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Posted: 15/07/2014 at 21:48
Caro - good to hear infection all sorted and you're feeling better again. From the wedding photos on FB you're looking fantastic despite half-time dressing changes in disabled loos! Fingers crossed you get some dates/timelines in place soon. Vixo's cushion was lovely - am very envious of those with sewing/craft ability - I could not be less gifted in that area!

Camio - well done on tri, great effort. Its the swimming that would do for me - hate getting my face wet which is a slight problem when it comes to swimming!

Sonya, TTid - hope the MRS not too bad. Our last house move we did whilst I was 38 weeks pregnant! In the space of 18 months we got married, moved three times, OH changed job and we rounded off by having a baby. It wore us out and we have pretty much had our feet up for the last 7 years, lol!

Just back from weeks holiday in Lake District - lots of cycling, rowing and general gadding about the countryside, Was lovely. Back to work today

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Posted: 03/07/2014 at 22:57
Vixo, Sonya - I've got stick on name tags from for water bottles, snack boxes, packed lunch boxes etc. Never had any come off - they survive being washed no bother. Some people put them on shoes and clothes too - I've never tried it (mainly Megan has such sweaty feet I don't think anything would survive them!).

Caro - glad the tramadol at least letting you get some restful sleep. Hope all OK with the wound. Don't panic on the arm - my friend was the same in the first few weeks and physio found she'd actually been too vigorous/overdoing it with her arm exercises which had made it more painful/immobile.

CM - I've worked in a university for 10 years. Unfortunately IT doesn't have a great reputation at my work, whilst its getting better the password debacle is just the kind of thing that would happen where I am.

Reading, but just never seem to manage to post. On holiday this week and next - off to the Lakes for a week on Saturday so sorry to all in advance for next weeks weather as it usually p****s down when we go our hols

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Posted: 23/06/2014 at 12:15
Caro - thinking of you today and hope to see you doing some one-handed typing to post on here once you're felling like it.

CC - grrrr to hubbies. They bury their heads in the sand until the shit hits the fan then over-react by suggesting stupid things like divorce (a la TT's hubby). It is true that men are from mars and women are from venus!! Hopefully now you can start to have productive conversations about what happens next - as TT says its circumstances working against you but they need to change before you both collapse in a heap! Hugs hugs hugs.

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Posted: 18/06/2014 at 22:31
Caro - glad the news was good today and that the operation will be Monday so not too long to dwell on things.

My friend who had her lymph nodes removed was also worried about the possibility of lymphodema, which is made worse by fact lifting your arm is sore for a very long time after so she was in a panic that it was lymphodema - but she hasn't had any bother in the 18 months since.

Right, off here - co-ordinating end of year collection for Megan's class. Got the lovely job of sorting out all the pics and messages the kids have drawn for the teacher before can hit the sack tonight - they are all so sweet.

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Posted: 17/06/2014 at 23:45
CC - definitely do it! It was treat for our 40th birthdays, been saving 3 years! We were in fab spa hotel just outside Marrakech so perfect combination of relaxation but not far to the madness of Marrakech when we wanted the buzz. Spent all our time by the pool planning our 50th trip - Vegas!

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Posted: 17/06/2014 at 23:29
Only had skim read so apologies for all I've missed but just wanted to pop on and say hope it all goes OK tomorrow Caro - you will be in all our thoughts.

Great Dirty 30 racing and reports CC and TTwirly - you ultra nutters!

Fab racing Camio but boo to the pelvic floor

Welcome back Trendy ... nice to see you on here again

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Posted: 11/06/2014 at 22:16
Ach Caro - that sucks. As everyone here knows you're a fighter and am sure you'll keep giving it both barrels as you have been doing so far.

One of my two friends who had breast cancer had all lymph nodes under right arm removed (at same time as major lumpectomy). She'd had chemo pre-op and then had radiotherapy post-op. Was also getting herceptin every 3 weeks. It was a tough year but she came through it all and one year one month on from diagnosis was riding roller coasters at Disneyworld. As the others say chemo may not be pleasant but if it does the job...

Hugs hugs hugs (autocorrect keeps trying to change this to hugh, who the hell is hugh, lol!)

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Posted: 31/05/2014 at 18:53
Camio (( )) its not easy losing grandparents

Caro - glad you're home, had a good sleep and feeling like using an iPad. All good signs! Get used to these lazy Saturdays for the next wee while

Hoggle - yay that all well and its a solo bubba.

TattyB, good luck for Tuesday!

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Posted: 24/05/2014 at 20:11
Good luck for tomorrow TT! Hope weather is kind and the foot holds.

Caro - Edinburgh Parkrun has over 500 folk every week so 59 sounds bliss! I've never done it as (a) too busy; and (b) its on the north side of the city and since I live on the south its at least at 30mins away. EF, time for an Edinburgh South park run don't you think???

No bank holiday here - last Monday was a local Edinburgh holiday, then Thursday off for elections as well. So thats us until we break up for summer hols on 27th June

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Posted: 20/05/2014 at 21:19

Hmm - think gremlins might be with RW site. Can't edit tonights posts now and first one is full of typos which are annoying my inner grammar pedant


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