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UKIP saves people the job of trolliing it - again

Posted: Yesterday at 13:45

He has to live with his decisions of course.

Without getting too bleeding heart about it- there is a horrible situation which inspires some potentially fatally bad decision making from desperate people.

I was however talking more about the stupidity of mixing that up with ones own agenda about freeloading economic migrants. Whether that was really applicable to this family (I doubt it), I really am amazed at the extent to which the UKIP guy misjudged the whole thing. This guy is asking to be voted into power, remember.


Compare and contrast with Donald Trump. When he rails about Mexicans raping and murdering angelic white girls or whatever any right minded person finds that distasteful -  But you can see that he is pushing the buttons of your average Confederate Flag waving redneck. Arguably with some efficacy

I assume this UKIP geezer was trying to do something similar and strike a chord with the basically xenophobic not-in-my-backyard bedwetters that make upo most of UKIP support.

So he chooses the image of a drowned toddler to do it, and rails at kid's grieving father. Even if you think that's OK (and god help you if you do) why say it / bleat it into Twitter?

UKIP saves people the job of trolliing it - again

Posted: Yesterday at 13:27

I think narrowly he might have 2% of a point. They weren't being shot at in Turkey.

However plenty in Turkey regard the kurds as scum and refuse to give them papers so its quite reasonable for them to regard turkey as someplace they want to get the hell away from, since they would be at best stateless there.

And they had family in Canada so I guess that was what they were shooting for, despite the initial knockback from the authorities (turkey didn't give then exit visas since it didn't recognise them etc).

One can argue the toss about that but the overall picture is clearly people redered desperate by the Syria situation. I don't have a problem seeing that side of the coin as the only one that matters.


That's not my point though - the UKIP man is entitled to be a vile racist c*nt, just like anyone is entitled to be a vile,racists C8nt if thats their thing. Hwoever he is toadying up to people asing for their votes - youd expect him to have the nouse to know some afcts before ejaculating into the twittersphere:

-they weren't looking the for 'good life' in Europe. They were trying to join up with family in Canda.

-they weren't in a good place in Turkey.

and so on. Also, an aspiring politician should have the sense to know that the emotive  image of a drowned toddler is really not something to compete with using 'logic*'


Just don't go there



*using the term broadly.



What is middle class?

Posted: Yesterday at 06:01
"Work is the curse of the drinking classes."

Oscar Wilde

What is middle class?

Posted: 03/09/2015 at 16:03
Every generation seems to think that it's own recession, stock market crash or whatever is the worst one ever.

Some persoective is needed here- in plenty of cases living on benefits now probably still gets you a better standard of living than being working class/lower middle class in the 70s

What is middle class?

Posted: 02/09/2015 at 13:33
Is say it's anyone rich enough to have savings/accumulate assets and be taxed but not rich enough that they don't need to work.

Pedestrian Etiquette

Posted: 01/09/2015 at 13:17
I've not found a problem with pedestrians in general. Then again I tend to run on a canal towpath or in a park rather than a busy street.
On the towpath people tend to move to one side way before the runner gets anywhere near then. Unless it's really busy in which case you have to slow down.

On streets I think pavements are for primarily for walking on. People can be courteous of course but if someone is walking their kids along or leaning on s Zimmer frame it's not for them to accommodate your me time / starvation segment pB attempt

Running in light rain/autumn/winter - what to wear?

Posted: 01/09/2015 at 13:07
Best advice I ever read was to add 10degrees centigrade to whatever the forecast says and think how you'd want to be dressed as a non running person just going about your normal day outside. Dress accordingly. Adjust a bit for wind chill I suppose.

Personally I need it to be close to zero to consider really layering up and for low-mid teens running vest is fine.

For rain - Id invest in a light wind cheater type thing. An engineered hood is a good idea too.

I myself do get cold hands. I find mittens helpful when it gets really cold.

Cyclist ruding on pavement runs down child

Posted: 01/09/2015 at 12:59
I was almost wiped out by a pedestrian today. I was on a treadmill.
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