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Posted: 18/06/2015 at 08:12

Sorry, been AWOL for a while, what I thought was a nasty chest infection looks as if it is whooping cough - which can last for anything up to around 6 months (known as the 100 day cough)  Not slept properly for two weeks and can't even contemplate running, although have been able to keep cycling.   Appointment with Cardiologist next week, so all in all falling apart (plus I need another lump investigated on my right hand)

However some great running going on with Free filling her trophy cabinet and 2Old defying all the aches and pains to grand a great marathon time.

AA: enjoy the Greek Islands, I'll think of you as I trudge round Universities with my nephew from Belfast.

Chick: hope I can bounce back as well as you always seem to!!  Take care and don't overdo it

Barry: great to see you are back running, but don't push it too soon

Nell: are you doing the Scottish HM in September?

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Posted: 09/06/2015 at 08:53

Survived the spin and leading a 5 mile off-road run last night, so having an easier day today. Seeing the Doc tomorrow about my referral to a Cardiologist, so trying not to do anything too fast until I see what the situation is. Have also picked up a chest infection, having survived all winter without so much as a cold 

AA: are you planning to do a tri this summer or just keeping the swimming and biking going for variety?

2Old: I am assuming you will do the full marathon - hardly worth getting up for a half 

Barry: you must be pretty fed up by now. We were up past Cotswold Water Park on our bikes on Sunday - is that where you swim?

Nell: bet your rest doesn't go any better than mine!

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Posted: 08/06/2015 at 08:13

Right, that's my 2 weeks rest after the 100 over (2 weeks rest from running that is). Managed around 200 miles on the bike last week including one 74 mile ride with my new club - the Bristol Thursday Old Time Cyclists. As the name suggests nearly all are retired but boy do they move   25mph into a headwind on the Cotswold Edge was just a warm up for the pub lunch. I was the 'token totty', but luckily was able to take most of them out on the hills and just about keep up on the flats. Being a careful descender I kept well back and dodged round the potholes.

Back to the running club tonight   Off to the gym now for the regular Monday mayhem at spin - this month it is hill sprints 

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Posted: 31/05/2015 at 22:31

The curse of predictive text! Should have been 'can I tempt you to 4 of them (ie marathons) back to back'.   You could join me and 'my boys' as they are always referred to 

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Posted: 31/05/2015 at 21:03

Nell: or two or three!! Congratulations on a sensible marathon in a time I could only ever dream of - sure I can't tempt you to 4 PoF them back to back????? 

Forgot to mention in my report that on the section with all the hideous high stiles I heard a voice behind me as I struggled to lift my leg up to the step on the stile 'lets just hope the rest of the seven dwarves aren't also waiting to get across' 

turned out to be a good friend so I contented myself with a universal gesture and plodded on........

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Posted: 31/05/2015 at 13:15

CONT:  Got to the 63 mile CP and immediately got into waterproofs as the forecast was pretty hideous [it turned out as bad as expected but for a shorter period].  The next section had a lot of ascent was 7 miles long and took in a long stretch of exposed and featureless moorland / bog.  Eyes glued to the compass we managed to make our way across without an error and were even ablt to limbo dance under the trees that the forestry people had kindly felled across the path

Finally descended into Chipping, 70 miles, daylight and torrential rain.  Hot drinks and [yet more] cheesy crumpets set us up for the worst climb of the day which came after a series of soaking wet fields with broken down and crumbling stiles.  It was nearly vertical and by now so wet that you couldn't get any traction so you were sliding back down as fast as you were going up.  At least the rain stopped, allowing the mist to come down on Longridge Fell, so more careful navigation.  Finally made it to the 77 mile checkpoint for [you've guessed it] plus jelly and custard.  The next section was always going to be the worst - 8.5 miles of wet, muddy, slippery fields plus more stiles than you could shake a stick at - some of them were so hign I could barely get over them. On the way I heard a text arrive on my phone, so I knew BA had dropped out somewhere, which didn't add to the enjoyment [or lack of it].

The 85 mile checkpoint was a milestone - 3 relatively easy sections to the finish, loads of daylight to complete and my feet had finally given up and started hurting .  Usually I only get to around 70 miles before they pack up [often earlier] so this was a real result.  No blisters as such, just very sore on the ball of the foot.  We made good time to 90 miles, both had a bad dip from 90 to 94, then the last 6 miles we decided to really go for it and stop worrying about whay was hurting etc.  As a result we passed quite a few people and ran down to the finish looking [though I say it myself] not bad for 2 oldies who had just completed 100 miles.  We were met by BA, feeling fed-up but otherwise OK.

