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WTF is happening

Posted: Today at 14:43

I quite like the idea of Nick Griffin as a TV chef.

Id put him on Saturday Kitchen next to that Indian guy from Cinnamon club

Using LTHR for 10k training

Posted: Today at 12:53
Fell Running Guide wrote (see)
Nayan wrote (see)

Never heard of friel but he is talking out of his arse. 

He's quite experienced!

Maybe he is. But still talking out of his arse. Also he cant read either - the East carolina Uni research he seems to be leaning on does suggest a 30 minute time trial but the authors make a point of saying this is a 30 min hard workout, not an all out race effort:

I suspect his model is based on elites running close to 10k in 30 mins. If you dont have much drop off between 5k, 10k HMpace etc and have a good aerobic base, then paybe 30 min TT pace isnt ridiculously far from your true threshold pace (though I suspect it is still a bit on the fast side).

If however you are an ordinary joe, this is shit advice. 

Basic strength test?

Posted: Today at 10:46

Vertical Leap

Pre-marathon Training Plan Workouts

Posted: Today at 10:31

If you were a first timer id say base training and time on feet.

If youre reasonably experienced (as a runner, if not as a marathoner) and are actively trying to improve Id say threshold runs and shaving something off your 5k time. Possibly some running specific strength and conditioning too.

All this presupposes taht you havent got any injuries or rehab to get over.

Talkback: The rise of the run streak

Posted: Yesterday at 13:56

given the choice id rather a well structured 4-5 run a week plan than run every day and end up with junk mileage

Marathon training with football.

Posted: Yesterday at 13:42

It is an excellent fartlek type session, especially if you play 11 a side. Plus the sideways movment and chnges of direction are actually cross training.

The problem is the injury risk. Imagine going for a 50:50 in the weekly office 5 a side just before you taper for a marathon, knackering your big toe and not making the starting line up. Youd feel a proper twat.

who's been sucessfull in the London Marathon Ballot

Posted: Yesterday at 13:35

I'm either IN (first attempt too) or my better half whatsapped me having totally misunderstood the implications of a shirt and acceptance form arriving in the post.

Am I ready to do a half marathon???

Posted: Yesterday at 13:33
Nicola Jones4 wrote (see)

Hi All,

This Sunday I am entering my first 10k which I feel fairly confident about.  My PB for this distance is 51 minutes.

My training for the past 4 months has normally been 1 short run mid week and 1 long run on the weekend.

A couple of weekends ago I ran 12 miles and although the last mile hurt I done it in 1:45.

My brother persuaded me to enter the local half marathon at the end of October and I have!!!  I plan to do another 12 miles run before this and keep up with 1 x short run (5/6 miles) in the week and a longer on weekend....

So my question is - will this be enough to get me through the half marathon having never actually ran the full 13 miles and on the above training?????


If youve run 12 miles I'd wager you could get around. I wouldnt push the pace though. Also consider slowing to a walk/ver easy jog as you drink at the water stations.

who's been sucessfull in the London Marathon Ballot

Posted: Yesterday at 11:13

does a magazine mean rejection then? havent received anything yet.

carry on camping

Posted: Yesterday at 11:11


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