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Adidas Supernova Control

Posted: 05 January 2007
Overall: Interesting experience yesterday... Normally run in Asics Kayanos or my Asics GT2120s. Both structured cushioning and perfect for me. Never any problems with ankles, feet, shinsplints etc.

January sale picked up some Adidas Supernova Controls... Also a stability shoe... Were in JJB, my size, reduced to twenty quid (normally a £70 shoe). Thought always good to have a spare pair... Went out in them yesterday... and oh my God! Bloody awful... After a couple of miles I wanted to take them off, put them in the bin and walk home in my socks! Everything hurt, it was like running on a rolling pin. And also... massive shinsplints!!!!!

I'll keep them for classes/gym etc but I'd never do anything involving impact in these again.

I'm sure they're perfect for someone but not for me. Just goes to prove how important it is to find your perfect shoe and even shoes within the same category (i.e. neutral cushion, stability etc) aren't all the same.

Berlei ShockAbsorber 518

Posted: 28 December 2006
Overall: My favourite running bra.

Asics GT-2120

Posted: 25 December 2006
Overall: Got them months ago and purposely left review late rather than rely on first impressions, but to my surprise I love them more than my Kayanos!!! they were supposed to be my spare pair and its the Kayanos that have become my "spares"...

Saucony Grid Trigon 4 Guide

Posted: 01 November 2006
Overall: Great shoe. Second medial post really sorted moderate pronation. Good price!