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Over 60s training.

Posted: Today at 20:41

Columba - congrats on the safe arrival of your new grandchild.

Ceal/Mick - you both make me feel very tired just thinking about what you two get up to!

Torque Steer - yes can see your shoes now - mine are more like your blue ones, but my first pair were pink and my current ones are dark blue.

We have a wet, windy day here today - think we might have turned the corner. I don't mind the rain, but always mindful of the wind especially with big trees around.

The Royals have left NZ now and are in Australia. NZ loved them, they are a lovely family - seem very grounded and happy.

Wednesday 16th April

Posted: Today at 20:26

Chickadee - have fun - it is a fast course - relax and enjoy it!

What 9km 

Why: It's what I do on Wednesdays.

We have very wet, windy conditions here today - not sure if I will be going out in it!

The Royals did you all proud here in NZ - lovely family - they are in Australia now.

Over 60s training.

Posted: Today at 00:37

Congratulations Chris to you and your family. One of my old coaches used to say to me "finish with dignity". I very rarely did

Neat that it took nothing out of you are are rearing to go for the next challenge!

I ran 9km this morning with my friend, then coffee aftewards, very nice!

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 07:41

Great report Postie and a huge well done!!

Little Miss Happy - lining up for the 50th Rotorua marathon 3rd May. Just going for a finish as I haven't done the work this time around - just don't seem to have that get up and go!

What: Mowed the lawns

Why: My form of x training!

Last hard - last Saturday 1st xcountry of the season.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 22:16

Tracey - well done to Bernard - it tough when things go wrong - congrats to him for finishing.

I ran 6km in Cornwall Park by myself last night, felt good, as no long run in my legs - still tired this morning though, so will probably mow the lawns as rain is predicted for the weekend.

Monday 14th April

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 22:12

Chickadee - I ran Boston in 1991 - everyone worries about "heartbreak hill", but it's not the hill that gets you, it's going too fast in the first part of the race.

I had no option, I was almost on the front line, with so many fast runners behind me, think I ran almost my fastest 10k in the first downhill part. From memory it is about 10 miles downhill, so my quads were mashed - I longed for the hill, it gives you relief for your quads.

You don't have to worry about the finish it it all slightly downhill to the finish!

Good luck and have a blast - I ran 3:06:28 and cried all my way back to the hotel - little did I know it was going to be my last "best" marathon!

Just remember that we all get a bad patch in a marathon, and you can get through it - you have done the work - enjoy!!

Sunday 13 April 2014

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 00:39

Fantastic result Little Miss Happy - great grit!

Postie - Nice work - well done.

Watched the marathon on TV - just thought, wouldn't it have been nice if they had Paula talking about the women's race, and the Brit that holds the British marathon record that Mo was going for.

Would have been even more exciting!

Over 60s training.

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 00:29

Well done Chris - look forward to the report.

Watched the marathon on TV - very exciting - tough work for Mo - big step up from 1500m! 

Interesting though, our Rod Dixon was a sub 4 minute miler and he ran 2.08 at New York many years ago.

I only ran 13km yesterday, and that was enough! Want to make sure I don't get sick or injured.

Saturday 12th April

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 20:18

Just popping in to say good luck to all the marathoners - go hard!

Over 60s training.

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 20:14

Chris - have a great run/walk and enjoy the experience!

Torque Steer -always lovely to get caught up in the marathon fever!

Ceal - well done on the 10 miles - great stuff!

Impey - nice work at the Parkrun!

Aws - the run/walk thing is really working for you - nice even timing!

Columba - you seem to be enjoying all that Galloway has to offer too!

I did a xcountry relay race yesterday - 3 in a team with 3km each. I ran last. There wasn't many teams, and by the time I got to run they were very spread out, so it was a bit of a time trial really, except near the end when a young girl flew past me! 

It was decision time - first run of the new season and I decided to run for my old club, so had to go tell the Y that I was not running for them - think most of them understood.

I am a life member of Owairaka, and they are trying hard to bring back the club. I will miss the pack running with the Y though. Maybe I could join the Y too as a social member but just register with Athletics Auckland with Owairaka.

Anyway - it was hot, ran 15.17 for the 3km so not very inspiring! Did have to negotiate a few hurdles and one hill and our team did beat the Y team.

The main reason I decided to run for Owairaka is the 50th running of the Rotorua marathon. It would be nice to have the Owairaka singlet on for the event.

Not feeling crash hot today, Mae had a bad night, so don't think I'll go too far this morning as I have to take her with me.

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