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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 11:14

I stick with Asics as they have always suited me well in the past (and I tried so many other shoes when I first started that I could have opened a nearly new shop ). Trouble is I think my feet have grown yet again and new Asics shoes seem to have been downsized. I tried these trail shoes as they have an integrated cuff/gaiter - which I've had to snip at the back because it was too tight - and a tighter closed mesh. My previous trail shoes were ok, if beginning to feel a little short, but the uppers wear out after just a couple of muddy events. A couple of weeks back I ordered a larger size of the Asics racers I wear but they disappeared during delivery, so now I'm waiting for replacements (which might be too big and have to go back). I hate buying shoes .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 11:30

Straight off (after filling up with post-race food) to Coventry, where I did the Coventry Way 40 on Sunday. Lots and lots of walking (I seem to walk as much as run these days) and although I've done this one 3 times before I still clung to the instruction booklet (yes, a small booklet - all 18 pages of instructions and another 18 pages of little hand drawn maps). Went wrong only once but backtracked before too much damage done! Lots of runners passed me and I passed quite a few walkers who had set out a bit earlier (flexible start times - go when you want - as long as you're back before 9pm). It's a lovely route right round the outskirts of Coventry and often hard to remember that you are so close to a major city. Hot and sunny for first half, but the relentless wind made it hard going in places. Wore my trail shoes again but road shoes would have been fine as the ground was hard and mud minimal. Blister started stinging, then about half way stopped hurting altogether - I though it must have burst, but it just stopped being a blister! Then niggle on left foot disappeared to be replaced by one on right foot. Later when I took my shoes off, there was a deep red mark about 1 inch by 3 inches on the top of my foot under where the lace eyelets go. Foot also swollen (not quite so bad today but still bruised and slight niggle back on left!) - don't think those trail shoes are quite me. Lots to eat at checkpoints and Coke near to the end. Started to drizzle for the last 15 minutes and I got back just as the rain lashed down. Finished in 10:08, which is nearly an hour slower than my fastest time here but half an hour quicker than my slowest. Love this event but do feel that I need to be fitter. Glad that I stayed in Coventry Sunday night as I was very tired.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 11:12

Shades - sorry you didn't get to do your ultra, but good to know that your sickness didn't develop into anything serious. What have you got lined up next?

MF - a DNS due to mechanical failure . You need to get to your next one at 3 days before . The joys of egg& spoon! Hope you also did the sack race, wheelbarrow race, 3-legged race and (my favourite) the rolling race (lay on your side and roll towards the finish line, brave souls can try forward rolls - lots of going off course).

annie-sophie - great that you enjoyed Paris . That's what running is all about.

S3200H - well done on your half - good time

I had a weekend away. Stayed in Grantham last Friday and did Caythorpe Canter (marathon) in Lincs on Saturday. Nice multi-terrain course - some undulations but no big hills. Rain to start, then got hot and sunny. Gale force winds didn't ease up at all. Finished in 5:43 and then had the most delicious bread and butter pudding. Slight niggle on top of left foot remained and also got small blister on top of toe on right foot. Wore newish trail shoes without the insoles and that seemed to give my toes some room to stretch.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 12:37

This week I did Broadmeadow marathon on Friday (muddy, muddy, muddy, but lovely countryside, great marshals and friendly company). Ran round with GK, the American guy in the 100MC and we had a good chat. Ran part of the way with a young Canadian girl who was doing her first marathon while over here for a holiday! Also ran for a bit with BH & PH, but B doesn't just have a pacemaker, he has Duracell batteries and he sped off like the bunny. P went with him but I just couldn't keep up, so GK and I just carried on at our own pace and finished in 6:26. Did get lost once - went right off track and through a lovely village which I found out just yesterday from a TV programme that it was where Mary Arden was baptised and married. Little bit of drizzle to start and then it got quite warm. Heavy rain held off until we were safely back!

