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Posted: Yesterday at 12:50

Caro, that's very reassuring. And I think the consultant should be prepared to answer as many questions as you ask! If you go to Wales whereabouts are you going?  We leave tomorrow and are staying at Freshwater East in Pembrokeshire (kind of midway between Tenby and Pembroke I think, not far from St Davids). Really looking forward to it, although I think the heatwave's about to end ...

Woohoo Hoggle!  Great news, you must be so pleased.  Hope it all goes well for him, always daunting starting a new job especially after a period of nothing.

CC, how did you get rid of S's comforter?  I so want Kit to ditch his - it's minging.  He sucks his thumb when he has it (only then) but he also sucks the thing itself and it stinks.  It is - of all things - a baby Grobag that he once slept in and now has holes worn through where it's been sucked so much.  Eeww.  Would love him to give it up as I'm constantly having to wash it to stop him getting a rash round his mouth but I can't just take it away from him - that would be too cruel.  I have a very lazy left eye - it was picked up when I was about J's age and I had to wear hideous NHS glasses with the right eye frosted for a few years.  Eventually the strength of the eye improved a bit and they told me I didn't have to wear them any more.  Eye now is pretty bad but my right eye is 20:20 so compensates.  I suppose I could have laser surgery on the bad one?  Or just wear one contact lens?  But it doesn't really affect me in any way so I don't bother.

Great news about nut allergy Sonya.  We found out in a pretty irresponsible way that Kit doesn't have one - on the beach in Cornwall when he was about two, decided he was starving and raided the lunch bag containing peanut chewy bars ... good job no reaction as God knows where the nearest hospital was!

Enjoy the Games Ikkle!

Sensible decision re. Abingdon, Pip - and I agree, I don't think I could face putting in all that training if I knew there was no chance of getting the result I wanted/am capable of.

Just a few things to tie up at work and then I am free for two weeks!  Yay!!


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Posted: 24/07/2014 at 10:47

Sonya, that does sound so stressful.  I only have the one child so can't comment on what it's like to have to look after other littlies post-section, but I found recovery from my section absolutely fine (undiagnosed breech, so technically emergency but baby wasn't in distress so it was all quite calm).  I definitely drove before 6 weeks and also had no choice but to lift the carrycot in and out of the car, on and off the pram base etc. within the first 2-3 weeks and was fine.  I went for my first run 5 weeks post-op with no ill effects.

Caro, cannot believe the hassle you're having trying to get your chemo sorted out.  Well done for being bloody-minded enough to keep hassling - sadly it's the only way to make sure you're heard.  The consultant sounds good though - nice to know you should be in safe hands.  Do hope you get to go away for a break though, you must need one by now.  Loved the photos of Matilda - so grown up.

Commonwealth Games opening ceremony: don't get me started!  It was so bad.  Ghastly.  The Scottie dogs were super-cute but that was about it!  I didn't approve of using the ceremony as a charity drive for UNICEF either.  Much as I admire their work, this is the opening ceremony of a major sporting event, not Children in Need.

We're off on hols on Saturday and I cannot wait.  A week in Pembrokeshire (really hoping the heatwave lasts!) and then a week with the in-laws ... mixed feelings about that part as hubby has already told me he plans to help his dad with lots of tasks in the house/garden that he can't really manage on his own.  Fair enough, but I don't want to end up hanging around their house for the whole week - it's my holiday as well!  Kit will be happy as they've recently acquired a border collie pup who he can't wait to play with - we may have a hard time getting him home afterwards!

