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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 27/07/2015 at 11:51

Big G - enjoy your trip

mamafox - what a great evening out, and a good early morning run too . Not so good about the mil though (although you would have a baby-sitter on tap ).

After last week's painful run at Fairlands Valley I was a bit nervous about Round the Reservoir yesterday. I had my painkiller before I left home and decided just to plod round and see how it went. Met the usual suspects at the venue and ran the first half lap talking to a friend. Kept my left arm still and at right angles across my chest as I didn't want to jar anything, but as I ran I realised it didn't hurt that much after all, so I was just able to get on with the running. 6 laps round the reservoir - the first half on a cycle path and the 2nd half on a grassy footpath then a gravelly path just before the water station. Before the first lap finished the heavens opened and it poured down. By the 4th lap, when I was soaked through and the puddles were getting quite deep, the rain eased up, it got quite windy and I began to dry out. Towards the end it started to drizzle again but I was safely on the drive home before the rain lashed down again. I felt good throughout, my ribs didn't really bother me, I ran the whole way - even up the small hills - and kept the pace up till the finish. Time was 4:31:19 which I was very pleased with as at the end of each lap I stopped for a biscuit and a drink, twice I had to nip into the hotel for a pit stop and I walked for a couple of minutes or so on lap 4 to talk with a runner who was suffering a bit. My laps actually got slightly faster towards the end - possibly because I had started quite slowly or probably because I didn't want to get wet again- so ended up with a negative split by a few minutes! One very large snail and one worm also rescued .



Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 17:51

A very light week for me this week. Managed just three and a half miles on Thursday . Ribs hurt (despite painkillers) just enough to stop me feeling comfortable but not enough to stop me running (plodding). I was going to go out again on Friday but the rain was tipping down when I woke up and didn't let up all day - in fact it got worse and there was a lot of local flooding.

I wish I was an early morning runner - I need to get back to a definite routine. Eldest daughter (teacher) finished school this week, so the last couple of days have been chocolate eating days!

Dog had an operation on Friday to remove a couple of lumps (a big one from neck and a small one on chest) so he's feeling rather sorry for himself. Good news was that after an X-ray there is nothing really wrong with his spine apart from minor age-related arthritis.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/07/2015 at 11:19

Well done on your run Big G . You seem to be getting progressively stronger (and faster).

KK - excellent pb. A few races of varying distances should see you get a whole bag of pbs.

Slowkoala - another great run from you - and first lady too . Well done to Little Koala - obviously follows in mum's footsteps.

Should probably not have done Fairlands Valley Challenge yesterday - and if I'd known how much it would hurt I would have been a DNS. A couple of short, slow runs last week made me think that all would be ok, but right from the start my ribs/chest hurt . Every step seemed to jar and my breathing was short (could hardly manage to breathe, run and talk at the same time ). My companion was great company although she probably got a pw as I had to walk much of the way. Couldn't even run fast downhill as my chest was jarred at every step. Got to about 12 miles and thought I might have to drop out. Eventually I took a strong painkiller at mile 16 and as it took the edge off I had another at mile 20. Although it still hurt it was now bearable and at least I was able to run a tiny bit faster. Carrying a backpack definitely didn't help either. Finished feeling a lot better than when I started and the painkillers enabled me to drive home (only 30 mins), shower and have a 2 hour nap in relative comfort. I wish I'd taken them much earlier. Ribs hurt even more now though and are quite stiff so I think a very easy week is on the line. FVS have changed the old course so that now we don't run alongside a very busy and narrow road, but the new course involved a long slightly uphill slog and then a very long (partly downhill) stretch of extremely uneven, stony path which as it was quite near the end, was a trip waiting to happen (thankfully not for me this time!).

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 15/07/2015 at 23:35

Iain - sorry to hear about your OH's nan.

Shades - I.O.M sounds interesting. I'm already booked for Salisbury on 9th August but I'll keep that in mind for next year. Don't fancy the (uphill) Killer Mile though .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 14/07/2015 at 18:02

Mr B - yes, I have lavender oil at home. Often use it for small deep cuts as it heals the skin quickly and also keeps scars from getting too tight. I was quite surprised at how quickly my grazes scabbed over - just 2 hours or so, except for the elbow one which is still a bit tacky so I might use the oil for that. Have you tried magnesium oil for aching muscles? You can buy on-line or from Holland & B. I often rub it into my calves after a run and my friend found it really useful when she had achilles issues.

Ribs and chest still ache but managed to go out with our daytime group (ex-beginners) today. Feels better when running - slowly - than when just sitting around

easy tiger - well done on your run in the Cheadle 4 . That a rather unusual distance for a race!

