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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 15/05/2015 at 23:03

Shades, Keith and KK - good luck at Windermere.

Shades - think the same folk get to do the 10 in 10 as Brathay know that they can raise extra funds.

Big G - enjoy your trip to Aberdeen.

We did a Shadies trip to Loch Ness a few years back. Great fun.

Dog seems to have gone off the boil as regards running. A couple of weeks back he was dragging me off to do extra miles, but on Tuesday and again today after the first 10 mins he didn't seem that interested. He keeps stopping and sniffing twice as much as usual and today I cut our run short as we were going way too slow to get anywhere. Weather doesn't help as one day it's raining, next it's windy and cold and the next extra hot and sunny. We did see more ducklings today though and some of the tiniest, blackest cute little coots who were swimming up river while mum strode along the bank.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/05/2015 at 18:36

And on Sunday I was knackered - but had Halstead (another favourite). Must have been the hottest day of the year. Runners could put their own drinks out to be taken to water stations, so I put a bottle of coke out for mile 22. When I finally staggered to the table the coke wasn't luke-warm, not even warm, it was hot . Like drinking coke flavoured tea . Met up with the usual suspects and ran on and off with a few. Walked the hills (slightly different course this year with a few added 'undulations') from about mile 7, and even walked down one hill as I was walking and chatting to R R-H who is now 81! Lovely course and great support from the locals as usual (one couple had even set up an extra water station outside their house). Finished in 4:43 and my legs felt trashed, got a good start to my suntan and a sore arm where my vest rubbed (first time out this year without a t-shirt underneath and I'd forgotten about that). Have done a couple of recovery runs but still very tired .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/05/2015 at 18:24

((Big G)) - I know just a little of how you feel. When I finally split with my younger kids' dad I changed location and job and started a 'new life'. I can remember breaking down months later and sobbing 'I don't want this life, I want my old one back.' At least all your memories of Claire are happy ones and you can hold on to the fact that you always loved each other.

Shades - LOL at you interrogating the Kenyan team manager, he must have wondered what hit him . Off road? Fields? Rutted paths? You must have been desperate to get home!!

Ridgeway 40 on Saturday. Mainly off road, on the Ridgeway Path from Overton Hill to Streatley so no navigation needed. Lovely run, fantastic views, one of my favourites. Very hot weather. Found my shorts rubbed in places I'd rather not mention and I got a big blood blister on a toe (my smaller foot slipped slightly in my shoe when I was walking - until I tied it a bit tighter). Walked all the ups, ran the downs. Got overtaken by a guy at the second to last checkpoint so decided to hammer the last miles downhill in an effort to get in under 8 hours although I thought at the time 'I'll pay for this tomorrow'. Finished in 7:50, very pleased as it was half hour quicker than last year which was 20 mins faster than the year before. Think I might be one of the walkers next time .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 06/05/2015 at 00:23

Keith - I enjoyed reading your race report . You had a really good stab at it and have managed to see a lot of positives which you will be able to use next time.

KK - brilliant park run time . Have you tried smashing your pb on a road 5k?

((slowkoala)) - that's a lot of mishaps for you and your family. Hope you are all well now.

Big G - training most weeks is similar. If not too tired a recovery run (3-5m) on Monday, Tuesday I take our beginners group then run 4 - 7m later, Wed I take our daytime group out for about an hour (about 5 m) plus extra hour dog walking, Thursday & Friday 4 - 6m each day and some weeks I walk 5 - 9 m with a friend. Saturday off! Since I started running my daughters dog in January all my runs have been with the dog and although we are out for longer we don't cover as much mileage (it's a lot of fun though). Also I haven't been able to get my midweek long run in (used to be about 11 -12m) or my weekly hill session. So I guess I need to try to get those rescheduled in.

Attended a workshop this evening with Malcolm Balk which focussed on posture and running efficiency so I'm now hoping that by concentrating on those techniques I might be able to run easier (though he did say that the calves will feel it for a good few weeks ). Anyway I really enjoyed the workshop (apart from getting videoed before  and after ).

Also saw first ducklings of the year today. Single brood with mum - six teeny tiny ones (4 dark brown and 2 lighter brown/yellow)

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 04/05/2015 at 22:37

Well done Shades

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/05/2015 at 21:11

mamafox - well done, that's still a great time . It's just not possible to get faster in each and every race, but be pleased that you put in a strong finish.

keith - well done on getting so far . It must have been tough at night with the cold and the rain (not to mention the DARK).

