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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/11/2015 at 17:59

steve - well done on your parkrun, that's a speedy time . Which marathon are you targeting?

Big G - I think you'll be a very good committee member (and you'll enjoy it too - I hope). Will you have a special responsibility?

Daughter came in after dog walking at 6.30 this morning, saying it's freezing out there and there's a really strong wind, but they (ie the weather forecasters) have said that snow's been cancelled. Huh . I drove her to the stables and within 5 mins of setting off it started snowing. I dropped her off and carried on to work, by which time the flakes were huge and thick. Went through a village on top of a rise and it was settling on the pavements and the windscreen wipers were doing double speed. 5mins later I dropped down to work place and it was just sleet . Dry now but so cold

Shades - I can't wait till Monday

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/11/2015 at 23:00

I've been running THREE times today . 40 mins early this morning while eldest daughter was at the stables, then a friend and I had a lovely run though the woods even though it was raining. This evening I had to go to the club to drop off tombola stuff so did another run. All easy runs though . In between I took the dog out and we got caught in a torrential downpour. To make things worse we also got splashed by a too close car - I was soaked up to my thighs but poor dog took the brunt, the water just rose up and came down on him like someone was emptying a bucket. The look on his face was priceless .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 15:48

mamafox - congratulations, fantastic time  Looking forward to the race report.

Iain - hope you are ok after your bike accident.

Big G - just one star

slowkoala - well done on your 30th parkrun

Steve - well done on the 10 miler , faster time is just beckoning.

If anyone is looking for a fast, flat 10 miler I can recommend Fenland 10 in Wisbech. Can be a bit challenging if windy but good times can still be had. In October though so you'll have to wait until next year .

A20 Paths and Downs at the weekend. Managed to drive over the bridge ok. There was a 30mph limit but I avoided looking at the horribly low barriers. I forgot how hilly the run was and that a lot of it was on a narrow, very poor surface path next to the A20 complete with close, speeding cars and noisy motorbikes. Some nice running on country lanes and a good view from the top. Got rather warm but the very strong wind helped to cool me down. Found it very hard and finished in 4:35. Not one of my favourites. MG also there and did a cracking time. He said it was one of his favourites and much better and so much easier than Norfolk - I thought it the complete opposite .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/11/2015 at 10:51

slowkoala - the coast path around Cley and Blakeney was exceptionally busy, especially given the weather. There were lone walkers, couples, families, walking groups, dog walkers, fishermen and birdwatchers with binoculars, telescopes and cameras but I didn't spot any teenagers! Needless to say the shingle hills were relatively deserted .

Good luck mamafox

I'm off to run the A20 on Sunday (the race not the road, although that's where it starts). That means I have to cross THE BRIDGE in this wind . Do they ever close it and go through the tunnel I wonder?

Shades - are you not running the Cornish?

Looks like eldest daughter's jeep is almost dead. If the garage can get it going again it won't be ready for about a week . This morning instead of sitting in the car - reading and dozing and getting cold while my daughter 'did' her horse - I actually went for a run through the village. Very nice except that after about 30 mins my tummy reminded me why I like to have breakfast and 'settle' before running! Daughter and another teacher are having a sleep over for their classes at school tonight. They are doing outdoor stuff all day and finishing with a walk at dusk/dark before eating and sleeping. I thought I took too much gear when going to races but that's nothing compared to what she took for the 'overnight' .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/11/2015 at 11:40

I had a lovely weekend away in north Norfolk. Drove up on Friday and so busy listening to the radio that I was almost at Cambridge before remembering I didn't want to go there . A quick nip down the M11 and I rejoined my planned route and arrived about 5.30. A lovely b&b, beautifully new and clean and looked like it had been done by an interior designer.

Saturday arrived with lots of rain and gale force winds which nearly knocked me over a couple of times later when running. We started by going down a shortish, steep hill then a run through Sheringham Park on muddy paths before heading to the coast and a mile or two of undulating grassy tracks. I don't mind the cliffs here at all as you are never too close and they are not very high anyway (break a leg rather than be smashed to smithereens). Then we came to the shingle hills - as one runner remarked it was rather novel and enjoyable for about 5 minutes! You could stick to the shingle or keep close to the fence and a mix of shingle and grassy bog. After 2 miles there was a checkpoint and then another 2 miles of shingle. At this point almost everyone dropped down to the beach where there was a thin strip of sand. There were still lots of stones and a slight camber but it made the 'running' a little easier. Then we followed the coast path slightly inland along a muddy, slippy raised bank (with occasional respites of hard packed earth) which twisted and turned through Cley and Blakeney before reaching the 2nd checkpoint at half way. We then turned round and ran back along the same route ensuring we left the beach at the right time to call in at the first checkpoint again. (One runner didn't and he ran along the beach until he got to Sheringham - a couple of miles past where he should have turned off the coast path!!). It was good to be able to check off the landmarks going back. A stagger up the short, steep hill and an extra bit to the finish. I was rather muddy, wet, tired and felt like the soles of my feet had been pummelled by a meat tenderiser. Rather tough but strangely enjoyable . After some coke (drink), biscuits and coffee I had a short drive back to the b&b and a good night's sleep.

