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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 10:40

Fiona well done with the park run and a nice ride yesterday mmmm cappucino cake.

Sub 17 you don't need that many caffeine pills you need to work on doing more long run 18/20 miles in training to work on your endurance and you don't need to do these fast.

Gas well done on the angry run/runs fingers crossed that they turn up this week.

Cal well done in the cold.

Ollie well executed sub 3 marathon looking forward to the report and the splits

SM6 Sounds like a great weekend in the Cairngorms.

Nice easy 10 on the trails yesterday and a short swim this morning, first time back in the pool for a few weeks. I will get out latter for a nice 5 miles recovery.




2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 12:57

SC well done for getting out hope the calf is ok but your doing all the right things with the roller.

SM6 enjoy the weekend in the wilds of Aviemore.

Fiona it's great to see you running as much as you are again and i'm sure you will do a good time and get that GFA time again for VLM 2018.

Ollie nice taper easy running good luck for tomorrow.

Sub 17 nice to see you starting to come out of your shell a little, you said  "I stick to a 160 BPM limit in my marathon and I slowed down to get back under 160 BPM to try and conserve energy. When fatigue and dehydration kicks in the second half my Heart Rate dropped below 150 BPM and my pace dropped below 8 minutes per mile". Ive always found and Teknik would be the expert here, that my Heart rate would go up not down causing me to slow down to keep it in the same range. Don't kill your legs so soon after the marathon it will cause an injury within the next few weeks if you do. Only trying to be helpful.

Gaz nice interval session.

OH enjoy the wedding and taper and your right life is good outside cyber space, met some nice people on here and enjoy meeting up with them again soon.

Teknik how things?

Cal well done on the PB.

Good luck to  Night Nurse, yellow52, Olliepop, Dr Dan for tomorrow.

Well starting to run and get more than one lung working now, 6 miles on the trails this morning and hope to do 10 tomorrow.






2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 10:16

OH Nice mix of training with the run, swim and badminton.

Cal We all need a nothing day every so often, well done on getting out for a run.

SC I know how you feel getting back into it hope you managed to get your run in and the calf is ok.

Sub17 Do you ever interact? or do you just post the same stuff on a number of forums?

Dr Dan Nice intervals and well done on the VLM place.

Ollie nice 8 miles (thats still longer than my runs this week) enjoy the down time

Fiona A nice mix of fast stuff on the bike and running.

HM4 sorry to hear about the knee.

Well still on the come back road and 6 miles banked yesterday.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 18/10/2016 at 18:45

OH nice running on the beach.

Fiona a nice weekends training, think it's always harder to train in the rain rather than race in it but that was still a great session.

Gaz glad the Achilles is good to go nice running.

Olllie nice 7 miles.

Just over 5 miles here in the wind and rain.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 17/10/2016 at 19:05

Well done to all those racing Sub 17,Cal and NN and well done on the PB'S

Some more good running as always by everyone else

Well only started back today and still not 100% so only 4 miles. Stepped onto the scales and shocked to find out I'm 14 lbs over weight  so need to sort that out.

Sub 17 you say you did  3:05:28 net time and splits of 1:24:57 and 1:40:31. Trust me here I did 2:55:02 in April and did the first half in 1:27. You need to slow down the first half to speed up the second half and run a neg split you slowed down by over one minute a mile in the second half. But then again you know that but I am only trying to help 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 12/10/2016 at 13:38

 Hi peeps I'm new to running.. in fact I've not started yet.. Well thats what it feels like having had the worst training block in the past 7/8 years. July, Aug, Sept and now the start of Oct have been very very poor. I have a cold at the moment but once this is sorted it will be a bit of a slog to get back into the form that I was in at the start of the year. So its time to reset the clock and start back. Ive received the GFA acceptance form yesterday which normally see's me putting a plan together, so thats done and its a 28 week plan which I will start at the end of this week with a few club races thrown into the mix.  I have really missed the running and the buzz I get from the training. I have loads of positive mental attitude with the aim to gain my fitness back for a race on the 1st Jan then build the long runs up and target another sub 3 marathon in London. My plan has worked for the past 4 VLM so I know that the plan works if put into practice. As with every year I will tweak a few things this year I plan on adding in more miles and change a bit of the cross training and strength & conditioning and can't wait to get started.

Ive read back and am looking forward to seeing how others get on in the races coming up, there is just too much to comment on. If you have put in the work you will reap the dividends, hard work will get you in the right shape for a race so long as you can keep injury/illness free.

Looking forward now to working hard over the next lot of months 

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 12:06

OH great running and not far off the PB for the course also nice swimming.

Teknik well done on the double day running.

Cal well done with the MLR.

Fiona nice Park run and a great weeks training, glad the ankle is ok.

Ollie nice Park run and weekly milage.

SM6 Great running and a week's low milage will freshen the legs and why not 6:10's

MLR yesterday 12:43miles no OCD here NN swim this morning 70x25m.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 22:15

Teknik nice double day in poor conditions.

Fiona nice bike work and running looking good hope the ankle is ok.

Ollie nice MLR and magpie counting, but I can't tell you as its a secret never to be told

SM6 hope the manful is sorted and the achilles settles down and you can get out for a run tomorrow.

Gaz nice double session and enjoy your run tomorrow.

Cal well done for getting out for a short run.

Sub 17 well done on the Park run 

MG1 Great running pre Park run and a good solid Park run and warm down.

OH nice swimming and good luck tomorrow.

Warm up then a 17:57 Park run and 50th First over the line, nice to see the pace starting to come back. 10-12 miles tomorrow


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 11:11

AWOL for the past couple of days due to Birthdays, my OH had a major Birthday on the 17th and I had arranged a surprise party so a very late night then yesterday it was my Birthday and out again for a meal. Slept in this morning thankfully its a rest day

Cal well done on the 6 and the Fartlek and push ups in the Park.

OH great sea swimming and running.

HM4 Nice running and gym work, don't worry about keeping the pace down so long as you get the miles in 

Ollie nice MLR followed up with a nice 8 yesterday

Gaz some of us can only dream of 4000 feet of altitude just think of the benefit 

Teknik Good club running and nice MP miles followed up with running in the Park

AlanB I'm sure your training is going well, Chain running is 4 runners running with about 10m between them and the last person sprints to the front then slows to a jog. This is done on a very quite road with next to no traffic and is two miles out and two miles back with plenty of efforts within the 4 miles. For some reason I always end up sprinting the up hills

Sub 17 any time target?.....

Wednesday just over 6 miles on the trails and 1km swim and yesterday 7 miles on the trails. Will do the Parkrun on Saturday and an inter club race on Tuesday night.


2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 04:29

Ollie nice 22 banked and a great weeks training followed up with a nice double day and 9 miles.

SM6 Well done on the 10 miles and your run in the sun of 15 enjoy your time off work and running

Cal nice dawn running

AlanB great weekends training and at pace

Teknik well done for the run in the shade and 17 miles

Sub 17 good luck with the plan

HM4 glad you have turned a corner with your running.

OH great swimming and Kayaking nice photos on FB.

Fiona great running and bike work looks like your enjoying your time in the sun hope you got on ok with the TTBars. 

Hooked on the olympics here and go "Team GB" Monday was just an easy 6 miles in the mud off the trails and yesterday was 70x25m front crawl and just over 7 miles chain running with the club, all good here and enjoying the sunshine



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