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Vegan & running…..

Posted: 23/12/2013 at 18:32

Thanks Wilkie & T-Rex. 

Yup straight from omnivore to vegan....i have had bits of cheese/dairy either to use products up or as you say when out and not having much choice.

I think you're right about little and often. I've done that today and felt OK, although I did run straight after breaky. I think its about being a bit more organised when I'm up early and off to work as fruit and a hummus pitta (my usual lunch) is not working too well. So maybe some nuts and other snacks. 


Thanks again both. 



Vegan & running…..

Posted: 22/12/2013 at 15:47


Mr Muddy and I have recently gone vegan (3 weeks in). We decided to test it out, see how we feel and see how it affects us (positively or negatively) before taking a longer term decision. We've done it primarily for environmental reasons (the impact of the meat and dairy industry is massive), but are contemplating whether substituting local, free range meat is environmentally more sustainable than beans/soya imported from South America etc.

Anyway, the question i wanted to ask is about how other vegans (or veggies) feel when they run? I've been for a few runs now, only short ones (3-5 miles) and I've felt completely exhausted. I feel like I lack energy, particularly when running in the evening.

I've been for a bike ride and a run today and I actually felt OK (a very good run in fact, one of my best times). But I think that's mainly because I went out straight after eating breakfast. However I clocked my slowest ever Park Run time yesterday (didn't have time for breakfast) and had to cut short my Thursday night run.

So on Thursday I had a bagel with nut butter for breakfast (at 6:30), sweet potato/corn patties with veggies for lunch at 12:30 (felt super full afterwards) then ran at 6:45 and felt like I'd hit the wall after 2 miles, at which point I turned around. I do feel hungry almost all of the time.   

I suspect that some of this is just my body adapting and working out what to eat, when. I'm reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek, to see if he has any ideas (as he clearly doesn't have any issues with energy!) but if any vegan runners can give me an idea of what they eat and how much i'd really appreciate it as I'm struggling. Other than the lack of energy and feeling hungry I do feel good. But I want to be able to keep running and to be able to run/bike longer than a few miles.



Colonge Marathon

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 11:13

Awesome! Thank you! Chocolate museam sounds ace! One more question...(becasue these things are important! ) Do we get a good medal????

Colonge Marathon

Posted: 19/04/2013 at 20:23
Thanks Emmy! Sounds awesome. I think I shall get myself registered on pay day.
Mr Muddy enjoys an interesting midrange or art gallery. He enjoys photography so interesting things to take photos of is good to, markets, cafes, beer, sausages. They'll keep him entertained. So if you have any ideas that would be fab!

Excited. Will look at hotel sin the suggested areas.


Colonge Marathon

Posted: 18/04/2013 at 20:03

Hi there, 

I'm thrinking about an autumn marathon somewhere interesting (i.e. not my home town) Had a search and couldn't find anything on the forums on this - so apologies is there is and I missed it.

Has any one done the Colonge Marathon? What were your thoughts? Is it fast/flat (had a look on Garmin and found a profile with over 1000m of ascent! - but last yeras race times don't make it look that hilly) of is it bumpy and fast-ish or just plain hilly and slow?

What is the support like? Is is as good a race as things like London? 

What is Colonge like (it looks nice!) and is there plenty to entertain Mr Muddy?

Can you recommend places to stay?

And finally....Is anyone else doing it?



UTMB fallback plan

Posted: 17/01/2013 at 18:47

I've not entred UTMB. I have it on my list to do and am planning to attempt to qualify (and get through the ballott!) for CCC. Good luck to all of you in getting through and then in completing your races. 

In looking to qualify i quite fancy The tour of the Vanoise is in late June. Its 72km and only gets 2 UTMB points but I've walked/camped the route and its awesome. So if you fancy something in the same area (its prob only 40km from Chamonix) then it might be worth a look. You can find the link on UTMBs qualifying races pages.



Forerunner 910XT course uploads & virtual racer

Posted: 17/11/2012 at 15:37

I've just bought a 910XT and so far I've only tested it for running and quite like it (although it is not massivly different from my old 405). However, the main reason i bought it was the virtual racer/course download function. I am really struggling with this though - so could do with some advice. I have registered the 910 to my exisiting Garmin Connect Account and i have downloaded the Communicator Plug in. I have tried to download one of my runs (downloaded from the 405) and i have tried to download runs/courses by other Garmin Connect users. Neither has worked. When i click on "send to device" i get the Send to Device  dialogue box. This only finds the 910XT. So I have selected this and clicked the "send course" button. I then get one of those count down timer thingys then a message in the dialogue box saying "course successfully sent to device". However then i go to my 910XT watch and navigate here:Mode/menuTrainingcourses i can't see anything. All i see if an empyt box and 2 options under that: New (left) delete all(right). When i click the enter button all i can see are the previous runs. I can select these to race. But I want to use other runs, not recorded on this watch. The same is true of the virtual racer option. Does anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Have i not enabled something?