Back to the hotel for a shower and then a huge curry with a side order of chips and a large glass of wine - I slept well!!!!!  We went back to the finish the following morning to see the last walkers come in - the final guy in was on our committee last year and was 4 hours behind me at 85 miles - he finished 16 hours after me!!

So 41st, 6th lady and first OAP - 33 completions and the circus moves on to Dorset next year.  I have to do the Marshals walk which is 6 days after VLM, so I will have to consider my options carefully.............................

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Posted: 31/05/2015 at 12:57

Red Rose 100: Prudence distated I went on the walkers / joggers start at 10.00am rather than the runners start at 2.00pm - a decision that paid off as I was faster than the vast majority of the late starters.  The reason runners don't like the early start is that you have to moderate your pace on the first day to avoid being held at checkpoints by arriving too early.  This stops me going off too fast and blowing up on the first day, leaving a long slow plod to the finish.

First section went straight up Rivington Pike with about 1300 ft of ascent, which broke the field up nicely.  I  set off with Jeff and Tim - as a trio we have completed a number of events - with me navigating and the two of them contributing cheerful banter.  Good conditions, dry and sunny but not too warm.  Safely through CP1 and then a relatively easy section through to CP2.  This is where the first nasty section started as the route attempted to find a decent route round Blackburn, using little used paths and strange cut-throughs.  As somebody remarked 'no surprise they are little used given the state they are in'.  Rough fileds, endless rickety stiles and long wet grass [it had rained overnight] made for a long 11 mile haul, which included trying to cross a golf course while a competition was taking place.  We were glad to get to CP3 in Whalley!

The section just completed had 1200ft of ascent and the next was over 1500ft.  We were nearly at the 30 mile point as we set off on this section, which took in Nick O' Pendle and the attendant 'permabogs' on the top.  I was extremely glad to be wearing my new waterproof socks and was amazed to arrive at CP4 with dry feet.  However this section was very messy, both underfoot and navigationally, so we slowed up quite a bit, although tellingly nobody passed us.  At this point Tim was starting to feel queasy and had to be firmly told that throwing up was only permitted at the back of the group

Compulsory kit check at Barley [CP4 36 miles] before re-ascending Pendle Hill to find the witch in full regalia at the top clipping our cards [there were a few surprised tourists].  The bulk of the walk did this section in darkness so we were pleased to get over, down the tricky descent and into CP5 with plenty of time to spare.  The route then changed completely for a couple of sections - fields, stiles, long grass, rough ground etc but not much in the way of ascent.  We made it to CP6 before needing to get our torches out and then a couple of reasonably good section to get us to the breakfast point at 56.7 miles in Slaidburn.

Tim dropped out here leaving Jeff and I to complete a change of clothes, shoes and socks plus eat breakfast in under half an hour [ a record for Jeff who I normally have to drag out of checkpoints before he puts down roots].  We were both still feeling as good as anyone can feel at 2.00am having completed 56.7 miles, but the next section was quite a test trying to cross featureless moorland on a compass bearing in the pitch black.  I was pretty pleased with how I managed, although the wet, slippery descent off the fell was a nightmare - then it started to rain..........

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Posted: 31/05/2015 at 12:39

Minni: on past record I would say probably not   However I will get a consultant's appointment and see what they say.

5 miles walked while delivering 'Save Our Library' leaflets yesterday then 20 miles on the bike.  My legs still feel a bit trashed

Chick: given my skin problems its probably as well I'm not injury prone!!

AA: no place more worthy of an epic hamgover - hope the pond was warm enough!

Finally - my report follows below

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Posted: 30/05/2015 at 12:34

Nell: good luck tomorrow - I trust that you are planning to do one fast circuit followed by 3 slower ones 

All: sorry I've been AWOL all week, my report will appear this weekend. Since returning I have been running my friend's business while she is on holiday, marking 150 exam scripts for the University and having another operation on my fast diminishing ear - plus keeping up my 5k a day challenge. Just sorry i can't work out how to post photos on this forum - the before and after foot shots are interesting 

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Posted: 25/05/2015 at 22:08

I never, ever want to eat another cheesy crumpet!! 100 miles complete, report to follow tomorrow.  BA had to be rescued from the fells after about 60 miles, leaning over and starting to stagger - known in ultra circles as 'Pisa Syndrome'. 

503 starters. 41st overall, 6th lady, first over 60 of either gender and now only 3 people in the country have done more of these events than I have, with over 3,000 individuals having done at least one. Anyone want to join me in Dorset next year????

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