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My Last Run

Posted: Yesterday at 20:46

Excellent parkrunning Marshall and in particular Cal

I did a club 5 mile race in the forest yesterday morning.  It was sweltering and hard going, and my time was uninspiring- just under 45 minutes I think.  There's another one next month so I'm hoping to get some form back before then

My Last Run

Posted: 02/07/2015 at 23:47

Me- our annual works' 5k fun run this evening, with my little run group (very small this year- only five. But perfectly formed ). this year it was at the Olympic park. Very warm and a lovely venue and friendly race. The course measured short by my Garmin. Very short at just over 2.7 miles!  I know it's just a fun run but that is really grating.  So my *official* time was 22:52 but I know that my pace was waaaay off PB time.  Still a fun evening and I was objectively 9th woman (no, there weren't just ten of us). Which is nice

My Last Run

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 23:11

Hi Andrea, I do about a mile at an easy pace to the hill and to warm up and down.But I don't tend to count the mileage on a hills session, just the reps , their speed and whether I've maintained consistent pace.

Swittle- good to @see@ you and it sounds like you might be coming through this tricky phase. Fingers crossed

Matt- a marathon to start your day!!? Very impressive

Me- it was still 35 degrees on our club run through the forest this evening which made for a very challenging 5 mile cross country run. Followed by our new regular runners' pilates class, which we did outside on the green by the clubhouse, as the sun set. Lush

My Last Run

Posted: 30/06/2015 at 22:22

hello all

thanks for the congrats Strangely.  I have not been faster since doing VLM, quite the opposite.  the 5K pB was really just a fluke I think. Exciting about your GFA!! I can only dream of that.. I have however got a sub 4 hr marathon like an itch in the back of my mind that needs to be scratched... grrrr.

Me- hills last night.  A new one, double the length and elevation of the usual one and a fairly hardcore session in the heat. I managed 4 reps, which i was happy with, speed was much the same as I'd do for 8 reps of the lesser hill, so pleased with that.  Am cycling most days ATM too. Not much, work and back is about a 5 mile round trip

Swittle- are you there??

My Last Run

Posted: 28/06/2015 at 21:59

Amazing running Cal! So happy for you! awesome race report too

My Last Run

Posted: 27/06/2015 at 23:13

Great park running all, including Cal's student! Dan, it is pretty relentless innit!!

JT- yes the horsefly must have given me super PB powers!

4 mile recovery run for me today, and some lovely afternoon cycling with my now- very confident 7year old cyclist in the forest .  It is beautiful here

My Last Run

Posted: 26/06/2015 at 22:51

Cal, very best for Sunday.

Swittle, please get to a physio

Me- I've not run since Tuesday as I got an infected insect bite (horsefly I think?!) on my ankle when I was running on Monday night. This swelled up hugely and so i'm now on anti-biotics and have been boringly elevating and doing cold compress in hope that it was de-swell for tonight's Orion Fast Friday event.  Thankfully, this morning i woke up to almost all the swelling gone, albeit with some fairly grisly side effects from the antibiotics. So I've done a mini triathlon today unwittingly- a short bike ride to the bank, followed by 30 lengths of the Olympic pool at the aquatic centre (about a mile I think). Then I got a HUGE PB tonight at the race- 23.23.  This is over a minute off my existing PB and I am as shocked as anyone as I have not been fast since the marathon at all.  But I am very very happy  

Fast Friday because it is 12 and a half laps on the track. Thus flat as a pancake with no awkward terrain / bends etc.

My Last Run

Posted: 23/06/2015 at 20:39

4+ miles tempo run for me this afternoon.  Felt sluggish

My Last Run

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 21:31

Dan, amazing running from you mate. I am pleased you are easing off the racing for a couple of months

Me- Monday hills with a slightly different route. 8 reps. Felt quit strong

My Last Run

Posted: 20/06/2015 at 21:19

Ha! Your very easy 5k is over a minute faster than my PB Marshall

Andrea- great running

swittle- you're great in my eyes

JT- weather's crap here too. Loads of crap grey clouds all day then an almighty downfall around 5.30.  

Me- attempted a "proper" fartlek session this morning as I only had a 30 minute window whilst the smaller child did ballet, and I wanted to make it worth my while. It was OK but my efforts were not fast enough.  Something to work on...

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