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Posted: 06/09/2015 at 17:39

Hey Speedy!  You just saved me posting an update on me except I've not done the long run and have sprained my ankle (again)   The way I look at it is I am just happy to be alive and running (when I am not nursing a sprained ankle).  Life is never perfect but it is far closer to perfect for some of us lucky ones than others.  

5 weeks to York for me. A week to the Bristol HM.  I am doomed.


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Posted: 28/08/2015 at 12:13



Leslie H wrote (see)


Physio today and well its another (up to) 12 weeks out for me with another extended ban on running  but we are starting strength training and squats and my tendinitis is almost gone so I can actually do the exercises now  Looks like its going to be a slow process ! but progress of sorts  patience was mentioned several times ,must see if I can borrow some 


Take heart. You have a definite timeline!  When I was out with my achilles injuries, I didn't have ANY timeline and it was a case of waiting for something that may never happen.  This is GOOD NEWS 

Some sound running from you all but notably from Frizzle (sub-3:15 beckons easily) and a commendably late one from KR.

Been quietly rolling out the miles and trying not to aggravate any historical injuries so putting the brakes on and doing lots of stretching and rolling.  I think I am suffering from lack of the usual yoga and pilates that happens when the kids are at school.  Thank goodness term starts next week!

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Posted: 24/08/2015 at 16:44

Congrats to Badbark on the podium finish!  Sounds like you fought hard for that.  Great time.

Good to see you racking up those longer runs now, Bike It!  And that you have a marathon lined up. 

Gul - still a decent morning run. I failed to hit LT on my scheduled 12 w/7@LT yesterday but put this down to: (a) trying to run it on the back of my first 70 mile week; (b) a day after a scoffing a 7 course taster menu at Whatley Manor; and (c) slightly needing to do a poo.

Leslie - movement is movement. Well done on getting that done before the night shift!

Great monster miles from KR (who I think may have a hidden talent for ultras).

Frizzle - sounds like your training is going well.  Did those MRP - 10s miles feel comfy?

Speedy - am following your blog.  You poor thing   I admire you achieving what you are given your circumstances.  You may surpise yourself at Chester?

6 recovery miles with the dog this morning picking blackberries and getting stung by the nettles in the process.  Will try for another 4 this evening once MrE gets home.

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Posted: 21/08/2015 at 23:00
Great intervals, Frizzle!

And nice pace on the 2 miler, OO. Be good to see where that takes you tomorrow at parkrun Inlaws here now in situ ready to look after the brood so we can set off tomorrow morning. Woooooo!

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Posted: 21/08/2015 at 17:34

Not much running to report of note.  My 70 mile schedule has seen me average just 45 a week with minor interruptions for family commitments and minor niggles/injuries.  Fortunately none of the interruptions has been significant but with just 7 weeks to go I am going to have to make the miles count now so having just returned from a week in Cornwall and a week in Greece I am going to stick more to the plan.

Running in Cornwall was rather slow and hilly and I only ran once in Greece as I was nursing a calf strain.  We returned last weekend and I have been out every day on the local routes with my weekly long run done and dusted last night with 22@7:59/mi. I hadn't realised it got dark so much earlier and ended up running half of it in the pitch black which made for a slightly spooky but also rather beautiful experience as I was alone on the trail without a head torch. Recovery run this morning with the dog and I will try head out again for a second one this evening.  Have a good weekend all!  MrE and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary and have a rare night away so are heading off to Wiltshire sans the MsEttes and MsEsq.  MsEtte3 couldn't understand why we weren't taking them and suggested joining us for part of it and then getting a taxi home 

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Posted: 21/08/2015 at 17:22

Hello strangers!   It's been a whirlwind of a summer break and the family have been keeping me busy.  A quick read back and I see there are some solid runs, crazy exploits and new faces to mention!

Welcome Frizzle!  Always nice to see new faces around here. That LT run from Pfitz is a real monster but great for boosting confidence once nailed.  I may also go for a two week taper having missed quite a lot of miles from my schedule this time round.  I am going to need the extra week of training!

VTr - nice to see you banking those big miles still.  Remind me which race you are targeting? Chicago is looming soon for many of my old Impala team mates.

Leslie - sounds promising with the physio exercises working you now rather than resting and icing? Any improvements?  They can be minuscule and difficult to notice but I bet it is heading in the right direction.

OO - many congrats on the great A level results in your household!

GDawg - ditto! You'll have to get used to training without your usual partner though  

PMJ - congrats on more great results too!  Three down one to go. 

Lorenzo  well done to Lorenzito too.  

Badbark - great result in the HM. Not long till you dip below 80 mins.  Best of luck at Donegal this weekend.  I love that Aussie carb loading and cannot abide a week of stuffing carbs down!

Jools - looks like you are finding your form again with that 38.01!  Great time even if it is not a PB.

SJ - your crazy race sounds really fun actually! I'm probably showing my ignorance here but how do the pull buoys help with the swimming?  Is it because the wetsuits aren't as buoyant having been cut down? And you are so on for sub-3 at Frankfurt. 

BikeIt - sorry to hear about your wife's nose!  You really are testing the services of your new home country aren't you?  Training looks like it is going well for you

Abbers - good to see you are back to getting the regular miles in again.

KR - knocking out a 3.35 marathon in training shows you are pretty damn fit at the moment.  Your ultra will be a breeze if you take it as slowly as you plan to.



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Posted: 31/07/2015 at 19:05

Really sorry to hear about your injury woes, Leslie.  Hope it is not too long until you turn a corner.  Can you swim?

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Posted: 27/07/2015 at 06:28

Happy holidaying, Lorenzo and family. Borneo sounds lovely.

Tony - top plugging away. Keep on fitting it in!

speedy - congrats on finding your form again and the medal. Glad you are well and truly back.

Some nice miles from you, Jools And OO. Another impressive high mileage week VTr.

I am wondering if I can get up and function today as I ran 43 miles on no sleep and fuelled only by cake and Bounce balls over the weekend up in Catton at the Thunder Run. That brought my weekly total to 74 miles and I really hope my body doesn't mind. I have lost a toenail. 


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Posted: 23/07/2015 at 07:29

Great time, Jools! Next time you'll get it. 

SJ - did the trainers slow your swimming down at all? Did the run immediately after squelch a lot? Any possibility for blisters?

Bike It - great session and much progress being made.

Last night I ran in the club handicap race which is over a 5 mile course comprised of hills, a variety of sand, grass and road underfoot and a lot of nettles to run through. I only overtook one runner and had one in sight before reaching the end in 35:16 averaging 6:59/mi. I may just do a gentle 7 miler with strides before the weekend's ultra relay now. Sports massage later! 

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 15:05

Ah ha! I thought it looked a 10K sharpener but as I am clueless, wasn't entirely sure !

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