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Team GB

Posted: Yesterday at 21:59

ceal: he wears a back pack with a bladder, I'm sure. His wife waits in a nearby carpark which he passes at agreed times/mileage for top-ups. You should check out his blog. It's kept pretty well up to date.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 21:55

SL: A couple of the BAC runners did that test last year and they also got told they should be sprinters, which they definitely are not; both are just either side of 2:30 runners.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 21:52

Lev: Epic race reporting: had to pace myself carefully reading this at work and managed it in three sittings without hitting the, excellent run and nice to meet you briefly at the RL. I'm sure sub 2:30 is not very far off.

HR: Were you taking this seriously ;0) looking at a couple of pictures of you it looks like you were having way too much fun! Head down and 'go for it' over Tower Bridge would have found you 7 seconds.

Speedy: Great step for you; one of the 'runs of the thread'. Any chance of a Speedy v Jools smackdown next year?

My legs don't know they've run a marathon. My average pace for time on feet for Sunday was about 6:45m/m, that's taking off the 11 minutes I stopped the watch just after 2 miles as I thought I was finished. So all in all it was like I'd done a 3 week taper for an extended long run fartlek stylie. I've done a couple of easy 6 milers and a 10 a bit quicker with 8 miles tonight which included 3 at 5:53m/m into the wind...legs feel very fresh. Think I'll just press on with training and see what comes up; there's the Poole 10K in June I may have a go at.

Team GB

Posted: Yesterday at 16:17

CC82: Yes that's right. Out of interest for those who haven't seen it, here's his GC details for that 50 miler 2 weeks's pretty hilly over the Purbecks

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:37

PP: The lowest I've seen Adios Boost was £88 on Wiggle. They've got the black and the orange.

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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 10:48

Marigold's got to be the run of the day across the board....what's he going to do now?

More success stories than failures, especially from the guys in my timescale. Can't remember everyone but HR, you've got to be pleased with that well run. Also Old No7, who together with Ode, I set off with: really well done mate and what a set of splits, just negative...awesome.

Of all the things that could go wrong in my head, standing by the road after mile 2 wasn't one of them. After a about 1.5mi I developed a slight ache/spasm in the top of my right glute which quickly tightened and went down my leg into my calf. I could only just stand and could quite easily have just laid down on the pavement. Anyway, borrowed a phone to speak with my wife saying I'd stopped. Then slowly hobbled off in the direction of help when things loosened up a bit so started jogging. Made another call to say I'd finish. Came in with about 1:44/1:26 splits....disaster.

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Posted: 11/04/2014 at 20:57

LD: Another one on taking gels. I usually take one SIS energy with caffeine gel every 5 miles. Would I get a better effect if I don't start taking them until a bit later or even after half way. Just wondering if the one at 5 miles is perhaps wasted due to being carb loaded at the start or is it best to keep topping up regardless of how you feel.

There you go...another one on the list. Lambs to the slaughter!

  • Al_P 2:35:59 (A) / 2:37:00 (B) / 2:41:00 (C)      Champs start #645 New Forest Runners (white/green) vest
  • Lev 2:35:XX (A) / 2:37:31 (B), blue (Champs) #895 Victoria Park/Tower Hamlets vest (white w/ turquoise and blue diagonal stripe) 
  • Dachs 2:37 (A) / 2:39:59 (B), blue (Champs) #1058 Green Reading Roadrunners vest
  • Jonny 2:37:00 (A) / 2:39:59 (B) 2:44:14 (PB)      (C) (Champs)
  • CharlieW 2:39:59 (a) 2:42 (b) blue#637
  • LukeStur 2:39:59 (a) 2:42:59 (b) 2:44:59 (c)      Red fgfa #32742
  • Sweedo 2:42 (a), 2:44.59 (b) red fgfa
  • Yasunaga 2:43, red fgfa
  • Bainspj 2:44 (a) 2:50 (b), red fgfa ,#31013
  • HR 2:43, red fgfa, #32515 All black outfit
  • A.W 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa #31745
  • Ryan Snell 2:44:59 (a) / 2:49:59 (b) red fgfa      #31056
  • Old No7 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa      #31682
  • Spirun 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa #31064
  • Mr Boat 2:44:59 red fgfa #31793  BAC vest (yellow with blue vertical stripe)
  • Postie not the foggiest but hopefully under      2:50 #32839 red fgfa
  • Runningowl      2:49.59 (a) 2:55.00 blackpool mass start sub 3 JUST accepted
  • Pi Man 2:55(a), 2:58(b), red fgfa, #31153
  • CC2 - 2.59.59 Champs start #151
  • Tmoth – (A) TBC pending greed/fitness/fear      levels / 2:59:59 (B) (Belfast May 5th)
  • Le Jimbob (A) 2:59 (B) 3.02 (C) PB sub 3:05:37      Rouge (Paris)
  • PhilPub 2:59, green, #27081
  • Bedders - 2:59:59 (Orange start 'Corral #1 in      Milan
  • Nichs2 - 3:10
  • Wardi - 3:15-3:20 (old codger's GFA time)
  • Lord Didsbury - fuck off 

Sub 3

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 11:20

BBC forecast is giving the temp somewhere between 10 and 14C up until 1300hrs. We'll be in the Red Lion by then, hopefully. Sounds like it may be the same as last year; around 12C

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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 22:05

PP: That's a great session off of such short recoveries. You'll be in pretty good nick the next time you run a race in anger.

Sub 3

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 14:32

I've just checked last years VLM and I went through HM in 1:21:58. Finished with 2:47:20.....ran quite a few more miles in training this time; hope I'm fitter than last year. Will be setting off to reach HM in the same time. I'm sure they'll be few of us together on the road.

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