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Sub 3h15

Posted: 10/06/2015 at 06:56
Nice one OO. I also raced and was not half as shot as I expected. Almost 2 mins down on last year but expected it to be much worse. Started far back meaning a slow first mile but kept increases the pace throughout. Do you think it was longer or shorter than last year? I preferred the new course. You must have finished near Jo GO?

Sub 3h15

Posted: 01/06/2015 at 05:40
Superb Lorenzo. So pleased you and Mon crossed the line together. I was watching the live stream and figured you were caught up in the bus or stuck behind it. I saw the 'driver' make everyone stop, regroup then all cross the kind together but couldn't make either of you out. What a great accomplishment.

Well done Poacher for getting to the end and congratulations on your back to back. You did a amazing time. Proper 'ard like.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 18:56
Tough run Leslie.

I'm getting great reports from SA. . Next year!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 13:30
Loved the tracking. How exciting. Looks like Lorenzo and Monika came in together.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 07:36
Yes supporting Fishy. It's what I do best these days.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 07:15
Looks like Poacher and Lorenzo are running together and my mate Monika is just behind.

Wet morning here in Edinburgh but no wind yet. Ideal running conditions tbh.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 23:08

Nell - good luck tomorrow.  I hope the forecast is wrong.  What is your number?  I'm up watching the half and if the weather is not too bad I will hang around for the marathon. 

O4S ((( )))  boo about the heart.  Will you take it easy....?



Sub 3h15

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 22:58


 Bike It, Lorenzo, Poacher and some 9 timer dude hanging about in Durban today. 

Good luck guys. 

Sub 3h15

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 20:22
Dropping in and haven't read back - sorry. But wanted to say I completed my first sprint tri today and bloody loved it. I was so nervous beforehand i actually burst into tears while queuing to get into the pool! Once in I found it fine but probably should have been braver when predicting my swim time as I was held up a lot - and ended up doing 24 lengths instead! Transitions were straight forward and I loved the bike. Run was off road of 1.5m up then 1.5m down. Finished 9 minutes faster than predicted even with the swim problems. Now I really want to do open water.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 20:10
Haha! I once approached someone on the Town Moor in Newcastle and asked if he was Poacher, Birch. Turned out he was not...!

Going to enjoy the race reports one the laptop in a bit.
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