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Posted: 07/04/2014 at 02:52

OO - there is plenty of life in the old dog it would seem!  Outstanding result in Paris.  So encouraging for us all to see that age need not be a barrier to excellent performances.  I look forward to seeing where you go to next!

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Posted: 07/04/2014 at 02:51

Great report, Rich!  Well done.  And KR, I think you made the right decision in giving it your all and it just didn't materialise for whatever reason today.  Still a damn good time!  Best go immerse yourself in SoundCloud and find solace in some fantastic toons. 

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Posted: 06/04/2014 at 21:05

Congratulations to Birch! We always knew you were a VOGIT but you proved you are also Birch VOGIT GFA  today !

Excellent racing by SB and an impressive cool headed recalculation midrace to come away with a superb PB.  Veeeery nice times from JTYhsif and Rich too.  Did anyone fall short of their goal time today?!!! 

Our last weekend in California and I am clearing up the dregs from a party that lasted from noon to 1pm yesterday.  Thank goodness I don't drink or else my planned trail run with the dog later on would definitely be in jeopardy. I will miss the running here and my new friends but I am very excited to be coming back!  D day - 6 days.

How to keep up fitness off season?

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 19:07

Great advice from fitnessgirl!  The trails in the countryside are outstanding and well worth venturing into if you have yet to do that.

How to keep up fitness off season?

Posted: 05/04/2014 at 21:48

I come from HK originally.  As Yiddarmy says the only thing to consider is the terrain, weather and pollution but the OP clearly is capable of working out what time of day to do her thing.  She sounds quite grown up enough to work out how to take the advice and adapt it!

Lots of good advice here 

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Posted: 05/04/2014 at 18:36

Nice racing from Marrows, Speedy and Lorenzo! This place is on fire.

Spotted some sound advice from the Paris Marathon guide: "to bandage your tits..." Got that, OO? Get those mammaries bound up!  

How to keep up fitness off season?

Posted: 05/04/2014 at 05:35

Hi there. Easy running to let the body recover from your racing season is what my club does. A bit of downtime never hurt anyone and, in fact, probably helps. You will arrive all refreshed when autumn arrives! If you want to keep the aerobic fitness up you could consider another form of training during the summertime like swimming or biking?

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Posted: 05/04/2014 at 05:23

Sending lots of good luck vibes to all marathoners' way this weekend! Very excited for you and looking forward to reading your yummy race reports. And don't be sh1t!

Hansons Marathon Method

Posted: 03/04/2014 at 01:29

AR - let me be the little voice in your head reminding you that the discomfort is a sign you have soft tissue damage, a likely recurrence of your Achilles tendinopathy as you have discussed.  Throw everything you can at it, treatment-wise, won't you if you are persevering with the mileage?  I'll shut up now. 

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Posted: 03/04/2014 at 01:24

OO looks far too happy to be racing a marathon there.

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