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The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 17/11/2015 at 22:13

SC , yes we can always rely on NP for a laugh !  but hey if it means I beat a few men      nice gym sandwich 

NP its odd when it comes to running down hill in a road race no ine can beat me ! but those hills were so so steep and stoney , slippery and muddy !!!  nice swim and run ! I am going to get my arse in gear and get back to some swimming next week ! it means a 8 mile round trip drive but I do miss it ! Ok ok I know I live by the sea now but it is November !! 

SM6 warm ?? have I missed something where are you ? 

Tek nice MLR ... more rain to come I think 

MG1 hope your legs feel better than mine ! nice run / gym session


Still bloody in agony but managed just over 5 @ 8.55 pace sheer bloody midedness !!

Got another off road event on the 29th The Bicton Blister .. on Woodbury common  ground used by the Royal Marines for training I have done it  most years its aways been my one and only tough off  road event of the year !! and it will seem like a piece if cake compared to Drogo ! 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 17/11/2015 at 01:04

SM6 dont talk to me about hills !  well done on getting all the way up 

Nice weekly mileage NP 

OH  better to be 3 out of 4 than 4th nice one 

MG1 superb pace for a hilly 8 , and shame about work  getting in the way of training ! roll on retirement eh ?  

Legs especially the quads a mess !!! I am sure its due the very steep down  hill sections  and me constantly putting the breaks on rather than relaxing and hurtling down like a maniac ! how on earth someone  didnt break their neck I will never know !

easy 3 recovery before work last night 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 15/11/2015 at 19:12

Well sat recovering from Drogo 10 mile fell race ! 

I ran it 10 years ago and vowed never again , so nit sure what possessed me to return ! 

My mate is race director and I have helped  out a few times and on a ' nice ' day its a beautiful course to may be stroll around ! anyway she said I could run for free if I helped out at rhe registration and as its her last year after 14 years of organising it I kind of felt it would be good to support her efforts ! 

I attracts 500 runners from all over and with just under 1800 ft elevation gain its a killer ! nor just the hills but the terrain , lots of granite stones and rocks  , very little 'normal ' foot paths under foot , where there are paths they were muddy and flooded !! 

To give you an idea ! miles splits ... 

8.21..8.22....8.23 nit too bad down hill and flat but slippery and stoney , and I fell over in the first bloody mile !! then mile 4 and  the first massive hill that went on and on twisting and turning ! you think its iver , but turn another corner and look up and up , if you look down to the side theres a massive drop into the valley , breath takingb that mile took 14.08 !!! everyone was walking 

Then at last a bit of down hill but so steep I could hardly walk down 10 mins ! then 3 flatish miles but still dodgy under foot  9.28..8.51..9.22 then tne dreaded Hunters Path by niw  your  legs are so tired you can barely walk ! another 14 min mile !!but thank less than a mile to finish ! I did finish with a smile on my face ad I hadnt really pushed hard on the flatter bits just took in the scenery which is spectatular  ... it was all about getting round for me , I knew there were at least 3-4 serious off road runners in my age so no chance of a prize  even if I had been fearless ... the first my age  came in at 1.21 and runs 1.25 half marathon so my time of 1.38 is what I would expect ... so got the tee shirt ...over place 242/477 so plenty behind me ...  and I may go back next year if the weather is drier leading up to race day  

Will  read back later 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 11/11/2015 at 11:31

SM6 sorry to hear about the dog incident , blame the omers , I tripped iver a dig a couple of weeks ago it was runnjng all over the bloody place ! I fell quite heavily , really pissed off and feeling like kicking it I got up and ran on the owner shouted at ME !! for not stopping to see if the dog was ok !  Heard good reports about Manchester if you are after a decent time rather than a sight seeing trip go for it ..... or do what I do if i get a spare  monent on nights ! play candy crush not hunt out the next marathon 

MG7  thst 19 miler sounds tough good effort indeed !!  you really need to keep on top of PF even if you think its gone ! I had it earlier in the year , and if I slack off the stretching , rolling , icing it starts to niggle even now 

SC nice gym session and run , I have neglected the gym lately its further for me to get to one now I have moved , must make the effort 

MG1 pacey 13 miler ! I guess your next biggy is VLM ? anything before that ? 

GM nice tempo , always essier after a day off 

NP nice mix of running / swimming as always 

Tec good treddy session ... its only the start ! more rain to come

Foolishy entered ( for free cos I am helping with registration ) Drogo 10 this coming  sunday , its listed as a fell race , I ran it 10 years ago and said  never again , but after a year of PBs on road I thought its time for something a little different , theres been plenty of rain and more to come so it wont be pretty ! 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 11/11/2015 at 11:07

At last a chance to post ! 

