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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/01/2017 at 20:09

Big G - well done on your 10k pb . First one for the Shadies this year.

Hi Keith and Khani - great to know that you are still running .

It's sort of snowing here now .Thick but very wet flakes, and lots of heavy rain. There are huge puddles everywhere - which I found out when I went for a very short run. Such a change from last Sunday when we did East Hanningfield Trail Marathon in Essex - it was quite mild and sunny for part of the time. First time it was held and apart from a couple of hiccups with the navigation instructions it was good. I 'ran' with two friends - we started near the back, and that's where we stayed - eventually finishing just as it got dark in 7hr 22mins. Usual terrain - lots of mud, loads of huge fields which we had to follow round the edge, lots of walking (and talking) and lots to eat at the checkpoints . Great fun!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 15:55

Happy New Year everyone 

Started off 2017 with a marathon in Essex - Flitch Way, which is an out and back, mainly along an old railway track. Civilised 10am start so no driving in the dark. Was there in plenty of time so waited in the HQ room in the cafe building and got to see the parkrunners. On their first lap they had to run up the hill which was our finish - nearly all run it (some older, some rather large and one lady pushing a buggy), so I thought I'd have no excuse not to run it at our finish . Cold and grey to start, but the rain held off until about mile 18 and then it rained nearly to the end. The wind picked up then too - as long as you were moving it was ok, but when I stopped at the last checkpoint to eat biscuits and drink coke I got quite cold. Felt rather tired, struggled a bit and had to do lots of walking. Finished in 5:11 which was about 25 mins slower than last year and 12 mins slower than in the spring. I did stop to talk to a friend who was marshalling at the turn around though - must have been chatting for 5 - 10 mins . Was a bit muddy in places (shoes are now in a bucket of water) but sticky surface mud rather than up to your knees sloppy stuff. Managed to run up the steep finish hill and I was warm enough then, but by the time I had run back to my car and changed my shoes I was freezing. Warmed up a bit with coffee and shortbread (extra large slice with chocolate edging!) in the on-site cafe, wrapped myself up in extra layers and then drove home - still in the light!!

Being a wimp today - decided it was far too cold to go for a recovery run .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 18:44

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and that post festive niggles and colds disappear quickly.

I actually had a run on Christmas Day as I was working both Xmas Eve and Boxing Day. Wednesday was extremely foggy near home but completely clear near work (just about 4 miles away) 

I did the 3rd day of Great Barrow yesterday. Found it quite tough going and had to do a fair bit of walking (and talking), but when I checked my time (5:29) with previous runs on that particular course they were all about the same . Started off very cold, but the sun came out and after checkpoint 2 the jacket came off too. Was a beautiful day, although still some frost on the fields and a bit slippery on a couple of parts of the roads. Celebrations (and cake) too, as a couple of friends did their 100th marathons . Horrible drive in the dark in the morning and horrible drive straight into a blazing sun later in the afternoon. Thank goodness the marathon more than made up for it.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/12/2016 at 22:22

Shades - there are a few photos on the website and also on facebook page - easy to spot the winner, he's about a foot taller than anyone else and by far the youngest .

I had to work this morning (on self-scan in well known supermarket) - it was manic. Lots of folk doing last minute present shopping, but some doing their regular monthly shop and others just buying one tin of soup . Was glad that I finished at one o'clock. Have to work on Boxing Day too, so looks like a Christmas Day run is on the cards

Hope everyone is healthy and hearty. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and may your dreams come true in the New Year . (What happened to the little Xmas faces this year?)

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/12/2016 at 22:12

Well done to all of you who are stuck into your training, and especially Shades with consistent high mileage . I still haven't sorted out a plan (probably because I don't have a goal!!) but feel happy at the moment just bumbling along.

So, last Sunday, after 2 very easy weeks I went along to Ilford to do Dawn to Dusk run by Sikhs in the City. Very local to me and I enjoyed it last year. It's 2.01k laps with just one small hill, starting about 8am and continuing (if you want) to dusk at about 4pm. Planned to run the same as last year - ie run the marathon (21 laps) then continue at a slower pace (walking the hill and the slight incline, running the rest) for the ultra at 25 laps. Finished 21 laps just 3 mins slower than last year in 4:16, then went to the loo and had a drink before continuing. Finished 25 laps in 5:31 then the RD said if I did a few more laps I might be first lady. So off I went with a couple of guys who were finishing the ultra until I'd done 28 laps. Then the RD said 'maybe 30' so I had a cup of tea while I thought about it and then set off again. Had planned to stick at 30, but saw on the big electronic scoreboard that another female had done 30 and nearly a minute faster (didn't know that she had dropped out here). So, off again and once I'd been running/walking for over 7 hrs it seemed silly to stop. Finished in 8hrs 8mins having done 35 laps (43.7miles) - got first lady and 2nd overall . First guy did 40 laps but he was very tall and very, very young! By 5.45pm I was back home, drinking coffee and watching Countryfile . (Was rather washed out on Monday though )

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/12/2016 at 17:46

Another lazy Sunday last week. Couldn't even get motivated to get out of bed early for a walk with the LDWA group . Did manage a short run along footpaths later in the day though.

