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Posted: Yesterday at 22:12

Sorry for being AWOL - mad busy since we got back to our lovely new kitchen and redecorated house. Having a bit of a cut back week as i was tired after the holiday. Couple of tough spin sessions plus 2x6 mile tempo runs at PMP minus 30s. The rest has been 3/4 mile trots to keep the legs moving. 50 miles off-road planned for the weekend. 

Changed my accommodation for London marathon, decided to stay Sunday night as the trains are dreadful due to engineering work that weekend - so if anyone is around Sunday night let me know (drown sorrows / celebrate success?? )

Minni: take care with the ear and AA, how are you feeling now?

Nell/ 2Old: you wouldn't have enjoyed the races in Lanzarote if you are finding the wind here bad (although it was at least a warmer wind over there)

Chick: glad to hear you are on the road back

Freemers: how are you feeling now?

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 13:41

Freemers / AA:  ((( ))) hope you both feel better soon. I was lucky that the thread cold didn't survive the flight to Lanzarote.

Back home now to chaos, but more sunshine than we saw all holiday ( and a lot less wind). My blushes were spared on the triathlon as the winds were too dangerous for the bike leg to take place (35 mph average and gusts up to 47mph), the whole island was put on alert. I refuse to do an aquathlon, as it became, due to the fact that better swimmers have finished the run while I am still lumbering up and down the pool 

We spent our last day doing 10k off road, an hour of salsa robics (???) an hour of Padel tennis, which I had never heard of before, an hour of squash and then an hour of torture with foam rollers and tennis balls trying to ease out various muscles - quite amusing as all the rollers and mats kept flying across the place if not weighted down. 

5k at 7.00am yesterday plus some aerobics, then a relatively trouble free journey home

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Posted: 24/02/2015 at 19:38

2Old: I was under the impression that your sanity jumped ship some time ago  

Up at 7.10am, HM started at 7.50am - that's what I call good preparation (not). The weather was cloudy but mercifully dry, with a wind that could have blown you off your feet. The route was 3 identical laps, all out and back - the out with the wind behind you and the return (obviously) into the teeth of the gale. Moore than half the people who started ducked out after one or two laps, so it got progressively more lonely. Ran 'naked' and managed each lap faster than the previous. The first out leg was required to get the duathlon out of my legs and the last back was a real struggle. Overall time 1.49.20, third lady overall and splits 37.55/36.58/34.28.

Followed that up with an hour of Zumba and an hour of spinning plus an hour of stretching which has made me ache in places I didn't know existed. Sadly the wind makes road biking a miserable experience and kayaking a bit risky, so have had to cut back a bit.

Barry: I'll swop your bad run for one of my good ones!

Pink: hope the injury is temporary and good luck for Bath!

AA: any word on the calf???

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Posted: 23/02/2015 at 19:12

Nell: your easy / moderate paces bring me out in a rash

2Old: rest day??????

Carrot: tough end to the week!

Barry: had to do the duathlon unfuelled and the HM tomorrow will be the same. Not sure how that will play out

Minni: Club La Santa guests only

Another negative split on the duathlon - couldn't believe the second run was faster than the first. WAVA on the run section was 87.7%   Less said about the bike the better, although hopefully would have been faster on my own bike. BA was comprehensively last and I did wonder if he had stopped for breakfast on the bike leg 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 17:31

Duathlon this morning started in drizzle and ferocious wind. The first run was fine, but fell on the greasy paving slabs going into transition and grazed my hands ( butt well enough padded not to matter!). The outward leg of the ride was mainly uphill, but had the advantage of the wind at our backs. By the time I turned downhill into the wind the rain had got much heavier and was driving straight into your face. You had to pedal hard downhill into the wind just to keep moving 

My hands were so cold at transition 2 that I struggled to tie my shoelaces, but was soon back out on the run with no wobbly legs as some people had. Picked off 2 people ahead and finished first lady, in an admittedly small field. A lot of non specialist cyclists were frightened off by the weather and a rash of accidents over the last few days.  No times up yet, but I felt as if the runs were pretty similar and the bike was just an endurance test.

An hour later I was doing an hour of intervals in a spin class and then topped it off with an hour of Hip Hop/ Funk dance aerobics ( did I honestly think that would be a good idea???)

