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Friendliest races

Posted: Yesterday at 16:41

I had duplicated the same reply so got rid. Thats all

Can Mo Farah win in London?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:10

He did very well for his first marathon but should ditch the Quorn and go for pies and he'll lots more energy.


I do marvel at the logic which mums in supermarkets will use to dismiss quorn on the grounds that Mo 'only' ran 2:08 not 2:04

Sort of like a 18 stone lardarse on a football terrace screaming at a premiership footballer to 'run, you lazy b*stard!'

Friendliest races

Posted: Yesterday at 16:06


Friendliest races

Posted: Yesterday at 16:06

Manchester was very well supported

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 15:15

in Hadd's orginal document he talks about how you might start out finding 170bpm pace (relative to a max of 193) uncomfortable and hard to sustain for more than 5k, but eventually you get to the point where you are indeed comfortable running that hard for a lot longer. POssibly even for the entire marathon.

I suppose this is a combination of your pain tolerance improving as well as your ability to clear lactate and remain aerobic. Im also guessing that your body builds up more of the enzymes needed to metabolise both glycogen and fat efficiently. Maybe this good stuff is burned away by any sustained maximal effort which leaves your blood very acidic - hence the need to recover and build up aerobic base having 'used' it in a race

Sub 3 marathon-long term training advice

Posted: Yesterday at 13:38

exactly - if 1:28 halfway is anything other than a comparatively easy steady effort, you havent got any margin for error and any mishap from then on means you are pushing yourself into the realms of crashing at 23 miles or whatever  if you try to maintain pace.

When elites talk about a 20 mile warmup and then the race being the last 10k, they mean they get to 20 miles with plenty left in the tank - not f*cked from running a hard 13.1 and then holding on for dear life.

Obviously that goes out the window if you are eitehr

1) going for the world record or

2) Samir Haddad 2

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 13:21

5 miles easy today. First mile at recovery pace (6min/km) and HR came in at 110- very wierd, was expecting 125-130.

took the pace up to 5:30/km for the rest and HR remained pretty flat at about 119. Either recovery has turned into another HADD wtf? moment or this heartstrap is bollixed.

I suspect the latter


Dr Dan

What was your taper like if I may ask? I had to taper more severly than I was supposed to due to injury - I just read that this can leave you sluggish on race day...

Post Marathon after VLM on Sunday

Posted: Yesterday at 11:20

Well done Pipski. I went with 7 days total rest and amd doing 5ks and 10ks at 'recovery' (not even 'easy') pace this week if tahts any guide. 

half to full - ADVICE

Posted: Yesterday at 09:50

1) what do you think are you recovery, easy, tempo and speedwork paces.?

2) what proportion of your training running fell into each of the above buckets?


Reson being your 5k and half marathon PBs are consistent with those of a well trained 3:15 marathoner. However it is possible that they are being run with a heavy reliance on your anerobic system and glucose metabolism. Marathon running on the other hand will burn through all your carbs unless its done in a much more efficient aerobic way and (this is debated) metabolising a different fat/carbs mix along the way.

Long story short - if your aerobic base isnt up to the job, there will be nowhere to hide over 26.2 miles and the wheels will come off. You might get away with it and gut your way thorugh a fast 10k or even half, getting nods from the GFA marathoners around you. Then totally fail on race day becaue you havent trained the right systems in your own body for that distance.

HADD Training Method

Posted: Yesterday at 09:07

hey is subLT pace the same as marathon goal pace? or is taht only true as the ultimate goal

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