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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 19:58

Sorry haven't had a chance to get on here got to make the most of the weather, doing a bit of brick laying and dug the back garden over today. 

NN and Yellow great racing and great race reports from both the short and fast relay to the Ultra Well done guys, OH great photos Had a couple of runs this week out with MG1 on Monday night around my Forest nice to show him where I run and did 6 this morning again back in the Forest, will do a very easy 4 tomorrow more work in the garden and take a rest day on Friday before Saturdays 10k race.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 17:27

OH sorry it ended 3-1 mate, but you have to keep Mrs OH happy

MG1 nice Park run and miles before and after with another nice 6 miles in the sun today

Teknik well done on the 4 miles

Cal well raced and don't worry about the Garmin they can be + or - out over any distance wait till you get the results in. But it's all looking good for a PB

Yellow good luck with the race.

SC nice running hope the 10 today went well.

Ollie there are 52 turns on the Park run It's Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland if you want to have a look, one turn is 180 degrees and up a short hill. Enjoy your run.

Sub 17 Have you ever run a half or full marathon before? whats your age and whats your weekly milage?

Personalise your vest   I have used you before for t-shirts for the WPFG and always very happy with the service and quality at a very good price.

Well ran and marked up the clubs second trail race which is taking place on Tuesday night so around 10 miles done in total as we ran it three times and all in the sun

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 12:34

Some nice running going on and coffee drinking Hope all the races go to plan I was tempted to race 4 miles last night but the legs still felt a little heavy  from the cross country so gave it a miss. Have been doing a bit in the garden but rain stopped play at 2pm yesterday Hope to get more done when the weather settles down again. Went to the Park run this morning and ran 17:37 so happy enough with that the sun even came out Back to more rain now, hope that wasn't summer

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/05/2016 at 18:56

SC nice 8 miles last night.

Teknik nice 8+miles with 7 at MP, glad everything is starting to go well.

Yellow well done on the easy run and gym work, is Tori as good looking in the flesh?

OH Great race report and again it sounds like a great week of running the photos of you dressed as Abe Lincoln where very good but think I would be a little worried about Snow White

Dr Dan well done on the 5k and a good session for the up coming Triathlon, I need to start doing some bike work in the next few weeks.

50x25m front crawl and 6 miles on the trails with strides in the last mile, one under black clouds, thunder and lightening with heavy rain.........

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 18/05/2016 at 20:46

OH well done on the second race yesterday and the 10.4mile race today sorry it's 2-1 against you now. Enjoyed the report and the photos on FB looks like a great week of running.

Teknik well done on the MLR along the canal and Hyde Park.

Ollie nice 5 miles running and 5 miles walking yesterday and followed up with a good 10 miles today.

Yellow nice tempo session with nice mile splits.

MG7 nice taper running and looking good to go.

SC nice couple of days running enjoy the body pump and run tonight.

NN nice running seen it on Strava.

Well last night was the last of the club cross country races this was cancelled from March, it was a handicapped race and I started last only 40 minutes behind the first runner in the race. 8x 1mile laps so had to unlap my self a few times but worked my way past a few and came in 4th. Splits 6:16, 6:14, 6:20, 6:24, 6:28, 6:28, 6:33, 6:22

Today was 40x25m front crawl and 6 miles steady up the forest with a few strides in the last mile.





2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 17/05/2016 at 08:33

Yellow nice running over the weekend don't worry about the number of miles for the year, your out running and thats what counts

Ollie thats a good nice run by the sound of it and 1000 for the year so far.

SC thats a good hilly 8 miles banked.

Teknik that's still big miles for the week without the commute. Well done on the miles per week.

OH Great report sir and well done on the PB 

HM4 Well every other Saturday then.

Tricialitt go easy on the return.

MG1 well done on the race and great team placing 4th bet you enjoyed the beer.

Cal well done on the training glad you felt well once you started your run and i'm sure next month you will be fine in the race.




2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 22:20

SM6 thats a good couple of days training and gym work enjoy the MLR tomorrow

HM4 Well done on the race and report you should aim to do a Park run every week.

Ollie nice long run and naked  nice to run on feel alone. Hope you managed to enjoy more sun during the rest of the day. Well done on the 1000+ miles for the year.

SM6 your right I think the first mile yesterday was a little on the fast side Out today for a nice 10 miles and like Ollie it started cold and finished with a little heat.



2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/05/2016 at 21:25

Ollie well done on the Sub 19 Park run and nice 9 miles for the day.

Cal well done on the Park run PB  great running.

Tricalitt well done on the recce run in the sun hope your not to sun burnt.

MG1 nice easy Park run, good luck with the relay race tomorrow.

Teknik nice 9.5 miles with the club

Park run went well, went off a bit to fast  for Buddy who suffered on the 3rd lap and had two water stops and a swim in duck pond. Nice to see the course record get broken by the young guy from a Belfast club. He ran past us on lap three to run 16:42 we came in second at 17:23 First mile was 5:01 so happy with that






2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/05/2016 at 08:21

Lots of reading back some great training and racing go on in the heat and rain, nice to see HM4 getting a couple of miles done and Ollie great race report and photo but I think your shorts are red not pink Had a number of issues with my car this week the garage that had supposedly done my breaks last weekend only did the front and it failed its MOT took it to another place and was horrified to see the state of the back brakes anyway all sorted now but it stopped me getting out on Wednesday so did my normal 6 on Thursday and a easy 4 with strides yesterday. Will target 17:45-17:30 in the Parkrun this morning.

MG enjoy the Cotswolds Hilly 100m is it on a loop?
HM4 Enjoy the Somewhere South 2m run. 
OH Good luck with the Cape Wrath Half should have great views in the sunshine.
DR DAN enjoy the John Carr 5k  run eyeballs out.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 10/05/2016 at 14:03

SM6 nice 15 miles I don't see anything wrong in doing them at that pace mate

OH well done on your loop nice to get some sun looks like you have lots more of it today

HM4 every other day is good just up the distance a bit

Teknik go easy if you have the cold/cough/flu bug again 

Tricilitt hope the ribs are fine after your fall on the 5 mile run, nice list of races

Yellow did you suck in the gut and puff out the chest when you ran past her nice effort over the 8 miles.

Ollie well done on the 3 miles in the heat

Cal nice 6 miles of mixed speed work the Parkruns help with getting more speed into the legs.

SC nice 8 miles with some LT thrown in enjoy the easy run and gym tonight.

Dr Dan nice race report and well done on the 1:34 sounds like you paced it very well not getting passed in the last 4 miles All you have to do is get some good swim sessions in now

6 miles on the trails this morning as my club is putting on the first of four races tonight and will be helping out at that so no club session. So did a steady/tempo run for the six miles splits: 7:17, 6:03, 7:00, 6:05, 7:00, 6:16 first bit of speed since VLM and legs feeling good.



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