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Sub 3

Posted: 22/04/2016 at 20:55

Just a quick pop in to say good luck to everyone and not to be shit. Hope to see quite a few in the RL after....bit excited now; travelling up tomorrow so off to bed but won't sleep.

How big is the VMLM kibag?

Posted: 22/04/2016 at 20:37

I always pack all my things in a previous year's bag; I've got the Flora 2009 one this time. I do this so that I know that whatever I take will still fit into the new bag, unless of course they change the size without telling us......mmmm?

Sub 3

Posted: 02/10/2015 at 23:11

Muss: I've been eating like a pro since I got home on Tuesday; sounds like I'm not the only one. Nice race report. You worked hard to get that pb by the sounds of it. Tweak the training a bit and you could be knocking on the sub 2:45 door at VLM16. I'm looking forward to VLM as well. Love the buzz either side of a marathon.

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Posted: 29/09/2015 at 17:54

Just a quick pop in to say it was nice to catch up with a couple of threaders in Berlin. Some impressive runs inc a few pbs.

Really enjoyed my trip to an amazing city; would definitely recommend it.

Just to prove you don't necessarily need to hit the right numbers in training. I had a pretty bad build up to this. A couple of weeks in Kos (Jul/Aug), got ill and bonking badly on at least 2 key long runs and struggling with anything at MP. Think the training must have 'gone in' anyway and a good taper helped: 2:43:58 (35 secs off pb) but had a slow 1st mile and a shocking mile 26 (30 secs off pace without really noticing).


Sub 3

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 22:30

DanA: Well toughed out; don't know how you do it. I'm still trying to build miles post VLM.

Sub 3

Posted: 09/05/2015 at 17:12

CW: I agree that P&D don't have enough longer runs. I nearly always extend these between 20 and 24 miles.

Matt3: Wow! That is a quick HM. Forget what I said about 3 hours. You'll need to do the long stuff though.

Sub 3

Posted: 08/05/2015 at 21:54

Matt3: I'd suggest following one of the P&D schedules. You could be knocking on the door of sub3 if your training for your 3:30 effort was as disjointed as you suggest. If you start an 18 week programme in June you should also be in decent shape for any races late July. I use these P&D schedules and this time incorporated the BAC sessions inside the last 8 weeks.

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Posted: 02/05/2015 at 13:12

That's a good 5K Dan. Not sure my legs would have been up to that. I did 4 miles on Wednesday and my quads wouldn't have wanted anymore but yesterday's 6 miles felt pretty springy so maybe I could blast a decent parkrun. I'll have to wait for a couple more weeks though, due to work.

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Posted: 30/04/2015 at 22:04

Ryan Snell: Sorry about that. He was solid. Just said a couple of words to each other on almost every mile until he ran away from me around 23. Definitely helped us both keep a lid on it.


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Posted: 29/04/2015 at 16:58

Steve6: Good description of the perfect marathon. I'd like to add, doing it at VLM and include running strongly down the Embankment put's the icing on the cake for me. Something I honestly thought wouldn't ever happen.

MtR: Was great to see you on the course and after. Positive plans afoot as well. Next year's going to be good. Anything planned for your first rest day?

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