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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 11:40

Big G - well done on your 10k . Enjoy your holiday. My younger son has been in East Asia since March. He's 'done' Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Laos and now Vietnam. His best bit was working on an elephant sanctuary for a month.

Iain L - a good long run. It's great that you are looking forward to the next one . It seems that some people doing marathons don't actually enjoy their training and only do their longer runs because it's on their (never to be deviated from) schedule .

Shades - Boston is down on their forthcoming events for 28th August, but there are no details at all. I'll not be doing it this year as I'm going for a long walk with our LDWA group on the Saturday. My feet are fine thanks - mini-blisters had disappeared within 2 days. I did another very slow run on Friday, followed by a walk in the woods with a friend - and then I needed an hour's nap . I'm still feeling quite tired and my body - especially my legs - feel weary, although there are no aches or pains. Standing at work (on the self-scans) on Wed evening and again Sat morning didn't help . I've now purchased a new mower and trimmer (both cheap, but I hope they're up to the job) so I guess I'll have to tackle the grass - it doesn't deserved to be called a lawn .

KK - the first to finish last weekend did the distance in 18:39 and the 1st female was 21:42. The course was quite 'fast' as there was no mud, no grass, no trippy roots and no navigation. Once you'd done one loop you knew exactly where to go and where to run and to walk - no hesitation, not even throughout the night. A point to point, or a big circle, on unknown and difficult terrain would be quite a different prospect .


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/07/2016 at 13:40

cont.. (again, sorry for the long post)

Had a cup of tea and tried to sleep in the car. It felt cold now so I wrapped the sleeping bag around me, but I couldn't get comfy (my skin was all clammy and salty/scratchy and I hadn't got the brains left to use my wet wipes ) and I began to get hunger knots in my stomach, so went back up to base and a cup of soup with bread set me up fine. Spent the rest of the day sitting around chatting and watching other runners come in (and I have so much respect for those who struggled on despite injuries or exhaustion into another hot day). There was also a 24 hr race and 6/12 hr races so there were lots of finishers to cheer on. Finally left about 3pm - managed to get lost on the way back to the hotel (as you had to turn away from Dover on the one way system and then I took the wrong turning at the roundabout) but finally I was under a hot and very long shower. I really fancied some chips, but I didn't want to go into the restaurant for just that, so I had a 40min walk around the hotel. Couldn't see a chippy and couldn't face walking into town to find a McD, so went back and ate more sandwiches, cheese and biscuits and more custard. Asleep by 8.30pm and felt fresh enough next morning to drive home just in time for Tai Chi. I've done my recovery run/walk (on Tuesday morning), don't have any aches or pains (just a general weariness), but haven't been able to refuel properly as the weather is too hot to eat much. I did train well for this event, but I think I was also extremely lucky that my body held up unlike many others. I can't say I particularly enjoyed the event (the course quickly became rather boring) but everyone was so nice, and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity - and I'm still smiling .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/07/2016 at 13:22


Some runners set off at a fast pace but I had already decided to walk the ups, run the downs and shuffle along in between (as usual). We started up a short hill on a stony track, then followed it down and across a wooden bridge, up again (smoother surface now) past the sign that said 'birds foot trefoil is also known as granny's toenails' and turned right onto a stony track that zig-zagged down the hill. A left turn took us up a slope (which somehow turned flat on the way back) and I nicknamed it the tanning track - left arm got sunburnt on the way out and the right arm on the way back . At the top we went down a very steep hill with an uneven surface to reach the sea wall. Flat, flat and all concrete for about a mile till it ran out and then back again. Thankfully there were some fishermen to look at, as well as Dover docks and the sea and a couple of landmarks (like a light pole and a small lighthouse). I ran along this bit for the first lap but afterwards broke it up into walk/run sections. Back off the sea wall it was up the steep hill, which I'm sure was ramped up steeper and steeper each lap, along the (now flat ) tanning track, past the zig-zag, bit more path, through the carpark and back to base. Card punched and off out again. 3.71 miles per lap and 27 laps to complete 100mls.

