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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 12:06

OH great running and not far off the PB for the course also nice swimming.

Teknik well done on the double day running.

Cal well done with the MLR.

Fiona nice Park run and a great weeks training, glad the ankle is ok.

Ollie nice Park run and weekly milage.

SM6 Great running and a week's low milage will freshen the legs and why not 6:10's

MLR yesterday 12:43miles no OCD here NN swim this morning 70x25m.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 22:15

Teknik nice double day in poor conditions.

Fiona nice bike work and running looking good hope the ankle is ok.

Ollie nice MLR and magpie counting, but I can't tell you as its a secret never to be told

SM6 hope the manful is sorted and the achilles settles down and you can get out for a run tomorrow.

Gaz nice double session and enjoy your run tomorrow.

Cal well done for getting out for a short run.

Sub 17 well done on the Park run 

MG1 Great running pre Park run and a good solid Park run and warm down.

OH nice swimming and good luck tomorrow.

Warm up then a 17:57 Park run and 50th First over the line, nice to see the pace starting to come back. 10-12 miles tomorrow


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 11:11

AWOL for the past couple of days due to Birthdays, my OH had a major Birthday on the 17th and I had arranged a surprise party so a very late night then yesterday it was my Birthday and out again for a meal. Slept in this morning thankfully its a rest day

Cal well done on the 6 and the Fartlek and push ups in the Park.

OH great sea swimming and running.

HM4 Nice running and gym work, don't worry about keeping the pace down so long as you get the miles in 

Ollie nice MLR followed up with a nice 8 yesterday

Gaz some of us can only dream of 4000 feet of altitude just think of the benefit 

Teknik Good club running and nice MP miles followed up with running in the Park

AlanB I'm sure your training is going well, Chain running is 4 runners running with about 10m between them and the last person sprints to the front then slows to a jog. This is done on a very quite road with next to no traffic and is two miles out and two miles back with plenty of efforts within the 4 miles. For some reason I always end up sprinting the up hills

Sub 17 any time target?.....

Wednesday just over 6 miles on the trails and 1km swim and yesterday 7 miles on the trails. Will do the Parkrun on Saturday and an inter club race on Tuesday night.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 04:29

Ollie nice 22 banked and a great weeks training followed up with a nice double day and 9 miles.

SM6 Well done on the 10 miles and your run in the sun of 15 enjoy your time off work and running

Cal nice dawn running

AlanB great weekends training and at pace

Teknik well done for the run in the shade and 17 miles

Sub 17 good luck with the plan

HM4 glad you have turned a corner with your running.

OH great swimming and Kayaking nice photos on FB.

Fiona great running and bike work looks like your enjoying your time in the sun hope you got on ok with the TTBars. 

Hooked on the olympics here and go "Team GB" Monday was just an easy 6 miles in the mud off the trails and yesterday was 70x25m front crawl and just over 7 miles chain running with the club, all good here and enjoying the sunshine



2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 19:47

Gaz well done on the charity auction win sounds a great event, good MLR today and nice miles for the week.

Teknik well done on your warm run yesterday and today hopefully we will get some of your warm weather this week, nice weekly milage.

SM6 great 10mile run and session on the hill's as for the women 10,000m thats got to be checked she didn't look out of breath and smashed the WR......

MG1 Nice 10 miles and I wouldn't sweat the 5k just put it down to a bad run, nice long run yesterday as well.

Fiona great training and thankfully your ok from the fall on the bike.

Ollie well done on the naked running and a nice 12 miles. Well done on the 18:15 Parkrun

Sub 17 well done on the Park run. Good luck will the low milage training for your marathon.

Cal Well done on the Thames Meander and nice race report.

OH Well done for the run on duty and a nice run and swim today.

HM4 Well done on the running it's all about consistency day/week/month/year/years.