If anyonce can help I'd really apprecaite it! Thanks

wannabe ultra runner?

Posted: 16/09/2012 at 16:35
Hi all!
I'm considering a leap to longer distance running. I've done ironman France and 2 other marathons including trail marathon Wales. But I fancy a bit more...
So I'm looking at a couple of options. Do I go for long ish over several days, or just really long over 1 day. So I'm thinking 1) the jarassic coast challenge 3x26.2m over 3 days or 2) the lakeland 50. I was quite tempted by the Ring 'o fire (but am afraid
of the distance.
Have any of you guys done these? And therefore have any views on the races?
Do you train the same way for both the two types of race?
Is there something else worth considering? I'm just after a new challenge, rather than to qualify for anything )(but do quite fancy the U.T.M.B at some stage)

Trail Marathon Wales 2012

Posted: 27/05/2012 at 14:13

Sounds like eveyone has been getting some good runs in!

We came over to CyB last weekend. Did 14m, attempting to follow the half marathon course. Got lost at 5m though. Then did the Sarn Helen route on the Sunday. Was fun, if a little hard work, in part because I was recovering from a cough and cold. Sunday was quite warm in the forest and it wasn't even as hot as it is this weekend. It will be VERY hot if it is as hot as it is now on race weekend. 

Was back on it properly this week. I did 7m on Wed, 4.5 on Thurs, 21 on Fri and 8.75 today. Total of 41 ish. Biggest week yet. 21 on friday afternoon was HARD. Made me realise that we need to get better at feed stations and reduce the faffing. We just hit 20 miles at 4:20. Am a little concerend that we wont make the cut off. We may just have to beast ourselves to 20 then suffer the rest. 

Planning a couple of 7-9 milers in the week then 22-23 at the weekend. 

Can't decide at the moment between a 2 or a 3 week taper. It will depend upon how my running buddy is feeling as she is suffering with shin splints at the moment. She did manage 21 on Friday, but suffered for 4m before giving up and taking drugs! 

My flat marathon only time is 4:15, i managed 5:27 at the end of ironman france. I suspect we'll be closer to 5:30 than anything else. But as its my first trail marathon and its my buddy's first ever marathon we'll just be happy to get around, without being swept up by the sweeper bus! 

Still excited!!!

Trail Marathon Wales 2012

Posted: 22/04/2012 at 19:36

Hi all!

I'm in for the full marathon, along with my running buddy (who is only just still speaking to me after I talked her into it then told her what the ascent and descent was!). We did 15m with 400m of climb and averaged 11:30 min miles this weekend. Bit worried about the amount of climb in the actual race at 1300-1400m in 26 miles. We need to do more hills in training. Off to do the Hawkshead 17km trail race next weekend and planning some runs in the Peak District, Cannock Chase and am planning to pop down to CyB the weekend of the 12th May to run part of the route.

I managed to map the route (more or less) onto an OS map (using a highlighter pen) using the Map my Run route, using a combination ot the topo map and the satellite map. There were only a few points where the tracks on the computer didn't seem to appear on the OS map - but i think that's becasue the forestry commission move stuff around on a regular basis. I'm not quite sure how easy it will be to translate that to the ground though. I'm OK in the mountains and on moorland, but forests are more difficult to navigate. I may need to steal Mr Muddy's GPS. Even if i can't run on the actual route it's worth having a go in the area. The hills around me are all long, not short and steep. Hence the trips to Cannock.

Think we'll be OK to make it to 20 miles in 4:30. But its gonna hurt. I just need to make sure that we don't set off to quickly.

 Has anyone tried Shotz energy gels? The website says that they will be supplied, but I'm not familiar with this brand. I may carry my own High5 gels. I'm planning to carry a small ruc-sac with some additional water, clothes and food. I get cold quickly so if i have to walk for whatever reason i'll need extra layers.

 I'm worried, but excited!

No idea where to stay before hand.

Good luck in building the big miles over the next 7 weeks or so!!!!

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