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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 27/04/2016 at 12:50

Fantastic running from all our London Shadies .  And pb's too with great times  and lovely reports. You must be feeling (very rightly) pleased and proud.

Both daughters have been inspired by London. Older one wants to go back (she did it a few years ago) and get a better time. Younger one (who is very fit) spectated at the corner of The Mall - she and her friend loved the atmosphere so much they want to run it for charity.

I really admire the lady who won after falling, jumping up immediately and pushing on. When I fall over I lay there looking pathetic until someone picks me up

Big G and Ian - sorry to hear about your injury/asthma. Just take it easy and concentrate on getting well again.

'Valleys and Views' near Corby for me while everyone else was pounding the streets of London. Well not quite everyone as there were quite a few people I knew who had decided to run an 'alternative' and I had the company of two lovely men for the whole of the event (bonus was that they had both done this last year so we didn't get lost). I might have guessed from the name that this would not be flat - plenty of hills and some magnificent views. Very cold to start, with a biting wind, it warmed enough by midway for me to remove my jacket but I was glad I still had a LS AND a SS tee on. Ground was surprisingly hard with only one section of mud. Lots of lambs and calves - I made sure to stick close to my companions when we had to pass close to the cows. Usual walk up the hills/undulations and trot along the rest, with 3 checkpoints for a breather and a piece of cake or banana. Finished in 6:14and sat chatting for a while before heading home and catching the London highlights. Great day out  and a bargain at only £4 .

Happy Birthday Louie


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/04/2016 at 22:11

mamafox - thanks for your kind words. Nice country rambles are definitely the best kind of marathon . Hope your niggles clear up soon.

Big G - no, I haven't taken up a place in London - although I did promise my daughter that if I could get a GFA place in 4 years time I might (but 4 yrs is a long time and who knows what we will be doing then). Born and bred in London so I actually don't even like the place - and all those crowds make it seem like my idea of a nightmare .

Shades - I've done the Boston (Lincs) event for the past 2 years. Really enjoyed it but thinking of doing a long walk instead that weekend (and also thinking that I couldn't better last year anyway).

GOOD LUCK to our London Shadies. Have fun and enjoy


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/04/2016 at 13:48

oops... obviously too long a post and it's cut off the end!

.... then decided against a shower, put my hoodie on over my damp top, hung around for a short while then drove home. Coffee, a hot shower and an hour's nap had me feeling 'not too bad'. Felt wiped out on Monday but managed Tai Chi and a very short, slow recovery run. Had a lovely run/walk/chat with a friend for 8 miles yesterday followed by a visit to see the grandchildren. Too tired to do anything today .

Louey - I second what Shades said about Mablethorpe. Very well organised, friendly and flat. I've signed up again, even though it's a bit far (for me, Shades manages these long car journeys with ease). There is also Kent Coastal on Sept 4th and there was talk about a marathon in Southend on Oct 9th but I haven't heard anything more about that.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/04/2016 at 13:38

Fantastic running from our Brighton Shadies. Well done .

Steve - great report. I loved reading that. You sounded so positive and strong and ended up with a brilliant time

Shades - well done on Great Welsh marathon . I think we did part of that course when I ran Born to Run last year. It was very exposed and extremely windy on the coastal bit.

Bungay isn't really one of my favourites - but I have done it 5 times now . The organisation and support throughout is very good, but they've now moved the car park from the field next to race HQ and dotted them around the town. Means a 10/15 min walk (with heavy bag) to the start and of course a rather longer walk back with aching legs and an extra goody bag afterwards. But at least there are plenty of spaces. This race is always tough because of the hills at the beginning, but it can also be quite fast.

