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The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 15:42



SideBurn wrote (see)

But how is this for a WtF?

If you come here to look for work (from say Poland) you can immediately claim benefit, having not paid any National Security (NI) payments in the UK...

You can then 'give up' looking for work and go back to Poland and (legally) continue to claim benefit!   from the UK!!!!

So the Government who are saying, "We want a limit to immigration" is also dangling the biggest juiciest proverbial carrot to anyone in the EU that wants free money!

The people are coming here not just to work hard and make something of themselves they are also here to take the piss out of our benefit system! A benefit system that the UK can change at the flick of a pen! 

What that means to me is that the Government know a good thing when they see it (immigration) and are prepared to lose money (a loss leader) to the few spongers knowing that they will be quids in long term!

People love scapegoats! Hitler knew this, he blamed Jews, the people thought this was great and persecuted them.... simply because they were told Jews were bad!

It wasn't just Hitler who tried that trick. Jews in particular have been scapegoated many times. I suspect that's usually the politics of envy, ie folks blaming their troubvles on a visible target. It might be Indians moving to East Africa under British rule and ending up running business, or Jews coming over and taking up moneylending. What do you think the Merchant of Venice is really about?

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 14:45
mark 474 wrote (see)

about the point at 14.12    people cannot contribute taxes if there is not enough jobs to supplement the extra population growth. At the moment money going out in benefits ( including eu migrants) is not substainable



unemployment is low and falling. As are real wages of course. ALso, (apologies Daily Heil readers) most people coming here do so to work, not to sponge  benefits. This means they will be paying taxes if they do it legally, which of course they should.

And even if they do it off the books, its still productive economic activity that putsmoney in their pockets, some of which will obviously be spent here, and giving rise to further work/employment for british industry

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 14:12
Big-Bad-Bob wrote (see)

Ah, there you go - I'm racist. Thanks, Nayan. As someone who has on more than occasion put himself in physical danger intervening against aggressive genuine racism, I'll not dignify your accusation with any further response.


However, I will ask one final time, how can already stretched housing, transport, social and health provisions accomodate 260,000 further people a year without the massive investment that we know isn't coming?


UK population growth is actually closer to 420,00 a year when you look at births and deaths.

The point you miss is that many (clearly not all) of this number come here to work. And most of the ones being born will eventually pay taxes here.

Its not wrong to wonder whether the infrastructure can cope in the near term (though railways, houses, business parks etc are indeed being built). Or whether they should come in and be entitled to the same benefits as others (hence the current debate).

Over time though, its exactly this kind of dynamic that gives Britain a response to the ageing population problem of say Japan. Like it or not, the sweat and taxes of these folks coming in will likely be what pays for your pension and old age care.

PS. I shouldn't call you a racist. I found the way you framed your original point quite offensive but shouldn't level that accusation at you. Sorry

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 13:34

Immigrants don't have a monopoly on bad behaviour. There is an inherent (possibly subconscious)  bias in the way the original post links to such in order to bolster its anti immigration rhetoric.

This isn't a debate that should be stifled at all.

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 13:12
popsider wrote (see)
Nayan wrote (see)

Population desity  (people/km^2)

S Korea 505

Netherlands 404

Japan 337

Germany 234


UK 259.


We are hardly bursting at the seams. Even if you look at England only its still on a par with the dutch.

Oh right, "only on a par" with the most densely populated country in Europe then.   Bit like saying a BigMac isn't a bad meal because it's only got as much crap in it as a KFC.    


point being that the Netherlands isn't falling apart, and that the UK as a whole is more than capable of finding enough space for more folks. Its trying to promote more development away from London and in the more sparsely populated areas already.

Further, S korea isn't growing badly at all and if one wants examples of truly densely populated area you have to get to much higher densities than all of these.

Ultimately this comes down to folks losing their jobs and housing benefits because of austerity and latching on to immigration as a convenient explanation.

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 13:10
Philomena Cunk wrote (see)

This is what is pissing off people who have concerns about immigration. People put forward intelligent arguments in a measured way like Bob and then people go through with a fine tooth comb looking for something that can be twisted into racism. Attitudes like this will have people queuing up to put a tick in UKIPs box. Sneer all you like but this isn't going away. Very comical yeah, people who vote UKIP think benefit cheats and people who work are the same. UKIP must be rubbing their hands as every one of those childish jokes sends more voters their way.

Oh please,

putting up images of Somali rapists,  and then bellyaching about how the country I buckling under the weight of these nasty foreigners coming in is exactly that - racist.

I happen to think that immigrant benefits should be limited, and that the reason the UK is their first hoice is because we are overly generous compared to others (eg Germany or Japan). If anything the UK shouldbe using its other draws (better economy, the English language, etc) to cherrypick. 

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 13:06
Snap! wrote (see)

England alone is 419 per sq/km. 

hence 'on a par with the dutch.'

Has Kittenkat been deleted?

Posted: Today at 12:09

Im so bored of this

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 12:06

Population desity  (people/km^2)

S Korea 505

Netherlands 404

Japan 337

Germany 234


UK 259.


We are hardly bursting at the seams. Even if you look at England only its still on a par with the dutch.

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Today at 11:40

As is linking your being late for work to Somali kiddie fiddlers and rapists.

Hard thinking about the costs and benefits of migration: good

Weak emotive bullshit: bad.

Golden age Daily Heil thinking about how life was like an episode of Midsommer Murders, bobbies on bikes dealt with miscreants with a cuff round the lughole, a pint only cost two bob and there no nasty black people - very bad indeed

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