Yesterday was Made ya Run Round the Reservoir. 6 laps but varied course and quite a lot going on (dogs, walkers, boats, horses, bird watchers and other runners to greet on the short out and back section or when I was lapped). Had short 4min loo break after 2nd lap (trip into the hotel) and stopped after every lap for quick biscuit and drink, but managed to run at a consistent pace and finished in 4:30:11. Ran all the way - even up the slopes - and didn't really push it till the last lap, so pleased with that .

Have to go into work later this afternoon .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 12:21

Hi Shadies! Hope everyone has had/ is having a good Easter

I've been really busy - haven't had time to post but have managed to keep reading what everyone else is doing. Some really good running going on - well done to all those who raced  - and hope those with niggles are healing nicely.

I went to Llanelli Friday before last for the Born to Run 40 on Saturday. Nightmare journey down and it was hot and sunny. What a change on the morning of the race - torrential, icy rain for the first 9 miles and gale force winds all the way. Didn't really see much of the expected wonderful views. Ran all the way up the incline from mile 12ish as I was planning to walk the 'big hill' - not realising until too late that the 'big hill' was the incline and it went on for over 10 miles. Rather tired after that and had to walk/run most of the rest of the way. The last 6 miles seemed to go on for ever (and the headwind on the way out had turned a bit and was now a cross wind ), but I made it back in 7:17 so quite pleased with that. Journey back next day was just as bad with so much rain that visibility was quite poor. Glad I went, but would have liked to see 'the views'.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 00:58

KK - you'll have to do marathons more frequently, then you don't have time to get a 'down' . LOL at you 'cruising' round your parkrun in under 25mins. I'd bust a gut and still not get anywhere near that!

I think so many fell over at the Meander because they treat it like a road race - it is advertised as flat and fast. I didn't think the surface was that bad actually, but then I spend most of my time with my eyes glued to the ground .

Shades & annie-sophie - well done on your 20 miler. It's such a good feeling to pick off other runners near the end. annie-sophie, you deserve your age group prize so no excuses

Sevenoaks 30 for me on Sunday. New venue and new route - it was very tough and very hilly. Some of the ground underfoot was rutted, broken or trippy, but there was not too much mud (you could tiptoe round it) - worse bit was having to go through the churned up **** next to a well used cattle trough . Good route (with accurate instructions), fine weather, lovely scenery, wonderful checkpoints/marshals and fantastic company. Met up with MN & GJ at the start. They said they were running downhill (where possible) and walking much of the rest. I was happy with that, so together with DD we all went round together and finished in 8:09. Long day but all 'time on feet' .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/03/2015 at 22:23

Shades - glad you enjoyed your holiday - oops, I meant race! - in Tralee

Big G - good to know that you are safe . Are you back home now?

KK - great report . I love reading how others found their runs. I could see the photo fine - looks like recovery was well under way .

mamafox - I've done 248 now. Not 'number crunching' but I seem to have become addicted . Well, we know who to blame........

Emmy - well done on the quad . Good times too. What events have you planned in your run-up?

Yes, there were a few accidents at Thames Meander. I heard someone saying she was ok but had smashed her Garmin, there was a young lady at the finish who was being mopped up and bandaged by first aid (very gory) and KS (who was actually running with a fracture in her femur and hip) fell over and fractured her shoulder - sounds like it was much worse than mine, but she got another runner to make a sling out of her (or their) jacket and then finished!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/03/2015 at 18:21

Great running from Shadies this weekend  and some pbs. Well done to everyone.

