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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 10/06/2016 at 21:43


SM6 , you were expecting to have a tough run on tired legs ! still managing to pull off a sub 40 10k sounds pretty good to me , take next week a bit easier ! what time are you hoping for ? 

Ollie nice doubles s day ! hoping to get a few of those in myself in my marathon build up this summer , glad you managed to avoid getting wet today I didnt ! 

Tek nice easy runs ! thanks for the race update good luck this weeks racers

Thought I would attempt my planned marathon @8mm ish ( target sub 3.35 ) pace for 7-8 miles today feeling very comfortable I decided to carry on did 10.5 miles in 1.24  there were a couple of times I had to reign it in a bit so very happy started  slowly a fairly flat route with a couple of hills 8.22..8.02..7.56..7.58..8.13..7.48..7.55..7.53..7.50..8.15..7.57.. felt great that used to be my tempo pace !! 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 11:35

Cal /Tric my gym allows 9 days to book a class ! but like yours classes fill as soon as they come live , but I keep an eye on it with the APP and more oftern than not people drop out and spaces become available nearer the time , we are meant to give atvleast 24 hours notice to cancel a class if all else fails I just swim , Cal is you race is your race this weekend ? 

Tric nice warm 11 , cant say I am looking forward to marathon training if its a hot summer 

Tek well done on the 9.8 

SM6 good  luck with todays 10k it will be interesting to see how you on ! with mashed legs ! 

Ollie ! I hope the hot 16 went ok ! 

Half mile swim and track session yesterday  6x600 average pace 6.05 my quads still whinging from Sundays race 

Easy 4 @ 8.19s today all done and dusted ... alot cooler too 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 22:07

Hi everyone 

Back from the most  amazing weekend / race The Welsh Castles Relays , a club mate summed it up by comparing it to the Tour De France !

We usually take 2 teams of 20 but this year due to certain issues we only took 1 

Travelled by 3 mini buses from Exeter to Canarvon north Wales which took including a lunch and tea  stop 10 hours !!!  along with several other runners from the other 64 teams we stayed in the sports hall over night ... some camped  some B&B'd 

After a fairly decent sleep dispite being on an air bed we were up bright and early to pack up and head to the town centre for the first of 20 stages which would wind all the way down through Wales passing all the Castles covering 220 miles finishing  in Cardiff on Sunday afternoon 

Once the first runner from each team sets off we all jump on assigned club mini bus to follow , pick up and drop off our runners

when i say relay what happens is each stage has  set time to start and the start of a leg is about half a mile from the finish of the one before and starts befure the previous winners come in if you see what i mean 

My stage wasnt untill 11am on Sunday i had run it before 12.8 miles and i wanted to better my time but it was 24 degs so I thought I just take it slowly at first as we hadnt sent a very fast team there wasxno pressure we had no chance of winning 

I was dropped of at the Red kite centre right at the top of Drovers the views  are second to non !   Thete was a mile climb to start taking it really easy due to the heat  I let the fast ones just go .. and with only 64 runners the field soon spreads  out and you find yourself on your own running your own race through tne most amaziing  country side and welsh mountains my stage wasnt too hilly there were alot of steep down  hill sections which i can feel in my quads today .... you are passed by all the mini busses and support cars of the other  teams they also stop to hand out water and give support and cheers its fantastic , I felt much stronger than I was expecting and sub 8s were a piece of cake I was enjoying this far too much to race ! each mile ticked away , and before I knew it there were just 3 miles to go there was a nasty climb at 9-10 miles and i passed several people who were now walking and struggling with the heat , once we were at 11 miles it was a nice drop down into Brecon , I overtook a guy and handed him  my last drop of water I knew I wouldnt need it now , he was gasping , I felt so strong , the slow sensible start had paid off ! ine last down hill section and there  was the finish by the reservoiur 1.38.51. 2 mins off my previous  time giving me the confidence to enter Torbay Half in 3 weeks ! its in there  that 97/98 minute half marathon if i can run that course in that time in that heat  surely? 

, my support bus was there to collect me ... on it was the runner they had collected from the previous stage and the one we had to drop off for stage 19 ! stage 16 and 17 were already under way .... its like a military operation !  so after a quick drink and something to eat it was back on the bus ! to watch the last few stages ... the last stage finishes at Cardiff castle and its an honour to run it ! the guy who has this organised our team fir this event for tne lasy 15/16 years ran this leg and with literally hundreds of runners and supporters along with glorious weather it was some finish !    we actually didnt do too bad ! 27/64 teams ! Londons Serpentine and Wales les croupiers as usual were the top teams .... but seriuosly that event really is all about the taking part and fun factorv

Tomorrow I will read back to see what you have all been up to 




2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 30/05/2016 at 09:16
Wow what a lot of success stories !
SM6 that's a truly amazing half marathon result , so pleased for you ! Very very well done indeed
OH superb 10k PB as you say especially after last weekend who would have expected that ?
SC pity your race didn't go so well ! There are others , put it behind you
Ollie 92 miles ? That's incredible ! Do you work ?
NP good result as ever congrats on 11th overall and 1st V50 when do you go up a catagory ? Some will be glad to see you move up ! Others will not be so pleased!
MG7 nice pace for the 8.5 on the trails sounds lovely
Cal tell me about it ? Rubbish sleep is all I ever get ! Nice to see your legs found some bounce
Really pissed off I have a little 'crick ' in my ankle so not racing today ! Not too worried about it don't even know how I did it ! its no there all the time but just occasionally ' cricks ' you know what I mean ! I have an important event with club next weekend in Wales which I need to be fit for so resting it ! So swimming later

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 12:10

Quick post will catch up later 

15miles @9.30 pace yesterday with a friend , pace was a bit slow for me really but shes  great company and we had a good old natter ! 

