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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 14:21

I find the slower pace of run/walk really enables me to go much further than I thought (and enjoy the experience). I would find it hard to run a whole marathon at the moment (I found it too hard to even keep running for 1 lap - 4.4 miles - on Saturday!). I avoided the worst bit of the mud by running on a little to a small car park then taking a dry path to meet up with the muddy one. I found the path on my 2nd lap and by the end 90% of the runners were using it .

Shades - I ate small jam sandwiches, little chunks of cheese, a few crisps, rice pudding and - the best - peaches in custard .

A short recovery run/walk today and the blisters seem to have dried up. As you can see I am still here - packing again just doesn't appeal . And the mice have eaten part of the cover of my camping chair (although thankfully not any of the chair itself) which was in the garage. That means that next week I will have to bring in my younger son's stuff which he left in the garage before he went away (as long as no mice jump out )


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 01:21

Some great running and pbs too from everyone. Well done

Shades - you get a cheap coaster

A quick update from me as I'm away for the rest of the week. My longest run at the weekend in both time and distance - HARP 24 in Southend. An off-road event on gravel paths, hard packed earth, broken paths through some woods, and grassy tracks around fields (and some mud), 4.4 mile loops well marked, some slight inclines (which I obviously walked) and long, wet grass round a couple of rugby pitches which were at the finish of each lap, and some very fast relay team runners who hurtled past regularly. Didn't feel too good at the beginning and got very thirsty quickly, so I might have been a bit dehydrated to start, but after about 4 laps I began to feel a lot better. A couple of good friends walked with me during the night (didn't dare run in case we tripped over - and anyway it was a chance to gossip) and with all our lights I didn't feel too anxious. As the sun came up I got a couple of blisters which I had to pop and cover with gel toe caps - and they had to be shoved back on my toes regularly as they kept wriggling off. We did have a little drizzle but not torrential rain which was forecast and it wasn't too hot in the day nor too cold in the night. Good, friendly low key event with lots of support from other runners. I kept going the whole time (with a short stop every two laps for a small snack and I'm sure the fizzy coke helped too). 24 hours 3 mins, 21 laps, 92.4 miles - well chuffed .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 22:27

Last Saturday I did the Pathfinder March (46m) in Cambridgeshire. Multi-terrain, no mountains but a few inclines plus the little bit extra mileage from taking the wrong turnings and avoiding the cows . One of my favourite events which I do every year and this year I persuaded a friend to do it too. He was convinced he would take the full 16 hrs allowed for runners and finish at mid-night, so we ran/walked together and to his surprise got back at 8:30 taking just 12hrs 30mins. Ran down, walked up as usual although friend flagged a bit after 20mls and the running got much slower and the walks longer. However the company was worth it and we had a great day out. Last year I pushed it a bit more and finished in 10hrs, but I felt rather nauseous at the end and completely wiped out on the Sunday. This year, due to the more leisurely pace, I felt great at the finish and on Sunday went out with our LDWA group for a 22mile walk .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 22:10

Hi molly - long time, no see. Hope all is good .

Well done to Steve Mac and Ian 5 on your races

Shades -  I think I might go for the latest 'update' of the trail shoes I already have. Trouble is, as they're new they aren't on the usual websites and they cost more than twice as much as I usually pay . Have also been thinking about vivobarefoot ones - I had a pair but only wore them a couple of times as they were too small (again they are quite expensive). And I would like a pair that I can walk in too.

King Kenny - I have got a place for Snowdonia and was going to go for a few days and be a tourist. I'm having 2nd thoughts now as I seem to have already spent rather a lot this year. Might wait another month to see if I win the lottery!

Big G - well done on your 'secret' marathon and pb . I've done the Majors event a few times now - most people run it as a social event rather than a competitive one. Both times last year I got around 4:30. It actually has seven gates (although thankfully now not the very high stile which I had trouble climbing over ) and although part of the course is a very good cycle track there is also a long stretch of grassy path.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 17:18

Shades - well done on completing Yeovil . In my book, anything that goes up is a hill .

Cal - well done on getting through the 10k with the humidity .

Ian 5 - the best events are in the centre column (and some in the right hand one) .

Big G - I saw a Go Ape centre as I passed through Thetford Forest yesterday. I was NOT tempted to go in .