Went through marathon distance at about 4:25 which was a bit too fast and my legs really ached, so extended my walk sections along the front a little bit. The sun was by now scorching, the sweat was pouring off me and my skin got very salty (and I got scratch marks round the top of my bra where the salt and sweat mingled ). I drank regularly, although water didn't quench my thirst, so had rather a lot of coke to drink too. Also ate regularly - little jam sandwiches, rice pudding, fruit & custard (all of which I'd taken with me) and got some water melon at the HQ and later a mini piece of cake. At one point my stomach felt a bit queasy (too much to drink?)but another jam sandwich settled it down. As night fell I swapped my short sleeve shirt for a long sleeve, but needn't have bothered as the temperature hardly dropped and I had to roll the sleeves up. Head torch and chest torch on, and with no navigation worries, knowing the route really well by now and plenty of others around I didn't feel nervous. The leg aches had disappeared and I didn't get blisters/ niggles/injuries/ vomiting like some and I wasn't sleepy at all. I stuck to the walk/run at designated points throughout (although the walk at the turn around did get just a little longer towards the end) and I think this helped and my splits were pretty much even for the whole race. All the volunteers at base were very encouraging, as were the runners as we continually passed on the out and back. Sun came up about 4:30 am, so swapped the t-shirt back to short sleeves and put the torches away. Continued to feel fine especially now I knew the end was in sight! Picked up a St George's flag for the last lap, stuck to the walk/run knowing it would get me there, and then I was finished. Smiles, hugs and a beautiful buckle . Completed in 22hrs 11mins - 2nd lady and 10th overall. 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/07/2016 at 12:43

Well done to all you racers, and especially to Steve for his first ultra

Shades - I think I might have run back the way I came if I encountered bullocks on the road . I'm doing Gloucester too so I'll see you there . It's supposed to be a road marathon, but I couldn't see a course measurement certificate on the UK course measurement website. I saw PS at the weekend and she's off to Gloucester this week so she said she would check.

Had a good weekend at Samphire Hoe with the only downside being stones thrown up by a lorry on the M2 on Monday have cracked my windscreen. Autoglass are going to replace it tomorrow, but I have to pay £75 excess . However even that can't wipe the smile from off my face and I'm still feeling really chuffed . Drove down to Dover on Friday so had a good night's sleep and an easy 10 mins drive to race HQ at 7am on Saturday morning. 8am start so had time to sort out my stuff - we had to run through the car park at the end of each lap, so could use the car boot as an aid station. Was rather nervous at the start - although I'd done well at HARP 24 a couple of weeks back, it was different in that there was a distance goal rather than run as far as you can in a given time. Plenty of people I knew, and everyone was very encouraging, so at 8am we lined up and set off. cont....

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/07/2016 at 12:52

Shades - well done on Tenby. That was some long drive though

King Kenny - congratulations on your tour times  . It must take so much effort to have to actually RACE each day - a well earned rest now I hope.

Ian 5 - another pb - well done

Jugula - hope your dad is ok and enjoys his little break in hospital.

Molly - I still get regular e-mails from the Florence marathon. Trouble is they are all in Italian .

Steve Mac - don't worry about the extra distance, you've obviously got the fitness. You'll break the longer distance down in your head differently, so 28 mls won't feel like 'the end' but like 'over halfway, now on the homeward stretch'.

Shades / Big G - I was half listening to the radio the other day and just caught the news presenter saying 'the search is continuing on Dartmoor for the missing link who escaped yesterday'. I had visions of an ape like man running around until they started talking about how the cat would be frightened.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/07/2016 at 14:59

Definitely an easy week this week! Did a slow run/walk on Tuesday but that's all. Very, very hot today - even the dog only wanted a 30 min stroll at lunchtime - so might try a little run later this evening.

