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Posted: Yesterday at 19:53

AA: look on the bright side - at least you had the bad run in training, not in a race and not in the marathon itself.  I expect mine will be at Bramley in 2 weeks [although to be honest nothing much feels right these days on a long run].  Hope it all feels better on the next run.

I have had a sort of cut-back week by accident.  Went to the club on Monday and the group below my tempo group needed a leader so did 7 miles at around 9mm with a couple of good hills.  Tuesday I was woken at 3.45 by BA crashing around on the way to Toulouse for the day - how can one person make so much disturbance????  Then a day preparing the running club accounts and a mad spin session with hills and speed reps.  Wednesday was again spent on accounts and lugging furniture around on my own ready for the kitchen to be ripped out today.  Another spin session with 'Death Vader' taking it [not a typo!].  Pyramid hill session punctuated by a time trial and speed intervals - he is a multiple ironman and the class in almost entirely made up of alpha males [and me

5k with BA this afternoon and just as I was about to leave for the club interval session I got a phone call requiring me to go and pick up 80 croissants straightaway [I won't bore you with the details but you are all welcome to BA's funeral].  At least I should be rested for the HM on Sunday..........

DD: doesn't sound as if I'll be running near you at Blackmore

Nell:  thinking of changing your name to Eskimo Nell for the next while??

Carrot: hope the race isn't icy - take care

Hope the weather improves for the Wokingham crew - 2Old could have stayed home and skiied.  Our house is arctic as the doors have been open all day for the kitchen destroyers so gradually trying to thaw out

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Posted: 25/01/2015 at 18:55

Beautiful day in the Forest of Dean for our 30 mile jaunt.  Took our time, did run/walk and had 2 tea stops.  Felt so good today that we entered the Moorland 10k off road mud fest organised at the Riding for the Disabled Centre this morning.  Started steadily and then overtook people all the way in the second half.  The mud in places was truly horrific, to the point of being laugh out loud funny at times.  Towards the end I was hurtling down a slope between 2 barbed wine fences towards a gate at the bottom.  I shouted to the young lad in front 'Beware out of control OAP heading your way' - you have never seen someone move so fast   At times the mud was shin deep and quite a few people were seen searching under the surface for one or more shoes - they discovered in the kids fun run that velcro fasteners on shoes are not up to the mud and most of the kids finished carrying their shoes

Got hosed off in the horse yard [having finished in the indoor riding arena] and collected a bottle of wine for first W60

2Old: 17 miles on a treadmill is too much in a 12 month period, never mind in one session

Nell: what are you aiming for in the two marathons?  If only I could do your moderate pace as a flat out sprint

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Posted: 23/01/2015 at 22:06

Nell: inappropriate as in dressed for visiting a care home for dementia patients - not for a pole dancing session 

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Posted: 23/01/2015 at 20:10

DD: thanks for the hugs - might be able to exchange in person as I have entered the Blackmore Vale HM and I think you said you were doing it.

Minni: enjoy the tri club! How are things with the hip?

Carrot: enjoy.........

4 miles in Belfast wearing totally inappropriate clothing, but fortunately my proper trainers. 5 miles walking with BA today - yesterday was an 18 hour day from leaving home to getting back through the front door so didn't 't feel like much today. 30 miles planned for tomorrow.......

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Posted: 21/01/2015 at 20:04

The miserable 12 mile run on Saturday was followed by a glorious [if very muddy] 12 mile outing with BA on Sunday, 7 miles tempo at the club on Monday, 5k and 14 miles of hill intervals at the spin class yesterday and 5 miles tempo plus 14 miles of high intensity spinning with the mad tri instructor.

Speed is still rubbish and a way to go on the endurance, but at least things are better than before Christmas.  Bit of a set-back today when I went to see my consultant and as I feared I have another tumour on the ear which has already had about 8 operations and 2 skin grafts.  There is so little of the original ear left that the only way to remove the tumour is yet another skin graft, so I can see an interruption to the training coming up.  At least I managed nearly two years clear.

DD:  I am CEO of 'Stupid Ideas are us'.  We are actively considering your application for a Board position

Freemers:  the only intervals I am managing at the moment are on the bike .  Glad you enjoyed the hills down this way

Pink:  if you don't like feet, steer clear of me in a changing room!  I am actually embarrassed if I ever go swimming in a public pool in case small children run screaming from the area

2Old: you are worse than my ex-students.  'Read the question!' 

AA: hope you have / are having fun

Up at 5.00am tomorrow for my regular day trip to Belfast to see my Mum.  At least I should get my 5k in doing the walk to her care home

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Posted: 20/01/2015 at 08:54

Don't know what is going on - my ipad only allows me to post a few lines in any one post and as for predictive text............

Will return for a proper chat when I get to a 'real' computer

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Posted: 20/01/2015 at 08:45


Nell: how squeamish are you? If not very I'll send you a photo of my feet - I'll see you bruised toe and raise you 7   It is the true sign of a distance runner - although a little embarrassing to be identified by physios across Bristol as the woman with horrible feet.........


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Posted: 18/01/2015 at 22:06

Carrot: Fantastic!   What time did Parsnip do?

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Posted: 17/01/2015 at 12:37

It was about 50% finished on a couple of my hundred mile events - the longer the event the more time you have to realise how stupid you were to enter 

12 slow and painful miles for me today - don't see how I will ever get round Bramley 20 unless they are using a calendar to do the timing

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Posted: 16/01/2015 at 22:07

Mini: Blue Ridge mountains and Shenandoah national park, followed by a week in Myrtle Beach with swimming, surfing, cycling and running (plus eating, drinking etc). Hope to have my carbon bike by then 

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