Started off Sunday by scraping the ice off the windscreen and when I got to Bungay after 2 hours it was still very cold, so opted for long sleeves and 3/4 tights again. Met up with the usual crew and soon we set off up the first hill. The first mile always takes much longer than expected and then the splits are uneven for the first 7 miles as it's constantly up  and then down . Kept running at a good pace though and decided to just hit the button on my stopwatch at the mile markers but not to take any notice of the time and to run on feel. The sun came out and I got rather warm and rolled up my sleeves. Then it became cloudy with a better temperature for running. One or two spots of rain (one forecast had said rain all day!) and then sunny again. The 2nd half of the each lap is flattish but can seem longer than the first. Went through halfway with the half marathoners all lined up to start and managed to get to mile 14 before the front runners whizzed past. They are always so supportive (even though most of them look about 12 years old ). Kept going up and down hills on the second lap, although I found the second to last hill very tough. Thought I might nip behind a bush, but the places I'd noted on the first lap now had supporters or cars there . Back onto the flat part and I got a sharp stomach cramp for a short while and so decided not to look for a bush as I might be there for too long . Best just to get to the end! Cramp eased up but I was definitely flagging now and also stopped at a couple of water stations as I can't even walk and drink, let alone keep running and drink. But at mile 22 we had an interesting diversion which made us forget our fatigue. A hailstorm - a torrential hailstorm with huge sharp hailstones which soon turned the country lanes into streams and had runners in vests muttering 'Ouch, ouch'. It stopped suddenly and the sun came out again just before we got to the unmade cycle track for the last two miles. I was passing a few runners now as they slowed down. My body ached and my legs were screaming 'walk' but I knew if I stopped I wouldn't get going again. A final push round the corner - just to keep going, not to go any faster - and what seemed like an eternity for the last 300 yds. Crossed the line in chip time of 3:57:45 so really pleased . After sitting for an extra long time after my chip was cut off, I made for the loo, th

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/04/2016 at 17:03

Good luck to Shades at Llanelli and to Louey, Steve and Catalin at Brighton. Hope the weather is good with not too much wind / sun/ rain etc

I was meant to be having an easy week this week, but somehow managed to enter Bungay . Weather here is rubbish - after Spring sunshine last weekend we've had loads of rain (I got soaked through yesterday ) and today it's even cold. Bonus yesterday was that I saw 2 Roman snails along the disused railway (there were lots a couple of years back, but none at all last year). Last Saturday I saw a weasel just about to cross a path in front of me - he stopped and we just stood looking at each other for a couple of minutes before he scuttled back into the bushes. That's the great thing about off-road marathons - time to look around and enjoy the countryside .


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/04/2016 at 21:33

Big G - well done on Tavy 13. A great time on such a hilly course

Well done to the Manchester Shadies . Great times and good that you are still keen

Caythorpe Canter on Saturday for me . Multi-terrain - some country lanes, farm tracks, gravelly paths and fields. Did it last year and that was a great help with route finding. Low key, good organisation, friendly people, great checkpoints with proper loos and lots of food. Countryside in Lincolnshire is not spectacular but is pretty and pleasing and nice. There was also what must be the steepest hill in Lincs - I'd forgotten about that completely - must have been 1 in 3 for well over half a mile and of course we had to go up . Finished in 5:18 (faster than last year) and very pleased with the time and how I felt.

Followed today with Haverhill Road Marathon and I can confirm that Haverhill has plenty of hills - a couple of steep ones, a few very long slow inclines and the rest is undulating . A small field, although they did have a half and a 10k also - first time they've done a marathon so quite a good effort. A long first lap and then a different shorter lap which got a bit lonely at times. Plenty of water stations but no food although I didn't really need it (just had a chunk of cheese and a small piece of Kendal mint cake that I'd stashed in my belt bag). No loos on route, but surprisingly I didn't need one of those either! Weather was good but it got hot in the sheltered parts and the wind was strong and cold in the more exposed bits. First outing for my shorts and shorts sleeves this year . Still not feeling as fit or strong as I would like so I walked all the hills right from the start (I couldn't have run continuously even if I tried) and finished in 4:36. Feeling pleasantly tired now (although I've already had an hour's nap) and off to bed .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/04/2016 at 23:12

Shades - well done on your marathon at Taunton

Big G - good luck on your 50th parkrun. Our club's oldest member (84) runs his 100th next week too. I've yet to do one .

