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Posted: Yesterday at 13:12

That's a good 5K Dan. Not sure my legs would have been up to that. I did 4 miles on Wednesday and my quads wouldn't have wanted anymore but yesterday's 6 miles felt pretty springy so maybe I could blast a decent parkrun. I'll have to wait for a couple more weeks though, due to work.

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Posted: 30/04/2015 at 22:04

Ryan Snell: Sorry about that. He was solid. Just said a couple of words to each other on almost every mile until he ran away from me around 23. Definitely helped us both keep a lid on it.


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Posted: 29/04/2015 at 16:58

Steve6: Good description of the perfect marathon. I'd like to add, doing it at VLM and include running strongly down the Embankment put's the icing on the cake for me. Something I honestly thought wouldn't ever happen.

MtR: Was great to see you on the course and after. Positive plans afoot as well. Next year's going to be good. Anything planned for your first rest day?

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Posted: 28/04/2015 at 18:17

Rockhopper: I found myself running alongside mankini man a few years ago, at the point where red meets blue. Did share a few words of encouragement with him but then sped off incase of an early photographer. First time I went under 3 hours there were no celebrations; just a massive sprint for the line only to see me duck under the barrier with 03:00:02 on the clock. Knew I'd started pretty close to the start line and had to wait and worry a good half an hour for Marigold's wife to get up my chip time on her Iphone (chip times didn't seem to come up very quickly that day) to find out I was 3 seconds under....took the edge off it a bit.

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Posted: 28/04/2015 at 10:13

DanA: Thought the same about the Paula entourage. Non-running friends won't understand how I can be celebrating after being 4 minutes down the road from this group.

Rockhopper P: Congratulations on the sub 3. All depends on how hard you had to work as to your next target. 2:50 was my next aim but got over enthusiastic and crashed and burned, bit stlylee targeting 2:45; that was a much bigger step up.

Selbs: Had the same problem here with the Imodium....ok now though; phew, glad the wife's gone out.

I passed 62 and was passed by 8. Think most of those 8 would have been between 23/25 where I lost it a bit. May work out how many we went by from HM as it felt like we were going past everyone.

Quads/calves are still pretty shot here this morning; was hoping to get out but think it may be tomorrow now.

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Posted: 27/04/2015 at 16:54

A good thing happened approaching Big Ben and 25 miles. I came across a couple of mates who were targeting bigger things and had slowed badly. One of them (Dave Jones), as I went past, patted me on the back, said 'You've done it mate, make sure you take it all in and enjoy the last mile'. There was some swearing as well! This gave me a massive kick up the arse and my concentration kicked in again so the pace got back on track. With about 600m to go, Dave went past me again so I followed him down Birdcage Walk and around onto the Mall; think I said something like 'take me home, Dave' (sad, I know). Another mate was now on my shoulder so all three of us dug in and went head down hell for leather toward the finish; didn't even bother me that they both outsprinted me. A stonking 6.09min/mi for the last mile and a bit.....Punched the air on the line and must admit to almost getting something in my eye...... 3min 57 sec pb. 02:43:23.

Looking back at mine and Richards 5km splits; they were pretty metronomic. Sure it would have been different had I been running alone. Also a great boost was that we were passing groups all the way to the finish from about 12 miles out. Can't remember getting overtaken too many time.

A bit of a long post, thanks for reading.

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Posted: 27/04/2015 at 16:53

Haven't been around for ages on here so nice to hear my name mentioned a by a couple of you. Not sure who was most pleased at the Red Lion, but Jools, LS21 and myself must have been up there.

Very self indulgent as I've not been around but did a quick race report below. Yesterday meant a lot to me....never thought I'd do it.


VLM 2015: Few more miles in training at a slightly increased pace this year as I knew I was running out of time (getting old) to crack this 02:45 barrier. First time I've taken anyone to London with me for support so was more than happy when my 16 year old lad, George said he'd come along. It was great to share a room this time with someone who I could relax with; and ask to fetch and carry things for me! Got up at 0515hrs and forced down my boring, bland Tesco's own multigrain, make with water instant porridge and 500mls of SIS Electrolyte. Also necked, the new 'secret weapon' of many, Beet-it, concentrated beetroot juice shot; tastes flippin' awful. Set off for the start at 0800 with the luxury of a bag carrier (big help). As usual, totally mobbed on the DLR but happy enough.

