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Garmin Forerunner 305

Posted: 31 January 2008
Overall: I bought the 305 as a training accessory to help me prepare for the 2008 FLM. I already had an Edge 205 for my bike so knew what Garmin were all about, but I was never a strong runner in that it wasn't something that could keep my attention when running for more than 45 minutes or so.

However, from the first use of the 305 I was hooked! No more running and not knowing how far you were going or how fast, now I had everything I needed on my wrist.

I downloaded the Runners World marathon schedule and imported it straight onto my 305 and away I went.

Best used with Sporttracks I find as the training centre is a bit basic, but this unit definitely keeps me motivated and has helped fuel my new found love of running no end.