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Running with a complete cruciate ligament tear

Posted: 26/02/2015 at 10:36

My husband suffered a complete ACL tear a few years back and had the option of reconstruction surgery or strengthening the muscles around the knee to such an extent that they provided stability.  He is a rower (not a runner) so has strong legs anyway, and he did find that he was able to stabilise the knee through exercise.  However, he never entirely trusted it and it would occasionally 'collapse' which was agonising.

He opted for the surgical repair in the end but it hasn't been entirely successful.  The knee doesn't feel as it did before or like the other one.  I suspect much of this is to do with his refusal to rest as instructed post-surgery as we have a friend who underwent the same procedure with much better results.

Is there a reason why they did not reconstruct your ACL at the same time as your surgery for the cartilage?  Seems odd to me.

Brighton and London

Posted: 06/02/2015 at 16:21
Thanks for the thoughts so far. I don't want to defer London, because I've been given a guaranteed entry and it would be rude to do so. My original plan was to defer Brighton and run London, but I'm kind of fed up with marathon training through shitty winter weather and thought I might kill two birds with one stone. But my thoughts are kind of along the same lines as Grinch's - Brighton isn't quite as flat as London and if there's a strong headwind a PB may be off the cards, and then I'll wish I'd raced London. Not sure if it would be silly to use Brighton as a last long run pre-London (another thought I had) as I'd normally do a 3-week taper off a final long run of 20 miles.

The other mad plan is to defer Brighton, race London and then do a 50K ultra 9 weeks after London.

In terms of recovery I'm usually OK - generally take a full week off after a marathon and then get going again.

Brighton and London

Posted: 06/02/2015 at 09:29

Failed to get into London, so entered Brighton, only to bag myself a guaranteed entry to London!  Until this point I hadn't actually considered doing both but after a conversation with a friend last night I'm toying with the idea of "doing the double".

I've done London 5 times so know the course pretty well, but have never done Brighton.  How does it compare with London in terms of being a fast course?  As it's two weeks before London, my instinct would be to race Brighton then run London for the atmosphere and razzmatazz, which I haven't done since my very first one.


Mums Running Club

Posted: 09/01/2015 at 08:32

Very best of luck, CC - read the Spine Race website last night and you are one crazy chick! It looks gruelling to say the least.  If anyone can survive it you can, but please take extra care given the extreme weather forecast. We don't want you getting blown away! I for one cannot wait for the race report!

Glad your first day went well JG.  Can you mix it up?  Leave early and get home early on some occasions and breakfast with the kids other days?  How many days per week are you working?  And the first day is always a bit of a damp squib!

Will try to do a proper post at some point soon but wanted to wish CC the best of luck before the madness commences!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 06/12/2014 at 00:43
Have been reading but not posting. Lots of stress here.

But Tatty - feel for you. I really do. FFS. How does that work? He loves someone else but wants to work it out with you? What do YOU want?

Will try and post properly soon - on last train home, bit tiddly but had to post. Loads of hugs to you and Camlo Xxx

Mums Running Club

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 12:22

Well done, Caro - really wish I could have been there and run it with you too but was the only possible weekend we could get to see my brother and sister-in-law and the kids this side of Christmas

You really are an inspiration.  Happy anniversary and I hope that you are starting to see light at the end of this horrible long tunnel of chemo.  Hugs - and to everyone else with black clouds hovering.

Mums Running Club

Posted: 02/10/2014 at 13:11

Pip, I know Barnet reasonably well as I used to live close by and a lot of my long runs took me there.  I'm not far away now either.  My best friend also still lives there.  It's very nice - decent shopping area, several restaurants, cafes and bars, a short distance from some lovely green spaces such as Trent Park, Aldenham Country Park and Hadley Wood/Common.  Served by the Northern Line (New Barnet has a rail link directly into Kings Cross/Moorgate too, but is not as nice as High Barnet).  Why is moving house so unbelievably stressful and takes so long???

Lotte, would you be disciplined enough to not race at maximum effort?  If yes, then why not?  But if you know you'd get the competitive bit between your teeth then I'd keep my eye on the bigger picture and not do it.  But I know what you mean about wanting to do it because you can - especially as for you racing involves so many arrangements normally!  That's funny about turning 40 - I felt the same about turning 45; the only good part about it is starting to win in my age category!  Sad it's taken all this time!

Caro, unfortunately I can't do Jill Oliver this year.  We're going to my brother's that Sunday - it was the only one we could all make.  Disappointed as I did fancy it, being so local, and wanted to run it with you!  Maybe next year?

Fingers crossed for the knee CC.

Mums Running Club

Posted: 01/10/2014 at 12:56

... near my PB but haven't really trained hard all summer and have had a few niggles with my back recently so didn't want to kill myself.  Then I came down with a cold a couple of days later so that went some way to explaining why I felt I could have done better.  Ran 1:37 (PB is 1:34) so was a bit disappointed but still managed 3rd in age category so not all bad.  And I enjoyed it - apart from the hill up to the finish!

Work is mental at the moment so I will sign off now and get on.  Sorry I haven't name-checked everyone - am thinking of you all!  Group 10K idea is awesome by the way - as long as I can make it work with the flights etc. I'm in - some of the ones I looked at randomly the other day were a bit pricey but was on my phone so difficult to do a proper search.