A busy weekend including my daughter in laws hen do and my first ever jager bomb first apple sours  3 glasses of red wine and 2 vodka and lemonades  ( reminded me of my old school reports ! works well if left  alone but is easily led astray  ) !! I wasnt fit for anthing let alone running untill monday morning 

Did 11 miles @8.50 pace on monday and a track session last night which has left my legs completly mashed ! all short stuff 300m x 5 with short 100 jog recoveries the 5 sets of 100/200 m with 200 jog recoveries 

hoping to get out for an easy 4 later 

now to read back 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 02/11/2015 at 16:36

Fiona sorry to see your ankle is still giving you problems , you seem to find a way to keep though and what on earth is metafit ? 

SM6  nice breakdown of the race , wind will affect times for sure , whens your next race ? are you planning any off  road stuff ??? that takes the pressure of times !  as for an autumn marathon  next year , the distance really isnt the be all and end all and I have realised just because you dont run marathon after marathon  you are no less a runner ! I have plenty if running pals male / female that are far faster  than me yet have never run a marathon and have no desire to , to be honest Im not really sure I will bother again , after being injured twice now  marathon through training and feeling utter dispair at not being able to run for weeks/ months is it worth it ? if I do run another it will be VLM 2017 


3.25 miles easy recovery today 



The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 02/11/2015 at 00:09

Thanks for the kind comments about my runnung /racing 

Todays race was a bit of an experiment in going out harder over a longer race , I tend to play safe and have a sillt very fast last mile but never getting the lost time back ! The course was fairly flat out and back but its very open and can be very windy over the last 5 miles ... there never seems to be tail wind going  out ! today though was nice a calm 

A few marginal gains over the last year including a bit of weight loss , adding more track work and believing I can get faster , inspired by NP also a bit more of local competition 

SC as you say you are coming back from injury it will take a while , add more speed work , thats been my major difference withiut a doubt , I used to rely on high mileage , hating soeed work but it has to be done , nice report sounds a lovely race 

Tric , I know the feeling sometimes life takes over posting , good luck next week 

Nice 10.5 NP , also following your trainung on Strava , a good week including the swimmimg .... 

SM6 pity you didnt get the time you wanted , but there are  more races ! hope the hip is ok 

OH thats a negative split  alright !!!

Tek take care hope alls ok 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 01/11/2015 at 23:52

Hi really sorry for the lack of posting over  the last couple of weeks , have so much going in including lots of granny duties and planning to go to Las Vegas for my sins wedding and the planning if the wedding party reception when we ger back 

Had a good run in Amsterdam 1.40.30 , I was hoping for sub 1.40 but it was hard to work out pace , it was all marked in just 5k splits , happy with overall place though no age group placings over there( it wasnt classed as a race as such )  just ladies places I was 148/5550 women 

Today I got my all time 10 mile PB 1.15.18 I decided to run off at 10 k pace and see what happened ! ha ha I did feel it after 5 miles and got a 10k PB and just about hung on , knowing it was flat it wasnt too much of a gamble 

mile spilts ... 7.11...7.21..7.24..7.33..7.34..7.31...7.41..7.31..7.47..7.31 

2nd in age to a woman who has just come into my age group and runs a 3.09 marathon , I can handle a thrashing , much easier than being pipped at the post and thinking I could have done better , sorry not into writing  long race reports as its usually all a blur 

Now to read back 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 19:30
What race NP ?
SM6 ..sensible Nice fresh legs needed to smash a park run PB ! That's why I gave it a miss today also

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 10/10/2015 at 11:22

SC nice 400 intervals ! keep up the speedwork its painful but you get the rewards 

NP well done on the swim and trail running , 

Fiona take care of that ankle ! have you any race plans ? 

SM6 a fantastic days training ! and those  400s are quick !

OH yes the Grizzly lives up to its name ! thats why I have shyed away from it all these years ! its starts virtually on my doorstep ! its one I need to tick off ! I would expect to take around 4 hours to be honest not being a very good off road runner but I plan to get some practice in ! there really us no excuse there is a pebbled beack half a mile from my door !! good luck tomorrow 

MG1 take it easy

track session yesterday pyrimid session 200/400/600/800/800/600/400/200 just a 30/40 recovery  breather between ..we had to hold mile for each distance so the second 800 was the toughest  pace  average pace of 6.20 over all 

rest today and later I will be following my friend who qualified for Kona IM ! she qualified at Wales IM last year for this years world champs ! second  in age WV40 her PB is 10.20 its the secind time shes got into Kona so proud  of her 

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