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Over 60s training.

Posted: 14/05/2015 at 20:53

Welsh Poppy - sorry to hear about your fall - recover well.

Impey - sorry to hear about your friend. Hope you can get your Garmin sorted. They can be frustrating, but when they are working well, they add a little bit of reality to our running.

I mowed the lawns yesterday, trying to ignore the pain in my left leg. It didn't improve, had a couple of pain killers in the evening.

Not sure what I am going to do today - maybe take Mae for a short flat walk. It rained down bucket loads last night, so hope no rain today.

We have Prince Harry here in NZ. He has been a hit! He is so "down to earth" and has embraced the Maori people of NZ - really trying to get into their culture. Have the photos and stories been coming back to the UK?

Over 60s training.

Posted: 12/05/2015 at 21:17

Welsh Poppy - agree with John - 8 miles a really good distance - good stuff!

Aws - I think you win in the marriage stakes!

Columba - daughter still making up her mind. I think she'll take her husband and her 5 year old, so it is looking like Gold Coast at the moment, as that's where all the amusement parks are. We did a family trip there when the two older girls were young and we had a wonderful time.

Think if she was only thinking about herself, she would choose Sydney or Melbourne. The middle grand daughter would be happy if she chose Gold Coast, as she really wants to go to Melbourne, so would be feeling really left out if she chose Melbourne.

My son is running the Melbourne marathon later in the year, and I thought she might put the trip for 2 towards that, hoping the rest of us would go too. It is a plan, but hard to organise 8 of us, and there is always our dog Mae to think about.

Spent yesterday afternoon water-blasting one of our decks! Only two more to go! Feeling very tired this morning, but will try to run, don't know how successful that will be! If the leg doesn't want to work, I'll do a short walk.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 11/05/2015 at 21:26

Ceal - the 5km I ran was definitely short!

Great time by Angela Copson for the 10km. Records are made to be broken, and I'm sure those that you have set are going to be very hard for anyone to break!

Good luck with the off-road half marathon - forget about the time and enjoy it.

Your 5km is coming up soon isn't it - have a good one!

Mick - glad to hear you are back running again. I can only say that I am happy that most of the races these days are filled with recreational runners/walkers, it makes it easier for older runners to fit in and not have to worry about being a tail end runner.

Impey - keep running, it will make you feel better.

I had a short walk yesterday with my daughter and husband and Mae, as my left leg is still sore. Went to the chiro just to make sure that my back was not out, because the camber of the road at Rotorua is pretty bad. 

Still sore this morning, so think it will be another day off running, maybe do some stretching.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 21:22

I went and ran the Women's 5km - enjoyed the first couple of kms, until I felt like I was going to pull some tendon in my left leg, so backed off a bit - 23.51, but unfortunately my Garmin said the 5km was short - worth more like 26.27, which is really all I thought I could do. Splits, 5.03, 5.02, 5.17, 5.26, 5.39, so slowing down all the way.

Big surprise of the day though, was that my daughter did the 5km walk and won the big spot prize of the day. A trip for 2 to Australia - airfare and 3 nights accommodation. So she was thrilled!

Over 60s training.

Posted: 09/05/2015 at 20:08

John - congrats on your sub 21 time! Got you beaten in the marriage stakes - we've clocked up 45 years!

No run from me yesterday - did a few things around the house that have been bugging me.

Doing a 5km run this morning - a women's run for Mothers" day. Only doing it, because it is put on by my club as a fund raiser and everyone is expected to take part.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 07/05/2015 at 21:24

Welcome back Ceal - sounds like you had a great time, but lifting other people's suitcases! That is a no no! If they can't lift it themselves, then they need to carry less. It is always something other than running that tends to hurt us.

Have a great anniversary holiday. We went to Grenada too, but the one in Spain! Kept on thinking about the song, but that is about the Island.

No run from me yesterday, still very tired, but did take the car for servicing.

Graham - relays can either be great if you are in the hunt or very frustrating if you are left all alone. Good you did get someone to concentrate on. Nice time!

John - good luck with the sub 21 minutes, that was a lifetime ago for me!

Over 60s training.

Posted: 06/05/2015 at 20:20

Welshpoppy - great that you can be back running again after so long. Good luck.

John - cheeky! I'll have you know my lawn mowing is worth noting - it takes me a couple of hours! And it is a job that looks good for a while. It is my only xtraining!

I ran 8km with my friend yesterday - should have only been 5km, Legs still not recovered.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 05/05/2015 at 21:30

Thanks Welshpoppy - good to see you! How is your running going?

Johnbateman - afraid our rankings don't include masters, unless of course you are fast enough to appear on the board with the seniors.

Your system is fantastic as you can look and have something to aspire to. Nice to see your performances as well.

Parkruns do allow you to put your efforts into perspective though, and it is nice to have a go at getting a good age-grade.

I tried to run yesterday, but my legs said no, so I mowed the lawns instead. I will try again this morning. My running mate did the marathon too, so we will see who has recovered the best

Over 60s training.

Posted: 03/05/2015 at 23:25

Thanks guys. I know it is a bit silly, but if if doesn't kill you It was my 42nd marathon finish. Now I just have to manage 8 more. First one - 1978. A very long time ago, when not many women ran. I think in Saturday's marathon, there were nearly as many women as men.

Well done Empty on the 5km - long run sounds good.

Mick - be careful out there. It is usually something other than running that injures people!

Pammie - good to see you making a comeback - keep it going.

Over 60s training.

Posted: 03/05/2015 at 03:21

John - great time!

Well I had an interesting weekend. Decided to go down to Rotorua as son had entered the marathon some time ago. Neither of us prepared to run a marathon, but never mind.

Got to Rotorua 10 pm Friday night, so no time to think about it. Up at 6 am to get to the start to put a late entry in! Amazing that they allow entries on the day for a marathon.

Well, it wasn't pretty. I was fine for 9km. Stayed behind the 4.15 balloons, only trouble was they were going faster than that, guess to make up for the time that they would lose on the hills at the back of the lake.

I was feeling over-heated so decided to drop off and try and enjoy it. That lasted till about 24km, when I wished I'd entered the half marathon which was also an event for the day!

After that it was run/walk and my 17th Rotorua marathon finish - 4.43.08. When I consider I only ran 4.33 for Berlin, it doesn't seem too bad.

Next one I'll have to train for

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