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Posted: 25/08/2014 at 16:50

Works for me, although there is only the Coastal Trail race listed.

2nd half marathon

Posted: 25/08/2014 at 16:20

Not really much you can do to increase fitness in 2 weeks, and similarly, you won't lose much, so just look after the ankle, do some short easy runs to keep the legs turning over, and eat healthily and drink lots of water.


Posted: 25/08/2014 at 16:16

With 2 quality cross training sessions (I've never tried Zumba, but have seen a friend just after leaving a class, so it looks to be a pretty good cardio workout!), 3 times a week would be enough initially.  Two of those can be relatively short, but increase the other one gradually over time.

Obviously if you start getting any niggles, you can cut back, but if all goes well you can increase one of the shorter runs or add another run in.  It depends a lot on what you want to get out of it - just running for fitness or if you plan racing.

parkruns are great if you want to get the feel of a race, without the pressure.  There are loads of them around, so probably one near you.



Posted: 25/08/2014 at 15:44
Nose Nowt wrote (see)

Dom...  I'm glad you went some way towards taking my advice  I did say don't go faster than 9:15 per mile, but I'll not quibble  

This answer is a bit long... but I don't have time to edit it to smarten it up... but read carefully, and you'll get my point.

I'll stick to my original advice.  Stick to slow runs for most of your runs in this fortnight.  There is a reason. In simple terms, it is best to build a base fitness before moving on to speed work. This involves laying down systems for blood supply to muscles.. systems that are specialised in transferring oxygen in and waste products away...  good aerobic systems.  Once you've got the systems in place (extra blood capilliary etc),, you can tune them to be more efficient as you increase your speed, which has particular impact on the removal of lactate (and other) waste products.

If you train "too fast" (7 miles in 57mins)...  your body is under pressure and has to use the network of capilliaries and cells that are already in place. It won't really add to them but will tune them a bit to make them a bit more efficient... so you will see some improvement.  

Much much better if you increase the size of network before thinking of improving its efficiency.  But you're in this ridiculous position of wanting to do it all in 4 weeks!  I really don't know the perfect advice.  At one extreme, you could concentrate solely on slow running and building up the network... and maybe you end up with decent endurance, but not the speed for the task.   On the other hand, you might do all your training as fast as possible... and get some great speed... but then conk out in the race after 3K.  

You need to find a compromise... and my suggestion was an attempt to do a bit of both.  It's accepted that your body takes 2-3 weeks to adapt to "slow" training... which is one reason I'm saying don't waste your precious time on fast stuff yet... because you only have a limited window of opportunity to build that base network of capilliaries etc.  Focus  now on slow training speeds that do not recruit your 'fast' systems.   Then, in the 3rd week have a go at improving the efficiency of your newly-built networks. 

Other people would perhaps offer a different compromise solution, and they may or may not be right... but I'd just warn that intuitively, when faced with training, we tend to think faster is better... but, for the reasons outlined, it can be far far better to be patient and intelligent with your training.

I'm trying to think of an analogy (and failing to get a realistic one)... but imagine you had a battered 1000cc car and knew you had a race in a week's time - but you're not sure of the quality of the opposition. Maybe you could choose to spend all your time tuning every component of that 1000cc engine to be as fast as possible.  But you don't know if you're up against 2,000cc engines... in which case, it doesn't matter how brilliantly you fine-tune the small engine, you're going to lose (and also by screwing everything out of your small engine, there's more chance of a breakdown!).   Maybe it's better to invest time in installing a bigger engine before thinking of fine-tuning.     Not perfect.. but there's something in that analogy - and highlights the dilemma.  In my opinion, you should invest at least some time on increasing the size of your engine before trying to make it fast.

This was in response to a question about improving very quickly, but the "sc


Posted: 25/08/2014 at 15:11

Hi Buttons and welcome.

I am very similar to you (female, forties, approx. 34 mins for 5k) and made my faltering comeback at the start of last year, having had 6 years out having and looking after small children.

Believe it or not, the best way to improve your stamina is to run slower, and for longer.  I'll find the thread that explains it and put up a link, but basically, running slowly builds up the capilliaries that carry the blood to feed oxygen to your muscles, which is the vital tool in improving stamina.  Once you can comfortably run for an hour without slowing down towards the end, you can add a faster run and some intervals which will help with the out and out speed, but the building blocks need to be there first.

I have an android phone and use MapMyRun, which works well for me.


Best advice - enjoy it!


Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 25/08/2014 at 11:21
Screamapillar wrote (see)

Cram: ffs stop calling people "young 19 years olds" - have you ever seen an old 19 year old?

They're either a young man/woman or a 19 year old - pick one and stop being an irritating twat.

Screamy - you could have saved yourself a few keystrokes and missed out the bit in the middle.

Fun Runs overpriced?

Posted: 22/08/2014 at 15:49
cougie wrote (see)
Imagine if the British 10k had a kids fun run. That would be interesting.


"Still cheaper per inch than the London Marathon charges for a gold bond......."

Fun Runs overpriced?

Posted: 22/08/2014 at 15:29

Potentially it could be subsidising the cost of the main race, if there are road closures etc to be taken into account (ok, not the case for your trail run). Difficult to say and it would vary from event to event.

I guess it will make a difference if the event is run by an events company, which is primarily there to make profit, or organised by a club, who want to cover their costs and possibly raise some funds for other club activities.  I'd balk at the former, but if my local club organised an event which had a fundraising element, meaning the club could offer better facilities/coaching to it's members, I'd be ok with that.

At the Loch Ness Marathon there's a "Wee Nessie" race which is, as you describe, 400m or so round the park next to the event "village".  Cost £3 each last time my 2 did it - but they got a printed t-shirt and a quality medal!  I suspect the marathon entry subsidised the junior race that time.


What came first?

Posted: 22/08/2014 at 15:17

Ok, Madbee, what came first, the dinosaur or the egg?  


Posted: 22/08/2014 at 12:07

I'd need protective goggles to prevent black eyes. 

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