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Posted: Today at 16:50

Not running yet but I have mobility in the ankle and can now work on proprioception and strengthening blah blah blah.  And I have a new treadmill in the garage to celebrate getting another year older.  Seeing the physio and getting serious with sports massage on Monday, and should have an appointment soon to see a consultant ankle specialist to assess whether I have any useful ligaments left in my ankle. #groundhogday

Congrats to Lorenzito Jr II on his Surrey selection!

Well done to the Leslie and Gul for getting off this bench.  (I'm rather lonely on it now )

Hang in there with the #gymfail crew, Poacher.

Nice turns of speed from GDawg and Gerard.  And good to see Abbers getting the sessions in still. Pleased you are getting a rhythm going too, KR. We need to work on Mrs KR and getting that extra session in for you...

Nice miles from Jools

Happy injury free running all!


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Posted: 18/01/2017 at 13:52

Leslie - really hope it isn't anything serious and you are being cautious here.

Poacher - you are building supreme mental strength in that gym.  Love the #gymfail stories. I don't do much in the garden but love listening to G QT!  Those saucy gardeners have quite a sense of humour at times.

Looking really good, SBD. £13 for a track pass is ridiculous.

Thanks for asking after me, Gerard .  Walking OK today but aware the ligament feels tender.  Wondering whether to go for plan B: London not Manchester which gives me 3 weeks to factor in this injury but means I don't get to try for a GB AG vest.  Oooh, is it the fact of a spring marathon or the vanity that I so desire ? Anyway, your reduced running doesn't seem to do you any harm.  Nice runs there.

Hope OO Jr gets through those exams OK and her niggle gets a chance to subside.  This time off for my ankle sprain is giving my tetchy achilles a chance to shut up.  Silver linings eh?  You look like you are in good shape currently OO.  That temperature is ridiculously cold.

Gul - niggle subsiding?  Sorry if I missed it, but what ails thee?

Right, time to do some conditioning work before the school run beckons....


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Posted: 15/01/2017 at 18:53

Ah, PMJ, you may be right.  Except I thought GDawg said his club mate came first? Without wanting to seem too Spartacus-like about this, I thought it was a chap from my club that came first...

Excellent 20 miler, Speedy. Plenty of time to develop that fitness and bring that speed up.  I would love an Alter-G (remember me in The Wrong Trousers?!) but I hear they cost around £70K!  

Great time, OO.  Nice splits too from the looks of things.  A beautifully flat course.  Well done.

Leslie - nice weekly mileage.

Ice ice baby here.

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Posted: 15/01/2017 at 16:39
G-Dawg wrote (see)

Great going PMJ. Honours even indeed. One of my club mates came in first but not sure where we finished as a team, we only had the bare 10 as quite a few of the regulars are spring mara training,

Managed to get off my fat jaxy to get the 5 miler done at 6.48 pace. 46 miles for the week. It's gone, reset to zero and we go again tomorrow!


Hang on, GD! This must mean we are both from the same club as a member of my team came in first yesterday?  A youngster with a father from the same club who runs rather well too?  In fact, we must be in the same WhatsApp group...!

Excellent racing from you, PMJ.  I always enjoy your reports and learn much from your experienced perspective.

Great weekly mileage, Jools.  I agree that seems a bit too close to home to not unsettle. Hope it wasn't anything serious.

Well done to Birch Jr on her 19 miles.  Had her legs also "gone" though or is she proving to be resilient?

Lorenzo - you should be seriously proud of that run.  I can't imagine what it must be like to do that distance at that pace.  You are so modest about your sticking ability for such a long period of time.  Do you think fuelling differently could have also made a difference?

SEdan - I also wouldn't bother tapering for XC.  I may rejig runs so the day before doesn't incorporate a tiring one but that is about it.

Thank you for your well wishes. Amazing how positivity from internet acquaintances can gee one up.   So my ankle is not great.  It isn't as bad as it has been. It was far worse when I turned it running London 2015 but the difference is it is the medial ligament that has gone this time.  I think because there is no support from the lateral ligament so the medial takes the strain except, in this instance, it didn't.  So with two lots of ligaments compromised, my ankle isn't looking too good.  Icing and trying to stay off feet but uncertain where I am going at this point with this injury.   On a brighter note, we did head to Fitness Superstore in Frimley today to buy me a treadmill for my birthday.  So that cheered me up a bit.  Even if I can't actually run on it at present.

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Posted: 14/01/2017 at 20:58

Excellent LRs (Gdawg, Leslie) and bling (Speedy).   Sorry to bring a downer to the thread but I am rather fed up having left the house in the dark to squeeze in 20 miles before the household got going this morning (lacrosse etc) only to sprain The Ankle (again) and hobble home.  Have strapped and am icing but feeling quite down about this as it has happened several times since London 2015 (and that wasn't the first time it had gone over either). 

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Posted: 12/01/2017 at 12:18

Which treadmill have you got, Speedy? I am hoping for one for my birthday.  I am fed up with the school holidays interfering with my running and think this will be the solution!

Well done on your 8, Abbers.

Good pace on those intervals despite feeling under par, Gul.  Hope you are not coming down with anything.

