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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/09/2015 at 22:27

KK - glad you enjoyed your holiday . Thought I'd give Snowdon another chance . I think the broken, trippy path on the way down to Llanberis rather threw me last year as I was thinking 'just get to the top then it's all downhill'. I did enjoy the middle part and now I know what to expect I hope to enjoy the rest too (and probably not bother about pushing for a time). Staying for a couple of days too, so I can also be a tourist .

Shades - I'm off to Kent Coastal (not near the cliffs ) on Sunday. Missed it last year as I did Gt Barrow but I have done it a few times before. Hope to get a stress free run as the last 3 runs were plagued with a bad back, toilet issues and falling over

Big G - I also was tired today so I had a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon  - sleeping during the day always makes me feel so guilty, like I'm wasting my time. However I did go out for a nice run round the nature reserve afterwards.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/09/2015 at 11:16

Shades - I think LMH has stopped doing triathlons. When she had her cycle accident she lost part of her collar bone and badly damaged the ligaments in her shoulder . She still had her left shoulder heavily strapped up, but it didn't effect how fast her legs moved .

Hope the cremation was ok. What are you doing with your mother's ashes?

mamafox - do the race. Just do it to enjoy it and I bet you will.

The LED display on our room thermostat finally faded to nothing so I contacted the manufacturer who promptly sent me a replacement. After a bit of faffing I managed to 'bind' it to the central heating and set the temperatures the same as last winter. Within a couple of hours the central heating kicked in  and I've had to redo the temps again. The weather is so erratic here at the moment.

Big G - not long to go then. It's nice to go with a group of club mates/friends. Did the club organise it all?

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 02/09/2015 at 11:08

Aahh big well done then . It's a very trippy route ( I did it in March and I lost count of the number of runners I saw at the end with bloody knees! And a friend tripped and broke her shoulder! And at the turnaround we had to run through a boating event with rowers and bits of boats all over the course!). I think it should be reclassified as an obstacle course .

Sunny here this morning . Eldest daughter back to school so I'm on dog duty again. After a very brief excursion into running earlier this year dog has now settled into just 2 or 3 pootling walks per day of about 30 mins each. Although he still does like to bomb around off lead occasionally he gets tired very quickly. I guess old age just crept up .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/09/2015 at 18:57

Well done Jugula .  Which marathon did you do?  You know we want a race report  .

Shades - hope things are ok and work not too stressful.

Big G - well done on your long run. Are you going ahead and doing the marathon?

I've lost track of what races Shadies are doing and when !!  

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/09/2015 at 15:31

I went off to Boston (Lincs, not USA) for the weekend. Stayed in a little pub just off the A16, which was only 20 mins straight drive from the venue. Got there in plenty of time for the 7.30 am start and set up my refreshments. Last year I couldn't manage to chew anything so I was well prepared with jam sandwiches, rice pudding and custard - and coke. One mile laps on the path round a country park with varied scenery, quite a lot to look at and no undulations to talk of. Cloudy to start with and very humid which made it quite hard to breathe. Probably started off a bit too quick, but soon settled and after just 13mls decided to walk the slight 'up' to the river each time. Had a brief thought early on that I might have to drop down to the 6hrs, especially when I got tummy cramps, but after 30 mls and a trip to the loo, plus some very welcome rain I began to feel a bit better. Found another couple of places to have a very brief walk each lap and with a refreshment stop every 6 laps I got a 2nd wind and even managed to pick up the pace slightly towards the end. Very low key race, with just a few runners but the officials (and other runners and their family/friends) were very supportive. Finished at 7.30 pm - and it was getting very dark through the woods bit - and had even managed slightly longer than last year with 65mls and 728yds . Packed up, got my medal and drove back to the pub via McDonalds. Slept very well! Heavy rain on Monday but only a couple of hours drive home so wasn't late for work.

For those who remember LMH - she deferred from last year as she had a nasty cycle accident. She did the 6hrs and ran very, very fast, completing 46miles!!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 00:07

