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Posted: Today at 13:54

SJ - thanks for the sentiment.  I am sure it will bounce back but road running exacerbates it currently so I am going to stay away from racing on tarmac for the foreseeable.  Well, anything more than 10 miles anyway...  I need to work on my form in the meantime.

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Posted: Today at 11:49

Woke up still cheery in the knowledge our Jools had excelled herself yesterday.  Such a well deserved time and it made me really happy to see her do it in her hometown.  As for me, I have made the decision to not race Abingdon.  If I can't race 13.1 on tarmac without repercussion from my Achilles I certainly can't race 26.2 in 4 weeks' time.  I don't think the latest set back is too bad and I know what to do to get it back into shape but the fact it was speaking to me the whole way through the race shows I am not form ready (Bike It will know exactly what I mean!) to race on the hard stuff yet.  This means Comrades is a definite no in 2015 too.  I can happily run forever on trails though so will stay there and continue to build my fitness and strength in the hope I can hammer out a fast road race sometime in the future.

Lorenzo  - nice sub-1:30 yesterday 

Some decent long runs from moof and VTR and it is good to see GD looking strong and healthy again.  

marrows - stop being so hard on yourself. Us women do ourselves no favours with how high we set the bar.  You ran a sub-20 sub-par and should be proud of that! Many men with their naturally higher VO2 max would struggle with that in good health!  Recover soon.

TAR get Mrs TAR to give it a rub?

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Posted: Yesterday at 17:39
1:27:06 plus a dicky left Achilles. But at least I know how to treat the sucker this time! Excited about Jools' result! Hurraaaaaay! Sub-2:55 I reckon whizzy lady. And our pre-race hug must have been contributory as it was indeed epic

Super fitness loss after five weeks off from injury, recovery plan

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 21:32

Brandon, just take it one stage at a time. Like Debra said it really sounds like you aren't over the injury yet. I'd be inclined to get a clear diagnosis to be certain your rehabilitation is appropriate and adequate before assessing your readiness for either marathon. Perhaps try to consider another one after the later one so you have a back up plan in case you aren't race ready for either of your two races. No race is worth risking worsening your comeback and good health for! Good luck. 

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Posted: 18/09/2014 at 15:28

GM - I shall say only this:

The Tarmac Is My Friend The Tarmac Is My Friend The Tarmac Is My Friend The Tarmac Is My Friend The Tarmac Is My Friend ... ::wobbles::

And this is NOT a thread smack down and whoever said it was is very much mistaken.

Nice comeback, GM (says the expert in coming back again and again and again...) 

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Posted: 18/09/2014 at 11:23

I am in denial I am racing a road HM for the first time in 2.5 years despite the fact I know I am liable to come unstuck racing on anything harder than a soft dirt trail...

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Posted: 18/09/2014 at 11:22

Tra la la la la! ::fingers in ears:: 

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Posted: 14/09/2014 at 10:43
And he makes the podium again powered by plants! Well done BadBark! Excellent form there. You mention some of your tapering tactics but would you mind telling us a bit more about how you balance the nutritional requirements of the training with the vegan diet? I am mostly vegetarian and struggle with the protein.

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Posted: 11/09/2014 at 15:40

Glad to see you out there Leslie.  My 7 year old is not so keen on running but my 9 year old always wants to join me so I take her if it is less than 6 miles.  The 11 year old is more of a sprinter and the 5 year old looks like a decent runner but time will tell!  I hope at least one of them will be with me in the future like the Lorenzitos!

Sounds promising Bike It!  As I get older I have to move away from the carbs and am playing with the balance of carbs to protein.  Keep us posted with how it goes.

Jools - hope to meet you in Bristol!  Not sure of pace really. I am running naked these days to focus on form and not injuring myself.  The time is secondary to that.  I may be able to chase you if I am lucky!

Decent enough tempo today after 2 days off to recover from three speed session last week (stupid idea).  13.1 av 7:34m/m with 9@6:34-6:58m/m.  Garmins can really mess around with you can't they?  I assume the actual pace was somewhere in the middle as the effort was the same throughout.

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Posted: 09/09/2014 at 22:03

Things Minni Could Do Instead of Pool Running:

1. Learn a new language e.g. Afrikaans in anticipation of Comrades 201[  ]
2. Learn a musical instrument
3. Take a pottery / life drawing or similar class (think Ghost?)
4. Do all those home DIY jobs!
5. Cook Miss Minni even more home made meals for her freezer at uni 
6. Take up weight lifting and become really pumped up (think Miss Universe Weightlifting all glistening and bronzed) 

7. Others?

Feel free to add to the list to help our Minni out here.

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