Nessie - glad that you are being 'sensible' this time round and building up a good base. I'm very much an advocate of slow running .

My favourite event (well, one of them) on Sunday - the LDWA Poppyline marathon starting and finishing at Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast. And Norfolk certainly isn't flat around the coast - the climb up to the coastguard's building rivals Everest!! Surprisingly I don't mind running along the coast round there - the path is far enough from the edge for me not to have a heart attack. Started off sunny, hot and very humid, quickly clouded over - cooler with a breeze although still humid. We had just a few spots of rain in the final half hour so were very lucky with the weather. Ran/walked with a friend and finished in 6:01. Heard a cuckoo, saw zillions of tadpoles in the pond, saw the steam train and had a little frog hop across my foot. A couple of the 'overgrown' footpaths resembled the Amazon jungle - I finished with spots and rashes all over my legs (from the stinging nettles) and arms (from the plants and grasses) but they disappeared in the evening. Perfect event in every way - if you only do one multi-terrain/ off road event make it this one

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 11:32

Shires and Spires (Northants Ultra 35m) last Sunday. Started off cold so I wore my lightweight jacket, but by the first checkpoint I had to store it in my rucksack. Just got sunnier and hotter from then on, and I needed to drink much more water than usual. Nice course - multi-terrain, no mud, some undulations but pretty countryside. Ran most of it with a young guy who'd just done his 50th marathon (although he's already completed a 100 miler!). I'd done it twice before and although at the start I thought I couldn't remember the course, once we got going I remembered most of it. Usual walk up, run down, shuffle along the flat and spend too much time at the checkpoints. Finished in 7:40 so pleased with that

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 11:24

Shades - sorry you didn't get to finish DD, but glad your legs are ok now. I don't think I would be much good on those hills. After Yeovil last year I remember talking with a girl from Ely and we both decided that Yeovil was quite hilly .

mamafox - another good time from you despite not being 100%. Well done

Lily - that looks like a gorgeous place for a holiday, very relaxing

Ian - a cracking pace for 5 miles . You should do well in your 10k.

Big G - that's some cake! Did people want the piece with their name on?

Louey - I've seen my trail shoes on the Sweatshop website - at £25 more than I usually pay! but I would really like to try something else. I'm very much a ditherer when it come to buying kit (spend ages comparing stuff and then usually end up with something I eventually don't like )

Well done to parkrunners for last Saturday. My eldest daughter has been getting back into a bit of running and some gym work. She did her first parkrun for ages last Saturday and then spent all weekend moaning about the aches . She's taken her class on a short residential trip, so I've had to bring her horse in from the field for the last 3 days. There is some good, easy off-road running around the stables so it had advantages. I'm also in charge of her dog until Friday. She usually takes him for a 25min walk before work, but this morning he took me out for over an hour (before breakfast!).  Nice and cool then though, it's heated up now so I expect his lunchtime walk will be a bit shorter .

Marathon - Value for Money

Posted: 03/06/2016 at 19:59

Valleys and Views put on by Waendal Walkers (you can walk or run), near Corby in April. £4 !!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/06/2016 at 19:17

Shades - good luck for DD, and also to mamafox and Ian and anyone else racing this weekend.

Running through tunnels . My idea of a nightmare!

Cal - my trail shoes are Asics Fuji  Racers. They are comfortable, if a bit heavy, but the material part wears out so quickly (might have something to do with my over vigorous cleaning). The holes then feel stiff and sharp and catch my toes/feet. Tried on a pair of Merrells All Out Charge in a local Go Outdoors but the instep was built up far too much for me. 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/06/2016 at 14:34

Hi Nessie .

Congrats to sk for another pb and to KK for the Liverpool marathon

A run to Tai Chi and back on Monday and then a run/walk in the rain yesterday had me back into the running mode, but then I went and picked up a back niggle when pulling up some weeds in the afternoon  (rather envious of neighbours and their paved over gardens now). Having a rest day today and it's really horrible weather anyway - very windy and freezing cold, feels like winter again.

I need to get some new trail shoes but haven't a clue what to get. My present ones which are just slightly too big don't seem to be around anymore. I'll need to go somewhere to try anything on as I don't even know what size I am now  - but I hate the thought of having to go into London.

Big G - good news that you're on the mend

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