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Mentors and Mentee's thread 2014

Posted: 03/11/2013 at 22:29

Picking up on FM - I did it this year for by cherry-popping first IM distance. Not from the area at all, just fitted in at the right time of year when talked about training & effects with rest of family etc...

Made it into a genuinely brilliant week holiday for all the family (two pre-school kids, the missus and in-laws). The event itself is awesome - the run truely horrific! It is the same course as Heartbreaker earlier in the year.

Organisation is spot-on, made to feel really welcome. Free food at pre-race briefing, free food at end. You can stash your own food at the bike feed stations, and you even get to pick a finish tune to be played as you come through the holiday park at the end

In short - a low-key event, spectacular scenery along the whole route, good organisation and in lovely area. What's not to like?

Outlaw 2013

Posted: 05/07/2013 at 08:57

Have a great weekend everyone! Must say I'm envious - got over the psycological scars of my IM 2 weeks ago so feel ready and raring to go again.

To the competitors - enjoy it, try and keep smiling, and pace yourselves!

The spectators - enjoy it, try and keep smiling, and pace yourselves (try to remain sober enough to help your racers empty transition!)


Posted: 02/07/2013 at 07:08
laura watson 10 wrote (see)

That wasn't you at rectory farm Saturday was it, musttriharder ?


??? Assume it wasn't me as not sure what you mean! Saturday of race weekend I was mostly stuffing my face at the race breifing, and then back to the cottage we rented for the weekend (abou 1/2 mile along the main road from Sandy Balls, down the hill on the bike course).

This Saturday I was travelling home via my parents in Gloucester - what a rock n roll life...


Posted: 30/06/2013 at 21:55

Budjude - the Race New Forest website doesn't have a link for next year (or even a date that I can see) but they are off doing a LE-JOG charity thing for the next 8 days or so.

I expect they will get some more info up once that is finished.

As for the race - I did it this year (my first full distance) and can say the bike isn't too bad. I live in Shropshire, so loads of hills here and I thought it was fine.

The run - a killer. My advice is if you do want to do it then book a nice weekend in the New Forest and do a full bike loop (about 73km) on Saturday, and a lap of the run (about 15-20km depending on whether you start at Sandy Balls, or the car park where the off-road running starts).

The organisation is spot-on, a great event for first-timers I would say - but don't expect the fastest of times possible!


Posted: 30/06/2013 at 21:46

Having never swum  the full distance until today, or rode the full distance, I was now in the realm of the unknown again having never run a marathon. The first 2km are on tarmac, then onto the trails and into the New Forest. A killer. I had run on the route once in training so knew what to expect - I knew where I would be walking on each lap, but there were some areas for decent running to occur. The first 10km in 60min, happy! But another 3-4km and the wheels came off (for the first, but not the last time!). The start of what others have described as the IM shuffle! I get it now!

The lasting impression for me will be the cameraderie - other runners sharing the same experience, just at different times. I got 'low' when others around me appeared to be racing off, only to discover me passing them 30mins later when I was 'in the zone' again. Moods were on/off, up/down, high/low but the feed stations kept you going along (about every 2.5km). Immensely humbling experience.

Slowly the average pace on the Garmin drops, you try and work out whether 4hr45 is still on, then sub-5h. I think my last 7km was probably the fastest 7km in the last half of the run - I hit a good spell right at the end to run back home strongly and finish well. Run time 5hr 09.

My time was 13hr 31sec which was alittle disappointing on the surface. But I made my first IM distance event and was running well at the end, and still smiling! I loved it! The swim was great, the bike better than I thought (I could have ridden further) but the run disintegrated sooner than I expected.

The comments of others around me were the wind had taken more out of people (particularly first-timers) than you realised, and I think this is probably reflected in my good pace for 5-6hrs then getting unhinged despite feeling ok-ish.

The run is particularly demolarising if you can't pick things up to get back on pace - a very difficult thing to do in the third discipline of the day.

The organisation of the whole weekend was superb - I felt very well looked after. I loved this event - and am very happy it is as low-key as it is. I would love to do more long-distance races, but think that the time I had to train this year may not be possible to get again until both my kids are at school in a couple of years. These memories will last me until I can get a good training run again, but I would definately cut the training from 30 weeks to 24 say?

Until then I think it is back to 70.3 races for me - much easier to fit the volume of training into my life


Posted: 30/06/2013 at 21:34

The start (with only 120-130 competitors) was straightforward and no major hurly-burly. I settled into my own rythym quickly and just tried to let the chaos go on ahead of me. This worked well, and my first lap of three in 24-25min was bang on effort-wise. I kept this pace for the second lap, but had a burst of faster swimming to get alongside two others  who seemed to be going just a fraction quicker than me. This worked, and two of us kept together for the majority of lap 2 and 3. With about 500m to go I decided to pick a few people off as I was swimming well, and was happy to pass others and come out of the water in around 1hr 16 (ahead of schedule!). There was no mat before the T1 tent, so no time split until leaving T1.

This was the area I woried about most, but had done lots of miles. I kept to pace for the first (and longest lap) about 73km and was drinking and eating well. The main issue at this point was last weekends nasty winds. Forecast was for 20-25mph winds with stronger gusts up to 35mph. The main exposed section (which unfortunately was the best, flattest piece  of tarmac) was about 15km straight into this at the end of each lap... 3 times! I managed fine even second time around, but by lap 3 the times started slowing down and I rode into T2 at 6hr 50 (10mins down...) Still could make this up on the run...


Posted: 30/06/2013 at 21:28

My race report... 7 days on!

PreparationNo excuses - my training for the last 30 weeks following mostly the Fink Intermediate plan was spot on. Can't complain at all - with some careful planning, my other half and two young kids (2yrs and 3 1/2yrs) manged the time off without too much hassle. Helped by both of us having stopped our full time jobs (gulp!) for other life-changing reasons, we muddled through fitting in training, part-time work, nursery runs, kids swimming etc and survived... It is true what they say - you need to be honest, talk to everyone, and get it planned week at a time.

AimsBefore picking an event, I had a 12.5hr time in mind. I figured a 1hr20 swim, 6hr40 bike and 4hr 30 run. I have always been quick through transition so just figured these would be included somewhere. I might live to reconsider that - but more later!

The EventThis was only picked really as my other half wanted all my training out of the way in the winter/spring to leave the summer free for time with the kids etc and some 'normal holiday' time. Therefore the earliest that was deemed feasible was the Forestman. A quick scan through the previous years results made my time splits appear silly - a top 30 finish (something I am not in the league for...) and a major worry about the run splits of the majority of the field most years!


Posted: 30/06/2013 at 21:21
Budjude wrote (see)

are entries open for 2014?

Not yet - the organisers are off on a 'jollie' of their own...

Something No Different to Last Years Competition

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 18:03

Legs have felt a bit restless since racing Sunday, kept my word and stayed with the family whilst still on holiday, but got permission this evening to run a few miles whilst the packing started!

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Posted: 25/06/2013 at 08:02

I had a fantastic weekend - the organisers were fantastic and both me and my family felt well informed and welcome here in the New Forest.

I will get around to a race report - but am enjoying some R&R with the rest of the guys for the next few days (I owe them some time now!!!) so after a day building sandcastles and skimming stones on the beach yesterday, more tearing around after them today. Who needs sports massage, best way to ease the sore muscles I reckon?

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