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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 16:27

Anyway, I quite enjoyed York . Stayed overnight at Pontefract and then got the park and run bus in. Rather too many people for me but the organisation seemed to be fine and even the queue for the portaloos didn't take too long. Saw a couple of friends and was herded into the correct pen. I had planned to try to stay with the 4hr pacer but was horrified to find he was in the pen ahead. By the time we walked across the line his flag had disappeared into the distance . Went past the Minster (don't think there was really enough actually in York, but the countryside was ok and lots of cheering support for the whole way) and had a quick chat with another friend. Suddenly there was an 'explosion' next to me and I was showered - no, coated - with sticky goo from a gel or thick yucky drink . I hate being sticky! and it was on my vest, shorts, right palm and all over my left arm . Revised plan to try to catch up with 4hr pacer, keep just ahead and then hang on for as long as I could if the group went past - and to use the next couple of water stations to try to wash off the goo. I kept running and washing but it seemed to get worse so I gave up. It eventually wore off on the right hand but the left arm dried out and got tightly puckered and my (ordinary, cheap watch) was glued to my wrist. Before too long I had caught the pacer and just carried on at the same speed - KK you must have been near me at some time. Was determined not to slow at the 15 ml mark so made bit of an extra effort to keep going. I was expecting a few hills but they were just rather long inclines - except for the last hill just before the finish, which gave me a bit of a shock. Loads of cheering people meant you just had to keep going right to the finish and I crossed over in 3:52:47 (chip time) which was an unexpected and welcome surprise . Also got interviewed by 3 radio stations but won't get to hear any of it (thank goodness) as it was all local!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 16:10

Shades - hope you enjoyed Budapest and the rest of your holiday

Emmy - well done on your run - just take it easy, remember your ligaments etc all change and can affect your balance (I fell down the stairs when pregnant - no harm done except I had to walk with a stick for weeks - simply missed the step).

slowkoala - well done on your parkrun time . Really speedy - which parkrun do you do? Is it the same one each time?

King Kenny - well done on York. Main thing is that you enjoyed it and are ready for the next one! I enjoyed Mablethorpe so much, and was pleased with my time so wasn't too fussed about York. However looking at my splits for that and previous road races I always set off too fast, slow a bit at 15 mls then slow more dramatically about 19mls. (I don't have a Garmin so just rely on glancing at my watch for mile splits - and I don't seem able to adjust my pace much either - just go with the flow).


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/10/2015 at 00:11

Shades - have a great holiday

Emmy - Congratulations . Keep us updated!


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 06/10/2015 at 22:33

slowkoala - that is a fantastic time. Well done

King Kenny - well done on your runs last weekend. A long run AND speedwork  - you're set up well for York .

Louey - ouch . Hope the injuries aren't too bad.

I love Mablethorpe marathon  (it's my pb course from a few years back). I can't think of anything to fault it for. Lovely low key, lots of support, great organisation etc etc. Trouble is, it's 3 hrs drive from home (so I have to stay in B&B for Saturday night) - every year I say 'this is my last, it's too far' and already I've pencilled it in again for next year . Had quite a good run, although calves ached badly after 18 miles or so and I slowed down a bit then (but no toilet stops needed ). Managed to keep focused along the seafront and just sneaked in under 4hrs with 3:58:24. Was 2nd in my age-group (think there were only 2!) and there was an 'extra' for the 1st of a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers - BUT.... she had gone home straight away, and as they obviously couldn't post the flowers they gave them to me . Two runners were also doing their hundredth there and they were presented with special mementos by the organisers. And the mayor thanked each runner coming over the finish line for coming to their marathon. Weather was good for running - not too hot and with cloud cover - the sun just started to peep through after 3 hrs. As soon as I got back it started raining and has hardly stopped since.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 02/10/2015 at 10:37

2033 for next moon eclipse? Well I hope to still be around then . I thought they said not for another 50 years!

Big G - take your running kit! If you suddenly have a miraculous recovery (and that does happen) you'll kick yourself if you can't run because you don't have your kit.

slowkoala - obviously your boys take after their mum

I meant that I'm slacking off during the week lately, although still running long at the weekends. Don't really do enough weekly mileage to support the racing . Still no cake, but will have to have 'cheat days' when I go away for the weekends and anyway don't want to be eating too much fruit and veg before a long run .

I've started to sort out stuff for next year but it's quite awkward as a lot of races don't publish their exact dates for ages yet. I don't want to enter just to have a date rather than just 'June', as I need to book time off from work on Saturdays. I tried to book off a Saturday for next July only to be told that it's already fully booked (and it's not even in the school holidays!)

