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Achilles & ankle issue

Posted: 24/08/2016 at 19:40

T Rex is spot on.  I sympathise with the ankle rolling as I have rolled one so many times I barely get any feedback now from it. I think I have blown the fuse completely.  When I hit the trails I use K tape on it, e.g. KT tape or Rock Tape (I prefer the latter as it sticks better).  This is brilliant and allows full flexibility. I would not recommend immobilising the ankle in the long term.  The achilles needs to move and get maximal blood flow to it which doesn't come naturally and inhibiting it will only cause more issues.  I don't rely on taping.  I do as much single leg work as I can remember to and work on proprioception to prevent the ankle going again.  Best of luck!

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Posted: 26/05/2016 at 12:27

... and training on a heavier bike makes for a stronger rider, GD 

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Posted: 24/05/2016 at 19:11

From Greg Mcmillan 

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Posted: 24/05/2016 at 19:11


race well. Push yourself to the max in every run and workout
and you'll soon get injured or see your performances level off . Brian
learned to control himself in training and now has his sights set on a
new PR at Boston.

As someone who has suffered through the maximal training scenario far
too many times in my running career, I'm committed to controlling my
excitement and training optimally, not maximally. Shouldn't you commit
to doing the same?  



- Training results outpace racing results.

- Injuries pop up suddenly after you feel you're in super shape.

- A string of poor workouts interrupts your string of
amazing workouts.

- Your racing performances quickly plateau and you feel "stuck" at a
certain pace.

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Posted: 24/05/2016 at 19:10

Well done, Lorenzo 


Gul - food for thought?

Maximal vs Optimal Adaptation Rate
by Greg McMillan

How many times has this happened to you? You perform incredible
workouts but your racing performances are disappointments. You train
harder only to race even poorer. You begin to ride the highs and lows of
an emotional roller coaster. You're confused and frustrated and begin to
search for the latest and greatest training method that will help you.
Often, what you really need is to understand a simple training concept,
one that will put your training back on track and open the possibility
of new PRs.

When training results outpace racing results, the training is too hard.
You're asking your body to adapt at a greater rate than is possible. You
can maintain your intense training regimen for a short while, but
something has to give eventually, and in the end your too-hard routine
is your downfall. (See "Coach's Notes" below for signs of if you've
fallen into this trap.)

Great runners and coaches have learned how to avoid this disastrous
scenario. They recognize that each runner has two rates of adaptation: a
maximal rate and an optimal rate. Adaptation is defined as the
physiological and psychological changes that allow us to perform better.

The maximal adaptation rate occurs when your body is adapting as fast as
possible to the stresses you put on it. It summons all its resources to
build new blood-delivering capillaries, energy-producing mitochondria,
and stronger muscles and tendons. But adapting at the maximal rate
requires that your body be stressed to its limit. Over time you're bound
to push past that limit and get injured or burned out and perform

The optimal rate of adaptation, on the other hand, occurs when the body
is stressed to a tolerable level, allowing it time to adapt without
having to draw on every ounce of its physical and mental reserves. It
gradually adapts and is at far less risk for injury or burnout. At the
end of a training run you feel pleasantly fatigued but also know that
you could have done a little more.

Thus, the challenge during speed work is not to give the old 110
percent, or even 100 percent -- it's to train at around 90 percent.
Great coaches such as Arthur Lydiard, David Martin, Bob Larsen and Bill
Squires advocate this method of "controlled" training. You'll find that
your body is never overstressed and adapts gradually but progressively,
always leaving you hungry for more. A little control will make training
more enjoyable and lead to greater overall improvement and, most
importantly, better race performance. I call it finding your sweet spot
in training. Once you do, you'll never have so much fun with your

Consider Brian, a non-elite but ambitious runner I coach. Brian is a
naturally competitive person. His drive and tenacity helped him become
very successful in the medical sales industry. He carried this same
drive into his running but quickly hit a plateau. He worked harder. Got
slower. Worked even harder. Got even slower. Like many driven runners,
he constantly tried to "beat" the training paces from my online training
pace calculator.

I saw Brian's pattern early in our coaching relationship and knew he was
training maximally, not optimally. It was a tough change to back off
slightly in workouts, but he soon started setting PRs at every
distance. He's now qualified for Boston and blows away his rivals from
just a year ago. Brian is the perfect example of finding a sweet spot in
training. Challenge yourself just enough but not too much, and you'll<

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Posted: 23/05/2016 at 19:21

Good news, BikeIt 


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Posted: 22/05/2016 at 16:29

Well done, Gul.  Super racing on a difficult course. And a PB!  I think you are too hard on yourself and put too much extra pressure on yourself which affects your performance.  More racing, as PMJ, says should help that.  I am a bit race-phobic myself and not good at fitting more races in with family life so am speaking from experience.

Super effort from you too, Poacher

Words fails me, BadBark.  Except I am pleased to hear you out running again.  It does look promising for the race.

Lorenzo - you are turning into a proper ultra runner!  I was thinking about you on my run today as I followed the NDW west and recalling our run along there last year (or was it the year before?!)  I am well and have just finished my last week of lectures so am doubly delighted as I cannot cope with sitting all the hours the university required me to.  Just some exams to do and a dissertation to write up. Then I hope to be able to focus on getting fitter and faster before I get too old to go PB hunting.  

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Posted: 21/05/2016 at 12:31

Good luck weekend racers.  Fingers crossed for you BikeIt.  

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Posted: 04/05/2016 at 20:48

Had to pop in to say huge congrats to Gul on the PB!  OO on the super fast HM.  And superb marathon time, BB.  Lots of awesomeness all round. 

VTr - I too am a little jealous of BB's teflon coating. Perhaps he could video record his gait and we could analyse? 

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Posted: 29/04/2016 at 20:11
PhilipMJones wrote (see)

2nd May – Belfast Marathon – Badbark - Sub 3
21st May - White Peak - Gul Darr - 320 - 3.30
21st May - White Peak - Poacher - stay honest.
29th May - Comrades - BI - sub-9
29th May – Newry Marathon – Badbark – Sub 3
11th June – Portumna 100k Ultra – Badbark – Sub 9 hours as my ‘A’ goal. Finish with any time as my ‘B’ Goal - (My only DNF 2 years ago after 85k)
18th June - Race the Wall 100K - Lorenzo - no real idea, but I've told people at work that I'm aiming for under 12 hours so I'll stick that in.

19th June - City of London Mile - PMJ - sub 6.
25th June – Victoria Park Belfast, 12 hour race – Badbark – Run till I drop
24th July - Outlaw - thread smackdown - Slokey Joe and Moof
25th September– Berlin Marathon - G-Dawg - Sub-3.10...why not!?
25th September– Berlin Marathon - MsE - TBC
23rd October - Abingdon Marathon - Lorenzo - sub 3:05
23rd October - Abingdon Marathon - LB70 - 3:09:59
23rd Oct - Abingdon - Jason T 3.14.59

Erm, PMJ, isn't this a bit of a soft target for you?

OO - it's OK.  My Adam's apple and deep voice can often mislead people here. 

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