Did the Harlow 10 on Sunday - boy, was it humid!  You can enter on the day so I hadn't bothered to pre-register and on Saturday evening I was pretty sure I wasn't going to bother given the heat and humidity.  Got up early Sunday planning just to run, then decided that as the race is so close to home it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn't do it, but decided to just take it steady and not kill myself.  Set off at a fast but comfortable pace from the start and felt the benefit of that decision very early on as I started overtaking all those who'd sprinted away at the gun.  It was a challenging course - no major hills, but undulating and a few sections offroad on tracks which were uneven and incredibly hot, with hedges either side blocking any kind of air flow.  There was a particularly nasty incline at about 6 miles which someone at the start had pre-warned me about, so I'd made sure I had conserved energy for it.  It wasn't especially steep but went on for at least 2/3 of a mile - the water station at the top was very welcome and I clocked my slowest mile of the race here as I walked through to drink properly.  As the race progressed I noticed I was passing more and more women and then there was a nice track finish at the end.  Decided to wait around for the results and was amazed to discover that despite being 3.5 minutes slower than my PB I'd managed to win 1st FV45!  So then hung around for the prizegiving and was presented with a nice trophy.  This getting older thing does seem to have some advantages!

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Posted: 16/07/2014 at 23:10
Enjoy 'Matilda' Caro - the older sister of one of Kit's classmates played Matilda for 18 months. She finished last September; I think the parents were secretly relieved as the constant to-ing and fro-ing back and forth to central London nearly killed them. Hope you have a lovely time at Hayes Hill Farm - Eric will love it!

Boo that you are having to be so proactive but it's better than sitting around waiting for something to happen. Hope you manage to make contact with the nurse tomorrow - can't say I'm surprised that the referral from Whipps hasn't gone through though ...

Great idea to house-sit for everyone! Looks like we may not have a Kit-free week this summer hols - having been on the waiting list for over a year for a knee replacement, MIL has got surgery scheduled for the Monday of the week Kit's supposed to be staying with them. She actually got a letter asking for feedback on her surgical experience - turns out she got lost in the system somewhere and they clearly thought she'd already had the operation! So it's not just Whipps Caro!

We're off to Pembrokeshire a week on Saturday, really looking forward to some family time. Only got a week booked, staying with the in-laws for the second week of our hols. Had planned to then leave Kit with them for another week but unlikely now. Actually I'm quite pleased and will start planning some days out to do with him.

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Posted: 16/07/2014 at 08:47
Yay Caro, that's great about the cycling! Please don't go overdoing it though - enjoy it but make sure you are still getting plenty of rest. Saying that, I'm a firm believer in your body telling you what if needs so I'm sure you'll be sensible. Must have been nice to do something normal and get some fresh air.

MR, can't believe you did all that in 18 months - epic! Must have been pretty stressful though!

Camlo, not really possible to do a different route home as any other would involve running through parts of central London which I don't really fancy. However tonight we are running from my house as a) it's a shorter run this week and b) IMTB isn't at work today so it doesn't make sense to run home. After that we only have one more long run to do next Wednesday and then I can go back to doing what I want to do! Hubby says IMTB owes me at least a bottle of wine for all the time I've given to helping him train etc - bet I don't get one though!

Have been told it's a little easier swimming in a wetsuit - never tried one but makes sense. I think I still have a tendency to 'over breathe' when doing front crawl, especially when I tense up. If I'm relaxed I'm much better. I tend to find the first few lengths are ok, then I start feeling a bit tired, stroke and breathing go to pot and I start 'snatching' breaths and lose my breathing pattern. Still, when I look at where I was last September when I started classes compared with now, there's no comparison so I know I've got better. Just need more practice - I only do the half-hour class once a week which isn't really enough. Problem is public swim times at both the pools near home are rubbish - start at 8:30pm by which time I'd struggle to get out. Especially after a day at work. Annoyingly we do have a pool at work but it's only 2 lanes and at the times I'd be able to use it it's too busy. Need to look for another solution!

Pip, how long is hubby away for? Our sports day was non-competitive too, the children did a carousel of events in their team colours and winning teams got points for their colour. The only head to head event was the sprint, in which Kit came last. He was out in front until he realised no-one else was near him, at which point he slowed down to see where they all were and they all came past him! Need to teach him how to race lol!

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Posted: 15/07/2014 at 12:40

Really well done on your tri, Camlo - am so impressed with anyone who can do that!  I'm a runner 100% - have no desire to take on anything like that.  Aside from everything else the logistics of three events just make it all so much more complicated!  And although my swimming has improved exponentially in the three terms I've now been doing it, I am still rubbish!  I now have fairly decent technique but still struggle with the whole stamina part of front crawl and although I can manage quite a lot of lengths I do have to have breaks.  I would so love to be one of those people who look really relaxed and effortless in the water and can keep going up and down seemingly forever, but I think it's unlikely that I ever will be.