KK - you've certainly had a jam-packed time. You must have posted what and where the event was, but I missed it , so could you let us (me) know again please? Sounds rather like Cape Wrath week of events, which I would love to do but the logistics of getting there and finding accommodation etc are a bit off-putting.

Shades - hope your mum is feeling a bit better. How old is she?

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/07/2015 at 12:05

Shades - sorry to hear about your mum. Hope her op went ok and she makes a speedy recovery.

Potteries didn't have plates - just a mass produced coaster with logos of sponsors .

KK - well done on all those races. Your recovery must be very good

Mr B - congrats on your pb in your 10 miler  - that's a massive chunk of time off

I've been rather tired this week (even with going to bed early and extra naps during the day ) so running has been minimal. Decided that yesterday was to be start of getting back into things so ran to Ware to see our local club's events (10 miles and 10k). Very well organised and with a couple of hundred runners of all abilities from fast club whippets to just out of beginners in both races. Just in time to see the winner of the 10miles come storming in, also saw at least 3 ladies who had fallen over and had blood dripping from elbows and knees. Hung around for about hour and a half, then after a cup of tea and some fruit cake ran back along the towpath.

I was taking it really slowly and steadily when suddenly I went sprawling along the gravelly, stony and VERY dusty path. Nothing to trip me up so I guess I just dragged my feet a bit too much. Luckily a couple of cyclists (one male, one female) stopped and helped me up and onto a handy bench. They offered plasters and water and stayed until I could walk again, checking that I had a phone and more water before they left. I have the usual skinned knees, elbow and knuckles but I fell quite heavily onto my chest with my arms below me. My ribs are bruised, my top half is very stiff and my shoulder aches a bit too. I feel a bit like an old expression my granny used to use - I've had the stuffing knocked out of me . I'm debating whether to run today or not (probably not as I've still got to walk the dog).

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/07/2015 at 22:46

Big G - what a lovely zoo evening

KK - fabulous time from you, well done

mamafox - my few runs seem like a holiday compared to what you've been up to . You must have boundless energy to cope with such a multitude of different things - and you take everything in your stride. Surely that's a book in the making - 'mamafox's adventures in deepest France' ?

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/07/2015 at 16:46

I had a fantastic time at Great Barrow Challenge in Suffolk. Eat, sleep and run (and walk) . Weather a bit tooooo hot and humid - my slowest and only 'not really enjoyable' day was when it hit 35 degrees . 5 great different multi-terrain routes, beautiful countryside (and houses, estates, churches and horses) - and yes, Suffolk does have some hills, - and fantastic company with quite a few returnees from l0 in 10 last September and lots more new folk too. Lots of runners doing 4 in 4 or odd days and some doing the half. The guys chickened out and it was just myself and a younger Irish woman who did the 10 in 10 ultras. Thankfully they changed it round so that we did the marathon first, used the finish as our last checkpoint and then trotted out again to do our own 6 mile loop (which was the same each day and, although it contained what must have been the 3 biggest hills around, was actually quite enjoyable ). As last year I walked up all the hills and kept a slow but steady pace throughout. Finish times ranged from 6h 25m to 7h 46m and I was pleased with how things went. If you're interested all the info and results are on the website and the facebook page has lots of photos.

To finish off, a few of us nutters then went and did Potteries marathon on Sunday. Extremely hilly - I decided after just 6 miles to walk the hills, and felt so much fresher each time I got to run down. Not a very inspiring location, rows and rows of boring residential housing and the most uneven surface for a road marathon ever (are there any unbroken paving slabs in Stoke?) Finished in 4:39 and thankfully well under shelter when the heavens opened and gale force winds practically demolished the start/ finish area about 3pm. Monday I felt like a zombie , have managed to do all the washing, but still have loads of stuff to store away. However, did manage to take out our ex-beginners for a jog over the golf course today .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/07/2015 at 16:24

Hi Shadies - I'm back and just about caught up with the postings on this thread!

Well done to all the racers over the past couple of weeks

sk - I see that parkrun are now introducing a junior parkrun at some events - about 2 - 3k I think. Much better for  the youngsters. Although they are probably ok doing 5k as part of their normal running about /playing etc, at parkruns they are racing (and probably trying to beat their friends or parents). I once read that just because you can't see the damage to young still growing bones, tendons etc doesn't mean that it's not there and it may be years before the damaging effects are apparent.

Shades - I hope you've recovered from your fall now and are all healed up. The worst part is when you've just tripped, know you're going down and can't do anything to stop it .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 23/06/2015 at 23:56

Signing off for a week and a half as I'm off on a sort of holiday. Good luck to all those racing this weekend or next

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