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The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 14/08/2014 at 21:53

Fiona think Buddy would round them up for you great intervals and hill work by you and more great miles banked

Jason sounds like your having great fun trying all this new gear out, also great running mate thats a good 12mile effort 6:45 pace

SC great paddling and running mate you will be flying come Saturday in the half marathon

Teknik thats good running over the two days mate nice miles in the bank.

SM6 nice running mate good luck with the 10k tomorrow.

MG1 nice double session yesterday and another tonight

1mile swim this morning and a steady run late afternoon in the sun just under 12 miles next run will be in New York


The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 12/08/2014 at 21:25

Mg1 nice double session tonight mate

Fantastic running by JP and a very fitting result winning the gold that last 400m was bloody fantastic

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 12/08/2014 at 18:23

Fiona I have a picture now of you running around the garden after the rabbits. Run rabbit run rabbit run run run..... nice early training session

MG7 nice bike work and well done on the run, glad the tendon pain has not returned

Teknik nice running and a nice improvement and yes on the weather swop please.

Got out this afternoon in the rain again and did 4 miles with Buddy running at Tempo after dropping him off I did a further 2 miles steady

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 11/08/2014 at 23:01

Fiona great double for you yesterday and good running tonight

SM6 that's a lot of park runs well done with your double and a great long run today, nice stats for the week

Teknik great running yesterday and nice easy run today can you ask for the sun to come back Had enough of rain and hail..........

SC well done with the swimming stick with it you will just keep getting better. Go for the half.

Jason another great double day for you sir

MG1 great running nice mile repeats 


Just a swim here 1 mile.







The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 10/08/2014 at 11:47

SC great race report and well done again on the PB 

OH Monsoon still on here 

MG1 well done for getting out in the lull.

Very heavy rain here so another pair of very wet and heavy trainers with just over 11 miles banked

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 09/08/2014 at 19:27

Teknik nice running today, thought of you this afternoon when we had hailstones

Jason thats some great weight loss mate and sounds like the speed is there and as always a great weeks training.

MG1 great long run you can have an easy day tomorrow DIY not great but looks ok

Fiona great MLR and I hope you got the peddles fitted can't wait to hear how they feel on the bike

SM6 Great MLR with Parkrun in the middle and followed up by a good swim hope you have taken it easy for the rest of the day.

SC great PB look forward to race report

AGF Good luck with the house extension next week and hope you are able to get out lots.

HM4 Hope your run went ok.

Well went to Parkrun this morning with Buddy who was eager to get going even before I put him into the car, first again in 18:11 and that was with two stops, garmin gives 17:57 with a 12 second stop which was to give Buddy a drink of water after each mile.

Anyone know how to deal with a toe nail that is now 3/4 off, I stubbed my big toe about two weeks back and last Sunday after my run, my toe was sore again the nail went all white but after todays run it had lifted about 3/4 off a little sore but not sure if I should just leave it or pull it off?


The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 19:46

SM6 Nice running and don't forget rest should be a part of your training Good luck with the Parkrun tomorrow.

Teknik nice running without the rain, the more you run in the heat the better you will become when its warm. Enjoy your MLR tomorrow

Well 1650m swim which is 66x25m miss count on my part and a nice 4 mile tempo run with the pup in a down pour thats the second pair of trainers drying out now As for the paving stones just put another order in for another 120 and thanks guys I will be going easy.

The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 11:48

MG1 nice running sounds like you had perfect conditions for your run.

SC nice running and swimming, come Saturday you will be fine mate.

SM6 Thats a good midweek MLR

Fiona well done on the running and garden High knees and on the toes pitter patter up the hills Got a few cleg bites this year more than any other year I can remember... Bet your looking forward to running in the sun We are going to New York over our birthdays and Ive just found out New York Runners hold long runs in Central Park on a Sunday These cost $15 and water, and gator aid is supplied so thats my Sunday morning taken care of next weekend Also looking at 2:09 for a week in March what date do you normally go?

Hi Kaz

OH nice running and sunburn hope it's not to sore, uphill swimming is trying to go up the waterfall

Teknik nice running mate looks like you got your rain from the forecast 

MG7 well done on the bike, how did you get on with the run and swim? Drills are lengths where you work on different parts of the stroke which improve your swimming overall. If you do drills you will improve faster than just swimming lengths. If you just swim lengths your not working on improving your technique. Catch up, Zipper,Finger drag, Kick board are just a few, you can find these on youtube.

Just a swim yesterday, was back in the garden laying paving stones yesterday afternoon so didn't run as a result, I have swam this morning and will get out with the pup later to stretch the legs for the Parkrun tomorrow. All good here


The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 21:53

HM4 well done on the run, you should try and run a few more days each week.

Fiona nice interval work when do you go to your camp? Did you manage to get any garden work done?

sm6 glad to hear your feeling better enjoy your MLR tomorrow.

MG1 nice running and core work, now my back has settled down I need to start the core work again.

AGF Nice weeks training with some good MLR in there

SC enjoy your Glasgow running.

OH another great photo.

MG7 I started swimming a couple of years ago to do a Tri and was crap at it, but having done a large number of drills my stroke has improved and swimming a mile is a lot easier than it used to be and faster. I would recommend drills rather than lengths to anyone starting out as you will make much faster progress. I swim 5 days a week now and between 40 to 64 lengths (1km/1mile) When I start training for the next marathon this will be cut back to three times a week and runs replacing a swim. So I will be running twice on those days. Well done with the 50+ miles on the bike.

Teknik nice running at MP and nice to see your happy with your HR. All looking good

1 mile swim and 8.3 miles with a hill  swim and short and fast with the pup tomorrow



The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 19:52

Teknik nice MLR, like it that its go a nice hill

Fiona hope you managed to get out tonight for a fast run, had a look at the bike very nice I can see you in all your new clobber on your new bike riding the others into the ground

1 mile swim this morning and 4 miles tempo with the pup first two miles up hill, water stop and two miles down hill home. Will get out for a longer run on my own tomorrow.

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