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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 17/04/2014 at 12:28

I'm off to Broadmeadow for Friday and Round the Reservoir on Sunday, but I'm missing the AGM (and handicap) on Saturday as I work in the morning and then in the afternoon it's my granddaughter's 1st birthday party .

Bad note : I think my printer has finally given up the ghost. After making rattling/crunching noises when first turned on and then when first printing, it stopped making any noise but would only take paper in halfway. It wouldn't even turn off from the power button, so I had to turn it off from the socket. It's about 8 years old so probably just worn out .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 00:27

Well done to Lee, KK and lily for completing London . Even if it didn't go quite to plan you still finished and (I hope) enjoyed the experience.

Congratulations to snapdragon - great time and perfect pacing . Have you booked your next one yet?

Emmy - well done in Rotterdam, but please be careful running if you are not well.

Shades - hope you're feeling a bit better now.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 13:29

Shades - definitely not London for me . Off for a nice walk/run around the Essex countryside instead .

Beginning to think my feet have grown yet again and that I might need a larger size shoe. Tops of toes have been getting a bit sore lately (doesn't help that they curl right down ) so might try half a size up. Trouble is, I already have 2 new pair sitting waiting to wear. Bought them too long ago to change now.

Good luck for the Shadies marathoners this weekend. Enjoy .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 22:58

Shades - well done on your ultra . Good time and obviously another very enjoyable run in your second home

S32 - shame about Sheffield half . Is there still no word on who was really responsible? If the organisers had to cancel because of their own incompetency (and surely not getting water on site at least the day before is incompetent) then morally they must refund - or be for ever blacklisted.

Big G - poor rabbit . Still, at least he had a 'good innings'. Just after we moved up here from the SW my youngest two's rabbits got eaten by a fox .

slowkoala - interesting report back from your course. It's good that you did a lot of practical stuff - you need to be able to feel these things rather than just have the theory. The main advice from a coach I know was 'Bums in, chests out and smile'. Appropriate and easily remembered if you (i.e. me) are struggling or sagging .

Went to the expo today with a friend. Very enjoyable, lots of nibbles to try, leaflets to pick up, bits to buy (I bought a pair of socks and a small water bottle I can hopefully attach to my belt, she bought a bra and a pair of shoes). Saw a couple of people from 100MC and some others we knew, and also chatted to lots of people on the stalls. Afterwards we had a picnic in the new QE park and then did a fair bit of walking before a coffee break and the train home. Watching the children getting soaked in the water fountains was hilarious as there seemed to be no pattern as to when the water would shoot out and lots of kids got caught out. On our feet most of the day (definitely expo- shopping is better if you are not running the marathon!) so that counts as my cross-training for today .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 01:32

I gave Bungay a miss this year and got sent to Coventry instead (well, actually I went voluntarily).

Coventry Way is for walkers and runners with a flexi-start and some fantastic, well-stocked checkpoints. No hills to speak of, just some very gentle undulations, on mixed terrain of fields, footpaths, bridle paths, tracks, very few road bits and MUD. Last year I wore trail shoes and my toes were a bit sore at the end, so this year I decided to wear road shoes. Realised after just 10 mins that I had made a big mistake and although my trail shoes were in my car, I couldn't be asked to go back, so had to put up with slipping, sliding and one or two heart in mouth 'oops, nearly gone'. Obviously there had been quite a bit of rain around Coventry but despite the forecast we had no rain on Sunday - just a tiny bit of 'in the air' at one point which was quite welcome as it also turned out rather mild. I again decided to walk anything that looked remotely up (my daughter says I'm turning into a walker) right from the start, but with heavy legs and a lack of energy I wouldn't have been able to go any faster anyway. Ran/walked mainly by myself, occasionally alongside others who then passed me or I passed them and although the waymarking was good I made doubly sure that I carefully followed the detailed instructions. You can get DOMS in the arm from this event as you are given a 40 page booklet with written instructions and hand-drawn maps so I made sure to keep swapping hands. A lovely event, especially if you're wanting to try a longer distance as there is no pressure from tight cut-offs and some of the checkpoints are quite close together (especially near the end). 40 miles in 9:53 (saved just a little 'bit' for the last half mile as I knew it was downhill on road) which was 40 mins faster than last year but half an hour slower than 3yrs ago. The soles of my shoes were surprisingly quite clean but the uppers, including the laces had a thick 'coating', rather looked like they'd been iced with chocolate. I've tried scraping the mud (and goodness knows what else) off the uppers and insides but they are so saturated they are going in a bucket of water tomorrow.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 00:56

Khani, mamafox, Emmy and Keith - congratulations on some great running    and some pbs to boot!

