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Cheap Turbo vs Rollers

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 21:05

Rollers will improve your 'bike handling' as you have to balance yourself so you can't have poor posture whilst cycling. Unless they're really posh rollers you wont be able to alter the resistance other than with gears

Turbo is easy - lock bike in place and you're away. It's very difficult (but not impossible) to fall off a turbo. Depending upon the make / model and if you have Ant+ sensors, rollers can be 'hooked up' to trainer road.

I think its much of a muchness, depends how much falling off you want to do before you get proficient.. I had rollers, fell off too many times so bought a turbo. Part of me wishes I'd kept the rollers though. Maybe I should get some new ones

PSOF Championships 2014 - Ironman France

Posted: 07/07/2014 at 19:15

I’d managed to get out on the run with about 6:30 left on the clock. Outlaw last year took me 6:45 to walk with really badly blistered feet so I started the first lap trying to work out what to do. I could walk it in the time allowed. I could try to run until I couldn’t run anymore or I could run walk from the start. I tried running 8 minutes and walking 2. Didn’t like that very much. Nor 4:1. I tried walking a whole mile, got 13:xx minute mile which I guess would have just about done. Trying to do the calculations that work out what time marathon that will get me is one of the ways I get through, keeping my brain busy. I ended up running 100 left foot counts then walking for 50. Occasionally stretching it to 120 left foot running and 50 walking. I kept plodding this out. The pirate support is awesome, from the pirates competing in the race, waves and acknowledgements from Funkin, Pingu, Ben, Garr, Dermot, Dave, Ferret et al; all the pirates in the crowd Mrs Funkin, Meldy, Schmunks et al and all the people all nationalities shouting for the pirates in general “Allez les pirates”. At the end of my 2nd lap I was getting tired and wasn’t sure I could be arse to carry on or not. Mousicles told me I was looking good and was going to do it so I got my second chouchou and headed off to do it twice more. After that it was just more one foot in front of the other until I got band 3. Band envy was ridiculous on that last lap. What I’d have done for that yellow band I wasn’t sure of. Having all 3 bands was great – it meant I was on my way to finish and I only had to run through the stink pee corner once more.


Made it to the finish chute and I was adamant that I would run through it and then stop my watch. Normally my race finish photo is me stopping my watch. I’ve actually got some really nice finish photos. Apologies for not stopping in the chute to say hello to the entire pirate massive properly – I was a bit confused as to where I was going to be honest and a bit tired and emotional. Collect medal, get photo, get changed and head to MacDonald’s for a big Mac and fries before cheering the rest of the finishers in. I felt surprisingly good.


The following morning I got up, breakfasted, went for a walk around the expo and bought a t-short and the compressport visor I wanted (getting free finisher socks for it). Walked around Nice sightseeing a bit, went for a relaxing short swim. In the evening we walked up to the castle viewpoint and then found a nice place doing moules frites. After we’d let the France world cup excitement die down a bit first.


Race done 15:16:22 about 15 minutes slower than outlaw last year. A new marathon PB in there too.


I had really good moments, really very bad moments but the support was great. It can’t have been too bad as I’ve entered IM Austria next year already.


Swim 1:29:08

T1 12:06

Bike 7:46:28

T2 9:41

Run 5:38:58

PSOF Championships 2014 - Ironman France

Posted: 07/07/2014 at 19:15

I made up for some of the ups with the downs. I love descending and I can see why people like these long swoopy down hills. Not the long, long lovely ones towards the end though. I hadn’t got there yet!


I can’t remember at what point it happened but it started to get cold. And then it started spitting. And then it rained. And then it poured. And it didn’t stop pouring until I got back about 20km from Nice and transition. It rained so hard that people were crashing all over the place, people were stopping for foil blankets, and lots of riders packed it in, sat under shelters waiting for the sag wagon. I must admit I was nearly one of them. It was horrendous. Sweat from the earlier climbs being washed into both eyes so I was in agony and blind at the same time as trying to descend down a mountain. There was an out and back for 5km out and 5km back. The marshals were hiding in their car, along with most of a feed station later on sheltering away from the tables. Apologies if I scattered lots of bottlers but I needed a drink and there was no one there to hand me anything. I think it was after the out and back that there was an 8km climb up the Col de Notanotherbloodyone and that was pretty much it I think.