A couple of months ago our library had a sale and I picked up a couple of old books from the Footpath Societies from the 1970s. A friend and I are trying some of the local walks out to see if we can still follow the instructions and walk along the same paths. The hand drawn maps are a bit vague and a few places have changed a bit, but it's surprising how all the paths are still there (and even old bridges, stiles etc). It's useful to carry an up to date map as well. On Thursday we did a 10 mile walk and were a bit confused when we got to the footbridge over the A414 as there was still another paragraph of instructions to go. Then we realised the old A414 was now a small quiet road through a couple of villages and the instructions to get there were spot on. Although later on coming back to the start, we decided to use a tunnel we knew of under the new A414 (very fast traffic, double lane carriageways) as we didn't fancy the instruction 'cross the by-pass safely'.

Have already entered a few events for next year, although I still haven't worked out what my focus is and what I really want to do. I saw a local marathon on the LDWA website, so printed off the entry form and posted it along with a cheque. A couple of days later I realised that it was this year's entry form . I e-mailed the organiser and she thought it was quite funny .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/12/2016 at 17:29

Hi T-Rex . Have you any ultras planned for next year?

Well done to Big G and Cal on your races

Big G - I'm not sure I'd want to see GnR now. I would be scared that they wouldn't live up to how they once were. My eldest daughter just passed up the chance to see Rod Stewart, said £100 was just too much. But my friend's son recently bought tickets for Madonna and they were £200 each . I guess with all these huge stadiums they have such large overheads. In my (long ago) youth I saw quite a few later famous names at peanut prices!

Ouch Shades! Hope the bump on the head is ok now. I did the ultimate falling over last Tuesday when we went to run along some more remote footpaths. Before we even started I managed to trip over a tiny step in the car park  - not too much damage as I was hardly moving.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 06/12/2016 at 14:57

I hate the fog! Or to be more precise - I'm scared when driving in the fog . When I left work yesterday late evening I was horrified to see grey cotton wool covering everything. I couldn't see the pavement at all and could only just make out the white lines (admittedly very faded) down the middle of the road. I nearly turned back and offer to do the night shift . Driving down the A414 was worse- could only see about 5 feet in front so I crawled along and I'm sure I weaved side to side as I tried to keep the white lines in view. A 'bag of nerves' by the time I got home!

It was only slightly better this morning, but we managed to get a run in. Went over a place known locally as 'top of the world' as you can see all the countryside, the river and distant views of the towns. Today we saw....zilch! Nice run though with robins, tiny wrens and lots of the usual birds on the river .


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 16:28

Shades/ mamafox - no mud at all at Hare & Tortoise this year. No navigation and no big hills either so some folks got very fast times. I tended to run at the same pace as a friend who I've often ran with. Next year I could well be over an hour slower .

I bet those pensioners had been living on bread and cheese for the past couple of weeks - saving themselves up for such a massive feast.

Jugula - hope the gout and its cause gets sorted quickly.

Had a lay-in yesterday so didn't go the x-country . Went out early afternoon instead, doing a bit of exploring along some local footpaths. Needless to say I got lost (and had forgotten to take the map with me). Battled my way through knee deep leaves and brambles towards the end - didn't want to return the way I'd come because there were a couple of scary guard dogs guarding the lawn next to the unfenced footpath. A notice said 'Keep close to the lake' - presumably so you could jump in if attacked .Needless to say I finally got home before dark with only one big bramble scratch on my leg and I actually quite enjoyed myself . It's also shown me that I'm surrounded by footpaths and countryside which I didn't know about.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/12/2016 at 20:00

Whoops - where has last week gone? Did Hare & Tortoise marathon last Sunday - quite local, near Sharnbrook in Beds. Organised to perfection by a great guy (member of 100 club and someone I've run with quite a few times) - low key, fine weather, lovely route - 5 laps on farm tracks and through the woods, great HQ with hot showers, drinks and snacks twice on each lap and loads of food at the end and lots of good company. Finished in 4:54 which was half an hour faster than last year, but did feel tired at the end. It's one to look out for if you like the smaller events and is advertised on Runners World events.

This past week and next week I've scheduled as rest weeks (just a small amount of easy running or run/walk) and I don't have another event until Dec 18th. Fortunate really as it's been so cold I didn't want to even go for a run mid-week . Might run tomorrow morning to watch my former club doing x-country - there again I might have a lazy morning!

mamafox- another great marathon from you. Well done .

Big G - very belated Happy Birthday

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