Yes, I also hope Lotte and CC are having fun!  It will be manic and full-on but hopefully fun too!

Sorry that both TTid and Sonya are suffering from MRS (Moving-Related Stress).  We have moved house twice and it is definitely one of the most stressful things you can do. I think the second time I just took the attitude that what would be, would be and it did help, but with babies imminent it can't be pleasant facing the possibility of homelessness

Really pleased you're feeling much better, Caro - and what a fantastic present from Vixo (saw pics on FB).  That must have been a lovely surprise.  But yes, frustrating that no next steps have been agreed for you yet, and once again you are left in NHS limbo.  Take no notice of hubby's comments; he'll get used to the idea of the buff soon enough.  Not sure what I'd do in your position but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to wear a wig - although my hair is such a nightmare to do anything with, being so straight and fine, that I suppose I might enjoy the chance to experiment with styles I'd never be able to have normally!

Had a really dreadful run home last Wednesday with IMTB.  It was warm and humid, but incredibly windy and gusty - and of course, we had the wind fully against us all the way because we were on the towpath and therefore never changed direction (sadly, neither did the wind).  Maybe it just took it out of me more than I thought, or maybe I didn't notice the humidity as much because of the wind, but by 11 miles in  felt pretty dreadful; slightly nauseous and spaced. As usual IMTB hadn't brought a drink so we shared the 500ml bottle of water I had - frankly  could have done with at least that to myself.  Weirdly though, I happily run that sort of distance (15 miles) first thing in the morning on a Sunday having drunk nothing all night, maybe had a cup of tea when up, then no breakfast and no fluids during run and am fine.  What's that about?  Maybe something to do with the time of day?  I felt completely done in by the end of the run and didn't really feel recovered until the following day.

Fortunately we only have two more of these long midweek runs to do, one tomorrow (only 9-10 miles though) and then one next Wednesday.  Then I am off on hols and IMTB has only about 3 weeks until his race - for which, frankly, he is not as well-prepared as he should be!  Yet he has sooooo much time to train!  Funny how much more productive you are the less time you have!

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Posted: 10/07/2014 at 17:58

CC, Kinsey - he isn't really that bad and although I'm doing far more mileage than I would normally be, I figure it's all going to be a plus in terms of my fitness.  I do feel though that he gets to benefot from this arrangement far more than I do, and was particularly miffed when he didn't remember my birthday or get me so much as a card.  Hubby says he owes me at least a bottle of wine for my efforts but I bet I get nothing - not that that's why I'm doing it but I do everything: plan all our routes, make sure we have drinks etc, run whatever mileage his plan dictates, I organised swim classes, we start runs at locations convenient for him if not for me and I've listened to hours and hours of relationship woes which hasn't really changed much since he separated from his girlfriend!  Hubby really has no need to worry!  I even got my head bitten off yesterday for telling him that Chris Froome had quit the Tour as he is mega into his cycling and avoids all news until he can get home and watch the day's events - like I knew that!

TTid, sounds stressful!


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Posted: 10/07/2014 at 11:27

Thank you, CC - I really enjoyed that and it wasn't boring at all: far from it!  I'm just so impressed at a) your feats of endurance, b) your time and position on this one and c) your ability to remember it all in such detail!  Glad the knee is feeling better; would be great if you and MM end up doing a race together

Caro, that's such fantastic news and really glad that the antibiotics have made so much difference.  Obviously shows just how rough you must have been feeling and I'd have been worried too about being unable to move the arm.  Hope you have a great day with the kids but don't wear yourself out too much - you still need to be looking after yourself.

Pip, glad you survived the holiday and had to laugh at image of struggling to remove wetsuit! Aside from the fact my swimming will never be strong enough, the amount of gear and logistics is enough to put me off the idea of a tri.  Running is so straightforward - decent pair of shoes and head out!

