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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 29/11/2016 at 11:55

SM6 Well done on the 6 miles and glad it's starting to feel better.

Ollie well done on the weeks total 50+ miles and a nice 9 miles today whats your next race?

Cal nice MLR of 11 miles and nice to see that the heel isn't holding you back with a 4 mile run today.

OH nice swim, run, run. It didn't look that cold in the photos......bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrr also great miles for the month and year so far

Think most peeps having trouble with the site 

Yesterday was 70x25m front crawl and a very easy 4 miles on the trails, walked the dog this morning so no double run today but will do the club session tonight. Plan is to cut the miles back this week due to the traveling and race on Sunday. I managed to get to see some video's on you tube of the course, which looks more like trail running then XC but quite undulating so looking forward to that

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 28/11/2016 at 07:49

Have had real trouble trying to get on here kept saying 503 error.......

SM6 Well done on the running and fingers crossed its the start of your return

Cal well done on the first sub 26 park run and good luck with the club 5k's

Ollie nice build up of miles and a good park run it will serve well for the Stockport10, nice finish to the 13 yesterday

Sub 17 well done on the park run win.

OH nice to see the OCD not getting to you not the end of the month yet

Well Friday was baby siting and a very early start in the freezing fog and it didn't lift all day. Saturday turned out to be a good day and the temp was around 8 with no wind. I turned up at the race having picked up a team mate. We meet up with everyone from the club and did a warm up. My plan was not to race this but to do it as a tempo session and save the legs for the race in New York next weekend. So I set off at steady tempo pace and ran with a club mate for the first mile 6:27 the second mile came in at 6:19 and the legs felt great and I was enjoying the running rather than racing. Mile 3 went in at 6:09 and the reason for the shift up in pace was I had closed the gap to another club mate and then ran with him for the next mile. 6:19. Mile five was 6:10 and mile six 6:26 with the last .1 done at 5:44 pace. So just under 39min and a good stretch out for the legs. it was then a rush home and out for the club Christmas dinner and a good night was had by all. Yesterday was a very easy run uptake forest with Buddy to bring the week to a close on 57.4 miles.



2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 23/11/2016 at 20:02

Fiona i'm back on top of the asthma thankfully, thats some nice training since Monday the speed will soon creep back into the legs

Just over 9 miles on the trails late afternoon managed to get home just as it got dark. Double run day tomorrow.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 23/11/2016 at 11:54

Gaz well done on your loop and run along the sea front, funny running past your mate

Cal well done on the 6 miles and good that the heel and foot behaved on the run but sorry to see you rolled the ankle on your next one. Thankfully you seem to have got away with it.

Ollie well done on the 6 miles yesterday and hope the 9 miles today is dry for you.

Sub 17 nice mix of sessions and rest.

Yesterday was 4 miles easy in the wind and cold on the trails am and 6.6 miles with the club and interval work pm. Suffered in the cold air in the morning but thankfully not on the evening session. 70x25m Front crawl this morning and out later for 8 miles on the trails.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 20:38

OH Well done on the brown socks and 2nd or 3rd and I can't get over you running 4 miles then hoping in the sea for a swim....bbbrrrrrrrrr...........

SM6 the Invo-8 X-talons are a great shoe I've got a pair for running in he snow but spikes are better in the mud.

Gaz, 20 miles and over 1,300m of climb is a great run.

Ollie well done on the flexi training and mile.

70x25m Front crawl this morning and a very windy and cold 6+ miles this afternoon but had to stop due to a asthma's the drop in temp which brings it on.....


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 20/11/2016 at 19:56

Ollie nice MLR today and nice miles for the week

Cal well done on the 7 miles today, hope the foot is ok.

SM6 Well done on the XC muddy feet and brown socks Did you have spikes on? I enjoy the XC and think it helps with leg strength.Nice miles for the week and hope the MLR tomorrow is ok.

10 miles this morning -4 and a large part in mist/fog was working very hard to stay with the A group but it is starting to come back slowly avg pace 7:06 and 54.9 for the week.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/11/2016 at 19:00

OH well done on the 8 yesterday and cold and wet 11 today, enjoy the XC tomorrow.

SM6 nice progressive run hope the XC went ok.

Gaz the rest after the marathon won't hurt, good luck with the long trail run and The Kepler Challenge sounds great.

Ollie well done on the 9 miles and strides and hope the Park run went ok.

Sub 17. A park run of 17:50 is a good run don't beat yourself up about it. As for the Targets nice.

Cal well done on the cold park run.

Fiona nice running in the cold as for VLM  first champ start on here 

XC here today, very cold and a bit boggy for my first XC of the season. Started second last and finished second last but happy with the progress over the past five weeks from zero. Have a 10k next weekend and will use that asa tempo effort and taper a bit for the race in NY the weekend after. MLR tomorrow.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 17/11/2016 at 18:53

OH swimming in superman light will give you special powers, nice group of races planned for 2017.

Fiona looks like the short rest was good for you, winter is now here.

Ollie a nice mix of milage with a 6,9 & 1, 2:45 is a nice target for Manchester.

Cal nice that you have more bounce, well done with the 10k and hope the Achilles is ok, 

Nice training Sub 17.

SM6 nice mix of running and gym work, hope the ankle is ok and is on the mend for good.

Well Tuesday was 4 on the trails and 8 with the club including 6x800m, Wednesday was 70x25m front crawl and 8 on the trails and today was two 6 mile runs on the trails. Still feel like no speed in the legs but that's due to the increase in miles. Rest day and baby sitting tomorrow and a club handicap race on Saturday.



2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/11/2016 at 19:51

SM6 i'm with Ollie on the price of the 5k

Ollie nice easy day with the single mile and flexibility training.

70x25m front crawl this morning and 6 easy miles this afternoon on the trails.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 13/11/2016 at 18:52

Sub 17 enjoy the faster stuff until May/June, winter is my base building for the marathon in April.

Cal cutting the run short was the correct thing to do go easy with the recovery with the calf.

Ollie well done on the 5 miles and a nice 38 for the week.

SM6 I know how you feel but people are running away from me at the moment, great incentive to get fitter hope the long run tomorrow goes to plan.

Fiona nice run and bike work go easy if the cold is on the chest. It's 4 years since I had the honour of doing the guard of honour for the remembrance day parade in London. Where has the time gone............. As for the Lard I've still got a lot to get rid of.......

Teknik nice running good that you managed to get 10 done in the sun.

Well a few mistakes today, 1. too far,  2. no drink, 3 too fast. Went out with the club only to be well dropped after 10 miles and pulled the plug at 14 miles. But happy  that I managed to get that far after only 4 weeks back. 54 Miles banked for the week. Upwards and onwards


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