On Sunday I returned and did it all over again . The rain had eased although the winds were still as strong and the mud was even slippier. Finished in 5:45 on Saturday. I was trying to take it a bit easier on Sunday but ended up doing 5:48. One runner said it was the toughest run he'd done and the RD replied 'Well, that's why we're called Challenge Events, not Easy Events.'  Very low key, well organised event, lovely countryside and 'interesting' course. Couple of the usual suspects there (including MG) but few women!

Stayed overnight and had a slow drive home on Monday. Hardly through the door and the dog demanded to be taken for a walk .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/11/2015 at 11:06

Louey - well done on Abingdon and your extra medal

Big G- my brother has had an Apple Mac for donkey's years (strange expression!) and never had any problems at all. My laptop is running very slowly and sometimes freezes but I don't want to take it in for its 'service' as I need it . Mind you it might be because I never do any of those updates that pop up on the screen, I just get rid of them - and I'm still using Windows 7 .

Hope all those with niggles/ feeling ill are ok now. Mamafox - you need to go away to the start line at least a week before, wrap yourself in cotton wool and hide away until that gun goes off

Shades - I'm intrigued about your 'decision'. Can't wait to find out what it is.

I'm back on taxi duty as eldest daughter's jeep has conked out (needs a new fuel pump). I'm so not a morning person and getting up too early - especially after an evening's work and then a late shop - to take her to the stables before driving her on to work has left me feeling washed out. And I had plans for cleaning, tidying etc etc today .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 31/10/2015 at 21:02

slowkoala - well done on another impressive performance  Enjoy the seals!

mamafox - you do really live in such an amazing place . You've put in all the training to earn a 3.30 marathon, have faith in yourself.

Friend's Garmin finally spat out the data for our walk - seems like it was nearer 18miles than 15 . Blisters are still a bit sore. I have (Shades - look away!) pinned them and squeezed them . Went for a short run this afternoon (in summer weather again ) and can't even feel them when running. I don't have anything this Sunday - well I could go to the club's xc practice in the mud, there again I won't - so hoping they will be ok for next weekend.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 30/10/2015 at 20:47

Mr B - that's a fantastic time . Well done.

Big G - looks like a good move! And you sound so positive, it must just be the right one

KK - watch out! You'll be booking a marathon every week soon

I've been looking at events for next year as well - especially as I need to get Saturdays off from work. Getting in a bit of a muddle with this one? or that one? and trying to work out holidays for after April 2016 when I still have some time left for before that .

Went for a walk with a friend yesterday and we did the short (15ml) route of this year's Herts Hobble. We didn't hang about (well, apart from a long chat with a couple of walkers going the other way and then a detour around a rerouted path which then saw us trying to escape over-inquisitive horses by scrambling through a hedge  ), but it still took about 5 and a half hours! Lucky with the weather as we just had a bit of drizzle and we made it back before dark. Ground was very uneven in places, rather muddy across some recently ploughed fields and the vegetation had grown a bit since the summer - I don't think I would have fancied running the course. Lovely day  apart from a blister on the side of each big toe - caused by my walking shoes which might now get binned.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/10/2015 at 10:44

Shades - well done on Dublin  and of course you always enjoy your Irish trips.

Don't think I could have run anywhere on the Sunday afterwards . Calf aches disappeared immediately I stopped running  but quads felt a bit stiff. Drive takes about 6 hours and I avoid the M6 and travel on the A5. Easy enough on the way there, but coming home the A5 disappears into Telford and once in the signs dry up. I had a little tour round Telford's back streets and a stop at some services before I found my way out . Very flat 3 miles yesterday eased the legs - was sunny and very warm but today it's back to rain.

mamafox - well done on your race . A course pb is still a pb .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 26/10/2015 at 14:24

Slowkoala - well done on another fast race

KK - well done on Snowdonia . I found it a bit tougher than last year (well, the 2nd half) but actually enjoyed it more - probably because I knew what to expect. I went up to Pen y Pass a little slower (though it didn't feel it - just gritted my teeth and kept plodding). Discarded my race issued knee length poncho and tied my jacket round my waist at mile 3, deciding that getting a bit wet was preferable to 'boiling in the bag' . Then the first downhill was a tiny bit quicker - even the rocky bit. The lovely flattish fast run past the lake to mile 13 saw me at about the same time as last year and I managed to keep running up all the hill (incline) to mile 15 where I stopped to walk through the water station. Found it tough after that with calves really hurting and had to walk a bit up a few of the smaller inclines although still managed a good pace on the downhill bits. Was relieved to get to mile 22 as I knew most people would be walking this part. Had a chat with a friend who passed (and she said gleefully 'I love hills' as she marched briskly up the steep slope and disappeared from view). This time I was prepared for the uneven ground at the top and tiptoed carefully over it - but couldn't avoid the giant puddles, one of which saw me up to my knees in freezing water . Continued cautiously until the grass turned to path/tarmac and then just bombed it down almost a minute faster than last year. Finished in 4:24:09 (chip time) which was just less than 5 mins slower than last year . Next year (yes, I plan to do it again ) I definitely need to do some (lots of) hill training. The views are astounding (even in the rain) and support from locals/ friends/ families etc is fantastic but I think what I like most about this marathon is the chance to run long downhills . Did the touristy bit with a trip on the lake railway on Sunday. Also took the train up Snowdon on Friday but it only went just over halfway as there were winds of 70mph on the summit - so I still haven't seen the top of Snowdon (and NO, I don't fancy the trail run in the summer up to the summit !!!)

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