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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 15:38
Just a quick post in Tescos cafe waiting for a lift !
Decided against tomorrow's half ! Talked myself out if it , not really feeling like another race this weekend , you know when you don't feel 100% ? Not ill just bit of a sniffle and tired legs I know I'm not going to race well , and I'm too competitive to do it as a training run , my favourite half course is in 3 weeks and I would rather get a couple more decent weeks training than spend 10 days recovering then tapering if that makes sense !
Anyway thought I would try half marathon (ish ) pace this morning and managed 7 miles in 53 mins 7.37 pace .... Long run with friends tomorrow if sniffle stays a sniffle

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 11/02/2016 at 08:57


SC glad the cough is better , nice 10 miler , you have put in some very consistant training ! I also wonder what my marathon pace would be , but !!! lots of oeople tell me marathon training slows you down over the shorter distances ! so may be its because Im not marathon training ie legs not so tired due to  the long runs ! who  knows 

MG7 well done on the treadmill running ! 40 mins seems like 4 hours to me

DD lots of cross training and speedy 1ks  well done 

NO another quality day you must be loving life !! 


3.5,easy yesterday , rest today and tomorrow ! got Exeter half on saturday but nit really in the mood for it ! its not really my target half , thats Berlin in April but hoping it will give me some idea of where I am .. its the same course / area I ran my 10k PB a couple of weeks ago , a pancake flat 3 lapper ... sounds good buy its quite exposed along the Quay and can be windy ... anyway its local and theres cake after so I will at least turn up 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 21:04

MG1 glad to hear you are feeling better .. come back nice and easy 

Tric , it sounds like you are running in very old trainers ! 800 miles is well over the recommended 500 ( max) , hope you manage to get out and about , dreadmill running  is sole destroying 

Cal nice effort there ! not easy the day after a spin  class 

SC thanks Its down to consistant track/speed work I am sure ... well done on the MP miles 

NP you are virtually a full time athlete these days ... cant grumble too much myself as lately I have been able to change my shifts a bit .. for 15 years I did 3 nights and 1 afternoon  shift , but for the last 4/5 months I have  changed to 2 nights and 2 afternoons , still full time hours but the extra nights sleep each week is paying off dividends !!! marginal gains and all that 

OH nice 17.5  , glad the weather was nice for you 

5.5 miles @8.15 pace tonight with 2 guys from my club who live near by .. it felt so easy my easy pace is nearly 1 min faster than a year ago ... funny incident while running ,3 miles in some chap ran towards us ...' I am french I lost , can I run with you ? ... had I been on my own I would have course legged it in the opposite direction but we let him join us ... his english was really bad !!! none of us could speak french so the whole thing was like a bad sit com ! lots of loud slow talking and hand gestures !it was very difficult trying to explain he wouldnt get a number for London this year no matter how hard he tried but I did get that he is training for Vienna marathon ... and his brother lives in Bristol !! 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 07/02/2016 at 16:56

Race report from todays fulfords 5 mile 

Not a race I have run much over the years as its not really my favourite distance ( I used to shy away from anything under 10k ) but since doing well over 5k last year and 10k this year , and not doing a marathon I had no excuse really 

Its 2 laps of Exmouth seafront so guaranteed to be nice and windy !! and there is a long drag off the front after both laps ... but a fairly nice downhill/ flat ... but into the wind finish

Although better than yesterday it was still pretty breezy and the road was covered in sand for about 3/4 of a mile so that times  twice was  heavy going 

The start was annoying a loop around a green and I struggled to get away and I could see the one woman my age who may beat me get a nice clear start ..

I managed to tuck in behind her though after about half a mile and I wasnt sure whether to stay there or overtake ... I didnt want a full on race that early but feeling comfortable I decided to go in front , hoping it would mentally destroy her ha ha ... she always beat me untill last year but I have managed to get her a few times recently although theres not much in it !

first mile in 7.07 with a nice side wind then a bit of a drag back into town with a bit of a down hill ... mile 2 in 6.59

then returning to the seafront more wind and sand , mile 3 in 7.09 I was slowly gaining on Lewis !! now Lewis is a club ledgend and part if me doesnt  really want to beat him !! hes 66 ! and still runs a 1.35 half marathon , I passed him but I knew he wouldnt  have it !! mile 4 in 7.07  I managed to run neck a neck with him till the last 3/4 of a mile then he was gone !  the last mile seemed a struggle a drag up into town ..with  a downhill but windy finish ... legs sapped by the sand mile 5 in 7.18

Finished in 35.59 !! ooooh that one second ..beating my nemisus by 48 seconds ( 5 mile PB by 1 min )  .... oh and I was 11th lady overall 

Nice collection of trophies too .. 1st V50  1st Ladies Vet team and 3rd overall ladies team 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 15:34

MG1 , Jersey sounds good when is it ? flattish ? well done on the weight loss you sound like the ideal build fir a racing snake ! glad you are feeling a bit better , make the most of the rest day

NP you never cease to amaze me ! a superb days training again ! 