Delighted that my 10k time gave me a WAVA score of 83.8%

Nice 20 Freemers 


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 17:16

Lost the rest of the last post 

BA, although slightly disappointed with his time (and positive split) took heart from the fact that we were both at least 15 years older than any of the other male/female competitors. Today really has been more or less a rest day aerobics first thing and a 5k run, a 6k walk, then I did an hour of Zumba ( never tried it before, but a good laugh) while BA did a bike maintenance workshop. When I walked back from zumba I saw an instructor looking wild-eyed as he tried to show BA how to swing a golf club 

Not sure BA and golf is a match made in heaven - but then the same has been said about BA and O4S ( and not just by me!) 

Duathlon at 7.45am tomorrow, fingers crossed for a drop in the wind!

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 15:03

Greetings from a windswept and cloudy Club La Santa - no chance of being side tracked with sun- bathing! At noon today there were precisely 4 people sitting by the leisure pool - all wearing trackie bottoms and hoodies.

Yesterday was a bit of a rest day - morning aerobics, 4 hours on the road bikes fighting the wind and a 10k race at 17.00. Bit of an odd time for a race and we probably had lunch a touch too late after the cycling. It was a combined 5k and 10k races so two identical laps with chip timing at half way and finish. Large field but the majority only did 5k so the second lap felt a bit lonely. Out and back twice is a bit soul destroying, but the wind dropped a bit and it could have been. Managed to sneak in under 50 minutes at 49.34, which given the rest of the day was OK. 4th lady overall, first over 50 never mind 60 and a slightly negative split: 24.58/24.37.  Not going to set the world alight but I was pleased enough

BA did 57.32 and was over 15 years older than the next oldest competitor

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Posted: 20/02/2015 at 19:23

Arrived here to rain and ferocious winds - we are now down to just the ferocious winds. Proper holiday this - today we did some warm-up aerobics 15 minutes after getting out of bed, followed by a 5k run, 4 hours road biking (quite scary at times in the wind), an 'Ab Attack' class, an hour of spinning and a gentle walk to ease everything off. Tomorrow we'll start some real exercise 

Currently getting down to business with a bottle of paint stripper masquerading as wine. 10k race at 17.00 tomorrow after another day of full on exercise    Suspect we won't be seeing any PBs........

BTW: the pools here are So cold they act as ice baths. For the swimmers among you, there are three 8 lane 50m outdoor pools here, so no excuses. Apparently the weather has been unseasonably cold for the whole of Feb and the opening hours of the pools have been reduced ( presumably to give them time to break the ice.

I am joining a track session on Tuesday so I'll be able to record a real live interval session.

What is going on with all these pink shoes???? I will have to dissociate myself from the lot of you........ Good Luck anyone racing this weekend

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Posted: 18/02/2015 at 22:27

We are off tomorrow, leaving home at 6.30am.  The last three days have been mad, living in one room of the house as the builders multiply both in numbers and in mess.  2 spin classes and a walk to the hospital and back for my consultants appointment at the lung clinic.  I don't think she was over-impressed with my breathlessness when she heard I had run 20 miles on Sunday , although I did point out that previously I would have been able rto run it somewhat faster.  Given my heavy cold the tests were a bit misleading.......................

Anyway I have to go back for a CT scan, an electrocardiogram and a lung function test.  I had full bloods taken to add to the ECG [12 lead], chest X-ray and spirometry test already done.  She didn't say, but sort of implied, that she thought I was just old and should get over myself.  I didn't actually mention that on my week's holiday I plan to do a 10k race, a HM, a duathlon and 2 triathlons as well as loads of cycling, kayaking and running plus gym classes - didn't want her to get the wrong impression!!

When we get back the kitchen should be finished, the new floor laid throughout the ground floor and the decorating half-way through.  I predict 6 months to find everything again as a minimum

Keep up the training everyone, had a glass too many of wine at the pub to make any sensible comments except swimming is for fish, my triathlons will be worth a laugh if nothing else - not many people drown in triathlons, but there always has to be one.............................

Might be able to get internet access, but if not see you next week

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Posted: 16/02/2015 at 13:34

An hour of interval training with 'Death Vader' at a spin class was not really what my legs wanted at 9.30 this morning 

Leading at the running club tonight, just hope they don't want to go too fast!

I'll say 'Good Luck' for Tadley now Freemers as we are heading off for some warm weather training at Club La Santa on Thursday 

Glad to hear the cold is on its way out Chick, don't think mine is anywhere near as bad as yours sounded

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