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Posted: Yesterday at 21:49

AA: we fly on Sunday, send a couple of days in Washington, then get the bikes on a train to virginia. But them back together, then 2 weeks cycle touring, rent a car, drive to South Carolina and spend a week in a small apartment on the beach, sea swimming and cycling. I have arranged and booked everything so keeping all possible body parts crossed that it all works. BA's contribution so far has been to worry a lot 

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Posted: 02/08/2015 at 22:22

Brol/Chick: in an earlier post you said the Transvulcania had 8,000m of ascent. A few of my ultra friends have done it and said there was about 4,500m of ascent. Have they introduced a longer version with more ascent (they did about 73k / 45 miles)? If so it sounds more interesting!!

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Posted: 02/08/2015 at 22:15

Penultimate long training ride before our Blue Ridge Mountain tour - 65 miles with 5,500ft of ascent to mirror our hardest day over there. This followed 55 miles with 3,500 ft of ascent on Thursday. Not sure how spin will go tomorrow. Are any of these IM or HIM decent hilly courses or are they basically flat (I always wonder at the bike times if they have a few thousand feet of climb)

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Posted: 29/07/2015 at 14:28

Note: BA is looking for a care home, or in fact anywhere that doesn't require him to do so much - wimp

AA: thanks for asking - he is getting worse, but slowly, so still managing most things.

Looking forward to my next rest day - 2nd January 2016

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Posted: 29/07/2015 at 14:24

Wretched iPad only allows a short post 

Saturday we loaded up the touring bikes and headed into Wales where we did 60 miles with over 5,000 ft off climb up and down the sides of the Wye Valley. Home, shower and changed to our commuting bikes for the 6 mile round trip to a friend's BBQ. Cycling home through the unlit gorge in the Blaise Estate with copious amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream was an interesting experience!

Walking Sunday, 17 miles of hill sprints, time trialling and hill climbs in a spin class, plus 10k running on Monday, 7 miles walking with friends yesterday and 20 miles on the bikes this morning checking the signage on one of Bristol's cycle routes - spin tonight.

after a period of apathy have finally started to plan the autumn, so far 3xHM, 2 x marathon (offroad) 5 x ultras plus shorter distances and XC. At least one long cycle ride a week with the club and 2 spin classes. I'll think about VLM in the New Year 

Hope all the injuries are improving - I have a feeling this often happens to the forum over the summer. 

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Posted: 29/07/2015 at 14:13

Hi Everyone!  Nice to see more people popping in, although I'm not one to talk 

After the mayhem of w/c 13th July, last week was a bit of a cut back week. 

20 miles on the new bike Sunday, 5k run (shuffle) Monday, Tuesday on the 7.00am flight to Belfast to discuss my Mother's end of life care plan. Managed about 5 miles walking/ jogging between appointments, buses etc. Home at 11.15 pm, knackered.

Wednesday I cycled a few miles doing jobs and walked a few more doing others - a necessary but ultimately tedious day. Got the stitches out from the latest op - it has healed well, but no results yet. Thursday back out with the cycle club, 56 miles, 3,000ft of ascent. Friday it did not stop raining from dawn to dusk and mindful of the fact that we both had to do a minimum of 5k exercise we took ourselves off to the gym to try out a virtual spin class called 'The Wretched' - say no more!  50 mins of TDF hill climbs, with a few steep descents, where we found ourselves leaning into the corners as if we were on our road bikes

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Posted: 19/07/2015 at 17:39

Chick: moderate dysfunction of the disystolic phase of the heart pump - sucking the blood in to the heart rather than pumping it out. Not much known about it apparently as it has only been seen in recent years with the improvement of scans. Don't know what causes it but they reckon lots of people my age could have it but don't exercise at a level hard enough to notice the breathlessness. They don't know if the meds will help (but won't do any harm) so we'll just have to wait and see.

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Posted: 18/07/2015 at 22:30

Sorry not been posting, but my first run since 1st June was last Monday!  That is not to say that I haven't been active, but after being referred to cardiology I decided to get the go ahead before running again.  Meantime lots of cycling and walking, especially the former since our cycle trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains was cancelled and I have had to reorganise it from scratch, which means taking the steel bikes and carrying all our own gear.  I now have a nice new, custom built carbon bike and BA gets his next week - 40 years of non existent anniversary presents [on both sides] sorted with one fell stroke.  My last 8 days went like this:

Sat: 56 miles on the bike, 3,000 ft of ascent - steel bikes with full touring kit loaded up

Sunday: 6 miles walking

Monday: back to back spin classes, first one endurance hill session, the second pyramid hill sprints - 30 miles and GOK how much climbing. 2 x 2.5 mile runs to and from a meeting

Tuesday: 65 mile club ride to Wales, 4,600 ft of ascent.  Steel bike no panniers

Wednesday: 5 miles walking and another operation leaving me with 5 stitches running across my right index finger and instructions not to take part in active sports for 8 days

Thursday: 70 mile club ride [!!] with 3,000 ft of ascent.  Carbon bike

Friday: 10k off road race as part of the local mob match.  It really hurt after 6 weeks not running but just managed not to throw up and sneaked under 50 mins [49.30]

Today: 68 miles on the bike in Wales with 5,500 ft of ascent [steel bike]

Fit but not for running...............................inevitably I am now slightly below my ideal racing weight with no races to do.

Rang VLM Wednesday about the entry and got confirmation Thursday [they had 6,000 applications, well above usual]

Good luck with the tri Barry - I'm thinking of a few duathlons this winter

2old:  I feel your frustration, I haven't had a great 12 months myself with the broken rib and all the ops etc.  Good news is that Cardiology have given me the go-ahead to keep doing what I'm currently doing [yes I did tell them what that entailed and they will monitor me once a year.  got some new meds to try and reverse the problem

AA: glad you had a good holiday, back to running pretty quick I see.

Chick: how are things your way??

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Posted: 18/06/2015 at 08:12

Sorry, been AWOL for a while, what I thought was a nasty chest infection looks as if it is whooping cough - which can last for anything up to around 6 months (known as the 100 day cough)  Not slept properly for two weeks and can't even contemplate running, although have been able to keep cycling.   Appointment with Cardiologist next week, so all in all falling apart (plus I need another lump investigated on my right hand)

However some great running going on with Free filling her trophy cabinet and 2Old defying all the aches and pains to grand a great marathon time.

AA: enjoy the Greek Islands, I'll think of you as I trudge round Universities with my nephew from Belfast.

Chick: hope I can bounce back as well as you always seem to!!  Take care and don't overdo it

Barry: great to see you are back running, but don't push it too soon

Nell: are you doing the Scottish HM in September?

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Posted: 09/06/2015 at 08:53

Survived the spin and leading a 5 mile off-road run last night, so having an easier day today. Seeing the Doc tomorrow about my referral to a Cardiologist, so trying not to do anything too fast until I see what the situation is. Have also picked up a chest infection, having survived all winter without so much as a cold 

AA: are you planning to do a tri this summer or just keeping the swimming and biking going for variety?

2Old: I am assuming you will do the full marathon - hardly worth getting up for a half 

Barry: you must be pretty fed up by now. We were up past Cotswold Water Park on our bikes on Sunday - is that where you swim?

Nell: bet your rest doesn't go any better than mine!

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