Had a rubbish run home from work last night (feel a right wuss typing this having just read CC's epic tale of endurance!) - 15 miles with IMTB along the canal towpath straight into a strong headwind with mega gusts.  Although it was windy it was also quite humid and once again he was spectacularly unprepared, so we ended up (once again) with 500ml of fluid between us for a 2-hour run.  On a warm and humid day.  I had also forgotten to bring the SiS soluble rehydration tablets I've been using for these runs (and much prefer to Lucozade Sport, which I've discovered massively upsets my stomach) so we only had plain water.  Started off in direct sunlight and I'd taken the decision to leave my sunnies at work as it was cloudy when I left.  So was regretting that for the first few miles until we crossed the canal and ended up on the shady side.  IMTB had also ignored my advice that running 15 miles in new shoes straight out of the box wasn't a great idea, and his right leg started to seize after about 9 miles (and boy didn't I know about it!!)  Running against the wind with no respite whatsoever started to take its toll I think, as obviously on a towpath you don't change direction so we knew from the start it was going to be relentless.  Some of the gusts were so strong I was literally blown backwards - that coupled with the non-grippy gravelly surface meant my legs were working at least twice as hard as usual and I started to feel totally wiped and a bit nauseous by 13 miles.  Was determined to push on though as only two to go but we did walk a couple of hundred metres which restored me a bit.

I think because it was so windy I didn't realise I was sweating as much as I probably was and losing fluid, and you actually sweat more in those conditions because the wind wicks moisture away from your skin more quickly which pulls more to the surface of the skin to evaporate, so definitely didn't hydrate enough.  It's odd though because I run that kind of distance on a Sunday morning and don't even take a drink with me, and certainly never suffer like that.  Maybe time of day, levels of humidity, etc.  I had also drunk nearly 3 litres of water during the day and been to the loo about 20 times in the last hour before leaving work so don't understand why I got so dehydrated.  By the time I got home I felt exhausted; struggled to eat and was a bit shivery for a while although that did wear off.  Will be glad when IM is over and I can get back to my normal running pattern!

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Posted: 09/07/2014 at 14:21

Crossed posts Lotte!  I think I'm with you in that running is more than just a hobby to me because even within my limitations (whether those are self-imposed or otherwise) I am horribly competitive and always want to push myself to achieve more.  But I am realistic given my constraints, as you are also coming to realise. 

One thing I've found interesting is training with my IMTB.  He is single, lives alone and can essentially do what he wants when he wants.  Yet he is always making excuses for missing this or that session, which I find really frustrating.  He doesn't have half the motivation, determination or commitment that I or many of us on this thread have.  Having constraints just seems to make us more bloody-minded!

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Posted: 09/07/2014 at 14:03
Vixo - absolutely! It's not as though I'm ever going to run elite times and Running has to fit around the rest of our lives so high mileage just isn't possible or practical. Yes, in real terms if I were so inclined I could run at silly o'clock but I'm just not willing to do that for the sake of what may amount to only a few seconds improvement in performance. I am fairly obsessive about sticking to my 4 runs a week and am territorial about preserving that time to run but with all our other activities plus work I'd be too tired to run well if I tried to do much more or had to get up in the middle of the night to do it!

Caro, sooooo glad to hear you're feeling human again. Enjoy today!

Ikkle, my son is 7 and there's no way I'd allow him out on his own. But I guess it may be very different where you live. I would certainly not be happy for him to be alone in a park - probably a sign of the times unfortunately, but better safe than sorry.

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Posted: 08/07/2014 at 22:41
I know, MM - I guess I'll never know what my true potential could have been had I started earlier and run high mileage. But I can live with being as good as I can be given my limitations and I'm happy that I'm still running PBs at 45! I would rather not find out the hard way what my upper mileage limit is before I break! I'm enjoying swimming once a week and I would like to find a way to squeeze in a Pilates class too at some point.

Boo to soaked bedding, Camlo, and the blister

Lol at all the iPad autocorrections, CC - and looking forward to the race report
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