Really nice meeting up with the usual faces and a couple of new ones; great to see Selbs in the flesh and Tick-Tock, in the red FGFA pen on Blackheath on a cold and drizzly morning; it was bloody freezing and couldn't wait to get going. Plenty of banter and catching up. Went for a pee about 25 times and lined up on the front of the Red start. Had another pee and started getting nervous. At the Expo I'd bumped into a local runner I know fairly well who was targeting the same time as me so we managed to meet at the start line.....Paula gets massive applause and we're ready for the off!

Steady first mile came in at 06:16. Target pace was 6:12 but didn't want to tear of too quickly. Uneventful first 5 miles were ran in 30:47 (6.10), couple of seconds too quick but there's a decent downhill section between 2.5mi and 3.5mi so wasn't over bothered. Next 5 miles were a few seconds slower probably due to running into a little bit of a breeze on this part of the course. Hit 10 miles 17 seconds ahead of schedule at 01:02:13; both feeling good.

Was looking forward to reaching mile 11 as my lad was with another friend to give us a shout. Can't say how uplifting this was and did have a bit of a goose-bumps moment. I knew he'd also be at 21/22 miles and was hoping I'd still be holding it together by then. Hit HM distance 4 seconds ahead of schedule on 01:21:26. From about 12 miles my left glute/hip area was starting to get worryingly tight so I was becoming a bit concerned, although kept it to myself. Richard was running steady as a rock. Miles 10 to 17 were done at 6.10min/mi av; a little quick, maybe due to me pressing on a bit, trying to get my dodgy hip/glute around.

Cleared the dreaded (for me, anyway) Canary Wharf in a cracking 6.08min/mi and went through 20 miles in 02:04:11. Target for 20 was 02:05 so more than happy; glute/hip pain fading a bit (or going numb). Was getting a bit tired but had my 21 and seeing my lad again to look forward to so pulled myself together and did my best to look like a runner. Easily spotted, George on the left hand side and even managed a little fist pump as I went past...this was on! The night before, sat in Zizzis I'd seen the 23 mile marker outside the restaurant window; this was my next target. I knew if I could get to there on schedule I'd be prepared to put myself through the 'hurt box' for 3 miles or so. At Zizzis it was hurting and my next 3 miles showed this: 6:16, 6:18 and 6:23 (6.19min/mi av). These were my slowest miles. Should also mention that my running partner (Richard Swindlehurst) did pull away from me at this point and came in about 38 seconds ahead of me.

A good thing happened approaching Big Ben and 25 miles. I came acro

VLM15 - where are the changing rooms at finish?

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 13:26

The tent is on the right as you walk across Horse Guard's Parade. I've used it a couple of times and it's been deserted.

Have you ever tripped while out running

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 12:44
Bill 100 wrote (see)

OMG.. searched for "tripping over wheel trim" and got your guys. Yes, this past weekend was out for a 10 miler and at 6.5 miles my ankles were trapped ("foot-cuffed" I guess) and fell face forward. Luckily I had some thin gloves on and my hands were only mildly scraped with blood. Hit my chin a little but thank God I braced myself with my hands... Worst part was my left bicep hurt for a while from the impact of bracing myself. My knee was banged up a little; but was able to finish my run. A very rare occurance as you would have to hit the wheel trim on the right spot to flip it up... but looks like you can google anything and find commonalities these days. Always good to stay alert out on the roads. Best to all that had this happen.    

I did exactly the same as this. I was only a couple of hundred meters into my run at a point where I have to run in the road around a smallish roundabout. Without any warning I found myself laying in the gutter with cars going past me; bloody knee and palms. Next to me was one of these wheel trim ring which I'm guessing, as one foot flipped it up the other one followed it into the ring. Jumped up with the adrenaline pumping and finished a 10 mile run. Was quite a shock though.

Garmin Forerunner - just a bad product?

Posted: 12/12/2014 at 18:26

I had a 405 for 3 years when it steamed up a bit and then was behaving erratically. Spoke to Garmin explaining I'd only ever used it for running. They immediately sent me another one which was a refurb. This had a problem after only a couple of days. They then sent me a brand new boxed one with HRM; no charge. I've since bought a 410 as my wife was started using the 405. I've had the 410 for a couple of years now with no issues and my 15 year old son is now using the 405 on which the strap parted company with the watch; breaking right through the joining pin. I super glued it and it's been fine for about 3 weeks now.

HR monitors have not been great after battery changes, especially the latest ones with ridiculously small screws which need taking out. Both times I've had my HR monitor replaced free of charge. You have to speak nicely with them and they're very helpful.

I suppose I'll eventually have to buy a later model but do feel I've had my money's worth out of the 2 units I've paid for over a period of about 6-7 years.

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