll head down to Lee Valley Park and do a nice flat one round the canal as a Mother's Day treat to myself!  Been doing lots of hilly runs lately (and they have definitely made me stronger/faster) but sometimes a flat run is quite welcome

Mums Running Club

Posted: 27/03/2014 at 14:08

(((MM))) Really feel for you love.  How crap, both the knee and the work situation.  Definitely worth looking around for something else - it'll be easier than last time you were looking as you have recent experience.  Life's too short to be unhappy.  Get yourself mended and then perhaps just aim to run for pleasure for a while (if you can) - there's more to being a runner than just racing. 

For me it's about head space, time to myself to reflect/think/analyse. I know I don't have your history of super-fast marathons, hundred-mile weeks, and 10K races under 40 minutes and those are hard to walk away from.  But it's also about what else you've got out of running all these years, all the memories of those runs on dark, icy roads in winter storms and those cool autumn mornings when the air is ripe with the smell of mist and cut grass - those are the things that you don't forget and they make you feel alive, and that feels good.  That feels SO good.  So don't give it up, just find something new to take from it, make your peace with your past achievements and take a new direction.

Mums Running Club

Posted: 26/03/2014 at 12:15

Sounds scarily like one of my usual days, MM! Zzzzzzz indeed!!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 20:50

A rare opportunity to get on here and post so I'm taking it!

Can't remember everything from pages and pages back but just wanted to say to Lotte that it's adding work into the mix that totally wears you down! Obviously I only have the one child but my days are totally exhausting sometimes, dashing from the school run to the train, an hour plus into work, back for the school run, then invariably karate or another after-school activity to drop at and pick up from.  Then trying to factor in time to sort food, clean house, run, swim etc.  Life has got easier since I finally ditched my ancient Nokia slide and got myself an iPhone.  I can keep up with work emails easily now, and it takes the stress out of going to work and wondering what I'm going to be hit with on arrival.  On the downside I am apparently permanently glued to my phone but I just like the feeling of being on top of things and knowing there are no nasty surprises.  I never quite escape the feeling that I'm a bad mother and bad employee though as I do neither to the absolute best of my ability due to lack of time and a state of permanent exhaustion!

CC, glad you've been able to get back out running again.  It would be great if you could have regular sessions with the physio guy you've seen if what he does really sorts out your issues.

MM, really feel for you re. London.  Remember having to can it 4 weeks before race day in 2012 because of a locked SI joint and how frustrated I felt. I have to be honest: since deciding in December not to enter any marathons in 2014 I've been much happier and have been running really well.  It's been great to take the pressure off myself and not have the endless long runs to dread every week!  Now my long runs max out at 15 miles and I'm really enjoying racing 10M and half marathons.  Still don't fancy the shorter distances! I hope you are sufficiently pain-free to run London even if you can't race it, and I hope you enjoy the ultra as something completely different.  Unfortunately our bodies can only take so much abuse until eventually they begin to complain

Pip, I ran 5 weeks post C-section (but hadn't gone through a long labour beforehand - was emergency but only because K was undiagnosed breach).  I was desperate to get back out there but only did short runs of a couple of miles at first.  If the scar started to ache, I stopped. Personally I think two weeks is too soon - you at least need to wait until the stomach muscles which have separated during pregnancy come back together.  I have quite a large gap between mine, maybe because I didn't wait long enough before returning to exercise.

Sonya, very well done on sub-hour 10K at 17 weeks!  Bloody annoying re. the bump comments though!

Belated happy birthday Scarlett and Maggie!

Well done Caro on recent half PB and family mile - looked really cool being at the Olympic park!

I did Hillingdon half on Sunday and ran a PB of 1:36:57 which I was chuffed with given a) it was blooming cold and windy and b) I took a tumble at 10.5 miles and never regained my pace or rhythm from that point.  All my early splits were 7:10-7:20 (started off too fast and realised at 5 miles I'd have to reign it in a bit or I'd blow up, so slowed to 7:15-7:20 which I was finding fine) then post-fall I couldn't manage anything faster than 7:40 except the final mile which was 7:33.  So could maybe have gone sub-1:35 but that's for another day now!

Apologies to everyone I've missed - too much to catch up on!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 28/02/2014 at 12:31

I can safely say that Kit is the only Kit in his school and to date I have not come across any other children named Kit.  Hubby and I had come up with a few names when I was pregnant but nothing either of us was sold on.  Then I happened to be reading a crime novel and the central character was called Kit.  I really liked it and mentioned it to hubby and (amazingly) he was also enthusiastic about it.  When Kit was delivered by c-section I apparently told hubby point-blank we were calling him Kit (I don't remember this; must have been all the drugs!)  I like it because it's quite unusual but not weird or outlandish, it can't be shortened and it's easy to spell.  Got a bit worried when Sophie Ellis Bextor named her second child Kit but I guess she's not enough of a celebrity to spark a whole following of baby Kits!  His middle name is Thomas so a more ordinary name - I guess if he ever decided he didn't like the name Kit he could use that instead.

Boo to the quad Caro - but don't panic.  You still have a week before your half.

Happy birthday to Martha and Ellen - and lol CM at ASDA delivery guy!

Thanks for all the FB wishes for Kit yesterday - he had a lovely day.  As well as presents he ended up with £60 of Toys R Us vouchers (to add to the £25 he has still from Christmas) so there will be a few shopping trips spread across the year!  I usually let him spend a few vouchers each school holiday - that way, as his birthday is early in the year, it breaks up the time between his birthday and Christmas. Looking forward to The LEGO Movie tomorrow!

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