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My Last Run

Posted: Yesterday at 22:58

Amazing running Dan. You are having a bumper year of running! excellent running too from Lily, Cal, Matt

My snot continues to flow heavily Hills today, in the absolutely pissing rain, drenched and sodden through. As I'm a glutton for punishment, I did the monster hill and did 4 reps at a fairly respectable pace, then added an extra warm down as I was sweaty as well as sodden

Swittle- check in and let us know you're OK please mate

My Last Run

Posted: 29/08/2015 at 21:45

JT- I have to agree that both cocktails sound vile. The egg whites in particular sound revolting.  Some nice training though. Hope the windiness has eased up 

Strangely, awesome fell running. I read that Fell Running book while I was away in France (can't remember its name). It is bloody hardcore stuff.

Hi Alex- nice pace

Me- super busy week, so not been online much.  Squeezed in a few runs though. Club 5k cross country on Wednesday evening was equally as appalling as last week's effort, and nearly exactly the same rubbish time.  Friday was an easy 5-6 miles with a stinking cold. Trying to sweat it out.  This morning again sweating in a  most unladylike way, I did around 8 miles in total. 3 miles up to the club, followed by our monthly women's run and breakfast. 5 easy miles in the forest with chat and laughs, followed by a huge social breakfast back at the clubhouse. The snot continues to flow freely.

My Last Run

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 23:02

beautiful as ever Dan.

Strangely, I would like to think I will research more on Chi running and I did try to follow the principles on tonight's hills session. It was really hard- shoulders relaxed but straight, arms swinging back not forward, stabilise core, light on feet with a faster than usual cadence.  Much harder than my natural (crap) technique and the session killed me (8 reps of the usual hill)

JT, the cosmopolitan was good, but the best was the Porn Star Martini ( vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur,  passion fruit pur??e and champagne). Yum.  You can even eat the floating alcoholic passion fruit at the end (desert) What's a Brazilian Monk?

**looks for swittle too**

My Last Run

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 14:18

It is very quiet on here MLRers!?

I did my chi running session this morning with a shocking hangover (nothing Chi or mindful about drinking your way through the cocktail menu )

Anyway, it was quite interesting. If nothing else I learnt how crap my posture and alignment are, and how badly my running style is unbalanced when I hold a water bottle whilst I run.  Am not sure I will take it further but good to understand the role of the core and how to use your body more efficiently. Oh and i may invest in a camelback for the long runs 

My Last Run

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 21:59

Nice running JT

It is beautiful here in London today and I celebrated with an early evening run with my running buddy. 8 miles very leisurely pace and social, through Epping Forest, which is at its best at this time of year.  Happy

I am doing a Chi running taster session on Sunday morning at the running club. Know nothing about it really, so hoping it will be interesting / helpful

My Last Run

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 23:22

Hello all!

Need to catch up but too late right now. I hope you're all well

I got back from my holidays late on Monday evening. It was a fabulous 9 days of gluttony (of the cheese, bread and wine variety mainly), travelling around some beautiful French countryside- mainly Charente and Loire region; lolling around, reading, swimming in the pool, daily runs at a *very* leisurely pace. for the first part of our holiday in Charente, we were staying in the grounds of an old chateau at the top of a very steep hill, which made for some challenging hills training. The first time , my 14 year old son came with me and made an effort to beat his old mum. Needless to say that was the first and only time he joined me for a run

I think I have put on huge amounts of weight and am actually too scared to weigh myself :-/

I also went back to work yesterday after a lovely 5.5 week break- boo to return to work!!, and it was my birthday. 42 I think.  Have done a bit of running- a very easy 4 ish miles in the forest yesterday and tonight a 5 k cross country race with the club which was absolutely dreadful. Around 26 minutes I think. I blame holiday and birthday excesses.

Will catch up soon

My Last Run

Posted: 07/08/2015 at 14:39

Great art as ever Dan

Me- 6 miles through Epping Forest this morning with a friend, bright and sociable. Off to south west France at 2am tomorrow for 9 days, so will see all you MLRers then

Have packed running shoes btw to try to offset the gluttony and drinking of great cheap French plonk wish me luck with the tunnel

My Last Run

Posted: 05/08/2015 at 22:13

6 mile club run on a beautiful cool evening off the beaten track through Epping Forest. Easy pace and sociable.  Just the ticket

My Last Run

Posted: 04/08/2015 at 22:04

Track session today. 12 x 400 metres with 100m recovery jog between each. Averaged just over 7 minute mile and kept that pretty consistent throughout.  Gradually improving now from this speed work. Good, very hard session 

My Last Run

Posted: 01/08/2015 at 22:54

Running club 5mile race this morning. 43.50. Pretty far off my PB but still an improvement on last month's five and it was a lovely race through the forest

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