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Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 26/06/2012 at 20:11

Hey everyone, and welcome back to beachball, jacky and Thomas. Aloha! Keep plugging away guys, and let's hope the niggles cease and desist as soon as possible...

ADS, I'm no expert but I don't see any harm in increasing the number of days you run, as long as you're currently comfortable with three. If you're concerned about the 10% rule, you could always scale back your long run slightly, or one of the other two. I'd be wary of going flat-out every single week, as your body needs time to get used to that sort of thing! Slowing down the long run is more of a personal thing, as 150bpm sounds pretty reasonable - but don't be afraid to do it if you're feeling the strain on a particular run, as it certainly won't do any harm. 50 mins sounds like a challenging but realistic target, too. Good running, at any rate!

Just Run & B2b, good to see you guys still tripping along and doing well another support ultra, b2b?!

Grendel, thanks for your kind words a while back - I got on fairly well at Huntingdon, a new PB of 43:35 but I think that I have a lot left in me for a future race. Very windy, and my legs fell apart halfway through due to my overdoing in the week. Nevermind though! How are you getting on? Feeling good about this weekend?

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 13/06/2012 at 14:47

Hey guys! Welcome Jarvis, ADS Runner and any other new folks. How're you finding starting out again from the beginning? Good luck, and be careful!

Sorry I've been away for ages, it's been absolute carnage on my end in terms of time, and with a dead computer it's been tough to even keep on top of work, emails etc. Even now I'm at my university library getting inquisitive looks from the staff - most students have gone home for summer, it seems! I got a message from Grendel though and finally found time to post.

Have had a brief look back through the thread, sad to see that a few are not running, but get better soon. How're you enjoying being away, B2B? Good to see you're out and about too Just Run, on the comeback trail once again! Are the new orthotics doing the business? Likewise Jeepers and Grendel continuing to march on, huge miles there. Jeepers, how've you been able to deal with such heavy mileage so early? It's taken me a full year to reach 25 miles, but you're knocking it out with ease! Has anyone heard from Thomas, beachball, Sweetest Thing and others?

My own running's been going fairly well, nothing too spectacular to report after the Dereham 10. Mileage is good, but still work to do on other fronts. I have a 10k this weekend at Huntingdon, hoping to set a new PB

Hope everyone's doing okay, I'll try to get back and post more often!

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 13/05/2012 at 19:26

Thanks Just Run, and good to hear that you'll be out there again soon! Have you got any idea how the knee is going to hold up? Ahhh, an evening of cashews and chocolate...I wish that I could afford one of those at the moment - exams are shooting down that dream! Mind you, I have three months off soon, so I can't complain. Rambling aside, all the best whenever you get out for that run - you deserve some good luck. It's good to see you back! Thank you for the good wishes, also

Agree on the hydration issue, if I only had a few coffees in a day I doubt I'd even be able to complete any sort of distance, so kudos to you Grendel. Did you feel better after a drink?

Righto, so I caught a bus out to the Dereham 10 today and quickly realised that it was going to be a tough one regardless of pace - the sun was pretty relentless, not a cloud in the sky and zero shade on the route as it turned out. 203 starters with 180 finishers tells the story, particularly given the relative quality of the field - tons of experienced club runners! Quite funny before the race...I'm an unknown quantity as a runner at these events, but due to my kit I saw a few of the top guys sizing me up and trying to decide if I was a threat. No need to worry, chaps!

I've never run a 10 mile race, so given the conditions and unfamiliarity I decided not to try and break the bank - best to be sensible and not thrash the backside out of it. Started out at a reasonable pace and settled very quickly, and like a flash I was at the halfway point. Unusually sedate and controlled, for me! It was at this point that the heat started to bite people and I started moving through the field gradually; tried to maintain a comfortable speed and succeeded for a while. At 8 miles my legs were starting to flag slightly, and I  knew that I could potentially be in trouble if I flicked on the afterburners; despite that, I was passing a lot of runners at this stage. I was happy to cross the line unscathed in 1:25:07. I actually had salt residue on my face in the aftermath, which should give an idea of how hot it was!

Really fun race though, and I think everyone dealt with the sun pretty well. Dereham runners ran a tight ship on the day, water stations were comprehensive and essential (I stupidly decided not to use them), and marshals were encouraging and helpful. Well worth the time! The course was pretty flat and clear, I may well come back next year for another crack. Happy to be back home, watching the GP and nursing my sunburn

(Grendel, Pete Johnson came home in 1:05:49 for 22nd!)

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 12/05/2012 at 16:27

Of course! The more the merrier. And of course, we will be waving flags of support for you whilst you recover. That sounds rough though, hope you're feeling better soon.

Grendel, 10 is a huge distance and I can't blame you for backing out of it! In fairness, that would've been quite a jump for you after that 8 last weekend, maybe risking injury if you'd have gone for it. Of course, I'm in the same boat and will be ignoring my own advice, so take that with a pinch of salt!! Your meteorite horse race had me roaring over here, brilliant. How've you been feeling this week, pretty good? And I'm not Seb Coe, he's considerably shorter than me I could beat him if he had one leg! (possibly)

B2b, an entire case of nuts! But what type of nut would you be? It's all about the cashews, my friend. Are you heading out there this weekend? Good luck if so

beachball, well done on that race time - considerably faster than your Ely time despite the layoff and dodgy knee! Something to be proud of. Hope that it heals up soon for you...