On Tuesday we ran past the duck pond at the farm and were very surprised to see a mother duck with 12 tiny ducklings . Sadly when we ran past again on Wednesday there were only 9 .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 12:59

Went to bed really early and slept for 12 hours  so missed the red moon eclipse. Definitely won't be around for the next one .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 12:57

Shades - shame about Barnstaple but glad that you're feeling better.

Big G - get Shades to send you some healing vibes .

slowkoala - well done on your race and your placing

Keith - don't know how you manage to run Loch Ness on such little mileage! Well done. Hope your niggles all go away now.

I nearly turned around before I got to my Marathon yesterday. From Royston to Cambridge and then onto the M11 there was very thick fog. I find it so disorientating to drive in fog and actually begin to feel a bit panicky . But I bravely carried on to Ely and after a chilly start it quickly became very hot with cloudless blue skies - probably hotter than most of our summer days . This was a flat marathon (only chance for a walk break was when going over a couple of bridges!) along cycle path 11, which was part minor road, mainly gravelly path and part broken tarmac path alongside the river (plus quite a few cattle grids). First 6 miles went past easily - thought I was running slower than last year but actually reached the water stop at the same time. Then I got slower and found it harder, but going through Wicken Fen made up for that. Had a Jaffa cake (chocolate all melted ) and a cup of coke at the turnaround and shortly afterwards was passed by the lead ultra runner who had set off an hour earlier but had run to Cambridge and back. Noticed that our footfalls matched but that he covered about 10 times the distance . Used the visitor loo briefly at Wicken Fen and stood under the hand drier for a minute as it was blowing out lovely cold air. Then with 8 miles still to go I could see the cathedral which was the finish. Had rather too much coke at the last water stop and could feel it slopping about a bit, but knew I was on the home stretch and managed to pass a few people. Stopped to ask a young guy if he was ok as he was practically on the floor  and gave him a couple of pieces of Kendal mint cake (pure sugar). A cyclist (turned out it was his dad) was with him and said he would alright - saw him later at the finish with his parents - it was his first marathon. Just after, I was passed by LMH who was doing the ultra - she was bounding along effortlessly and came in as 1st lady and third overall. I overtook another runner along the river path into Ely and had another in my sights as we went through the park towards the cathedral. He managed to cross the road with the lights but they changed just as I got there and I was left hopping up and down waiting for them to change again. Set off in pursuit again but he managed to get to the finish just seconds ahead of me. Good venue, organisation and nice countryside. Out and back so you got to see faster and slower runners along the way. Found it harder than last year and my calves really ached - came in at 4:30, just 8 mins slower so not too bad . Walked around a bit afterwards and had a pint of cold milk - so no dizzy spells . Would I try the ultra (40 miles)? Maybe, but feel I need to do more mileage in the week to get fitter for the longer distance (have slacked off a lot lately). Not sure if the 'healthy eating' is working or not (but still haven't had any cake - apart from the Jaffa cake!!)



Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/09/2015 at 19:35

((Big G)) - so glad the weekend was ok and that you found comfort. Shooting stars - yes!! Never mind logical thought, just go with your feelings.

Shades - well done on Hereford marathon . Hope the foot niggle is ok.

No marathon last Sunday - I've had a very 'drop back' week. Don't feel particularly rested though. I'm also trying out some 'healthy eating' - no cake (or other unhealthy options) for 9 days now . Don't feel particularly energised either .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 15:39

Ponton Plod in Lincolnshire for me last Sunday. Mixed terrain, some a little difficult to run on and a couple of ploughed fields but no mud. Cloudy to start but the sun came out and it warmed up very quickly. Good value, great organisation, free car parking, lovely marshals at checkpoints and plenty to eat - including soup & roll and apple pie & custard at the end. Ran this one with AW two years back and came in just over five and a half hours. AW knew the route inside out, so there was no navigating needed and I had to really push it to keep up with him. In my diary I recorded it as tough and hilly. This time I again ran with a friend, and we had to read the instructions carefully, but we walked all the hills and didn't particularly hurry on the flats either. Great day out and we finished in 6:59 but this time it didn't seem so tough or hilly .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 15:31

slowkoala - well done on the GNR . I watched the highlights on Sunday evening and have to say that it would be my idea of a nightmare! I think running in such a large crowd would certainly freak me out .

Big G - stick to your own plan. You've planned, trained and done everything else you can, so just have faith in it. ((hugs)) for this weekend.

KK - xc, parkrun and a half . You certainly thrive on the racing. Well done, great times

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