Cal nice 6 miles ! hardcore in the icy winds well done for getting out there 

SM6 I reckoned this winter to train ( amost like I was doing a marathon )  but drop the long long run and add more quality , seems to be paying off , what time are you hoping for this spring ?  brilliant 9 miler there flying !! 


Agreed to meet a friend last night before work she is fairly new to running but seems a complete natural .. I guess being 27 helps , never run together before and I said I was happy to do 5/6 miles easy , as racing on Sunday even though we were running  fairly familiar roads we some how got lost !! ended up doing 9.2 @8.47 pace , and me being late for work  

5k @7.50 pace today to shake off the night shift hangover .... thats it now till race day ! 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 02/02/2016 at 11:18

Cal weldone on getting out there ! sometimes its just mind over matter 

4 easy recovery @ 8.45 pace for me today 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 02/02/2016 at 09:26

Getting a bit  slack on posting now everyone seems to be on Strava ... must do better !! 

NP superb racing at the weekend  I couldnt do I mile beginning with a 5 !! there must be some very fast men in your age if you were 4th ! still very respectable though ... I have a 5 mile race this Sunday and hoping for sub 35.30 , 

SM6 your pace has come on in leaps and bounds ! superb 20 banked 

DD 31 days streak is pretty impressive ! its been a wet/windy month or so so getting out everyday takes some determination 

OH 21 miles ! good effort indeed ! especially in the weather you seem to be getting up there 

MG take care ! you have been training g like a machine ! the immune system will suffer ! I always always !!! get a bug/ sore throat /cold  around end Feb beginning of March when marathon  training !  I remember doing a 20 mile race last year coughing up green gunk !! I was assured it wasnt a chest infection just a virus so carried on .. ( and was fine i may add) 

SC good consistant running going on how many weeks now ? 

Tek nice commuting ! 

I did 4 miles on Sunday quickish as I was short of time so try to make the short ones  count  .. ..7.45 .. 7.15..7.20 .. 7.15 . good short race practice 

yesterday I did 15 miles at just under 8.30 pace 2 hours 7 ... feeling very comfortable and wondering just how I would do in a marathon as these runs are at least 45 secinds per mile quicker than last year ... thinking maybe of doing an autumn marathon but it choosing which one ? may be Dublin ? 

186 miles for January not bad considering Im not marathon training ... plenty of 13/15 milers just no 18/20s 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 28/01/2016 at 23:07

Tek 14 miles is still a long run ! and in windy conitions has to be worth 15/16 good news re the heart rate 

SM6 nice to see you are keeping up the gym work ( Im slacking there ) although I have some kettle bells at home that I throw around most days 

SC cracking session / mixed with some extra miles tonight , thats the one session I have really stuck to the last few months !! speed work , it was the one thing missing really for  a couple of years , but boy has it helped ,, 

MG1 , character building indeed ! good mileage 

OH weldone on the 7 after a busy day ! and it was about tbis time last yearv( well march ) I was in an icelandic geothermal pool !! 

Fiona good mix as usual ! are you doing VLM ? 

Cant remember when I last posted ? monday ? 

anyway ... 12 miles monday @8.30 pace 

easy 7.5 on Tuesday ...  yesterday was a double  day !  4 miles easy in tne morning to get my sea air fix and track session last night ! 3x 1 mle reps off 2 min rest .. 6.55.. 6.52..6.47 

Today I had promised a friend I would sort a 15 mile route and keep her company on her marathon training long run .. not  ideal the day after a track session  but shes a little slower so I could take it easyish .. 15 miles @ 9.25s today ..... and now I am at work and tomorrow will be a rest day 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 23/01/2016 at 16:26

Super quick 17 miler MG1 ! have you any races before London ? 

Rob P sensible park run pace ! have a good 13 tomorrow 

SM6 a good pace for 10 feelng tired ! have a good 20 tomorrow 

Sub 17 a good week behind you 

SC nice miles and I hope the lomg run went well today 

NP looking forward to the ace report

Tek thanks for the the race list ! I hope the face that I am dong 3 halfs before any of you do a marathin lets me iff the hook ! #lazycownotrunninga2016marathon  

7.5 miles in 59.30 today for me .. 7.56 pace 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 21/01/2016 at 18:11

SC the legs will be nice and fresh for tonights club run enjoy them hills !!

Tec nice 10 miler and easy 5 today

NP your club session was similar to mine 800s  yours were very quick good going , nice swimmimg and more good mileage today , enjoy the massage

Rob P what have you actually done to the ankle ? I agree with the others  down a bit for  a while , 4, days could be enough , it depends on your recent race times and fitness I guess 

Doc Dan my posting has been a bit hit and miss , which marathon are you doing ? 

Cal only  48 ?  we dont talk about age here its no excuse , if you were up to 17 miles before christmas the endurance will still be there dont  panic ! what are your half times ? 


14 miles in 2 hours  tiday ... 8.34 pace today was a bit worried about doing a long run the day after a track session but its the onky chance I have this  week , felt good though 




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