It's getting really exciting on here with everyone gearing up for their marathons. I hope you all stay safe and well and then go on to have good experiences. A quote from someone I know was : 'It's not the time you do, but the time you have'. Don't forget - we need a race report from you all

Coventry Way for me last Sunday . This is one of my favourite events and one I'll continue to do when I can do nothing but walk. Met a friend as I arrived and decided to run (and walk even more) with him and his friend, as he is great company. Went round pretty slowly, but loved the countryside and the terrain - and even the mud . Finished the 40 miles in just over 11 hours (which is one and a half hours over my quickest time for this course, which literally is a full circle through the countryside surrounding Coventry) but we certainly got value for money and finished with huge smiles. Just £14 for a great event, perfect organisation, tons of food all the way round (I even ate a cheese and pickle roll at one checkpoint), jacket potato and cake at the end, lovely friendly marshals, officials and other runners/ walkers. This was the 5th time I've done this event in the past 6 years - I missed the year when the cows chased the runners and one runner was airlifted to hospital after being knocked over by a bullock . (No cows in the fields this year - just loads of sheep and little lambs  ). Stayed overnight on the Saturday and Sunday- nice and relaxing. Drove back along minor roads (until I reached the A14) on Monday, just in time for Tai Chi.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/04/2016 at 21:59

Shades - Barrow was all on road but not measured so only counts as a trail marathon.

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend and for those who are going slightly mad on their taper

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 27/03/2016 at 15:41

Big G - well done on 50 parkruns . Enjoy your holiday.

mamafox - your family and life events would make a great subject for a book - or, even better, a TV soap

Great 20 mile walk on Friday with LDWA group in beautiful Spring weather . We stopped for lunch in Lavenham which is a very well preserved medieval wool town - the old buildings were stunning.

I was looking forward to my first road marathon today at Barrow (usually they have mixed terrain routes). Got everything ready yesterday, went to bed early, up at 5.15, breakfast etc, left at 6.15 (for a 8am start). Glanced at my satnav at 6.30 - HORROR! - it showed 7.30am. My memory is definitely going downhill and I feel such a numpty - I'd forgotten that the clocks went forward . Phoned up event control and we agreed that I'd be too late (even for me), so hopefully I've got a deferral. Turned round and came home, then eldest daughter drove me to the stables and I ran back home with a big extra loop in the middle. Quite sunny and warm until I was furthest from home and then the sky turned black, the wind increased to gale force and horizontal heavy rain and hail soaked me through . After about 30 mins the sun came out again and I dried off. 21.6 miles done in 4 hours, but my legs ached and my breathing felt ragged. However after a coffee and short rest I felt better so I'm running back to the stables in about an hour - should be about 7.8 miles and my daughter will drive me back later.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 11:27

Good running going on here and some great race times. Well done to all .

Steve Mac - I enjoyed reading your report, and a big chunk off your pb .

Big G - you're really lucky to be able to get so close to those animals

I also have a Flipbelt - courtesy of a voucher received at Yorkshire last October. I just needed something to put my phone and keys in and so far it seems ok.

Shades - I still have most weekends booked up till at least August, but quite a few of those are LDWA (or type) challenge events. I do like the leisurely pace of those events . I'm trying to get out with my local group too.

In fact I did a LDWA event last Sunday - Pick n Mix in Bucks. Interesting concept - there were 6 routes on option (12m, 3x 8m, 6m and 5m) and you could literally pick and mix. I chose the 12m, one of the 8m and then the 6m to make up 26m. (A friend of mine did the 12m then all 3x 8m ). You came back to HQ (in a school, so proper toilets and good refreshments) each time to pick up your new set of instructions. Most people did the 12m first so there was quite a lot of company - and lots of people to consult when the instructions were a bit vague or we wandered off track. Good weather, beautiful countryside and hardly any mud! I ran (slowly) on the downs and the flats, but walked all up-hills. Just about managed to keep pace with some of the walkers . Started the 8m in company with a few runners I knew but they quickly disappeared and I ran the rest alone, checking and double checking the route. Also spent some time admiring the red kites who were giving an aerobatic display just over my head . The 6m route I did entirely by myself and found it the hardest as there were so, so many stiles. Then with less than 2m to go I missed a turning. Well, actually I saw the footpath, thought it was the right one but then dismissed it as I couldn't see the farm sign on the other side of the lane. So I had a lovely long run down a tiny lane, passing a few other farms, until I reached the main road at the bottom. It took me 14 mins to walk back up to the footpath and then I did see the farm sign but it was on a bungalow!! Enjoyable day out  - pleased that I managed the navigation on my own (and even used my compass) - but still not feeling as fit as I want to be.

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