Managed to sneak in my run before the snow arrives.  It is currently raining hard.  Some hills done rather pathetically in between a warm up and cool down, as I still have DOMS from that HIIT class I did.  I will be very wary of signing up for classes from now on, in case they substitute a teacher with a different style.  Am annoyed the gym didn't think to make sure the type of class was the same but now I know how the trainers work, I can bow out in future. 

Stay warm people! 


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Posted: 11/01/2017 at 20:28

An excellent article here on how to run faster at all levels (summary: slow down and be consistent!)

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Posted: 11/01/2017 at 16:17

Hi RichN, welcome to the group.  It is such a nice group that I have never felt the need to leave it and continue to get good advice despite having run a bit quicker than sub-3:15 

Gerard - your limited running is doing your short speed pace some good it seems.

Nice reps in your 7 miler, Gul.

Awesome 12 mile pace, Leslie. I really struggle to run fast in training.  

Birch - I second what Poacher said, you must be so proud of your daughter.

Am pleased to see Poacher back on the bike .

Enforced rest today brought forwards a day.  Yesterday I went to a TRX class except a different teacher was subbing and her speciality is HIIT.  I tend to avoid this sort of training as it doesn't benefit the run training at all for me.  I like specific targeted strength and conditioning work.  Anyway, lo and behold, I can barely move today my glutes are so sore!   After class I managed a very sedate 10 miles at 8:36/mi pace with the dog.  Hills tomorrow, if I can lift my knees by then that is...

Just watched the Mo Farah DVD which was given to me for Christmas.  A great reminder in there that the extra gains from strength work are so worthwhile.  For Mo, it was just a 2-3% change but that made all the difference in turning him into a multiple Olympic champion.  

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Posted: 09/01/2017 at 22:58
Birch wrote (see)

MsE - you asked recently for views re first marathon. If I may, could I ask how you prepared for your first marathon? I ask as my daughter is making her debut at Manchester (She will be 25 by then).  Of course I'm advising/guiding, but a separate perspective would be welcome (esp as my debut was pretty grim) - particularly on mental preparation for the debut.
She's in good form currently with PB at 10K & half mara in November, and she encouragingly reported "feeling strong" in last 3 or 4 miles of a solo 19.6 (furthest she's run) on New Year's Eve, but as the day draws nearer, the "unknown territory" factor will cause doubts to surface, I'm sure. 
PMJ is correct in that the goal has to be defined - the goal currently is sub 3:45 to qualify for VLM; this would be a  very soft target for an experienced runner with her other distance PBs - conversely a goal more in line with these may be unwise on debut?  
All views welcome, but I AM interested in the female angle (Speedy, Jools)? 

Many thanks.

I was 38, and a City career and 4 children down when I ran my first marathon in 3:27 (1:30 HM) so I think your daughter will be approaching it in a much fresher state!  The fact she has run several races and can attest to feeling strong towards the end of long runs seem a like good sign that she will go the full distance comfortably.  As you say, it is an unknown for us all the first time and it is unclear who converts well to the full marathon distance according to the calculators.  I am using McMillan schedules at the moment and he likes to judge how well someone is ready by three factors:  Yasso 800s, faster finish LRs and HM times.  You can see how this works in terms of pacing and speed endurance.  If she can pace correctly, finish her long runs strong (he suggests faster than MRP finishes) as well as hit those MRP miles on LRs then this suggests she is going to convert well.  I would add that as a female, it is worth working on strength work that addresses the niggles that are commonly suffered by females due to our anatomy, e.g. glute strengtheners and hip openers to avoid IT issues which are more likely with our wider hips.  In fact most newbies really suffer with form in the latter stages (I know my form was shocking and, since I took a year out for study, is shocking once more ) which is where strength work really helps.

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Posted: 09/01/2017 at 10:10

Thanks all and yes, you are right in that I shouldn't compare WAVA scores on a hilly trail course. I feel a bit better about my performance after reading your comments. 

OO - great start to the campaign for you.  I have yet to go further than 16 so you've made a grand start into the LRs.

Lorenzo  - (1) Well done to Lorenzo Jr who looked mighty chuffed with himself on FB. (2) Green tea does have caffeine but is less potent which is why I drink gallons of it and did while pregnant. (3) which Hokas?

Minni - so nice to see others "get" running!  MrE s starting to work out what all the fuss is about but treading that line between the act and ending up with niggles.

Well done on great volume weeks, Speedy and GDawg.

Congrats on the silverware, Jools!  And you must be so proud Birch.

Gerard - the ankle is OK but was letting me know it isn't reliable racing on trails yesterday.  I just can't assume it will hold and suspect I will need surgery one day.  Thanks for asking.  Hope your niggle isn't anything sinister. 

I have signed up for a yoga class and TRX class this week, Leslie.  With mileage (and advancing age!) must come stretching, strength and conditioning!

Sending more get well vibes to Gul.

Will head out for an easy hour soon.   Happy Mondays all.

Edited to say: Lorenzo, I can't join you in your HM sadly as my marathon comes in early April. I have entered Milton Keynes which falls a little earlier in March however if you fancy another option...!


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