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Posted: 05/07/2015 at 10:31
Well done, Speedy. Your racing head is always a joy to get into when you post these reports.

Birch - I daresay the time will fly by and then I'll suddenly be contemplating Msettes and MsEsq away at university with new routes to run. Did it seem like yesterday she was still at school? You sound relieved to have seen Birch Jr in her new set up and happy with it all.

After a few missed days for taking the final element of an assessment to qualify to teach exercise to music, I was glad to be out for 18@9:12/mi along the NDW where I spotted four pillboxes from WWII. So humbling seeing these on my runs.

I am now a qualified fitness instructor, folks. Aerobics anyone? ::tumbleweed::

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Posted: 03/07/2015 at 20:48

SJ - you are quite possibly the hardest bloke on the thread. Top racing! 

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Posted: 29/06/2015 at 14:22

How is the niggle today, Birch? Hope you are OK, Poacher.  I am also treading a fine line between injury and minor niggle with BOTH Achilles talking to me.  Inevitable really as the other takes the strain when one is moaning  while I continue to work on form.  I'm going to get weekly massages to see if I can sort this out because it is so tedious the way it holds me back.  Pleased to see you have gone all technical now, Gul.  Because you will be able to see what we can all see about your ability to run fast and then take that confidence into your next marathon. Looking good, GD.  

Ploddy 9 miles this morning along the towpaths @8:08/mi.  Now planning a workout to teach in front of assessors up in London to complete the teaching exercise to music qualification I started in December.  Except I have now decided I don't really want to do it.... 

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Posted: 25/06/2015 at 09:23
Great racing Lorenzo! Do you puke at the finish line through?

The only thing that is different for me when training on hills for a flat race is that I have to watch my cadence which can slow down with hills and then translate into slower turnover in a race. I now focus on fast feet when hill running whereas I used to just amble a bit and enjoy the scenery (which, frankly, is the whole point of hill running...)

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Posted: 24/06/2015 at 09:46

Poacher - that is terrible news! I'm praying it's not torn. I sprained my mcl and that was painful enough so I can only imagine what it's like for you. Hang in there.

That's a decent slug off the time, PMJ. You really do some great racing!

Nice easy runs from GD, Gul and OO with a pretty darn decent hilly effort from Blisters. Speedy - top effort going for it with the speedsters at the track!

6@7:47/mi this morning. Fully KT taped up and feeling fine for it Fizz said the only way to get through this is to load load load.

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Posted: 23/06/2015 at 13:54

Welcome, SW78.  I think fast finish LRs work in much the same way as the others i.e. running on tired legs.  If that is your weakness then it should work well for you.  

Back out there for 15.5@8:11/mi.  Achilles quiet but definitely present.  Seeing the fizz later on and will ask for some ART, dry needling and KT tape I think  


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Posted: 22/06/2015 at 19:30
PS obviously it was those bloody great hills you raced up!

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Posted: 22/06/2015 at 19:28
You are well hard, SJ. That race sounds epic but perhaps is just a one off thing.

BB - excellent racing! You are obviously made of Teflon too. Not that I'm just a teensy bit jealous.

I didn't run today and hopped on the mountain bike instead. 2 hours later and I nearly died of boredom. I think I might give in and try running tomorrow as it seems to have all calmed down a bit thankfully. They've got a life of their own mine Achilles and sometimes, when my mind really wanders and I'm going really potty not running (like now), I have visions of them like those scousers Harry Enfield used to parody...

Sorry, I digress. Right, SJ.

1. At the first sign of irritation, pull back on volume and intensity. Dr Google will tell you to do eccentric heel drops but don't even think about it until the initial irritation has died down or else you'll be putting strain on an already fraying rope.

2. Ice and/or heat can help heal. You may prefer one to the other however. Ice is a great facilitator in healing but my tendons don't react well to it and prefer heat.

3. Keep running gently. Continuing running encourages the blood flow (which is notoriously poor to the tendons) but bear in mind if the running brought it on you need to eliminate the running related culprits if you can identify them. This could be poor form, hills, hard surfaces, overworn shoes etc.

4. Stretch and foam roll daily. This cures everything including, probably, baldness. And if you can get one, a decent sports massage. My coach told me to get weekly massages when there's an ongoing niggleand once a month for maintenance. If I look back my problems have come when life has been too busy with the family for me to do this and while I've kept up running I've let the massages and foam rolling slide.

5. Think about your diet. Are you drinking enough to supply fluid to the tendons? I'm guilty of this one and it makes a difference. Personally I also find going gluten free helps. I'm not a sufferer of coeliacs but perhaps the anti inflammatory nature of a gf diet helps the tendon calm down. Frankly if sticking pins in my eyes helped I'd do it so going gf is not a hardship although it does mark me out as One Of Those Fussy Types sometimes.

Anyway, needless to say I'm back to doing all of the above. I haven't mentioned the various treatments that can help depending on the type of injury but if it comes to that do ask. For now I'll hope the above sorts it out for you!

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Posted: 21/06/2015 at 16:16

Well done all your racers, lardy ones included.   Third day of no running here and both Achilles are looking terrible now, so I may just get back out there tomorrow. Only a few more weeks of kid-free time before term ends and then running will be exceptionally difficult to fit in.  Not running makes things worse every single flipping time so let's see what they do tomorrow! 

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Posted: 18/06/2015 at 22:09
Hip niggle to add to tetchy Achilles so I shortened today's 9 to just 6 to test things out. As ever I felt fine when running (claiming more Strava crowns!) but afterwards and during the evening I just don't seem to feel right. The achilles is chatting away to me and my hip is sore. There's a lot going on generally and sometimes it's just a sign I need to pull back and rest to leave energy for the family and other duties. So that's what I'll do for a few days, starting with just dog walking and maybe some hot yoga tomorrow...

Stay well and injury free folks. The rest comes easily after that.
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