Cal -can't you borrow a cat for just one night? Re: recovery. I wouldn't even contemplate an ice bath . I once had to shower just my legs with cold water (the fast runners had used up all the hot ) and my legs ached for days after! I like a tea/coffee and cake just after running, then usually a pint of milk before setting off home. A long, hot shower as soon as possible after (at the venue if possible) as I find it relaxes the muscles. Then lots of sleep - with my legs raised on cushions .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 05/07/2016 at 15:45

King Kenny - another great run  and I loved your report  - I felt quite breathless reading it . Just where is this 'tour' ? I can't believe that you're still working during the day while doing these runs in the evening.

Shades - I haven't even started thinking about next year! I've still got some empty slots for this year where I can't make my mind up about which events to do .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 04/07/2016 at 16:57

Feeling a bit 'spaced out' today and can't really be bothered to do anything (although as that 'anything' is mainly housework or tidying up the garden it's not surprising ).

Went to Great Barrow last week. Arrived on Tuesday evening in a massive downpour. I was supposed to be camping, but luckily was offered a tiny room in the caravan so I grabbed that. I marshalled on Wednesday and then ran on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was Newmarket route which is my favourite as you get to see the racehorses on the gallops and some youngsters on the studs. Trotted round with a friend - just managing to keep up with him - and came in at 5:29. Friday was one of the new road routes (which is classified as trail although it's all road) so I needed my instructions as it was the first time I'd done this one. Another nice route with quite a few undulations - including going up a very long hill which we had run down on another route . 'Ran' the whole way with another friend and finished in 5:27. Probably should have been faster as it was road but I could only manage a slow plod on the flat plus the usual walk uphill. Rain on Wed and Thursday evenings meant the site was rather muddy but at least we had fine weather on Friday. Sad not to be there on Saturday to see a friend complete her 100th and for some of the others completing their 3rd 10 in 10s, but had work on Saturday morning. I was so tired by the time I got home on Friday afternoon, I had to have 20 mins nap in the car before I could get out .

A LDWA event on Sunday - 'From here to there and back', somewhere in Northamptonshire - finished off the week. No major hills but plenty of undulations and running on flattened long grass was very tiring. Usual mix of minor roads, cycle paths, fields, footpaths, farm tracks etc with extremely well stocked checkpoints and a meal at the finish. Started off with a few friends but did most of the 2nd half by myself and only went wrong once (right at the end I relied on a couple of walkers and took a wrong road to the finish). Hot and humid . Great day out

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 04/07/2016 at 16:32

Hi Shadies

Shades - well done on Potteries . Glad you liked the course (and the medal )

Louey - excellent 10k pb

Steve - very impressive running on RTTS and a 10k afterwards

Big G - well done on your speedy relay . Our club coach always said that you need at least 30 mins good warm-up to run a 5k well

Kenny - well done on Southport Half . Good luck for the rest of the week.

mamafox - sorry to hear that you still have problems . Agree with Shades that orthotics can cause even more problems. Have a look at for 'alternative' advice.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 14:21

I find the slower pace of run/walk really enables me to go much further than I thought (and enjoy the experience). I would find it hard to run a whole marathon at the moment (I found it too hard to even keep running for 1 lap - 4.4 miles - on Saturday!). I avoided the worst bit of the mud by running on a little to a small car park then taking a dry path to meet up with the muddy one. I found the path on my 2nd lap and by the end 90% of the runners were using it .

Shades - I ate small jam sandwiches, little chunks of cheese, a few crisps, rice pudding and - the best - peaches in custard .

A short recovery run/walk today and the blisters seem to have dried up. As you can see I am still here - packing again just doesn't appeal . And the mice have eaten part of the cover of my camping chair (although thankfully not any of the chair itself) which was in the garage. That means that next week I will have to bring in my younger son's stuff which he left in the garage before he went away (as long as no mice jump out )


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