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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 20:35

((Big G)) - just do what YOU want and when you want. If it helps then so much the better. I thought 'widows' weeds' were a thing of the distant past, but some people want everyone to be miserable all the time. You're entitled to enjoy yourself as much as anyone - I'm sure Claire wouldn't want her memory to be a stick to beat yourself with. I'll be thinking of you on Monday and hope you get some answers.

mamafox - hope the ankle heals quickly.

slowkoala & annie sophie - well done on being sweep for the park runs . A good sweep can make the slower runners feel positive about themselves.

Iain - well done on not only completing the 5k while carrying a bit of an injury but also coming first . Time for you to take it easy over Christmas.

I ran Portsmouth today, but didn't bump into Khani and Jugula (as I'd forgotten to take their numbers with me). It was a bit chaotic at the start and I think perhaps it's got a bit too big now. Tiny bit of drizzle before the start and again after the finish, quite warm when out of the wind, but the wind was VERY strong especially in the last 2 miles along the promenade. I didn't dare stop as I thought I would get blown over . Slightly different route than when I did it 3 years ago - more off-road and the shingle beach was difficult. The mud beach was yuk and we had to queue to take the driest option . Had a slight niggle in my groin (rather like if my knicker elastic had been too tight, but I don't have any - elastic not knickers!) It started about mile 8 and made my leg, knee and foot ache, then on the way back I noticed the leg aches had gone and so did the groin niggle with about 6 miles to go. Strange . Finished in 4:24  which is about 1 minute slower than last time - couldn't have gone any faster and my legs (calves and quads) ached. Worst thing was that Les P collapsed at about 12 miles and was airlifted to hospital with a suspected heart attack - I do hope he's ok, he's always been so cheerful, encouraging and kind.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 20:09

Big G - glad you're enjoying your London break . The River Lea is more like a canal in places - I think that's where they call it the River Lea Navigation. There's all bits of it running alongside each other from Hertfordshire into London. On the maps they can't even make up their minds on the spelling and usually put both (ie River Lee/Lea). Where I live (in south-east Hertfordshire) we even have the New River running parallel - which was definitely man-made.

Horribly frosty first thing in the mornings here - took me 10 mins to get the frost off the windscreen this morning. Luckily it tends to warm up a little later - I've had a few nice runs along the river and round the nature reserve this week. Heard a big splash as I passed the lake and turned round to see if it was an otter (there are supposed to be otters there, but I've never seen one in 10 years ) but it was a pair of cormorants. However there was also a beautiful kingfisher in the tree less than a metre in front of me

No race for me tomorrow, so I might go along to the local cross country for a laugh (when they go through the stream), to cheer them on and for the cake . Or I might stay indoors in the warm .

Moore - well done on yet another marathon . I can see how you got confused with the number of laps. Caldecott is seven and a half - not six and a half . What's the next one planned?

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 11:37

slowkoala - yes, it was Ware Joggers, although they have so many new runners now that I don't know even half of them.

lily - hope your foot is ok.

Khani - speedy recovery.

Moore - I've entered Flitch Way as well but now I won't be able to run. I usually work from late afternoon on Weds, so I thought if I got a move on in the marathon I could just get to work on time. Then Asda changed my shift so I have to start at 1pm. I arranged with a colleague to swap shifts but Asda won't allow it 'because it's Christmas' - lots of Christmas spirit there - NOT


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/12/2014 at 16:57

Well done slowkoala . Our local club used Perivale 5m as one of their championship races today, but I don't know any of the results.

Great to meet up briefly with Moore and Emmy at Dymchurch on Friday . Weather wasn't too bad and had to take my jacket off after first (shorter) lap. Ran consistently and managed a quicker last lap finishing in 4:15:04, so pleased with that. Not much more that I can add to that - at one point I couldn't see over the sea wall or over the landside wall so it was like running in a tunnel. Lots of lovely company but just glad I had only booked up the Friday .

Shot off after the marathon to drive to Camber Sands. I spent a holiday there when I was about 9 and my dad used to spend a lot of his summertime youth camping out on the beach (I still have some of his very old black & white photos). I still have some of my parents ashes which I've been scattering in various places that had associations for them, so it seemed a good opportunity to scatter some amongst the sand dunes. Lots more houses than there used to be, but the beach was still the same and the café was still there. Glad I went .

