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The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 20:05

Teknik well done on the treadmill effort and great stats for the month.

SC think the 1:40 for the half is very doable for you, strides help turn the legs over again after longer runs and easy running another good month of running done.

MG7 Well done with the walking its going to make your return easier

OH great running sir and well done on bagging a 22

Well woke up this morning full of green stuff head cold still with me, but once I have had a good blow out I feel fine. Walked the dog in near blizzard conditions wind/snow..... before I went for my swim 72x25m front crawl, will do my core work out soon. Going to take a bit of a cut back week this week which should help recharge a little.


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 16:28

SM6 well done for getting out and getting the 20 banked Also great that there is an improvement NN should be off your back now till next week Like the sub 1:30 goal, slight cut back this week and set out the stall for the sub 1:30

MG1 nice running and 10-15@ MP next week would be good great stats for the month.

20.5 miles here banked 2:29 on feet Stats for the Month:  286 miles @ avg pace of 7:18, also 11.6 miles swimming. Going to take a little cut back week for the 5 mile race next Saturday, first cut back week this year think the old legs need it 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 20:19

Just spent 10 minutes typing and lost the post......

MG1 great 18 miles for you banked this morning

SM6 great 9 miles banked and kicking butt at the Parkrun with your brother enjoy your 20 tomorrow and remember NN is watching you

NN Fantastic 18 for you the day after a speed session on the track, shows what great shape your in with only 8 weeks to go to London

Teknik nice 5+ miles for you after your 20 good luck with the race tomorrow

OH nice 9 miles and rounds sir more bad weather heading your way 

Sundown well done on the 18 miles, nice to get them in the bank

Tri thats some running 4.5 hours well done

Well warm up and cool down done with a Parkrun of..........16:58 in the middle Long run tomorrow of 20 but starting to come down with a head cold......

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 20:02

NN great double on Wednesday, 9 miles yesterday and hope you enjoy your easy track session after your core session Have a great trip you will love it

SC well done with the first run and the 7 last night, glad the son is starting to get more movement in his hand 

MG1 nice hilly MLR yesterday nice to get them done hope you have had a good rest day.

Gaz nice to get back into it after a few days out, well done on the runs and enjoy the 18 on Sunday wish we had some of your weather

Mace thats fantastic running for 7 days(100) , I fall apart when I hit 90 miles so sticking in the 70's Are you sticking rigidly to the P&D plan? I know you said you front loaded it this week. Enjoy your rest day

Teknik nice to get a run done before the rain and well done with the 20 miles banked today

SM6 nice hill session yesterday with your club

Joe well done on another marathon

OH well done with the 12 yesterday.

Well two runs yesterday 6am 6pm and a swim this morning and a easy 6 with strides this afternoon. Park run tomorrow.


The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 25/02/2015 at 19:42

MG1 great running hope the 10 went well

Joe well done on the double day.

SM6 well done with the 11 miles and sections at 5k/10k pace.

SC hope all is feeling good after the needle treatment.

NN another great run with a longer MLR 

Gaz switching around sound like a good idea  nice running and good luck for the 18

Teknik nice running MP will go up and down in the build up as we all know and 2 seconds is nothing

72X25M Front crawl this morning followed with 13.5 miles steady this afternoon in the drizzle weight is down to 10stn 6lbs which is my lowest since I was in my 20's and these size 30" jeans are starting to fall off me, don't want to loose any more and i'm already eating like a pig

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 24/02/2015 at 18:21

NN LOL enjoy your MLR

Teknik I have eased in to the Hokas but don't do every run in them as I start to get a niggle in my foot due to them been so soft. But it sounds like you have taken to them, well done on the run today enjoy the 10 @ MP tomorrow.

SM6 get outside and run before NN strikes

Second run done and dusted progressive 6 miles up to MP all good here  and in a little sunshine

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 24/02/2015 at 10:58
Night Nurse wrote (see)

SM6 there is no valid reason why you cant get that 20 done ! unless you are injured or a wimp  SM6 again We are all looking forward to hearing about your 20  after all its just 3 hours or so out of your life ! whats that ? nothing.

Think NN is picking on you SM6.

OH great running sir and a nice double day in the wind.

MG1 great running in the wind, its not easy be worth the effort

SC glad the Achilles is no worse and your able to run on it

NN great hills, hills, hills session on an easy day with the evil one, enjoy the MLR with the bro.

Dank-art welcome 30-34 is not massive miles per week, after your massage I would ease back into what you have been doing but drop the intervals and just do the miles.

Well 72x25m front crawl yesterday and core work, nice 9 mile tempo hills this morning in near blizzard conditions, like MG1 I can't wait to run in warm weather again. out later for a steady 6 miles.




The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 17:53

Warm down lap then it was back to the sons for a shower and lunch and a play with the grandchildren, all round a great day as Wendy also ran a new PB Today was a run in the bitter cold/rain/sleet/snow and wind 17 miles in 2:03 avg 7:16 and just over 70+ for the week. All good here 

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 17:49

NN cross post here fantastic running for the 21.2 miles and a great weeks training with 60+ miles for the week

The 2015 Marathon Thread

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 17:48

Was away yesterday so a little catching up and back reading

SM6 well done on the park run yesterday and well done with making it up to well over 7 miles.

Joe hope you managed to pace your mate round. always enjoy pacing for others to PB

MG1 another great 20 banked in poor conditions and a nice run today with great totals for the week

Teknik nice running after your 20 yesterday and well done on todays effort and another good weeks running, on the run today we talked about running with and without gadgets, one of the fellas ran with us as no one turned up for his group and with no Garmin he had no idea how well he was running until the end and was well surprised that not only did he run so fast but how well he felt.

OH sea swim followed by a run, sir your a man of steel

SC sounds like the body pump is helping out nicely with the running the roller will help with the achilles.

NN that was a great track session you did and followed up with a good 6 miles  yesterday  Hope the 21 mile run went well. As for the 55 year old I think the cross over from the cycling works well Fiona is a great example of this from last years marathon also the strength work he is doing will stop muscle wastage that us old folk suffer from  the 1:22 half I did in the summer on low fast milage came as a shock to me as it was only 3 mins shy of my PB. We all need to mix it up or every run just becomes the same.

Trici well done for going out for 3 hours the weather here today was nasty and I wasn't out as long as you. Hope you warm up soon and a massive well done on the 17 miles.

Well went down to my son and daughter in law early yesterday morning, driving down in the sleet and snow having spent 20min scraping the ice off the car. We arrived and then set off for the Parkrun which is on a trail, Wendy and I did a warm up just as it started to snow she showed me about 70% of the course which is two laps with a very steep incline the section I didn't get to see was the muddy part at the back of a manor house. Well some people thought it was strange to see a guy running with a dog and a few young lads asked if the Buddy was fast Two or three people got the jump on us at the start but after about 50 yards we where at the front, there is a out and back section just after the start and after going around a cone we where heading back along the track with 98 other runners coming in the other direction, Buddy slowed like never before and didn't like this but we where on one side and everyone passed on the other side. Back in to the open Buddy started to run again and down the steep incline I had to hold him back sit was so steep. We started to climb and this section is a big fig 8 without crossing in the middle and on to the muddy section, three or four steps in slipping and sliding and I nearly lost a shoe. The lace started to come undone but I just carried on, second lap was very similar to the first but only passing two or three people in the other direction on the out and back section. The last section is on tarmac and a race for the line, my Garmin said 17:37 and so did the Parkrun so setting another course record We carried on and did a warm down l

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