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The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: Yesterday at 20:52

MG7 great report and well done on the sub 4 hours

Jason sorry to hear things didn't go to plan but like you said its not your A race, we all know your training runs have been faster than this, you will be back on it tomorrow

SC great running yesterday and well done on the bike today.

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: Yesterday at 17:46

Hi Peeps

MG1 nice run enjoy your taper

Jason looking forward to your report

HM4 well done on your 2 miles

Teknik great result that's still a PB and as you say the WAVA is better 

NN fantastic running and well done on the PB and 3rd place enjoy the bottle of plonk 

SM6 enjoy the long run tomorrow

felt a lot better this morning and was up at 6am walked Buddy and had some toast (safe option) set off and met a few people from the club, start was delayed for 40mins due to an accident. Tried to keep the pace under control after the first mile and was happy to settle down in to a nice grove. Felt strong for the first 9 miles but started to fade in the last few miles. Happy to come 1:22:4# no times out yet so that may dip to 1:22:3#  Would have liked to have had a few longer runs under the belt in July/August.

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 21:07

Mace nice to see you back and many thanks, glad your running is going ok.

Shielo welcome enjoy the walled city half big numbers this year, I'm doing Belfast myself.

MG1 nice long run mate looking good

Jason good luck for tomorrow mate

MG7 good luck

SM6 enjoy the long run tomorrow

Fiona go easy it's been warm, but well done on the long run 


OK two days of enforced rest due to sickness, two nights of throwing up none-stop managed to get some food into me today and more fluid, it's been one of these bugs going round but feeling a lot better tonight. Plan is to still run Belfast but just go easy and see how I feel after the first couple of miles.


The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 21:20

MG1 10kg weight vest, don't over do it and waste all that great work, nice 10 miles earlier and nice pace.

SC well done on leading a faster group

NN well done with the ride on the bike and sounds like you needed that sleep, nice 8+ miles and great that you got to see the tour of Britain them guys travel at some speed.

Teknik great MLR and Frankfurt  and backed up with a 20 mile run this morning

SM6 Well done with sticking with your run yesterday and one interval is better than nothing these are not easy but worth the effort.

Jason great training intervals as always, good luck for the half this weekend, mine is not a PB effort.  Pembrokeshire coast brings back some happy memories I spent a week absailing down and climbing up the cliffs and a week on the pull in Saundersfoot/Tenby 

HM4 glad the car and boiler is fixed you doing any running?

Well took a rest day yesterday BBQ in the sun and to hot for Buddy to run. 1 mile swim this morning and just over 4 miles tonight doing Buddy intervals will repeat this tomorrow then take a rest day on Saturday before the half on Sunday.


The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 09/09/2014 at 21:07

Jason nice double and tonights with some pace

Fiona a good head torch will make all the difference, I started to use one last year and its like running in day light.

NN great long run and with hills 

MG7 well done with the 12 mile run, I would just run easy each day now up to Friday and take Saturday as a rest day so your fresh for Sunday. Break it down even run/walk and just use it as training

Teknik well done on the HR test and glad everything is looking good don't soil it by running in the heat mate

MG1 nice running enjoy your session in the gym.

SM6 Well done on getting the run done and dusted and well done on the kettle bells.

Just short of a mile swim due to the schools using the bloody shallow end and the pool divided across the way why not give them a couple of lanes? Did a run on my own as to warm for Buddy so just over 7 miles bagged.

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 08/09/2014 at 21:28

MG7 sorry to hear you where I'll on holiday, if it was me running I would just go very easy and use it as a training run.

SC well done on the run yesterday and the win at cricket And a nice run tonight.

SM6 hope your feeling better for your cross fit training.

Teknik nice easy double for you today  Legs should be ok tomorrow.

OH well done on the 20 miles you have banked like the taper halfs

Fiona well done for getting out early, like you say the nights are drawing in fast

Just a swim for me here will do 4 miles with buddy tomorrow and a couple on my own.

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 07/09/2014 at 21:40

Thanks peeps very happy tonight

Fiona that's another great days double with the bike and run and your also flying.

Jason mega miles mate and at some pace.

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 07/09/2014 at 16:47

MG1 Nice running and great stats for the week time to just keep the pop on the boil

Teknik great result at the Langham 10k don't punish yourself too much having run 20 miles on Friday. Thats still a great result and nice splits and super stats for the week mate

SM6 don't over do the hangover 

Jason thats just awesome 21+ miles at 7.04 avg pace, your in a different league mate, enjoy the recovery run later

Well up early to watch the Titanic triathlon and cheer on a few mates, back home for a bite to eat and out to register for the 10k. Nice warm up with a club mate and lined up for the off. My PB stands at 37:13 and from a few years ago and a very flat course and during the taper for the London Marathon. Having missed a lot of training during June and July I still thought I could go close to my PB and especially off the last number of Parkruns with Buddy. So race starts and through the 1st mile in 5:42 a little on the fast side but feeling ok, second mile done a little slower finding myself running behind the 3rd female runner 6:06 feeling strong through mile 3 where I was able to push past a few runners 5:51 mile 4 followed with a small group of us running together 6:00 during mile 5 we went over the Albert Bridge and I caught the kerb and went over on my ankle after a few tentative steps I was able to run on thankfully mile done in 6:07. Final run for home saw me shoulder to shoulder with another 50+ year vet but I just couldn't hold on to the pace, last mile done in 6:05 and the last section in 5:38. So I crossed the line in 51st place and a new PB of 36:56 very happy with this and a WAVA of 85.17%

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 06/09/2014 at 23:12

SM6 nice race report and great racing all looking good for the marathon, nice easy long run next weekend and go easy with the pace for the next three days

Fiona ditto what the others have said all my best times come off an easy run with a few sets of paces, enjoy your bike ride tomorrow

HM4 hopefully you can get out soon.

Jason great double again today enjoy your long run tomorrow.

Listening to Frampton boxing in Belfast looking good


The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 06/09/2014 at 15:04

Hi Peeps sorry for not posting in a few days, I have been busy with paving, running, swimming and diving. Was going to get on last night but fell asleep in front of the TV 

DSRFCNO Not long now till the off with your last 20+ mile run today hope all is well.

SM6 what with the kettle bells and intervals and 21s down on last sets looks like you still had a good run today mate well done looking forward to reading the race report and seeing your chip time.

Teknik some good running liked the long run and some not so good sleepless nights, great up to date list and good luck for the 10k tomorrow.

Fiona some nice running and some sleepless nights for you as well must be something in the water or where the moon is, great long run and super pace for it this morning

MG1 some super runs for you mate and a nice 20+ in the bank

SC A nice mixture of hills,pace and some swimming another r good block of training

Jason Your just the mile monster and thats some block of training sir and with pace

HM4 looked back but don't see any training down for you is it to hot, to cold, wet, dry or snow?

OH would love to do the Snowdon marathon but i'm away that week

NN what with your bike rides, pilates running and working nights your a star shift work isn'teasy and you are putting in some great workouts with the faster runners and on hills

Well what with paving, swimming,running and a couple of dives this week i'm happy to report that Buddy won the park run again this week in 18:27 with three water stops and a black bag stop (number 2's) Will get up early and go and watch the Titanic tri tomorrow morning before going into Belfast for the Laganside 10k.



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