Then came the horrible drive home - not too bad until I reached the M25 and traffic was reduced to a crawl for miles on the approach to the tunnel. Finally turned off the M25 when it was dark and my brain was turning to mush - ended up turning left before I should have and back onto the M25 . Went on the next junction but so much traffic, so many exits and dark on the roundabout so found myself on the M25 again . Thought I was going to get trapped on there for ever . Next junction I managed to get turned around the right way and finally got home just 15 mins after I should have done - couldn't believe that I could make so many stupid mistakes as I'm very familiar with that stretch of road .


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 02/12/2014 at 14:46

mamafox - well done on your marathon . I wouldn't mind staggering if I could finish in that time!

Big G - the tree is a lovely idea. What is a 'selfie stick'?

Shades - my big toe felt stiff all last week but was ok by the weekend. The achilles niggle had almost disappeared overnight, but I felt it again when I put on my blue trainers (I don't wear them for running as they're just not quite right - and the top of the heel part is rather high and stiff) so I whipped them off quick. Later went for a short flat slow run and niggle disappeared and (cross fingers) hasn't come back. I think as runners we're quite sensitive to little aches and pains which non-runners might not even notice (as we are very aware of what they could lead to).

WD60 - Sunday's run wasn't an ultra, just a marathon. I tend to be slow (and cautious) on these off road runs . But much better than trying to churn out a 20 miler all by yourself -

Khani - well done on that 20 miler . You must have lots of self discipline to keep going so far from home. I did a 40 loop marathon at Faversham a couple of years ago (Shades was there too). I didn't think I would like it, but I did . Boston 6/12 hour is loops too - round the park but there are lots of different 'bits' with lots to look at.

Mentioning medal bling - where is Molly these days??


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/12/2014 at 14:20

((Big G))

slowkoala - congrats on your award . Very well deserved.

Emmy - hope you make a speedy recovery. Are you at Dymchurch?

Moore 06 - Big well done on your double . I hope to be at Dymchurch (only on Friday), so maybe see you there.

Hi annie

Broadmeadow on Sunday. Rather muddy in places but warm and sunny once early fog had cleared. 4 miles along the canal to start, then off-road on footpaths, fields, woods etc. A small loop round a village (where almost everyone, including me, got lost ) then back the way we had come. Finished in 6:02. Great low key event, good organisation and fantastic company. Broadmeadow events are always enjoyable . Slight niggle in left achilles which didn't start aching until just before getting up this morning. Rest today and then see how it is. If it's more than a niggle I swear I'll never enter another event on the last weekend in November.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 15:32

Not too sure if I can reproof my jacket as it's supposed to be the actual fabric that's waterproof. Will try to find the manufacturers website. I only bought it last winter - and had hardly any wear out of it then due to injury. It seems to keep me dry in very light rain or showers. I've worn it twice in heavy/persistent rain - once in May in a prolonged very heavy downpour and last Sunday - both times I ended up soaked to the skin and also could feel the wind through the sleeves. I saw on Wiggle that someone had complained that the pockets are definitely not waterproof. I might try  spraying water on the jacket (without me in it) and seeing if it really goes through.

Scary moment on Monday evening as I was driving to work along a very dark country road in heavy rain. Stopped in a queue of traffic at the bend just before the railway level crossing and noticed that when the cars came through in the opposite direction they were steaming/smoking. Then we moved off and straight away we were in rather deep water. Couldn't turn around as there were cars behind and anyway couldn't really see what was ahead. Water got a bit deeper and there was an abandoned car half on the narrow verge which we had to drive round. At that point the water was rushing across the road and cascading down into a ditch and then into fields on the other side . Thankfully I managed to drive slowly on without stalling, but with youngest daughter's words from the weekend ringing in my ears : 'When your stuck in a river or flood you have to wait until the car fills right up before you can open the door' .

This morning we had fine, sunny weather. A friend and I went for a 45min slow run around the grounds of Forty Hall (no jackets needed). Then we had coffee - and in my case, cake, and looked around the gift shop. Then we got a guide leaflet and spent another half hour meandering around the 'hall' which was a 17th century country mansion/estate recently restored with Lottery money. Civilised or what?   