I had a weekend away in Swanage. Drove down on Saturday and stayed 2 days on a lovely small campsite. It rained all Saturday night and continued for a few hours into our event on Sunday. I was very wary about going and not sure why I had actually entered - I don't like hills and I'm scared of cliffs. Dorset Doddle had both in excess . Started out in Weymouth - a run along the promenade, up a hill past a triathlon event finish and over some grassy hills. Then it got a bit muddy ( and slippery). Still, the first 5 miles took about an hour. Unfortunately the next six and a half miles took another 2 hours. There was an awful steep slope which took ages to gingerly tiptoe down and if there had been an adjacent road I would have walked along it and phoned to be picked up . It then got worse with huge steps up the hills (one flight was 213 steps up) and uneven sized steps down which as I've got little legs meant I had to almost jump down each one, and this continued relentlessly. In some places the cliff edge was quite close and it was always a long, long way down - I barely looked to my right the whole way, even Durdle Door only got a 5 second glance. I must have walked nearly the whole way as most of the paths were uneven and stony. After about 4 hours the sun came out, it got very hot and the wet jacket was stuffed in the backpack. I found a nice young lady to walk the last third of the route with and as she was trying to beat the time a friend had done previously I made her run most of the last bit of 2 miles through the woods, park and into Swanage. With a bit of encouragement (nagging) from me we kept going and got to the finish, after 32 miles, in 9 hrs:38minutes - 2 mins faster than her friend! Dorset LDWA looked after us really well with a meal of pasta, cheese and salad, followed by rice and fruit plus a cup of tea. I guess it's actually a really nice route but I was glad to finish as I felt so anxious the whole time.

It hammered down with rain all night and I was only able to pack the tent up at 11am when it eased slightly. Left at 20 to 12 and even with a coffee/cake/loo/petrol stop thought I had plenty of time to get home (I had to be at work at 6pm). Traffic jams nearly all the way and a major hold up on the M25 left me dashing into my house at 5.45 and out again just 5mins later to arrive at work 10mins late. And today I've had the most aching legs ever (plus I hurt my back getting the tent down and into its bag). Went out for a run with our daytime group this morning which certainly eased the aches. Dorset Doddle - been there, done that and got the t-shirt (well, not the t-shirt) - think I'm a bit wiser now .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 23:29

Shades - so sorry to hear about your mum. She was a good age and lucky to have retained her independence for so long, and to have such a loving daughter who enabled her to do that. Take care of yourself now and, although you are dealing with all the practicalities efficiently, allow yourself a cry now and again. x

KK - well done on the parkrun time . I'm doing York and Snowdonia too this year.

Don't think I can help much on the achilles issues. I had an achilles injury a few years ago but it was caused by the back of my shoe digging in (later I cut the backs right down and much later I threw them in the bin instead of cleaning them after a very muddy run ). I went for the 'aggressive recovery' by continuing to run long but at a very slow pace. It worked for me but everyone's different.

Big G - well done on your 10k time . Your tale about the vicar reminded me of my mum's funeral a few years back. Half the flowers didn't arrive at the funeral directors in time. (They phoned the florist and they were later delivered to the crematorium - they were awful and we got a refund). My eldest daughter was distraught that she didn't have flowers for her nan but cheered up when we delayed going to the service and got some bunches of lovely roses from the co-op, -  I reminded her that her nan would often say "just hold on a minute, I need to pop over to the shop" .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 19:28

Shades - so sorry to hear about your mum. Love and prayers for you both. xx

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 17/08/2015 at 12:19

slowkoala - well done on your race. 2nd female isn't dusty .

I've ordered some larger size trainers and now I'm worried that they're going to be much too large! Just have to wait and see, but I really need new trail shoes before next Sunday .

Leila's Run for me on Sunday - friendly, low-key and just half an hour drive from home . Ran round with GL, so quite a lot of chatting, and eventually rolled up in 5:20. Four laps, a bit undulating in places, quiet country roads, tracks and very uneven stony paths for the downhill parts. Lots of 100MCs there and it was also SE's 100th. I got stung on my neck during the 2nd lap by something that must have just zoomed out of the woods - probably a wasp as there were so many of them at the water/food station. Despite anti-histamines, today it is a huge red swollen lump which itches like mad . And on the last lap on a stony downhill track we were stopped by a couple walking up the track in their poshest clothes. They wanted to know if we knew where the wedding was . We chatted for a few minutes establishing that their instructions and a sign tied to a post directed them up that way, but telling them that we had seen no signs of a wedding - just a track, woods, fields and a small muddy pond. Then a shiny white car drove up with a suit hanging in the back so we left them to it. Just 30 seconds later we passed two more women, again in their finery, gingerly walking up the track so I guess that was the right way. It bugged me for the rest of the lap - thinking that I'd been so unobservant that I'd actually missed a wedding reception .


Asics Gel-Hyperspeed 6 - Durability

Posted: 10/08/2015 at 11:54

The latest Hyperspeed model seems much less durable than its previous models. I also don't find them as comfortable or as well fitting as ones I've had before. I've done about 200 miles in mine and as you say the sole is beginning to wear away quite badly. Rather disappointing as they are not cheap ( and although not expensive I tend to go through a lot of trainers). The most comfortable were the Hyperspeed 3 with a lovely low cutback heel which didn't dig in the back of your heel. The most durable were the Hyperspeed 4 (the red ones) - I had 2 pair and got over 1500 miles with each pair!

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