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Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 20:19
Ja5onW wrote (see)

Dear nick


explain and/or use in a sentence 

I was once in the bar on a cruise liner and it was unusually rough, so much so that my gin and toni clunge d violently across the bar


Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 20:17
booktrunk wrote (see)

Nick:I have an issue, I get to the end of the race and the clock always shows 4:xx:xx or 5:xx:xx do you think I should just skip a few miles In the middle so I can get a time that  begins with 3: ?

Yes that would work, but you'd be called a cheat and as you know from a certain acquaintance of yours those people get found out don't they.

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 14:07
Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

Dear Dr Nick

I would like to do a marathon one day but think I must have an ear injury that will prevent me from achieving my dream. When I go for long runs my ears seem to be defective as they like listening to the sounds around them; like birds, the wind, water, even the pitter patter of my feet.

I've read it's essential to be able to do a marathon that you need to like listening to music while you run - particularly drum and bass.

My ears hate listening to music while I run and detest drum and bass whether I am running or not.

Should I just say goodbye to my marathon dreams or can you cure my ears of this dreadful ailment?

Yours hopefully


Well I have to say this is simply not true, music if a wonderful thing but so is running, so try running with your Ipod plugged into your ears but actually turned off, it may work for you. 

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 14:05

well it could be the cause, but I'm inclined to think you're physical assaults may be a result of your self-loathing, which you really need to come to terms with first

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 13:25
Fueled by Jelly babies wrote (see)
Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

This is a cry for help, I am feeling your pain, I would simply tell these people that I have not run, and make some better friends.

Thank you for your advice. Thank goodness these people are not my friends just work colleagues. 

So how long have you this problem with making friends? is it new, from childhood? do you look at people as a potential friend or potential threat? I think I can help you get over this

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 12:33
Fueled by Jelly babies wrote (see)

Dear Dr Nick,


While this is not strictly speaking a running injury but I am hoping you can help me. I think several people around me may have brain injuries. The reason I think this is because they have to ask me several times when I say I have run before work how far I ran and if I really ran.

 Thank you in advance.


This is a cry for help, I am feeling your pain, I would simply tell these people that I have not run, and make some better friends.

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 12:30
Wilkie wrote (see)

Dr Nick,

I can't run at the moment, so how can I acquire a running injury?


I'm sure there are many ways, as you are a girl have you tried playing football, girly kicking could get you some sort of muscle strain

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 11:14

You're welcome Dean


Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 10:35
Also-ran wrote (see)

Hopefully you won't restrict your case load to running injuries. That would suggest some sort of specialist injury clinic, maybe some kind of charlatan.  I'm after a one stop shop; physical, mental, sexual health etc. I reckon your prescription of "man up" would work on most cases.

Perhaps RW could set up a Q&A session on a Friday afternoon, after you returned from the pub?  

An excellent idea, I am also expert in many sexual practices and associated  ailments

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Yesterday at 10:33
DeanR7 wrote (see)

nick, i have a problem that wont go away and you might be the right type of person to help.   i slap myself hard around the face and head 20 times before and after each run. after 18months of it im starting to get a bit of a headache and showing signs of bruising.  its really starting to hurt now.  .  i have tried running with out an ipod and have even drank beetroot juice but my head still hurts.  you are my last hope.i need your help, what can i do?  would a new pair of trainers help?

DeanR7 you came to the right man, Clearly there is a self esteem issue, and I will not try to correct this, as you are probably like many with this problem, a little self indulgent. I can recommend the use of a good mountain bike helmet, and gel padded biker gloves, this would take the impact of the blows leaving you to slap away in comfort.

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