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Posted: 09/04/2014 at 21:24

Eek Caro!! Hope it passes quickly. Least you got off the tube!!

Not .very motivated at work this week. Nice weather and want to be doing stuff with the kids. So tempted to quit before the summer holidays must admit. We do need the money though. Might make a more concerted effort to look for another job!!

10k trot yesterday at 8mm. 19 miles biked tonight. First ride of the year. LOVED IT!!!

Going to swim tomorrow morning and run in the evening at the club. Whoop whoop!!

Still sad about London but I do have the summer and if all goes OK the ultra. CC and Lotte any thoughts on minimum training for thus? 44 miles on Coast path, 6th June!!

Right time to organize for tomorrow!!


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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 12:08

Ooo. That is annoying Caro. How many runners in the field? You would think you'd have seen her at least?

Awful day here too yesterday, kids didn't get much fresh air, but they seemed OK for it, lazy days are good sometimes and Grandad seemed to cope OK with the boys.

WFH today till 2pm which is going OK, they seem to be getting on OK. Then off to The Courts garden NT near Bradford on Avon this afternoon with the neighbour and her kids.

10k ran this morning at 8mm, couple of times it niggled but seemed OK. Now have delightful pink khaki patterned taping!!! Rocking the 'rock tape'!! If I do make it to the ultra in June, what's the bare minimum I can get away with training wise in distance CC and Lotte? It's 44 miles on coast path. Think I will go with both knees taped if I do make it!!

Anyhoo, that's 20 miles in total since last Weds, plus 2x3k swim sessions (with sprints to get the old heart rate up). Feeling hopeful?


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Posted: 06/04/2014 at 09:25

Oh no Camlo. Yuck. Poor Archie 

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Posted: 06/04/2014 at 09:24

Oh no Caro not what you needed. Yes we did eat late but was a lovely evening. I even had a pre-dinner cocktail!! 

Boo to the no PB Caro. Hubbie out on his bike now and I'm popping out in a bit. Hubbie taking the boys to watch the duathlon at the race circuit this morning and get their hair cut. Then a spot of swimming this afternoon if madam's cough is OK.

Isla bikes do hold their value but at the time of purchasing for the twins we simply could not afford 2x20" bikes at £300 a pop. The boys 20" alu 7 gear bikes were in a sale and were £120 each, and that was a struggle at the time. They too can cycle anywhere and big hills but that might be more their fitness level than the gears. Hubbie just had a bonus so we think we can afford one for Sophie but will be the 14" as she is way too small for the 16" her legs are so short. Just bought new washing machine too as that died and with the vet bill for our poorly cat, big money spends this month. Eeek!

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Posted: 05/04/2014 at 16:41

Thanks Vixo. We think the cnoc 16 will be too big for her. She is 98cm with short legs bless her, takes after me!!! We will re-measure her and work it out. Think we can afford one Isla bike, it was the factor of 2 with the boys and we are pretty pleased with their bikes. They get some pounding as the boys use them all the time. Hubbie very clued up on bikes being a triathlete and now tri coach.

Feeling rather chuffed with ourselves. Allotment just dug over and parsnips sown. We have got a much smaller plot but retained the asparagus bed so very pleased and its much more manageable.

Looking forward to seeing if I can run for an hour tomorrow. Fingers crossed!! 

Off out for dinner tonight as Grandad here. Really looking forward to some time with hubbie, its been too long.

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Posted: 05/04/2014 at 12:01

Caro our boys cycled 9-10 miles on their 14 inch bikes When they were 5. Halfords not Isla. They did have brakes though. They biked 15 last year on hols on their 20 inch alu bikes with 7 gears (halfords again, can't afford x2 Isla bikes!!) but with a break at the beach for lunch and swimming.

Has the 14 inch Isla not got brakes? Sophie is now riding properly and we want to get her a lighter bike for her 4th birthday, she struggles with the weight if her steel bike we got from a friend but she is still so small. Her balance bike had a brake so she has got the hang of that and the steel bike has too. Other alloy or aluminium 14 inch bikes all have stabilisers which is a waste of money for her. 

4.7 miles run last night with zero pain. Woohoo!! Too late for mara but pondering if ultra in 9 weeks might be feasible? Last 20 miler was Feb 16th, but have done plenty of endurance type stuff on xtrainer and swimming. Just swam 3k again and am getting quicker finally. 1500 in 27 mins today. Going to try and keep swimming once a week I think, although still don't much like it!! 

Boys lost their match again, but the team is bonding well now. I think they are def playing better. What is noticeable is how fast our boys are, when they run they are 2-3m ahead if everyone very quickly!! Just can't finish very well as so many near misses from them today. 

Time for bacon and eggs to feed the hungry army!!! Wondering whether kids can wait till 1pm as hubbie out on his bike.

Well done on PB Caro, catching me!! Never been great at 5k I am an mileage queen like Lotte.

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Posted: 03/04/2014 at 21:39

Arghhh. Lost massive post yesterday and now forgotten what posted. I have swim mining offer at mo too. £12 for 12 swims but needs to be used in 8 weeks. Currently using that pool once a week as it's near work not home, but still a huge saving as it's £3.80 there.

