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Nike LunarGlide+

Posted: 30 August 2009
Overall: a nice comfortable shoe with lots of cushioning but the claims of a shoe suitable for every runner are very short of the mark. they offer no support for overpronators and in my opinion are aimed and suitable solely for neutral runners. like all nikes they have great cushioning but like all nkes this squashes down so much with each step that it offers no springyness or bounce back and after a very short time this cushioning firms up. personally id suggest this shoe for a neutral runner and keep it for the short runs, more of a racer than an everyday shoe

Saucony ProGrid Omni 7

Posted: 07 August 2009
Overall: first time ive worn omni's and loved them straight away, used to run in nike triax but found them too lumpy and stiff and the omnis are nothing like that. the feel is soft and light and very responsive, great on the track for speedwork and fantastic on longer runs, a great shoe and can usually be picked up for a bargain price of around £50 online

Science in Sport PSP22

Posted: 07 August 2009
Overall: came across this when it was on offer on tesco a while back and thought id try it as an alternative to lucozade and have never gone back !! well priced and plenty of flavours to choose from, think its played a good part in my PB's recently and would be lost going for a run wtihout it !

Garmin Forerunner 205

Posted: 07 August 2009
Overall: a fantastic piece of kit and the best running item i have purchased, really would be totally lost on a run without it.

Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6

Posted: 07 May 2009
Overall: this is truly an outstanding running shoe, the fit is second to none with a large roomy toe box that im hoping will banish black toenail for good !! and a snug well fitted heel. the cushioning and and feel of the shoes is outstanding in both the heel and the forefoot and had the same feel of lightness and bounce of say the nike vomero's but without that mushy squashy feel that can be too soft. the shoe also feels very lightweight and responsive, great for speedwork on the track but also nicely suited for longer runs on pavements or even a little off road running. in all its a great fitting and feeling shoe, suited to a neutral runner who wants a hsoe capable of doing a lot of things for a good price.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 2

Posted: 24 January 2008
Overall: without doubt the best shoe i have ever run in, i needed somehting with good cushioning and this shoe is perfect for me. so comfortable and so good.