Jugula - what a co-incidence! I was also at Thames Meander on Saturday and finished in 4:15:31 (gun time 4:15:02) so must have been quite close to you. I was the short lady with glasses, white cap and yellow jacket who was definitely struggling in the last 5 miles. After the short out and back initial loop, I settled into a reasonable pace and met up with the friend who I'd run most of the NF Heartbreaker with. We had a good chat until he peeled off to look for a loo in a community park and I reached the turn around quite comfortably. It was a bit freaky near Putney bridge where we had to go straight through the middle of some boating event. There were rowers, boats (very long ones, some in top and bottom halves), trestle tables and lots of people carrying these spikey fold up metal things which looked rather dangerous. Then suddenly I had an energy surge at the point where I often have to 'dig in' and went bouncing along. Thought that it was far too early to pick up the pace, but it felt so good I just went with it and resigned myself to slowing later. After the HM turn around I started to slow slightly and by the last checkpoint (despite the chocolate brownie) I just ached for the finish. Bit chilly and I kept my lightweight jacket on the whole time. Terrain was quite good - flat, (and at least no mud or puddles) and plenty to see along the way .

I then headed down to Salisbury and did the Larmer Tree on Sunday. Right from the start it was obvious that I wasn't going to be able to even attempt running up the (many) hills - not that I usually do . Quite a few runners who had also done the Meander the previous day and I soon fell in running with a guy who was doing his 99th marathon. We went at a comfortable pace (well I certainly didn't have the energy to go even slightly faster) and had an enjoyable run/walk in some beautiful countryside. Again I kept my jacket on as it was a bit windy and none too warm. Course was well marked and marshalled, multi-terrain but no really muddy bits. By the end I was feeling a lot better than when I started and my legs felt easier too. Finished in 5:52 and pleased with that. Bit tired today, but managed a very slow run/walk with the dog .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/03/2015 at 21:34

Sounds like a busy weekend coming up. Hope you all have good runs  and I'm looking forward to the reports.

King Kenny - a few of our club (Ware Joggers) are going to Barcelona, but not me

Really felt like Spring today - the daffodils have just opened up and blossom has appeared on the trees and bushes overnight . (Bit chilly tonight though). I'm debating whether or not it's shorts weather - strange, as in the autumn I cling onto my shorts until my legs turn blue!

Big G - enjoy the rest of your holiday

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/03/2015 at 17:03

Big G - glad that you enjoyed your trip to Rome and have started back running

slowkoala - well done on Finchley 20. You'll be flying by marathon day

Unfortunately I didn't learn from slowkoala's recent experience with overtight laces (nor from my own - I often used to have to stop mid race) and I started the Imber Ultra on Sunday with my left lace too tight . Thought that it would sort itself out, but in the end I had to stop (twice) to loosen it, but by then I had a bit of an ache which got worse after the long drive home. Had to make sure I didn't alter the way I walked as I could feel some stiffness going up my shin. Some Voltarol and plenty of Arnica seem to have partly rectified my mistake and I've been able to do slow runs with the dog yesterday and today. Fingers crossed (and laces loose).

I did Imber Ultra (32.7 miles from Westbury round the Imber path on Salisbury Plain) last year and although I was one of the slowest I really enjoyed it so went back for more this year. Again one of the slower runners, but another great day. I had forgotten all about the hills  so this was quite a tough event and I certainly felt that I earned my clay mug (blue this year, from White Horse Potteries). We had written instructions but there were Imber Path signs in plenty. Route was mainly off road although the paths and tracks weren't muddy at all. Cloudy to start but not cold, quite a bit of fine rain mid way, then a strong wind and sunny to finish. Very well organised, minibus from parking to HQ (and back), fantastic scenery, scrummy cakes at checkpoints (courtesy of Rotary Club ladies) and the Town Crier to start the race . Ed Catmur (who wins loads of ultra races) came in first in under 4 hours when I was about two thirds of the way round! JM from Launceston (Shades knows) was there this year - she  is smaller than me, older (I think) and way faster - she shot off at the start and finished in under 6 hrs. I ran part of the way with LH & EC from 100 MC and part with the organiser of the North Dorset Village Marathon. After about 25 miles I pulled away a little and caught up with the group in front, then ran the rest with a very nice young man who had a home-made selfie stick. Finished in 6:42 which was 6 mins faster than last year. Wished they had a few more runners at the slower end (the cut offs are very generous - with 9 hours allowed for the whole race - might be needed if raining, misty etc) but otherwise another one which is certainly well worth doing .

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