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The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Today at 13:07

Sundown superb time for a first marathon ! so you should feel 10 feet tall ! were you tempted to use the lucozade on offer ? I had a bit but hate the gels , I prefer SIS 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Today at 08:11

Mace fantastic race report you remember so much !  weldone again ! 

JH you also a great run

I bumped  into a local  ex elite runner Stuart Hall  although to me he is still elite , at the airport on the way to London he was  hoping for sub 2.30 @ the age of 50 ! I saw him again in the way home he ran 2.34,and was disapointed !!!!! 2.34 @ 50 !! 

Thinking back to my race the odd thing was I didnt get that never again feeling and felt quite strong untill suddenly my legs went dead in the last few 100 yards I guess it was the famous wall ? I have never experienced that before a really odd feeling had it happened half a mile sooner I wouldnt have made it under 4 hours I reckon , I must sort out a better way to carry my gels !! 

SM6 oh dear what have ypu done to your knee ? hope it improves soon , keep up the cross training

SC nice to see you recovering well , hoping to get to body pump myself next week 

MG1 nice recovery for you also ! and wow !! respect to your brother

I forgot to mention my brother actually , he did a 20 minute PB 3.56 , he has beaten me over the last couple of half marathons and I thought he may get me over the marathon  , but its  odd there  are a few chaps from my club that run faster halfs than me but I run better marathons , I have suggested slowing down  the long runs and doing more of them 

Rest here , the heel pain has come back  I thought it might , so back to icing and resting it 


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 19:29

Tri I really cant get my head around why people run those  kind of distances how on earth do you ever begin to train well done indeed

Mace wow thats a truely amazing time ! you have put in some mega miles  as for the tingley lip I had that near the end I thiigh it may be a warning I was about to throw up ! great that you family managed to see you twice ! 

JH superb effort at the end of a long week 

NP ! you are truely amazing and also my inspiration ! I know I will never be as fast as you or even the famale equal but seeing you get faster with age since I joined this thread a few years ago is whats given me the kick up the bum I needed I put my good year so far , full of PBs down to following you and realising I needed to put in some serious work , have added quality shed a few pounds and chased those younguns ! It was lovely to see you on Saturday I didnt follow suit and sit in an ice bath I sat on the grass soaked up the sun and had an ice cream ( maybe I will start taking ice baths soon ... or maybe not ) oh and by the way the finish was interactive red button not available on catch uo thank god ! I really really didnt want to watch it and we nearly had our first row last night when my OH was trying to find it ! 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 16:24
Back from a busy and eventful weekend a brief race report  I was running off the Green start , good for age and so called celebs ! the only  celebs  I recognised was Jenson Button and Greg James ( who ? ) Greg James radio 1 presenter I met up with 2 of my club mates there it was bloody freezing , no rain though we left it till the very last call to put our bags on the lorry , luckily I had put in some very old clothes I could afford to dump before the start as the bags had to be in the lorry about 45 minutes before we started  My heel had been niggling me slighlty from all the walking around over the last 2 days and I took a load of painkillers ! naughty I know but decided I wasnt the only one !  I was in Pen 4 which isnt too bad as there are only 4k runners at that start so I was under the clock in less than 2 mins legs feeling nice and fresh trotting along easy at 8.25 pace my club mates shot off ! one I knew was capable of 3.20-3.25 the other no way ! shes been slower than me this year sonI let them go I so wanted that sub 3.40 I had picked up a band but having looked at it saw although yes 8.23 pace would give me 3.40 I knew the course and its msny turns and wide corners I would have to run under that  The first few miles flew by 8.25.. 8.18 .. 7.46 !! oops getting carried away this is where the Red start meets us and there 3.30 pacers were there and I had to ignore them and let them skip away I knew I couldnt 8mm for 26.2 .. 7.58..8.19 .. 8.17 ..8.12 , oops its here I usually take a gel , I had almost forgot time was flying by  I reached into my bag for one not realising while doing so they were all falling out ! someone  tapped me on the shoulder and handed me 3 of the 6 I had lost ! bugger ! 3 gels for a marathon ???? 8.12... 8.12 .. and there by the side just where he said  he would be was my other half ! cheering almost in the road !!! that made me smile and laugh for the next mile .. mile 10 .. 8.19 .. 8.11 feeling absolutely brilliant where was the time going ? the the big one mile 12 ... 8.08 and tower bridge ! the crowds are amazing I get choked up everytime I missed my next support crew at half way 1.48.48 !! although they assured me they shouted  I was just over a minute ahead of my pace  band and still running steady ...mile 14 8.07...8.04..8.15..8.25 ..8.31...8.08..8.19 was at mile 20 I passed my club mate who had gone through half way in 1.43 ,  a whole  5 minutes before me !! miles 21...8.13...8.23...8.14 ... then with 2.2 miles to go I started to really feel it its the crowds that keep you going without a doubt mile 25 .. 8.37 then bang ! I was waiting for the feeling I usually get in the last mile when I find something  that helps me storm in its often my fastest mile , but it wasnt there , running down Birdcage walk is usually uplfting but I felt terrible my legs turned to jelly ! I have never experienced that feeling before and I stumbled toward a barrier grabbed hold of it and could barely stand , the crowds were screaming at me , some chap just grabbed me and started dragging me along hand in hand .. i got my legs back ... just and wobbled weaving all over the place along the Mall according to my son who was watching it on TV ! All I remember is throwing myself  under the finish looking up at the clock 3.40 something so I knew my chip time was under 3.40 .. according to my son I fell against the finish gantry and was helped up by 2 officials ! I cant remember  that (although I look llike a cat has scratched my face ) ! but I do remember asking the photographer if my mascara had smudged before he took the finishers photo !  As for the wobbly legs I guess lack of gels didnt help 26.6 miles @ 8.17s for that 3.39.47   .. was it all worrh it !! hell yeah !!!

