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The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 19:07

HM4 , superb effort well done indeed ????

Tek bin the bloody HRM ????

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 15:14

MG1 nice tempo session ! At that pace even on a bike your OH must have struggled to keep up with you ! if her cycling is anything like mine!!! and I cannot believe you have never ever raced a 10 k  as you mentioned in your message to me the other  day 

GM a few easy weeks is in order after a marathon I am learning that myself , nice doubles day 

Tek  50 miles week ?? dont know how you can show your face on here ???? ????

NP , shoes lovely thanks , superb 13 plus run from you , you have recovered from London very well ! when are the World police /fire games ? 

Tric , nice mileage ! I am envious ! glad the niggles are clearing up 

SM6 nice pacey 8 , what surface are you talking about ? gritty paths ? my legs always feel heavy on those 

Well no repercussions from Saturdays park run so plenty of stretching and icing seems to be doing the trick I have so neglected stretching over the years and was beginning to think I was bullet proof as one of my club mates discribed me , but as my fizzio said I am hetting older now and need to be more sensible and look after myself if I want to run till I am 70 .. 

Nice easy all off road 4 miler @ 9.15 s today ... a very very happy bunny to be running again, just mustnt get too carried away too soon 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 21:59

NP  thise bloody 50 year olds eh ! weldone on making them eat your dust !

Enjoy tomorrow MLR cant wait till  can run 10 miles ! 

AR nice training which marathon are you running ? 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 14:36

Back from Park Run

10th lady 2 nd in age 23.57 ( not  that I was racing of course !????

Lovely course all off road a quite hilly so I couldnt charge off too fast ! ran a bit quicker than I should have but felt great although after a month of not running 5k felt a long way 

more easy stuff no running now till Tues / Wed ( probably ????) 

Tek weldone on your time today speedy ! 

Tri yes been shoe shopping , feel really bad though as I have 2 virtually brand new pairs of Asics my other half bought me , I havent mentioned tne purchase to him yet ! they are the same colour so he may not notice ! 

MG ! 19 miles superb ! I can only dream of that distance at the mo 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 07:17

Up bright and early ( for me )
So excited ! Been given permission by fizz to do the park run this morning , as long as I jog !!  not the one I marshall  but different off road one our club is targeting on mass and i really didnt want to miss out ,

A rather funny session with him last night !
Which ended up with him lending me his trainers for today ! He doesn't like my asics 2000 , I tired out his brooks racer t ( lucky he only has small feet .. or are mine big ????) and wow ! encourages lovely forefoot strike and really cushioned on the heel , I think he took pity on me and as long as I promised to get his back to him by 2 o clock I can run in his ! My other half is quite disgusted I am prepared to run in someone else's sweaty trainers !
I will read back and catch up properly later

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 14/05/2015 at 21:14

Saw fizz yesterday 


Positive feedback ( I think ) PF confirmed but in acute stage so should be easy to treat with patience , had deep tissue massage which made me hit the roof it was absolute agony , followed by ultra sound stretching then immersing my lower leg in a bucket of ice ! finally taped with Rock Tap

It appears like many injuries it stems from a weak lower back / core so must keep up the  pilates and core classes


it feels so much better today  , but not allowed to run till he says so  and my first run will be with him , hes also a personal trainer and runner targeting 1.15 @ Cardiff in Sept!!!  so he really knows how important running is to me 

Will catch up properly tomorrow 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 11/05/2015 at 07:17

MG1 are you doing an ultra ? 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 17:47

Just a quick hello so I dont get too far behind

SC watch that heel pain ! Mine is exactly like that and goes for a while once warmed up but it returns worse !! Classic sign of PF !! I didnt realise it was a sign of PF I assumed the pain would be along the arch where the plantar runs ! but initially it starts with heel pain 

Tek a Pb Is a Pb nice running !

OH hope the wind is a tail wind ! 

MG recovering nicely , superb 13 miler

SM we all have bad runs , you will be fine , you have dine plenty of quality  training especiallly on the track 

GM expect to feel the effects for at least 3 weeks its still very early days 


NP so how long does it take toy tobswim 70 lengths ? 

Cant see fizz till Wed , in the mean time going insane !  heel feels a bit better but as long as there is any discomfort there at all been told not to run ! long walks out of the question too as is cycling and spinning  Friday I did a toning class , rowed 7k then swam half a mile and still didntbfeel like I had done anthing !  Tomorrow more swimmimg ! followed by toning / core class 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 07/05/2015 at 10:39

Be back later quick post

Been suffering with heel pain been confirmed PF   bollox !! 

Tried first short run since london last night 3.5 miles agony ! 

Seeing fizzio just waiting for him to confirm when I said ,  ASAP or someone will die ! 

I the mean time thank god I am a half decent swimmer , but uts so bloody boring !!! 

Been doing a mile a day 

Added a few lengths today did 70  yawn !! 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 02/05/2015 at 14:53

Just popped into see how GM got on 

Well done great time , it always goes  well till that final few miles we are then in unknown  territory whether its our first or 10th  marathon 

No running yet for me still nursing my heel its getting better by the day but staying off it till Tuesday when I am hoping to do the second in the 5k series , not expecting a great time the week after a marathon but the points add up 

Not been sat around doing nothing though swam I mile in 40 mins yesterday and biked 17 miles today , a social ride for charity with  a friend which involved cake , so it had to be done 

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