Mums Running Club

Posted: 01/10/2014 at 12:56

JG, rah to neighbours!  We had lovely neighbours who have now moved and have rented out their house.  We are semi-detached and their house is the one not attached to us (thankfully) but the new neighbours have been challenging with regard to parking.  There's a gap between the houses which is wider than the width of a Land Rover but is used for access to ours and their back gates.  However, they have been parking their Land Rover in it   This means that we can't get our recycling bins out on collection day and anyway, half of the gap is part of our property, not theirs.

We spoke to them a couple of weeks ago and politely asked them not to park there, given that it restricts our access and also there's a drain cover there which probably isn't strong enough to support the weight of their vehicle on an ongoing basis (not sure the ground underneath is reinforced to take a vehicle as it would be for a driveway either).  They made the excuse that they hadn't been able to use their driveway because Thames Water had dug up the pavement in front of their house to access their stopcock (this was true, but their driveway is very wide and was still accessible in our opinion).  They were defensive but stopped parking there.  A few days went by and an entirely random vehicle we hadn't seen before suddenly appeared in the gap.  GRRRRR!!!!  We left a note on it stating clearly that the area was not to be parked in.  So far so good ... So annoying though, hate confrontation!

CM, job sounds absolute hell and I agree with JG that you HAVE to speak to someone.  Even if they do nothing you need to state categorically that the situation is ridiculous and the workload is too much for one person to handle.  It's such a shame as I know how much it took for you to take this job with the pay cut and everything else factored in.  And you have to start being kinder to yourself with regard to the kids' activities, homework and instrument practice.  As Lotte said on FB, it's not the end of the world if instrument practice doesn't happen every day and there are days when no reading gets done.  It's that way in our house I'm afraid - some evenings there's just not time for reading and an activity.  Your kids are both bright and I doubt that not reading a couple of evenings a week is going to make any difference to their performance.  And you don't have to compensate for T not doing anything with them.  Do what you can when you have them but don't stress it.  If something gets missed some weeks, so what?  We all do the best we can.  It isn't always perfect, but it's the best we can do and is good enough.

Brookie, big well done on your marathon!  Looking forward to a proper race report!

Camlo/RF, I'd say take a middle of the road approach to IM training and drop down a level if you need to.  My friend followed a 'time poor' schedule (I will see if I can find a link to it) and didn't even manage all those sessions.  I think consistency is key - obviously you will miss sessions here and there but as long as you get the majority in you'll be OK.

Welcome Sazzle.  No advice here as I never ran with a running buggy but there are plenty of people who will be able to help you.

Pip, good luck on getting a Royal Parks place.

I ran the Pleshey half marathon a couple of weeks ago - really nice half and very low-key but rather 'clubby'.  Got a bloody speeding ticket driving there though   My first driving offence so hoping they'll give me the option of attending the 'naughty course' rather than points on my licence.  I'll still be £100 down though - rah!  I didn't get anywhere nea

Mums Running Club

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 11:11

It's a shame you had to take that decision, CM.  I hope it doesn't create a precedent of staff feeling they can get what they want by threatening to bring a grievance against you.  I think it's appalling that you don't feel that you have any support in place (from HR or your own manager) to confidently make the decision that's best for the business rather than what's best for one member of staff.

Saying that, I'm in a quandary over a decision I have to make about one of my staff.  I had a member of my team who was on long-term sick leave for over a year, and in that time, although she was no longer being paid, the job was technically still hers so I couldn't take on a permanent replacement.  So I've had a temp in post for just under a year.  Recently the postholder was dismissed on medical grounds and I now have permission to appoint a permanent replacement.  So advertised the post internally and interviewed 3 candidates last week, one of whom is the temp currently doing the job.  One of the applicants was unsuitable as insufficient relevant experience, but the other does the same role in another department and is a good friend of the other member of my team.  She is also a friend of my temp.  Both could do the job.  I'm leaning towards the one who does the job already in another department, mainly because it will make my life a lot easier - she won't need any training (other than minor stuff to do with the differences between the ways different departments work), she has already worked for the organisation for about 20 years and has no plans to leave, meaning when my other long-term member of staff retires in a few years I'm unlikely to have to replace two people at the same time which would be hell as I don't know the role well enough myself to train someone up.  But my temp has done a good job, the faculty like her and she's capable of doing the job.  However, she's Hungarian and is finishing her PhD and I doubt that long-term she's going to want to be an admin assistant for the next several years.  What I don't really want is a succession of short-term appointments because that's bad for the department in general and certainly bad for me!  But I know I'm going to feel bad if I don't offer her the role. Gah!

JG, definitely think about applying for other stuff.  You might find you enjoy a change of direction.  And much as you hate confrontation (I think most of us do) you need to know where you stand so you can move on if need be.

Pip, fingers and toes crossed it all goes ahead.  Moving is so stressful.

Makes sense about the whole sugar thing.  I rarely crave sweet things.  On the rare occasions I eat chocolate it definitely makes me want more of it.  My cravings are always for savoury things - usually crisps.  I do have to restrict myself or I could easily get through a large bag of Kettle Chips in one sitting!

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