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Posted: 27/07/2015 at 06:28

Happy holidaying, Lorenzo and family. Borneo sounds lovely.

Tony - top plugging away. Keep on fitting it in!

speedy - congrats on finding your form again and the medal. Glad you are well and truly back.

Some nice miles from you, Jools And OO. Another impressive high mileage week VTr.

I am wondering if I can get up and function today as I ran 43 miles on no sleep and fuelled only by cake and Bounce balls over the weekend up in Catton at the Thunder Run. That brought my weekly total to 74 miles and I really hope my body doesn't mind. I have lost a toenail. 


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Posted: 23/07/2015 at 07:29

Great time, Jools! Next time you'll get it. 

SJ - did the trainers slow your swimming down at all? Did the run immediately after squelch a lot? Any possibility for blisters?

Bike It - great session and much progress being made.

Last night I ran in the club handicap race which is over a 5 mile course comprised of hills, a variety of sand, grass and road underfoot and a lot of nettles to run through. I only overtook one runner and had one in sight before reaching the end in 35:16 averaging 6:59/mi. I may just do a gentle 7 miler with strides before the weekend's ultra relay now. Sports massage later! 

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 15:05

Ah ha! I thought it looked a 10K sharpener but as I am clueless, wasn't entirely sure !

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 11:12

Lorenzo - just following Pfitz loosely.  My 10 yesterday was meant to be 5@HMRP but when that didn't materialise I thought a tempo might have a similar effect.  It was too humid to run any faster!

BikeIt - I probably ought to do some speedwork. That looks a good session although I have no idea what distance it is typically meant for? *clueless* 

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 10:58

Pre-London HM decided upon when this message popped into my inbox this morning:  "Dear Wendy

You are entitled to a free Surrey Half entry in 2016 as you finished sub 85 this year.

Please could I ask that you register at so we’ve got all your details. The discount code (top secret obviously) will zero your shopping basket for you.

  See you on the start line!"

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 10:06
And excellent track racing from PMJ and Speedy. I have the utmost respect for those committed to running in circles. Not sure I gave the patience for it!

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 10:05
The coastal race sounds utterly divine. Well done, Poacher, Minni, OO and TAR!

Your 12 was a bit nippier than mine @8:26/mi today Gul . I did 10@6:59/mi yesterday in a bid to up my pace beyond easy.

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Posted: 18/07/2015 at 11:28
Well done Jools and Speedy!

Nice miles from Gul (20 more than me this week!) and Lorenzo. Wishing Lorenzo Jr all the best today.

Bike It you are definitely returning to form. Keep on keeping on!

15 today split into 12 on my own before taking MsEtte1 to parkrun at Stoke Park where I endured 3.1 miles of "mummy, it hurts!" and "I can't do it, mummy!" I had to remind her it was her idea to do parkrun in the first place. One day I'll be able to run it on my own...

Unrealistic beginner?

Posted: 17/07/2015 at 21:40
Good luck, James!

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Posted: 16/07/2015 at 23:28

Phew, Lorenzo. That's definitely just 8 lives remaining.  Take care and enjoy the amazing holiday!

Don't overdo the come back too soon will you, SJ? the next month could see you going either way depending on how you handle it. Obviously my over enthusiasm saw me becoming firm friends with my Achilles woes as here I am three years later learning to manage it to run.

Club night and a hilly run tonight which I was able to run for the first time ever as a club mate offered her daughter as a sitter - result! 10@8:19/mi in very pleasant company. 

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