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Garmin Forerunner - just a bad product?

Posted: 12/12/2014 at 18:26

I had a 405 for 3 years when it steamed up a bit and then was behaving erratically. Spoke to Garmin explaining I'd only ever used it for running. They immediately sent me another one which was a refurb. This had a problem after only a couple of days. They then sent me a brand new boxed one with HRM; no charge. I've since bought a 410 as my wife was started using the 405. I've had the 410 for a couple of years now with no issues and my 15 year old son is now using the 405 on which the strap parted company with the watch; breaking right through the joining pin. I super glued it and it's been fine for about 3 weeks now.

HR monitors have not been great after battery changes, especially the latest ones with ridiculously small screws which need taking out. Both times I've had my HR monitor replaced free of charge. You have to speak nicely with them and they're very helpful.

I suppose I'll eventually have to buy a later model but do feel I've had my money's worth out of the 2 units I've paid for over a period of about 6-7 years.

Abingdon Marathon 2014 - Number Swap

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 16:59

Sorry, should have posted sooner: this place has now gone.


Karen, I have messaged you.

Abingdon Marathon 2014 - Number Swap

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 12:00

I've got a team mate who has a spare number. I'll send his contact details to the first direct message I get. I'm off on holiday on Wednesday so don't hang about.

Sub 3

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 11:00

Awesome blog, Marigold. Goosebumps reading that.....

Team GB

Posted: 24/04/2014 at 16:50
Samir Haddad 2 wrote (see)

Mr Boat, I was just suggesting that you could be lazy and you probably are in comparison to marrigold. Excuse my spelling. You realise you would have to be able to run like 1:08 to be classed as someone who could kick my arse over a half.

So please explain how I'm lazy because I can't run as quickly as Marigold. You can't run a HM as quickly as me and I certainly wouldn't accuse you of being lazy.



Team GB

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 13:40

Dach: I did spot that post, thanks.

Samir: Me, Lazy, no. Over 3000 miles last year and although I'm getting on a bit now relative to you, I think I could probably still kick your arse over HM.

Now to catch up on last night's postings.....looks interesting on first skim!

Poole Festival of Running 10k

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 22:41

It'll fill up for sure...especially with the popularity of Poole Parkrun which attracts around 500/600 runners now.

Team GB

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 22:39

Samir, Philip is correct. We share the same surname and running club but not the same genes unfortunately...not related in any way.

Sub 3

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 22:34

TR: I can't disagree with you on any of that. I'll keep on keeping on, won't mention marathons and maybe she won't notice as I ease the mileage up. Was worrying about targets and age a couple of weeks back but HR's efforts are inspiring; he definitely looks more relaxed about the whole thing than I do. Although, we both did say we'd be giving up marathon running whilst walking between the Mall and Horse Guards Parade on route the to RL.

Poxy Ballot System

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 17:48

So you thought you'd start yet another ballot thread....wasn't there another one you could have joined in with?  aaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!

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