Emmy - what a fantastic prize . Does that put paid to your 'only two per month' ?

Iain & Moore - well done on getting another long run in - the excitement must be building up.

Khani - as Emmy says re the recovery run - good to just make your legs move again. Keep it short (and flat!), very slow, and try to keep your HR about 60%.

Lily - in the 'olden days' if a woman in labour was hyperventilating, she had to breathe into a brown paper bag . Not sure of the 'science' behind it - but it works . You can't really run with a paper bag, but you could ask whoever's meeting you at the finish to have one handy! 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/04/2014 at 11:49

Shades - fantastic race report . You remember so many details! Was this race run by a club called Hogweed Trotters - I often see their vests (well - the back of their vests) in races and wondered where they come from.

5ks and 10ks HURT . (that's why I don't do them anymore ). I once read 'advice' on how to run a 5k and I think of it if I am ever tempted.

How to run a 5k: Start out too quick, build up from there, and don't puke until after you've crossed the finish line.

Besides, if you're 'suffering' in a marathon you can always stop to 'admire the view', but you can't really do that in a 10k!

Also with regards to the fast runners, I've noticed (if doing laps or out and backs) that not only are they very hot and sweaty, but if the path is a bit muddy their backs are splattered with mud from their ankles to their waists. The more sedate runners try to finish looking respectable . Of course, the fast runners just bounce along and float over any rough ground - they never (well hardly ever) fall over and slide along the ground collecting grit and stones in bloodied knees - sigh.

Good luck to all those racing this weekend. Enjoy

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 11:40

Big G - fantastic news. Congratulations to yourself and Mrs G

sk - bad luck on your 5k . Those short, fast races don't usually allow runners time to consider which way to go - it should be obvious.

Shades - well done on your half . (smilies work again now!). Is this a new career in shorter races?. Looking forward to the report. I don't know how you can manage a recovery run first thing next day - I feel zonked to at least mid-day.

Iain - a great run, a great time and a great psychological boost . You must be really looking forward to your marathon now.

Moore - what a great time improvement in just 5 weeks. Is North Dorset your target marathon?

KK - hope your knee is not too bad. I use arnica for any bruises (but not if there is a cut). The chapel sounds like a fantastic idea. I always watch those restoration programmes on the tv.

Daffodil Dawdle for me at the weekend. 5:37 thanks to two ladies who were brilliant company. (Actually exactly the same time as 2 yrs ago, didn't do last year in the snow, but I'm sure I feel more wiped out than last time.) Warm and cloudy before the start so I changed into vest and shorts. Glad I did as it got quite hot, especially when the sun came out. Nice route with minimal undulations, good instructions, plenty of walkers around. Mixed terrain - road, gravel tracks, earth paths, fields and just a teensy bit of mud (we climbed on a fence and edged along it to avoid the worst bit of mud ). Only 'complaint' is that many of the fields/paths were rutted and then baked hard, so difficult to run those bits (although faster or younger runners don't seem to have that problem) and it tends to make the ankles ache a bit. Still, I knew that when I entered as it's the same every year. Lots of usual suspects and friendly runners/walkers and marshalls. And cake . And I must remember that when they say 'please bring a mug' they really mean it - no cups at checkpoints, so many thanks to GL for letting me use her water bottle each time.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 21:11

Lily - well done on your parkrun.

Iain & Moore - good luck for your halves.

Shades - good luck for Sunday. Just keep focused on that cake .

Only one of my smilies work!!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 13:19

Shades - the Monday marathon was run by Ultrarunning Ltd - they are doing 7-in-7, but it's quite a way from me (and I need my rest).

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