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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 19:52

OH well done on the 200 for 2016 swim and run double

NN fantastic result and smashing another PB your a true star Great race report and great trophies. Your just getting faster and faster #ageisjustanumber. and it really goes to show hard work pays off.

MR Soft I run twice a day on a Tuesday and Thursday and call feel its a grind on the first run in the morning but can put in some good efforts on the second run. Having tired legs is the norm for me this time of year and I have found that a few things can help. 1. Cold Baths/cold shower of the legs. 2. Keep well Hydrated. 3. Rest. 4. Foam roller and stretching. Your 5 long runs should add up to 100+ miles , as for doing a half marathon  13.2 miles add in a warm up of 1.5 miles and a cool down of 2 miles your near as dam it 18 miles but with the quality of the 13.2. I have two planned one as a pacer 1:30 pace and one at what I hope will be marathon pace.

SM6 well done on the 6 hope the long run tomorrow works out ok

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 16:29

Teknik well done on the 3 easy with strides and 15x200 today, 51 miles for the week looks like your back on it

SM6 great PB 18:15 next target

OH great 12 miles and sea swim for the man of steel, did think of you today when I passed 2 guys going for a sea swim in just trunks bbbrrrrrrrrr.......

SC hope the chest was ok for todays run, 9 miles banked onwards and upwards

MG7 A good mix of long and short runs

Cal well done on the 13 miles hope you managed to get breakfast you got to stretch I found that out the hard way.

Well it was a bit windy out and the club decided to run along the coast on the other side of Belfast lough. Out and back, out with the wind to our back and back running into the wind it did keep the pace down......... 20 miles banked and 73 for the week

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 06/02/2016 at 14:15

You you don't want to run the full 20/22 miles at MP it will take to much out of you, better to do the last 6/8 miles at MP you should be doing other speed work during the week at 5k-10k pace for leg turn over and also building the lactate threshold. What marathon are you doing?

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 06/02/2016 at 13:34

 Teknik nice running and bouncing the 2kg will drop off once the miles are upped again

SM6 nice swimming and a good Parkrun is that a PB? And ditto MG1 done a few 23's in a build up but don't see the point in a full marathon.

SC hope your feeling well soon. 

MG1 The rest isn't going to hurt you have plenty in the bank and will feel fresher for it

Mr Soft if you can get in 5 x 20 mile runs between now and April your weekly milage will go up past 45. If you can do 20, 16, 20, 17, 20, 16, 20, 17, 20 you will be in great shape. Half marathon time x 2 +15 mins will give you a good idea of your target time. On your long runs try to drink a sip of water every 3 miles and also if you plan on using gels look at buying a gel belt and practice using them on your runs. That way you shouldn't have any issues on the day. I also eat the same breakfast as I will on race day (toast and jam) as this is what I can get at the hotel. Each long run is done at the end of my training week so done on heavy legs that also helps get your head round running on tired legs. Everyone will tell you go out easy on race day, don't over cook the first 18/20 miles then have the wheels fall off. Above all enjoy it.

Today was warm up, park run and cool down, 17:38 for the park run, some women didn't like the fact that I lapped her and ran through a puddle splashing her with water, even after apologising she spat her dummy out, FFS your a runner its only water and your shorts and top are going to get washed anyway....... 

First 20 tomorrow 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 17:13

SM6 think that HM is well on also if you double your half and add 15 thats under 3:15 think 3:10 would be your A target well done on the 12 miles

OH well done on the 8 with the JS group in the wet.

MG1 Well done on getting out and doing the 10 miles but go easy mate if its on your chest. A day or two won't hurt.

SC hope the hip is ok after your easy run

Dr Dan well done on the 800m and also the none use of the car during the week, enjoy the tempo run today

Cal nice 6 miles done, the strides will help with leg turn over 

Just a short 1k swim for me today and will do my core workout later Club XC is cancelled tomorrow so will do the local park run with WU/CD for around 6 miles tomorrow.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 19:11

MG1 lol that makes me a short arse at 5'7" and over weight at 10st 10lbs but dropping

NN great two days running and your young friend sounds like a natural  enjoy the rest 

Teknik nice few days running and I'm sure if your going to get out with Serpentine AC your running will improve, thats a club with a fantastic history

Today was 9 miles on the trails at a steady pace 7:14 pace and 6 easy to night at 7:32 pace with a few strides in the last mile. Rest day and just a swim tomorrow.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 03/02/2016 at 20:27

Cal lol at the reasons for not swimming well done on the 6 miles today

SM6 you just got to be happy with that run reading back its faster than you planned good luck with the 11 tomorrow I think most plans get you to run hard on tired legs which targets the last 6 miles of the marathon

Did 70x25m front crawl this morning followed up with a half marathon MLR this afternoon on the trails, lots of melting snow and wet feet

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 03/02/2016 at 07:55

MG1 thats a nice double day and a core session as well well done on the weight and glad to hear the throat and chest are getting better enjoy your rest day.

SC well done on the easy run with strides in the wind

NN thats a great months training and your going really well with lots of good quality sessions in there, looking forward to you going sub 35 at the weekend

Cal I was the same when I started swimming if you use a nose clip it stops that all day sneezing. Well done on the spin class and the easy run/Tempo

DrD Well done on the bike hope you get wet in the pool soon

Well yesterday was a steady 7 miles on the trails with Buddy at 7:10 pace and last night was 9 x hill intervals with wu and cd. All good here and just about to head to the pool for a swim

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 01/02/2016 at 19:22

Dr Dan well done on the running but can't you run and swim on the same day?

Rob you can find the full plans here:

the race was Raheny 5 miles just outside Dublin

OH that's a great 20 in Henry 

Teknik well done with the 7 miles yesterday's race was 3 seconds down on last year but in worse conditions.

70x25m front crawl this morning and 6 miles up the forest late afternoon in Henry. 257 miles for Jan onwards and up wards with the miles

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 01/02/2016 at 13:16

SM6 Great 20miles banked, great way to finish a wonderful week of 73 and 245 for the month, looking good with 10 weeks to go

Cal well done on the 10 miles hope the groin is ok.

SUB17 Well done on your 50th Parkrun.

SC great 20 miles bagged and looking strong, another good month with 58 miles banked and 226 for the month

Teknik well done on both your runs and nice to see you back building up the miles

Rob well done on the damp 15miles can't you skip a week and move forward on the plan 

Try well done on the 16 and 10 at MP

MG1 nice running and totals  for the week 57 and 245 for the month hope the throat is ok

Fiona like the ride on the shopper in the snow that put a big smile on my face as I could picture you going through the wood in the snow

MG7 Well done on the cross country running and muddy 6 miler 15mm spikes work well good luck with the 20 on Friday

Well yesterday was a great day out with the club, picked up by the coach (bus) at 10am and home just after 10:30pm Got down to registration with plenty of time to spare a little drizzle and a bit of wind but conditions not too bad considering. 3000 runners taking part which is a lot for a 5 mile road race but paced with quality. Took a while to get over the start line and the first mile and a half was spent trying to pass runners who should have started further back garmin splits for first 2 miles 5:45 and 5:48 the course had changed from last year and took us into a park on an out and back leg. Managed to get into a group for mile 3 and 4 and was nice to be able to see the leaders flash past before the end of mile 4, splits where 5:42, 5:45. Slight climb in the last mile and the race to the line saw a younger club member close the gap on me and pass me 25m from the line and with nothing left in the speed bank I had to let him go. Finished 117th but 4th in my age group in a chip time of 29:19 so I can't complain with that. After the race it was a few drinks at the bar followed by a drive back north and a stop off for a meal. All in all a great day out with the club




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