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Posted: 04/09/2014 at 11:49

Sorry girls, so much to catch up on. Caro, still thinking of you a lot. CM eating, Lotte winning, running a lot and still not eating ! Lots of littlies starting school, preschool and new yr groups. Sounds like a fab holiday Camlo, we fancy narrow boat sometime.   Sonya still hanging on, but getting there.

Not much change here. Gradually getting quicker, but not much. Decided to ditch my orthotics as getting PF issues, going to try minimal for some runs except long long runs. Won a 10k on Sat, very hilly, with some gravel sections, 41 mins, not super fast but a step in the right direction! Duathlon last night which if I'm honest I hated. I cannot cycle fast, didn't realise I was quite that bad, my 10 miles was 31 mins, slowest of the night!! I was 2nd fastest runner though on both runs. Not sure Ill be doing much triathlon unless I can improve the biking first . Ultras all the way! Bristol half in 2 weeks. Eek!! Then a 50k ultra in Nov. CC tempted by Great what sit ultra you did in July. Will it be on next year? Will you be doing it? Others are all so pricey!!

Fab holiday in France but some very bad thunderstorms which scared me let alone wee Sophie. Great cycling, body boarding, swimming, chilling though.

Back to school and work chaos. Like most here I work as we need the money, I do like to do something brain related, but would rather wfh all the time. Love my wfh Tuesdays! I will now get Fridays to get runs in and personal fun like coffee with my friends etc. She is in all mornings next week, just tues and weds this week though.

best get some lunch sorted. Sophie has wee friend round and must do some cleaning!


Mums Running Club

Posted: 17/07/2014 at 22:20

P.S Caro, you are welcome to house sit here, look after our cat and chooks! 3 eggs a day at the mo from the chooks


Mums Running Club

Posted: 17/07/2014 at 22:19

Gosh, so much to catch up on! 

Super effort Camlo, very impressive and great read. I am doing a good mix of training nowadays, swim 2.5-3k most Monday mornings before work, biking twice a week and running 5 times. 

Nightmare again Caro, and yes hot tubes and heat not good

SMax are great Sonya. I love ours

JT asthma again? Why is she not happy? I pay childminder £12.50 per child for after school club, which is 2-3 hours with travel and cooked tea.

We love camping too. Can't wait for our hols, two weeks time we will be pitched and settled in France, and enjoying some wine

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Posted: 11/07/2014 at 12:30

Awesome report. Loved it!! Think I will enter 3x3000, might read some more about it first though!! Think you will showing your heels to me CC after that running! Happy to share a room in B&b or lodge. Not so keen on camping in October. Might be ok I guess??

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Posted: 08/07/2014 at 22:11

Glad you are having a better day Caro. So hard for you, I guess live for the moments you can feel OK?

The trouble with low mileage is you will never know over the longer distances what your true ability is. Sadly it does take more running to hit those fast fast times. I would never have run sub 3 or fast half times off 40 mile weeks. 

I know my limits now, and am loving biking but not too fond of it in the winter, so will use other xtraining then.

Cant imagine leaving my kids ever


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Posted: 08/07/2014 at 22:02

What's your next one CC? The 3x3000. Is it 3 months?? Eeek!! Not entered yet or got hubbie approval yet!

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Posted: 08/07/2014 at 13:29

Just back from amazing weekend in Yorkshire. Simply brilliant is all I can say. Hubbie and I have watched the tour 4 times before, 3 times on mountain stages and one other time in London when the twins were babies. Sat and Sunday were just as good as those if not better in some ways. Yes you can't beat a proper mountain stage in the Alps or Pyrenees, but Sunday was close. The weather was fab after an awful forecast. Very wet friday night, but sunny and dry for the other days. We all got sunburnt as didn't apply cream as forecast was so bad! Pop up campsite was great, much better than I thought it would be.

Wow, to CC, wait an amazing achievement, so chuffed for you. I do hope I can replicate your levels of pure determination and endurance at some point. What a brilliant time too. Did you run all the way? What were the hills like and the terrain? Makes my 9hours 24mins for 44 miles seems a shambles!!

Great to hear from you Lotte. Glad you are back running. I think it's a great idea to keep the mileage down a bit. I was a mileage queen and my legs just can't hack it any more especially mixed with speed work. I just get tight and twisted. So bike miles/turbos/x-trainer in winter and swimming all helping and max of 50-60mpw for me from now on.

I have barely run the last week as had tummy bug last week that went on for days, then away this weekend and just couldn't be bothered with the hassle as 3 families camping with 8 kids between us, just wanted to chill and enjoy spending time with them all. I ran around Harewood House estate on Monday before we left, which was stunning, just 10k and get back to it a bit this week.

Still very undecided as to next target. Think I might aim for the Bristol half properly, but with longer runs at the weekend and bike miles, then do an ultra in October/November. Very tempted by the 3x3000. Where are you staying CC? Can I piggyback?

School holidays in 2 weeks time here, so only 3 weeks till our hols in France. I cannot wait!!! 

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Posted: 23/06/2014 at 22:14

Hope you got the heavy duty pain relief Caro. Paracetamol just does not cut it for that kind of pain!

Just read about CC too, blimey. Have you spoken since he went back?

Lotte I biked 40 miles yesterday in 2 hours 40, and was trying hard!! Was by myself though, managed to run 5 miles straight after too. Tired now though after early am swim 2.75km and 6.5 mile plod tonight. So hot here!



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Posted: 18/06/2014 at 08:25

Fab race report. Your mile splits were far quicker than mine. Think I will go off a bit quicker next time, went off way to slow and was frustrated. Think I have decided on the lakes 35 miler in august 30th and the Gower 50 oct 4th. Still not totally decided though. My TB keen on either your 3x3000 lakes 50 or the Gower 50 too, so might have a friend. Yeah!!!

I am running well since ultra, running feels very easy and fluid. Also have slightly dodge foot/tendon/plantar/ball of foist, but was ok running this morning. Jogged along at average of 7:45s which us great for 6am run

Suffering from recurrent thrush at mo. I know minks had this before. Oral tabs not touching it, doc says it is thrush. Not sure what next step is really. Month now

Still lots of hugs and thoughts for Caro. (())

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Posted: 13/06/2014 at 13:58

Oh gosh Caro! I don't know what else to say, such a week for you. Will keep thinking of you and keep hoping that it works. I do wish I could help out in some way. Hope the bedding gets clean, but tbh it's the least of your worries. I keep checking mine every day now, think I should get screening being on HRT. Have to check.

busy busy here. Have my brothers daughters for the weekend, my nieces. Interesting day so far!! 3 girls Sophie aged 4 and nieces 2 and 3. Eeeek!! G&T maybe be early tonight!!

legs feel great, really shocked. Slightly dodge big toe/ball of foot, but I feel very good. Wee jog while coaching tues, probs only 2 miles and biked 15 mikes weds. Might trot a bit later or tomorrow. Then crack back on with it. Going to get in mara shape I think, road or off road not sure yet. Then find ultra for after that. Eeeek!!

paddling pool fine is entertaining them at the mo!!


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