Park run on Saturday with WU and CD 18:30 so happy with that, was the clubs BBQ last night and sat up and watched MO and Jess and ran off the bottle of red wine I drank this morning doing 10miles all good here and getting back into it


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 11:33

Fiona a great double session for yourself and building well

Teknik well done on your MP run and recovery run yesterday, sounds like the Regent's Canal is nice.

OH great swimming and running sir.

AlanB Thats a big jump from 80+ to 115 miles mate, I tried 90+ and did one week of 99 miles a few years ago but felt burnt out and ended up with a stress fracture. Having said that I am looking at having another go for next years VLM as this time I can rest due to been retired. Your PB must be close to 2:40 now? Well done on in the club race. As for the injury It was my right calf that went pop and the next day I put my back out so three and a half weeks of no running or bike work. Heart and lungs ok just the legs are heavy and no speed or endurance in them but it's starting to come back

Gaz nice weeks running and empty tempo running

SUB 17 not enough running in your two month marathon plan..........sorry but ditch some bike and put more running in.

SM6 Nice solid running mate enjoy your 15MLR.

Tricialitt hope you have stopped seeing the white blobs and manage a quite few shifts at work and manage to get a long run in

Olli well done on the run and 5k race nice fast time

40x25m yesterday morning (in the pool late due to watching the olympics) then a 6 mile fartlek on the trails. Rest day 40x25m swim this morning. Will do Parkrun tomorrow and a few miles and hope to aim for 19/20 minutes. all good here. 


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 10/08/2016 at 19:49

HM4 nice to see you doing some sort of running at last

Ollie nice double day and a good nine miles banked 

Sub 17 loads of bike work, sorry about the problem with the front wheel, have you given up on the marathon?

Cal lol I've applied for the job of towel boy for the female divers and also sand remover for the female beach volley ball well done on the run hope the knee is ok.

Fiona great hill session and intervals and i'm with you it's too cold for August. I could have worn gloves this morning

Teknik great long run glad your happy with your HR.

OH hope you enjoy your swim 

Welcome AlanB Didn't Manchester adjust the times to make up for the short distance, I know they did that for the people who wanted GFA for London. What was your milage last week? what time you going for?

Well the return to running continues yesterday did 70x25m front crawl and a hill session with the club found the last two efforts hard but a big improvement from two weeks ago. Out this morning for an easy six miles in the rain. All good here



2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 08/08/2016 at 19:35

70x25m front crawl this morning and 6 miles late afternoon on the trails, slowly getting back into it 

Teknik well done on the recovery run and strides.

OH well done for getting out in the gale for the OW swim and two runs.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 08/08/2016 at 15:11

SM6 Nice to see you smash your 10k PB great running and well deserved 

Sub 17 looks like a change of plan for you from sub 3 to 3:20+ for your marathon. I still think your going about it wrong and need more long runs and less bike work.

Ollie some big weeks getting done and a nice long run at the weekend

Cal well done on the Park run(hate wasps)

OH nice running and swimming even finding shelter from the wind

Tricialitt glad the niggles are going well done on tree jumping during your run.

Teknik another 50+ mile week sir well done.

Gaz well done on the 20 mile long run.

MG1 Your going well hope you don't get sucked in to racing the marathon

Fiona a great week of training I hope your ankle has settled down.

HM4 any training?

Well did the Lisburn Tri on Sunday very windy and wasn't looking forward to it or should say wasn't looking forward to the bike or run. But with a rest day on Saturday my legs felt fresh. I had a good swim but struggled on the bike and run but managed to come 21st and win my age group so got to be happy with that.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 20:36

You guys are putting in some great training Gaz loved your marathon long run OH great running and great race report. Nice to see Fiona back and best milage since 2014  SM6 your putting in some great training and miles. Teknik nice club and London running.

As for myself getting back into it, last night was run number 5 and was a club run Fartlek worked hard and just managed to stay close to the A group but was bloody hard work. Today was just a 6 mile easy run. Spent Sunday taking photos at a Triathlon and am supposed to be doing a Sprint Tri on Sunday which will be done at a easy pace especially on the bike


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