just been for swim 32x 25 m 

run later with local mates then I read back properly when I get home tonight 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 20:39

SC saw your 10 miler on Strava  well done

SM6 was also out early for a 10 miler this morning , posted before I had even got out of bed

Yellow52 some times it isn't about the times but the bling !  still not a bad time for a dodgy course

Tek nice mileage for the week

S17 this is the place for marathon advice so listen and learn

NP superb park run time as ever and sounds like an enjoyable sunny 10 today

MG1 nice10 and  lucky you as well getting out in the sun, it was a soggy run for me today

Cal well run but and I hope you get a time sorted annoying about the chip ! reminds me of my first ever london marathon !! I didn't realise till I got to the finish and stuck my foot out for the chip to be removed  that it had fallen off !! it was back in the days they gave a  Tyvek strip which we stuck on rather than a plastic tie and I didnt think to lace it through my trainers  I along with several others had to wait weeks for an official time it was wet and loads had the same problem

OH you must be shattered after all that and well done to Els for showing how the girls do it


4k (2.5miles) relays well that was painfull ! it was a dismal night wet and windy 44 teams in all 12 ladies teams , we had 1 senior and 2 WV35 and me old granny to make the senior team  I ran second in our team which I was happy about  not so much pressure, first to lady came in at 14.47 !! the second woman  ( the fastest local and one of the fastest WV50  nationally ( check out  CATHERINE NEWMAN Exmouth Harriers )  came in   15,05, our first runner came in at 16.23 then it was my turn I managed to overtake the girl that  had gone off 1 minute in front of me from another team, I just about hung on to 6.50mm  for the first 2 miles but the last 0.5 of a mile (sorry I run in miles not k no matter the distance ) was into a terrible head wind , I ran 17.21 so quite happy considering the conditions the next girl in our team ran 15.20 the last 15.10 so I was way slower than the others but fast  enough to nab us the second prize  it was a brilliant  new event that was spoilt by rotten weather a lot of hanging around to run 4k then of course waiting  to see how the others get on ..

6.5 soggy miles yesterday

3 soggy  mikes this morning and them this afternoon when the sun came out I headed for the pool and  went swimming and got soggy again 50X 25M FC in 30 mins

Weather looking better for tomorrow long run of  15 miles planned with a friend

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/05/2016 at 20:36

Evening ! 

At last a chance to sit down and catch up ! 

Tek yes I am fine thanks , just not had 5 minutes to myself this week to catch up here looks like you are in good shape with that 8 miler  

NP well done on tne cross country .. nice swimming and running double ! I have also started adding swimmimg to my schedule , should get in  2/3 swims a week from  now on ... 

OH sounds like a tough but enjoyable  few days enjoyed reading your report and Els obviously had fire in her belly and wasnt going to let  you beat  her again !! girl power !! 

DD so close !!! damn those 3 seconds !! still pretty quick  though and nice WAVA 


Yellow always nice to find new running routes enjoy !! have fun at the park run , and no ! on power of 10' park run is separate to 5k which is annoying as my parkrun PB from last year is 21.19 !!  11 seconds faster than my recent road 5k PB 

Cal glad you are feeling better ... dont do too much too soon 

SC nice 8 miler ! whats your next race ??

Rest day here .. 4k relays tomorrow  to say I am dreading it is an understatment ! I am in the club senior team and when Inlooked at ither senior teams a couple are made up of university students !!! and we know how fast they can run !!! hey ho looking forward to the pub after 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 18/05/2016 at 14:21
Just a quick post , just woke up after sleeping off a night shift
Popped in to say a massive well done to OH ! I saw your FB post about your half marathon PB how you managed that with the hills and wind as you reported is beyond me ! Awesome running and I hope it hasn't caused a domestic ! Ha ha beating Elspeth for the first time '
Back later to catch up properly

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 13/05/2016 at 16:42

Sub17 those bike sessions are not for the faint hearted ! I did one once the day after a 20 miler thinking it would  be a nice recovery ... WRONG !!! hope the plan goes to plan 

SC the longest we do are 1200s ! the first 400@ 10k pace the next 4@5k pace the next 4 @ 3k pace then 2 mins rest .. seriously good for half marathon / marathon training well done on the 11 miler ! running into the wind on the last few miles is hard going , and I look forward to seeing what you decide  to do tomorrow !!!

MG1 good luck for Sunday sounds fun

Ollie nice to keep it simple ! nice 4,

Tek nice 6 and nice recovery and please add my next race to the list Run Exe 4k relay 20th may then Bampton to Tiverton 7 miler on 30th may 

SC nice tri session ... rest day and going to the gym  !!! ha ha !! sounds like my rest days ! they dont really happen 

13.25 in 1 hour 52 just under 8.30 pace today horrible and humid




2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 12/05/2016 at 11:10

Morning quick post on my way to work

track session last night 6 x 1k reps with 2 mins rest  average 4.05-4.10 for each one a love / hate relationships with  these session but I do think 1k reps are the back bone of decent  track sessions I hate messing about with 200/400s so I was pleased when coach  said what the session was going to be I nearly gave up after 5 thinking 5 was enough and slowing down by now but decided to grit my teeth and bang out the 6th I was the only female my so called friends decided to wuss out and go for a run on the road so I was at the back of a very speedy mens session

Legs mashed today so a swim 1 k in 23 mins 40 x 25 m FC joined the local David LLoyd what a treat !! getting it a bit cheaper through NHS  I really didn't like the local gym/ pool since moving  and have been looking for an alternative tried the crossfit place but that is £70 a month for basically  no more than a massive unit full of weights and ropes, you pay for the coaching really ...this DL is handy and on my way to work loads of classes a pool that's always empty , plus a heated outdoor 20 m pool

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