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 14:47

Phoenix marathon yesterday was rather 'interesting'. It had rained all night, was raining when I drove off at 7am, rained all through the race and was still raining when I got home again. Soggy wasn't the word. 4 out and back laps on the Thames towpath. The possible 'small puddles' had developed overnight into very large puddles and throughout the day they expanded into 'over the socks' lakes. No way round most of them so it was just splash your way through. A little mud in places and a knee deep dip in one muddy puddle which I seemed to find twice on each lap . Good x-country practice except that I don't do that anymore! Most of the terrain was tarmac, gravel or stony, but all flat . After a very short time as the water continually sloshed over my shoes they filled up with stones/shingle/sand but I decided not to empty them as (a) they would just fill up again and (b) my fingers were too frozen to undo the laces. I actually quite enjoyed splashing through the clean 'lakes' as it washed the stones around and stopped them digging into just one place. Good to see the faster runners dashing past, or going in the opposite direction (many had mud splashed half way up their backs). Some nice views along the route and some strange house-boats or boat-houses - were they on stilts or were they floating??

As there was a water station at the turnaround and another at the lap end I had decided not to carry anything with me. They had jelly babies  and gels  - which were ok for proper runners, but as I don't eat either I had to go hungry. I shall put in an order for biscuits - preferably custard creams - for their next event. Good that there was also a proper public loo near the turnaround. With all that water sloshing around I needed a quick loo stop on each of the last 3 laps . The 'quick' stop became longer each time as I struggled with my soaking wet clothing. My jacket - Ron Hill, expensive, windproof and fully waterproof - turns out to only be 1 of the 3 . My sports bra got so wet that the top edge rubbed against the bones on my chest - which I only discovered when I stepped in the shower at home . I ran steadily with pretty even splits of 1:07:15 / 1:09:30 / 1:10:28 and 1:11:29 - remember I stopped for the loo after the first lap, and the last lap also included rescuing 2 fat worms, and I was pleased with a final time of 4:38:42. Soaking wet and by now rather cold, I jogged straight back to my car afterwards and once it had steamed up I got changed and then drove straight home. Took an hour with the heater going full blast before I really thawed out.

At home I took my insoles out of my shoes and discovered thick lumps of stones  etc on the top of them (ie between the insoles and my feet!). The right insole had developed a hole between the cloth part and the foam part. This was stuffed with more stones making a large 5cm by 3cm V shaped lump which was about 2cm deep and just under where my toes join my feet. I hadn't noticed this when running with all the water and because my feet were numb! This morning the joint just below my big toe on the top of my foot is swollen and stiff  . I'm hoping it's just a bruise. Despite all this I quite enjoyed the event .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 13:36

Good running from everyone this weekend

Big G - I think that group is a great idea. They will know how you feel without the need for any words. Well done for getting back into the running. I take it that the achilles is ok now?

I love my Injini socks. I've worn them for races now for a few years and they stopped any blisters where the toes rubbed together. They tend to wear out quickly if anything (eg.toe nail, sharp stone) rubs them - I have half a dozen right foot ones without their partner . I now need something to stop blisters/ hard skin on the tip top of a couple of toes - I have 'curly' toes and I think I have a tendency to 'claw' them when running.

Brilliant sunshine here at the moment - after below zero temperatures last night and torrential rain all day yesterday!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 17/11/2014 at 10:58

mamafox - what a fantastic race report - descriptive, emotional and humorous and a pb to boot  . I chuckle to myself at some of the things you get up to .

Big G - good idea with the dog as long as you have someone to mind it so that you can go away if you want to. Be careful though - my daughter was given a rescue dog (left outside a pet shop in a cardboard box and only about 6 weeks old) with the words 'We think he might be a Jack Russell'. He grew and grew, now the consensus is he's a lurcher/German Shepherd cross .

LDWA Shillington Shuffle for me yesterday. Met up with lots of the usual suspects and ran/walked with a couple of them. Relaxed atmosphere, lots of chat, good off-road terrain and a little bit more walking than I'm used to but I really enjoyed it . Great aid stations with a gourmet buffet at each . Very foggy - we could see the path ahead but very little of the countryside around. At one point it looked as though the sun would break through but the fog quickly thickened again (good job the instructions were spot on). The temperature was ideal for running though and I was comfortable in a long sleeve top with a vest over. Then just over 2 miles from the finish the heavens opened. I was rather wet before I managed to get my jacket on, but at least it kept me warm and stopped me for getting completely drenched. From then on it was head down and a determined run/march to just get back. Finished in 6:38 and happy with that. After changing into dry clothes and having 2 mugs of tea, beans on toast and bakewell tart and custard I felt cosy. Drive home only 50 mins although it was still foggy. LDWA are always fantastic value for money, well organised, friendly and enjoyable .

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