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You know that sinking feeling....

Posted: Today at 21:56


HADD Training Method

Posted: Today at 21:51

Nice one VTrunner - looking forward to the details!

P&D Autumn Marathon Training Thread 2014

Posted: Today at 21:41

Ive heard that MK marathon isn't as flat as people expect - Manchester on the other hand is more or less pancake flat other than a lap of altrincham in the middle. Slight slope towards the end but nothing severe. Having just run Abingdon I actually think Manchester is a faster course.


Hal Higdon Marathon Training Program app

Posted: Today at 19:58

Not that one since if looks very pricey and the nike one is free. I followed the nike one for my first marathon. As long as you apply some common sense about what easy conversational pace or 'faster pace' (for intervals ) it is perfectly fine. 

Earphones in races

Posted: Today at 17:59
Millsy wrote (see)
Have just checked the details for the race i'm doing on Sunday and they "strongly advise runners not to wear headphones"

Not sure what that says about anyone that turns up and runs with them?

I just noticed that wording on the Milton Keynes website.  They  go on to disclaim any liability that stems from collision due to inability to hear or being distracted by such music. 

So I take that to mean they have not banned music players but are trying to do just enough to cover themselves legally. It's not ghd only way either- Manchester last year started insisting on open ear bone conduction headphones (which they were delighted to sell you pre race)

Either way there seems to be  more awareness of risk, however various races respond to it. 

Earphones in races

Posted: Today at 17:53

The organisers were very clear both online, in the race pack and verbally on the day- no music players.  

If anyone still mp3'd up they are even more stupid than they are feeling right now. 

HADD Training Method

Posted: Today at 15:25

Tek - really sorry to hear that. Hope you're back on top soon.

HADD Training Method

Posted: Today at 15:01

Cheers Chickadee. Yes a 10min PB and the other goal was to be able to give the last 10k a proper go.

1mi warmup (easy + strides) and stretch over the 15mins prior to the starting line call, then:

1mi easy, rising into goal pace then even splits. HM/FM split was something like 1:41 v 1:42

HR about 10bpm higher than in training.  Race day nerves plus the windy conditions maybe. Drift was not bad at all  - low 160s for 22mi & climbing steadily towards 180 but I did manage to kick on for the mile  or so.

Pace and form held together better than last time.

Abingdon garmin data here:

HADD Training Method

Posted: Today at 12:45

Do you start off really slow? I always found that going off too fast sends your heRt rate up and keeps it both high and unstable. By contrast starting off very  slow and building up over a mile or two gives you more control.

the only mental toughness aspect is fighting the urge to go too fast too soon. 

Strength & Conditioning Training - Who Does It?

Posted: Today at 12:32

I'm sort of an this stage. I want to take my running forward but don't do enough S&c. I used to lift and have a tendency to revert to type and go too heavy- then when the soreness disrupts running too much I slack off on the strength sessions. 

With this marathon cycle done and dusted I really want to do S&C more sensibly before focussing on the spring marathon. 

 I'm thinking that balances, lunges, squats and plank will be key. im guessing that hill sessions will do for power, so my focus is on injury prevention as much as strength per se 

i think once a week should do-I'm not trying to bulk up


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