Heading down the mountain for the last 30km or however far it was, was glorious. Well, it would have been glorious if it had been dry, but it was sopping wet, so what should have been 50mph was under 40kmh. I had a really nice ride down with a Danish bloke called Steen. We piggy backed each other using each other as sights for getting round the corners, judging braking and so on. We thank each other for a nice descent as we headed along the last 20km flat bit back into town. It was about that point I nearly lost my front wheel in a rut in the middle of the road, a scary moment considering I’d raced down a rather wet mountain with out any issues.


T2 – quicker change, popping running shorts and a Monaco on, loads more talc to try and dry my feet off, trainers on and off to the run. Only 42 bright, sunny kilometres to go. I was glad to be on the run, having had some truly dark moments up the hills on the bike. And after all that rain it was nice to be back in the sun warming up. It was so warm that at the start of lap two I stopped and borrowed some sun cream from Mrs Funkin. About 5 minutes later it started raining. Then the thunder storm rolled and brought a brief spell of hail. I don’t think the organisers were expecting rain so the electrics were exposed which meant an extension lead tripped and the inflatable gantry at the transition end of the run started to deflate. Several volunteers trying to hold it up while I ran under it.

PSOF Championships 2014 - Ironman France

Posted: 07/07/2014 at 19:15

We had 15 minutes to warm up so I splashed about a bit, really didn’t need warming up; I believe the temperature of the sea was 23 degrees so lovely and warm. All called out to get in positions, waiting for the pro’s to go off at 6.25 and the rest of us mere mortals went at 6:30.


I’d been told it’s a rough swim, so I decided to keep wide for the first lap, although I hadn’t intended on making the first lap so wide that it was 2.3km long! But I’m glad I did as even the second lap had lots of pushing and shoving and fighting going on. I swam a much tighter second lap and got out having swum 4.25km in 1 hour twenty-something. I say something as I wasn’t sure where the swim deeded and T1 began, plus we had to queue to get up the steps to transition. Absolutely ridiculous when there was a nice wide ramp just to our right!


T1 – A quick change compared to Outlaw last year where I could have had tea and cake in the time I took. I found one of the very small change tents and a bit of room in it, full change into bib shorts and pirate cycle jersey and lots of talc to make sure my feet were dry and it was a gentle jog to collect the bike and get out


The bike started off really rather nicely. Out towards the airport, thinking it will make a nice run later on, some flat fast sections out, well marshalled at all the chicanery bits that needed signing and out of Nice towards the mountains. You could see them slowly creeping up in the distance. About 20km in there’s a section labelled in the notes as 10% for 500m. I don’t if it’s just me but I think its steeper and longer, and yes I was the pirate walking up parts of it. I don’t know why, I’ve ridden much longer and steeper but I just couldn’t get my head round it. Got to the top and headed out, chatting to a few people on the way. At one point I was chatting to a Brit who asked how far we’d gone, I remember him saying we were only 30 km until most of the climbing had finished. It wasn’t that far from there when I guess we must have started riding up the Col de Neverending. Wherever I looked all I could see was up, little dots off in the distance that looked like people riding tiny bicycles up a hill a long way away (these are small bicycles, those bicycles are far away). I’ve never ridden this sort of climb before, and I guess I need more practice, but I was glad when I needed to stop for a pee. It just seemed to go on forever and ever. My speed was rather slow too, which meant that when the distance to summit markers on the road kept appearing I was thinking in hours to get there which was quite depressing. My big issue on the bike was trying to keep the effort own to have more to put into the run. My heart rate monitor was flatly refusing to connect to my edge on the bike, complicated by it occasionally picking up riders who were passing me or I was passing, so I was having real issues trying to work out how hard I was pushing. I just tried to go on effort in the end, which is difficult on such long hills. There were some amazing people out on the bike course. I didn’t see the person doing it on the Nice version of a Boris bike, but I did get chicked by a 60-64 category American woman (and the rest)

PSOF Championships 2014 - Ironman France

Posted: 07/07/2014 at 19:14

Apologies for it being late

Nice race report


It’s been a busy year, lots going on with work and so on. I broke my foot just after Christmas on my birthday celebration run which meant I didn’t start running until March and I’ve been really careful about stressing it too much.

