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Posted: 24/10/2014 at 13:30

Delurking briefly to wish this weekend's marathoners in Frankfurt a great run - especially Jools - PB time I hope.

I'm retired from marathon running now (I think) after two years of failed training campaigns for London being ruined by back pain. But after a long break from consistent running I started a plan to run every day for a year on my 50th birthday. 56 day streak completed so far, not entirely without ill-effects, but it has made me fitter and shed some of the excess poundage.

Still pop in here once a week or so to catch up on how you are all doing.

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Posted: 27/07/2014 at 17:59

Awesome run from Marigold. Didn't he do well?

if you go back to page 1138 of this thread you'll find his first post here from March 2008, de-lurking to get some advice on running a sub-3 (although by that time he'd already run a 72 minute half at Bath). 

i'm back doing a bit. run-commuting and swimming. 24 miles this week is a start. But not sure I'll be running a marathon again soon.

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Posted: 20/10/2013 at 16:59

I thought the conditions were OK. not cold and it only rained for 20 minutes. But I was a few miles behind the front and maybe it was more sheltered at the 13-15 mile section.

I actually really enjoyed it.  I was running slowly and easily and there were no problems from my back until the inevitable right hamstring cramp. Obviously less fun after that, but it was really down to the lack of miles in my legs and excess lumbar round my belly.

i won't disclose the time as it isn't appropriate for this thread. My slowest road marathon, but not as slow as one of the off road ones I did.

Nice to see Rach and Gobi marshalling at the 2 mile point again, I stopped for a wee chat.  Excellently organised marathon, loads of marshalls, quite a bit of support and lots of water stations and a well organised finish venue.

a good day to find some mojo - but my legs don't golf hurt right now!

Storming run from TT and a great one from postie, whose legs may very well be hurting more than mine by the sounds of it. 

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Posted: 20/10/2013 at 13:51
Good run HR - glad the knee held up.

B target for me. I finished but it was a close run thing. Sub 9 mm for 18 then it got tough. Massive cramp and near fainting at 20.5 and from there on it was a death march. Feel proper carp right now.

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Posted: 19/10/2013 at 20:25

Just finished sorting out my stuff for tomorrow. Not worried too much about carb loading, been doing that for months!

looking forward to seeing how you people who've done proper training do tomorrow. am expecting to be proper impressed, so don't let me down. 

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Posted: 15/10/2013 at 17:35

MrB: None taken. The new new bike (very nice Planet X) is getting used for commuting to/from work and the very occasional longer ride. My running is down to about 3 times/week. The issue is getting the mojo up to get out there more, especially as my back is pretty bad. About £400 on osteopath sessions over the summer helped loads with my upper back and neck, but my lower back is a real problem. The only solution is lots of stretching, which I hate, but it all means I can't run in the mornings until I've been up for a few hours for it to loosen off.

I'm making myself run Abingdon under-trained to remind myself why I run. Hope it works. I'd say I was looking forward to it if that were true!

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Posted: 15/10/2013 at 16:35

I'll trump you all on the weight front. Currently weighing in at about 80kg (12st 7lbs). Height is 5'10" so BMII is 25.2. At my lightest (2008-9) I was more like 68kg (10st 10lbs), and BMI 21.5.

Be interesting to see how well any of you whippets would do with carrying an extra 17.5% of your body weight around with you on your next run! I shall lug mine round the roads of Abingdon on Sunday as a penance for 3 years of beer and food intake.

All pretty depressing really. 

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Posted: 10/10/2013 at 17:57

OK, I am now getting pretty worried about Abingdon. My fitness is shocking, and my body feels rubbish. You lot are all going like the clappers, must be that training stuff that I vaguely remember. Looking forward to seeing you all at the start, and some of you might still be around when(if) I finish.

Selbs: Great to see you posting again. Fingers crossed for you. I've also been playing some golf recently, which isn't great for my back, but a lot of fun.

HR: Bonkers training - sure you'll run a stormer at Abo.

TT: Really looking forward to seeing what happens for you.

And presumably Padams is now in Kona?

Just found out that I have a paid work trip to San Francisco next month. Quite excited about it. Won't have loads of free time, but I will have some. Good running tips welcome.

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Posted: 06/10/2013 at 22:20

Looks like I shall see some of you at Abingdon in 2 weeks time. I shall be toeing the line, but due to ongoing work, food and back issues I shall be arriving under-trained and over-weight. Probably wiser not to run, but I'm doing it in part to punish myself for a summer of sloth and good food. 

I'm not posting much here nowadays because I'm not a sub-3 marathon runner right now - in fact I'm barely a runner anymore.

Dachs - Abingdon -20th Oct - 2:39 (A); 2:44 (B); 2:48 (C)

MrB - Abingdon -20th Oct - 2:44:59(A); sub 2:47:20 for pb (B); sub 2:50 (C)

HR - Abingdon - 20th Oct - 2'44'59 (A*) / 2'49'59 (A) / 2'54'59 (B) / sub-3 (C)
Postie - Abingdon -20th Oct - 2:48 (A*); 2:50 (A); 2:52 (B); 3:00+ (Slope off quietly)
Blisters - Abingdon - 20th Oct - 3:14:59 (A) 3:15:++ (burn trainers)
TT - Amsterdam - 20th Oct - as far into the 2:2x range as possible (A) / 2:29:59 (B)
Joolska - Frankfurt - 27th Oct - 2.57 (A); 2.59 (B); 3.02 (C)
Toro - Washington - 27th Oct - 2:49 (A); 2:54 (B - PB); 2:59 & beat USMC (C)
MtR - Abingdon - 20th Oct - 3:59 (A) finish (B), stay alive (C)

Actually I lknow it will hurt, but I'm doing it for enjoyment, because this is a hobby not a job.


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Posted: 18/08/2013 at 19:23

Jools: nice PB, about time your consistency paid off on the racetrack. Well deserved streak you're on. Had I known the race was on I'd have come along -but probably not to run.

TR: Good result for summer training.

lots of long runs today. I did my bit with 17 slow ones. Add in a hill session, a10 mile walk with the dog and 5 pints of beer yesterday (3x Sambrook Pumphouse pale ale followed by 2 of of East London Beers exhibition bitter) and I'm pretty bushed this evening after my first 50 mile week since May.

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