Just Run, good to see that you're well! I'll bet that Monday can't come soon enough for you. All the best mate, hope that you're keeping yourself busy...and good luck for that appointment.

Quiet on here lately. My week's been similarly so, though the leviathon that is the Dereham 10 awaits me tomorrow morning. I entered a while back with zero intention of actually racing it properly, as my training just hasn't been extensive enough in terms of long runs - I can see myself burning out badly. So I don't really have a strategy - in true B2b style, I will be entirely winging it. Let's see if these legs can carry me for that long...

Have a good weekend, guys

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 11/05/2012 at 19:44

I feel very run down this week - no pun intended - but managed back to back 6.5k's earlier in the week, then 7.5k easy today which incorporated some tempo hill reps. Sorry for the short update, will catch up properly soon before Dereham this weekend - well done Grendel and B2b, keep plugging away!

Can you decide to be a forefoot or heel runner?

Posted: 11/05/2012 at 19:40

You can change either way, too. I'm currently a heel-striker, but am naturally a forefoot runner - I was forced into the change due to a complex injury. I'll be getting back when I can, though! I would advocate going with whichever one feels more natural to you, though...messing with naturally acquired biomechanics without some supervision can lead to injuries.


+1 for the difference in heel-strikers, too. Running tall and staying light on your feet are concepts that can be applied to all types of foot strike, not just forefoot. Good luck!

First half in June - too tired to carry on?

Posted: 10/05/2012 at 02:27

I agree with a lot of what's been said, but also...have you jumped up towards the 10 mile LSR too quickly? A 10 mile long run off only 22 miles a week is pushing it - if you've got speedwork on top of that, it's a large amount of quality in a single week. Definitely reign back the speedwork, and if you have time before the race, maybe consider cutting back slightly on that LSR distance. I understand the need to get up towards 10 miles, but if you're relatively new to racing and this is your first Half, there's no need to shred yourself up in training for it.

I'm in a similar boat to you - 22/23 miles a week currently, and feeling the strain slightly. The difference being that my LSR is 7-8 miles, and speedwork every fortnight - even with that setup, I feel overload on some days. You're doing a lot more than that! You've got to look after yourself RosRunner

Above all, try to enjoy what you do! camillia's post is full of wisdom.


Posted: 09/05/2012 at 20:47

I think trying them all out is a good idea - and then at least you'll have multiple options. You may even become more proficient over a type of course that you'd thought difficult as a result! Nothing to do with speed, but I believe Milton Keynes is considered the most picturesque parkrun of all, if I remember correctly. So if nothing else, that's one reason to go there!

Best of luck with the sub-30.

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 07/05/2012 at 12:10

Hey all. It's amazing how everyone can have such differing backgrounds - both on this thread and generally - and still end up in the same place, enjoying plodding away across pavements and fields. Good stuff! 

Grendel: I had three exams last week, and two more to come. So it's been a pretty heavy week which probably affected my running in conjunction with other stuff. Pension legislation exam?! Is that for work? Must be dodgy getting caught short on a run, thankfully it's yet to happen to me but only a matter of time I suppose! And lastly great running, especially the 8 miles - longest run in over a decade, wow! You must be pleased as punch. I agree with B2b

beachball: It appears that you have a doppelganger in the area...or my eyesight temporarily took a leave of absence! Hope the knee held up overnight, and very best of luck if you entered the race today. The fitness will come back pretty sharpish, I'd imagine?

B2b: Glorious return to running! Great stuff, haha. Do you have any B2b-specials coming up? And by that I mean obscene distances that the rest of us can only shake our heads solemnly at

Jacky: Good to see that you're out and about, hope you don't have any serious pain in that foot - look after it!

Jeepers: Congrats on that 7m, and the shed pounds as well! Things are going so well for you at the moment, and only a few weeks in too

Sue: Your recovery from quite a few accidents is really something, you must be proud to have defied conventional opinion and be walking, let alone running...hope the meds settle themselves a little this week, and the weight stops fluctuating so much. Running ban - you're more disciplined than me!

Just Run, Sweetest Thing and Thomas - how are you all getting on?

New layout's a bit weird to look at, but I actually prefer it for typing into the text box since it syncs with the actual display. Simple things for simple minds! On the running front, I got my diet sorted out and after the stress of three exams in a week was over, I clicked into gear a bit. Thursday I managed 6 x 800 off 90secs recovery (3:05, 2:58, 3:02, 2:55, 3:02, 2:59) which was brutal, but probably helpful. Then yesterday my longest ever training run - Grendel has me beat, but 8.04 miles done...and dusted! I have the Dereham 10 coming up this Sunday, but I think actively racing it would be a mistake - just don't have the training in my legs yet.

Happy days, guys! Hope you're all enjoying the perks of a long weekend!

How often do you go to the gym (not to run!)

Posted: 03/05/2012 at 11:23
Twice a week for me, under normal circumstances - but homegrown core work is just as good, if you know what you're doing.

I agree with Sussex Runner, changing your goals could freshen up your training. Or maybe go off the wall completely - ditch a gym session, and take up learning squash instead. Or rock climbing, anything that could be fun. Don't worry though, blips like this are usually temporarily and if you scale it back a bit, you could find that you're raring to go pretty soon. Best of luck.

And people who are on 50mpw and upwards are probably frequently tired, but if it's worth it to get the times that come with that sort of territory, then...
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