Running eye totty. Well the chap I was going to Cornwall with in June for the coastal path ultra is quite good looking, much to hubbies annoyance. He calls him my 'toy boy'. He is only 27!!!. I run with the blokes from the club all the time just because I am quick and no other women to run with. I love the banter but they do forget I'm there sometimes !!!

After another week of complete rest apart from 3k swim Monday morning before work. I naughtily ran yesterday though. Physio had told me will be a couple of weeks yet, but I so needed some fresh air so just went. Managed 25 mins with zero pain. Rather chuffed, so rest again today as hubbie away and with swim lessons and long day at work it would gave been 8pm before I got on the bike or xtrainer. Opened some wine instead!!!  Will try another run tom pm when boys at footie training.

So proud of my baby girl tonight. First after school swim lesson tonight after her teacher suggested to move her up from the Friday daytime classes as she can swim. She was amazing. Not 4 until end of May, and she was as good as the others if not better who were pretty much all twice her size and a year older. Evan swam from the deep end for 10m to a woggle held by the teaching assistant. So proud of her


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Posted: 27/03/2014 at 08:03

Sorry no pics from me as the swimming pool and x-trainer in the play room are not the prettiest!! No mara or ultra for me. More complete rest, odd swim as can't get to the pool for more than that, Monday, Sat, Sun are my only options sadly. X-trainer maybe although she isn't sure if that is aggravating it. But that's it folks. I think I've pretty much decided that's it for me. Can't bare the let downs anymore, so no more highly competitive running for me For a while.

Rubbish day at work, review which has resulted in a demotion and another 6 month contract. After working full time hours and being paid 21 hours, ignoring my kids etc that's what I get. Time to look around me thinks. Apparently I have generated enough enquiries with my new branded website pages. They've only been live 2 weeks!!! Not a happy bunny.

Sorry, very me, me, me. PT, go for it Sonya. I am toying with Coaching and combining with writing about running/coaching now I have editing experience. 

Now have delightful pink with flying skulls rock tape!! Maybe I'll take a pic of that for you ant the view from my xtrainer! 

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Posted: 26/03/2014 at 08:15

It's the usual CC. Back, gluts causing ItB and outer quads to work too hard. Hopeful, but just keep getting knock backs. Seeing a different sports therapist tonight for another opinion but can't really afford it if am honest

Have to admit not running makes life easier for work and other life stresses, but I'm actually not as efficient as normal as I feel very CBA. Going to try another trot on dreadmill  tonight before see the therapist. She is a member of the club and is very good at strapping, we shall see. No needles though but maybe I don't need them now as had 4 sessions of needles. 

Right must shoot, school, preschool, 45 min drive to work, review day to see if they want to renew my contract ahhhhh!!, 45 min drive back, preschool, school, drive 30 mins to gymnastics, dash round shop while in gym, drive back 30 mins, kids tea chaos, hope hubbie is home, quick trot on treadmill, therapist, hubbie out swim coaching, then food and collapse. Zzzzzzz!!!!

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Posted: 25/03/2014 at 11:26

I am reading Lotte. No time to post, struggle to keep up and have to go on FB anyway to post coaching bits and bobs as stupidly am now the Coaching Secretary for Wiltshire on top of being Head Coach at the club. Ahhh!

Anyhoo my super star 38 yr old athlete knocked 5 mins off her half PB at Bath running 1:27. She was only running once a week and ran 1:32, got her up to 3-4 times with swimming and rpm on 2-3 other days and she is flying. An amazing summer ahead for her me thinks. She is fabulous at xc, flies over the mud, phenomenal to watch. Another chap I coach also knocked off a huge chunk running 1:23, previously 1:29. Very exciting! Shame it's not me, but heyho!

My body is giving up me thinks! Ran 5 miles on Sat but it was stop start with stretching, I ran 21 mins in one go! All on the treadmill though, not braved outside yet!! Been keeping up the endurance on the x-trainer. Managed a very long 2 hours with loud music on Sunday. Knee is fine doing that, and its the closest thing to running. Cycling is not good. Also been swimming with a pull buoy. I did 2.5k in 50 mins yesterday in a pool in Bristol close to work as Monday is hubbie's drop off day. Don't enjoy it, but it does keep you fit. Also did 3k on Sat am in an hour.

Resting it today after abuse from physio yesterday, then may attempt to run again tomorrow. Yesterdays attempt to run was not great, gave up after 4 mins. Strange how it tightens up again. Am all strapped up now with bright red Rock tape in the hope it will keep it stable! If I can run 10 miles this weekend and 15 the week after I will do London as a steady training run and maybe even practise some food, but I won't if I can't do those distances. We will be going but just watching as accommodation all paid for now and a few days in London beckons

Must admit having read I am not surprised about you being tired Lotte. My life is chaotic too, but I do break down now above 60mpw (used to be able to maintain 80 mpw esaily ), so lesson learnt for me. Much more x-trainer and yucky swimming and cycling in the summer, can't face cold winter cycling!!

Plus I have a mirena coil and am taking Estrogen only HRT. I feel fab on it. Not bloated any more, unless I eat bread which I still do occasionally just cos I can't resist sometimes, night sweats and hot flushes pretty much gone and most importantly the depression. I had a couple of random heavy bleeding months but now all gone

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