It’s fair to say I didn’t get enough training in this year; certainly it looks like less than last year, but with a better base to start from and the knowledge that I’ve gone long once already. A horrible Bala tri made me feel even worse, so it was nice to swim further than race distance not long before we were due to fly out, and I felt happier swimming in my wetsuit now I’ve figured how far on it needs to go.


The air traffic controller strikes almost meant it wouldn’t be a worry anyway, but the one morning flight from Bristol never seemed to be affected, so it looked like I was going to have to get out there and do it.


We arrived on the Thursday to acclimatise, which was wise as it was rather warm out in the sun. We swam every day, there was a little boat bobbing around, just past the 300 m swim boundary so we headed out in that direction only to find it was sponsored by CompresSport, quickly nicknamed the ‘Teas of Nice’ boat they were offering tea, energy drink and free Nice wrist bands. A 1km swim on Friday (with wetsuit) and 600m on Saturday (sans wettie) go me a pair J I missed the morning run so failed to get a free visor so I said I’d buy one if I finished. Whilst we were there we went to look round the expo, lots of nice IM Nice stuff, which I took note of for Monday morning. I don’t like buying things before I’ve actually accomplished the race. I shall be buying some Outlaw stuff this year as I missed it all last year.


Racking and bag drop went ok, except for the fact that transition was REALLY long from start to finish and there was no sign of any change tent when I went down to rack. It wasn’t until I’d racked and walked out of transition that Mousicles pointed out I was still wearing my race number belt so I had to walk all the way back through to deposit it the relevant bag.


Race day – up at silly o’clock for a tin of rice pudding, couple of coffee and pre race poo. Thankfully we were staying five minute’s walk from transition so we didn’t need to leave to early. Final prep of street wear bag, drinks mixed and nutrition sorted and we headed down to sort the bike. Tires felt ok so I didn’t bother finding a track pump to actually check them properly. Wetsuit on and head down to the beach. I say beach and really mean a huge expanse of rocks and pebbles stretching down to the sea. I gingerly picked my way across to the very furthest reaches of the slowest start pen. The bruises on my soles from walking across the pebbles lasted until Tuesday.

Cycling shorts.

Posted: 06/07/2014 at 10:11

someone may have said it bit maybe look at your saddle. I had issues before and solved it with a saddle change, to a fizik although I think I may now need a new one. 

The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 02/07/2014 at 10:56

There's always space to help out - just DM Mouse your details - t-short, camping, free swim etc and you'll be added to the list

PSOF Championships 2014 - Ironman France

Posted: 29/06/2014 at 22:34

Awesome pirate support. Thanks everyone. 

I need to apologise for the rain. If I hadn't borrowed some sun cream from mrs funkin it would have been glorious sunshine all day

Zip up your tri suit or be disqualified

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 13:29

Looking at rules from IM France for Nice they seem to say that the zip can be no lower than the botom of your sternum. Is this:

a) bad translation
b) different rules for Mdot events?

Im guessing it will be pretty warm, so is that giving a bit of leeway or not?

PSOF Championships 2014 - Ironman France

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 12:05

Im hopeful, like pingu, that the fact we're an early flght should be good for us. Easyjet seems to be suffering more issues as the day goes on, and earlier delays cause more delays and cancellations across the board, but the early bristol flight should be a goer. Let's hope the next two days of delays doesnt roll on any further

I may actually be looking forward to it.

Should I start training yet?

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