Now yo read back and see how everyone else did ! Although I know NP ran a stormer !

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 26/04/2015 at 20:08
Sat in airport will post race report later
Very very happy new Marathon PB 3.39 .47 ...nearly died at the last 100 m but worth it ????????

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 23/04/2015 at 15:14

SM6 very envious of your 11 miler it seems ages since I ran into double figures ,( damn taper )  good pace too

Tek nice tarmac running , my favourite surface ! and thanks for the race diary update !!!!!!  it looks scarey in black and white 

MG1 old habits die hard , I just  know I will be itching to run again asap next week 

More loafing around ( I mean tapering ) here today 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 22/04/2015 at 11:23

NP have a good 5 miler later , will that be your last run yes must swap numbers before Saturday ... looking forward to CAKE    I have also been cutting back in the carbs for a couple of days but had to give in to a chocolate brownie and cappucinno wuth a friend yesterday I was feeling lightheaded 

Back from 2 miler , legs very very bouncy  was 7 mm and I to reel it in , heel fine .. 


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 22/04/2015 at 08:33


MG7 nice hilly 8 plus miler 

SM6 maybe that first rep was too fast ! once its gone it gone , but anyway you know you are on good shape and running well in general  everyone has an off day 

SC keep it easy you will recover sooner ... this member of the London crew hasnt run since Friday really taking care if my heel ! its feeling much better not sure what I have done but I do know that not running this week won't make a blind bit if difference to my London result whereas running too much would  its just doing my head in 

MG1 just enjoy this next week or 2 and rest after all the hard work not just on Sunday but over the whole of the winter 

Tek always nice to stop and appreciate where we are running 

OH , sane ? whats that ? I keep being told I am made training for all these marathons  I am beginning to think I am !

2 miles with some stides later 


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 22:49

SC and MG1  brilliant race reports , SC apart from those  last couple of miles there wasnt much of a slow down  a good run I would say and a PB !! 

MG1 I cant believe you are considering running tomorrow ! I am not expecting to even be able to get down the stairs this time next week !  And congratulations on the GFA ... London next year !! 

NP well done on tne swim ! thats my plan for tomorrow 

SM6 hope you feel better soon

Tek nice little recovery enjoy the soup  and Game of thrones 

another rest day here ! been rolling foot over frozen water bottle , heel felt a bit  tight ! ok now I think 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 17:32

Although I have seen it all on Facebook just like to sat weldone Stewart and Matt ( MG) you both  got the PBs you deserved 

Rest day here , imaginary niggle in my heel 

Just getting ready for my last night shift before London  so plenty of sleep to look forward to 

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