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Posted: Yesterday at 17:38
G-Dawg wrote (see)
Just a quick note before I read back. Just got confirmation of my Boston place. Not all qualifiers got in but my time put me in the younger age group so it was comfortable in the end.

The whole family want to go to this race...via New York! Best get saving.



Joolska wrote (see)

Great news about Boston, GD.  It's on my list, although it would have to be a year when my club hasn't got aspirations of a team title at London (or if I'm too slow to have a chance of being 3rd scorer!).

Just about got 5 miles with 6 sets of strides done.  Got back home post-rehearsal and realised the schedule said 10 sets.  Ah well.

If you wait till you are an old biddy (like me), and still run sub-2:50, you may be eligible for an elite bib.  A friend of mine who is 47 has run with the elites on two occasions now and has qualified again next April.  Her PB is 2:48.  She has the most amazing race photos where she is in a group with the likes of Flanagan and Linden plus notable Kenyans and Ethiopians! She then runs the rest of the race on her own 

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:27
G-Dawg wrote (see)
Just a quick note before I read back. Just got confirmation of my Boston place. Not all qualifiers got in but my time put me in the younger age group so it was comfortable in the end.

The whole family want to go to this race...via New York! Best get saving.


This is exciting news for the Dawg family !  I recommend you look into booking that hotel early.  Prices rocket around marathon time and the best deals go quickly.  It is the Holy Grail for many in the US who try their whole running careers to get into Boston.  Congrats!

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Posted: 28/09/2016 at 22:34

Thanks for the advice.  I think I will see what plans I can adapt with a view to testing the gears in Gosport.  Hideous race photos arrived showing how much my form has slipped (back to strength work) and how lardy I have become BUT I also spotted the lady who I helped in Berlin in there and was pleased to see she finished!  

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Posted: 28/09/2016 at 11:17

Gul - that is superb intuitive pacing and not slow either!  Great stuff.

GM - don't rush the comeback will you?  Apparently our cardiovascular fitness comes back quicker than our musculoskeletal strength and resilience.

Lorenzo - great paces on those 400s.  Are you looking for another PB assault at the next marathon?  I need to focus on speed now having built up the miles.

Leslie - sounds very promising. Were they easy flowing 7:30s or did you have to push for them a bit?

Ambers - don't read too much into times when training. So much can contribute to the overall paces and, as you say, you did train the mind in persevering.  I think those sessions are more valuable than ones where the pace is spot on.

My training has been very different this time.  Not only was I coming back from a year of intensive study (read: developed a revision bottom and gained extra chubbage) but I also joined McMillan this year.  Having online coaches to seek advice from has meant I have been much more flexible with the goals for each workout.  For example, with a heavy workload I was advised to reduce intensity of a session or even shift it to another day.  It was a much kinder and gentler approach.  It was also how I was able to engage my cognitive side in Berlin to reassess after getting some racing feedback and say "let's rein it in and just take it easy, use the race as good practice to familiarise myself again with a race setting".  Instead of thinking about paces and a time goal, I was focused on everything around me instead of in front of me.  It meant I could help a runner called Barbara who had stopped and was in a bad way, eyes glazed over, bent over.  I encouraged her to keep going by focusing on my shoulder and talked her through to the next water station where there were people who could give her water and she could stop for aid.  If I was gunning for a fast time, that would never have happened I am ashamed to say! 

So, I have a few races lined up.  The Great South Run in 3.5 weeks, Gosport HM in 7.5 weeks and Coastal Dorset HM in 9.5 weeks.  None of these are A races so I am not sure how to approach them.  I may take two weeks post-Berlin to let my body repair in which case the GSR may not happen.  I would like to try for Gosport having not raced a HM in 19 months.  Should I try "peak" for this? Or do I pick a schedule that has me aiming for the Dorset run?  It is not clear to me.

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Posted: 27/09/2016 at 07:17

Congratulations, GD!  You ran an excellent race.  It was a hot day.  I walked the water stations after halfway too. I didn't see the point of running through and missing an opportunity for a drink as it was so warm.  You should be really proud of how you managed that day. 

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Posted: 26/09/2016 at 10:52

Birch - Not too bad today although it wasn't ideal getting on a flight the same day.  Still, back home and able to keep moving around now which is perfect.  

I was doing some reading reminding myself how long you are meant to be leave before resuming training and had forgotten how much micro-damage occurs at the cellular level.  I think I will take most  of the week off and just go for long walks with the dog.  I don't think I am teflon coated like OO. 

Abbers - no training benefit to be had less than two weeks before the race date.  Plenty to be gained by practising race pace however and dialling into that rhythm so it is ingrained in your body for the big day.

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 22:36

Sorry to hear you couldn't make it to Berlin after all, Pipes.  Hope you have all had a good weekend and am looking forward to your updates!

Quick update from me: I wasn't sure how to approach the race having not raced a step since April 2015.  As I was in a pen of runners with 2:50-3:00 qualifying times, I thought it would be a shame not to give it a MRP effort.  So I decided to put the effort in and assess at halfway, knowing training hadn't been perfect and I was coming from a year of running interrupted by niggles.  On seeing I was a shade under 91 minutes halfway, I decided it wasn't worth chasing a time off my PB and there was value in treating the race as training run.  So I pulled it back and soaked in the detail, the crowds and the runners, reminding myself what a race environment feels like.  Came home in 3:07:47.  My enduring image has to be the poor chap running with poo splattered down the backs of his legs.  I had to nip around him as he smelled terrible. 

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Posted: 25/09/2016 at 20:57
Congratulations GD! Hope you're enjoying celebrating your hard work now. I've just arrived back in London. Waiting for a cab home. Quick report: I wasn't sure what shape I was in having not raced since London 2015. I decided to give it a good MRP effort to halfway and then reassess. At halfway I was just under 91 mins so decided it wasn't worth chasing a time nowhere near my PB and pulled the effort level back to soak in the experience and remind myself what racing in big crowds with noisy supporters is like. Came home in 3:07:47. Pleased not to have sprained an ankle this time and look forward to training for the spring marathon.

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 22/09/2016 at 23:03

Good luck all.  Safe journeys to Berlin and have a good race.  I am feeling no better but as long as I am not feverish I am going to run.  I wasn't going for a PB so pace is not so important.  Have been mainlining vitamin C and zinc and will continue to do so until Sunday.  

Pipes - am also on Potsdamer Platz but I suspect it is looooooong and my assumption that our hotels are near one another is misguided .  Have a good one!

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Posted: 22/09/2016 at 22:53

Good luck on Sunday, GD.  You are in fine shape. Just keep your head screwed on and take it easy and your training will do the rest.  It's forecast to be quite warm so no crazy fast early miles and you should be pleased with your result. 

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