North Dorset Villages Marathon today. Stayed overnight as it was an 8.30 start - but that did mean I was back home before 5. Heavy rain overnight and was still raining when I got there so wore longer shorts and a long-sleeve T-shirt under my vest. Thankfully didn't take a jacket as the rain had stopped before the start but I was badly overdressed. It got warmer and warmer and then the sun came out. Quite a strong headwind in places but at least it cooled me down a bit! Tried to keep it steady in the first half, managed to run up the hills and passed half way in 1:59. After that I stopped at a few water stations and then just got slower and slower and had to walk up the remaining hills (which weren't steep ). The promised biscuits from mile 13 didn't materialise until mile 22, but by that time I just wanted some of the melon. The coke at the water stations though was a god-send. Managed to keep running along the old railway track and passed a few people towards the end, finally finishing in 4:12. A walk back to HQ, a lovely hot shower, a veggie burger and then back home. I'm finding that my legs are getting very tired from about mile 19 -20 (and my breathing gets laboured) so I think I need to work on strength or stamina but not sure what to do. Alternatively I could just go slower and enjoy it more .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 19:27

Good luck to all racers this weekend

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 27/04/2015 at 11:07

Emmy - congratulations on getting to your 100th

slowkoala - well done on London, fantastic time  . We all want to know your secret recipe to go that fast

Shakespeare marathon for me on Sunday. Nowhere near as big as London but I still found the first bit going round (and round) the town to be a bit crowded. Then we went off along quiet roads through villages, took in a couple of hills - the steepest one was rewarded with a magnificent view over the surrounding countryside  - and then onto the Greenway. It didn't seem so bad as the first lap got onto the Greenway about half way along and it wasn't too long before we went past the racecourse, the old railway carriages/café and the half marathoners peeled off for their finish. I'd had quite a good run up till then although my thighs ached a little. I seemed to slow from then on though, stopped for a drink a couple of times, but still managed to run (shuffle) up the big hill. Felt very tired and although my thighs stopped hurting that was replaced by my calves feeling like they were going to cramp. Kept thinking 'just need to get to the Greenway and then it's straight to the finish'. But on the second lap we didn't run through the town again, we did a slightly different road bit and then joined the Greenway much further to the south. We still had nearly 5 miles along the Greenway and that's when I really slowed down. Running turned to a shuffle and I had to walk quite a few times. A friend passed me about mile 23 and she then finished 9 mins before me so you can see how much I slowed. A final road bit, a downhill path and then a run through the recreation grounds to the finish. Badly needed the loo by this point and then sat in my car and fell asleep for 10 mins. Felt a bit better then and went for a cup of tea and to see the other usual suspects. 4:05:07 finish (thanks to that faster first half) and I won my age category. Getting older has its rewards . Good crowd support all the way round and the weather was kind (no rain and not cold). Had met up the evening before with a young lady from Moscow (doing a language course in Bournemouth) - she was doing her very first marathon. Gave her a lift to the start as she had been planning to walk (about an hour ) and a lift to the station after. Introduced her to a few of the usual like PH and DM and she couldn't believe that people do so many marathons. In Russia there aren't that many marathons although she said they were beginning to get a little more popular now.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/04/2015 at 22:24

Big G - I think you've done really well and although obviously there are still a lot of 'downs' you also sound very positive

slowkoala - good luck for Sunday . I always rest the day before as I'm usually too busy getting everything together to run! And I'm always carb-loading everyday, today I went for a long walk with a friend and we finished off with coffee and huge slices of cake. And then later I bought two cream cakes and ate them both  .

Emmy - good luck for your runs this weekend - and especially that magical 100

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 13:04

Keith - go wrap yourself up in cotton wool and drink loads of orange juice . How come your car is 'too modern'?

Shades - well done on your Welsh marathon . I think part of that cycle path was included on the Born to Run race I did a few weeks back. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any views at all.

Bungay yesterday. Took 2 hours to get there (I'm sure they've moved Bungay further away than when I last did it ) and a long walk from the car park (used to be in a field right next to the start). Cloudy day, bit chilly to start but ok once running. Sun broke through once or twice, a few spots of rain for literally seconds and quite a headwind once on the flat (although nothing in the league of last week). 2 laps - first half of each lap is hilly then it flattens out and finishes with a run along a stony cycle path (like NDV). If you go past the start/finish in under 2 hours for the first lap there are all the half marathoners lined up and cheering - and a little later as they charge past lots of them offer encouragement . Decided to run 'how I felt' and remembered that the first 2 miles of each lap always take longer than expected. Managed to run all the hills the first time round and kept going along the cycle track (which always feels soooo long) to go through halfway in about 1:54. Continued running, although 2nd time round it was more of a shuffle on the hills. I stopped at two water stations where I drank my own water with double Elete and washed it down with a cup of water (had to stop as I can't even walk and drink from a cup). Then just past mile 22 I grabbed my own coke bottle but had to stop to drink as I couldn't get my breath! Although I'd slowed down from about mile 20 I still knew I was on for a good time if I kept at it. Also the thought that I might not get this far again in the same time and I felt that I could never ever do it again. I passed a couple of fit looking guys who had stormed past me on the first lap which gave me a bit of a boost. So I pushed on with breath ragged and legs feeling that they might cramp any minute. Last slog along the cycle path and crossed the line in 3:55:03 (chip time 3:54:50). Sat down for my chip to be cut off and had to stay sitting for at least 10 mins just to be able to breathe again. Lovely hot shower after but the walk back to the car park (with heavy goody bag as well as kit bag) took 25 mins. Wore my Asics racers without the insoles and the laces very, very loose. No problems when running, but the bruise on my right foot is still there this morning. Really chuffed to get sub 4 again, but feeling it this morning

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