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Right Hip Is Clicking

Posted: 25/09/2013 at 19:49

Clicking is normal a tendon snapping, could be down to tight hip flexors if its when you extend your leg or as you say a tight IT band. A sports massage might help and identify the tight areas so you can do the right stretches. 

Pain at top of femur

Posted: 25/09/2013 at 19:42

Is it on the outside of your hip and tender to touch, if so it could be Trochanteric Bursitis, google this and see if it fitrs your symptoms.


Shin Pain

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 22:33

I'm battling with it too at the moment probably down to increasing my miles for the GNR.I have seen a sports physio who has been doing ultrasound which has helped and allowed me to continue running. He also advised loads of calf stretches and icing.

Good luck. 

Is it hang up my sauconys time?

Posted: 26/08/2013 at 22:12

I have dysplastic hips so have had loads of surgeries including two to realign my pelvis hopefully to slow down the progression of arthritis. I have moderate arthritis in both hips and one will probably need a replacement by the time I am 50- in five yrs time. I figure as its pretty much inevitable anyway,and  I wont be able to run then so might as well do it whilst I can (with my consultants permission). Sometimes I need to take extra rest days, and I see a sports therapist once a month for massage to iron out muscle imbalances etc but can manage about 25 miles a week quite easily. I can do up to half marathons but think I would struggle with the demands of a full. Hope this helps.


Undiagnosed debilitating left hip pain

Posted: 16/06/2013 at 21:22

A Labral tear can be diagnosed with an MRA ( MRI with a contrast dye) has this been suggested to you? Also I would ask your OS if they have ruled out FAI  as this can be an underlying factor to a tear and often causes the posterior symptoms that you describe. No amount of  PT will cure a labral tear, it would need an arthroscopy.

Good luck I hope you find an answer soon, after 5 years of dealing with complicated hips and 6 surgeries I know how frustrating it is. 

Half Marathon Training Help and iPhone apps

Posted: 03/05/2013 at 07:25

I'm using the My Asics for the GNR in September, my first half. I like the plan, its pretty straightforward to follow and you can set the amount of days you want to run or alter the days if needed. I set the finish date for 2 weeks before though, just in case I need to miss a week for any reason and also because the plan only takes you to 11 miles and if I have a spare week at the end before the taper I would like to do a 12 miler just to get a bit closer to the actual race distance.


Posted: 03/05/2013 at 07:18

I had that problem when I started a year ago, but it did improve as I got fitter. I still experience it occasionally if I increase my pace or sometimes in the first mile until I get warmed up properly. I find slowing my pace or  taking a walking break until I can get my breathing under control works then I can finish the run.

I can never decide whether an inhaler would help or whether is just lack of fitness but it has definitely got better so I'm presuming its the latter for me

Beginner to half marathon in 4 months

Posted: 24/04/2013 at 21:14


 I'm running the GNR as my first half marathon too-can't wait! 

I think there is about 20 weeks to go, which will give you 8 weeks to do the C25k then there are beginner half plans (icklemicheals link look good) , that take you from 5k through to race day over 12 weeks which should work out barring anything unforeseen.

I'm still very much a beginner too, but the best advice I was given was to run as slow as needed  to complete the planned time/distance and you will find you gradually get quicker as you get more miles under your belt. I was so self-conscious at first so used to run at 5am to avoid being seen-now I don't care. I figure those who run won't laugh because they know how hard it is, and had to start at some point themselves and those who don't run couldn't do it anyway so aren't worth bothering about!

Good luck, have fun and let us know how you progress. See you at the finish

Bad hips

Posted: 16/03/2013 at 19:30


Have you considered getting your hips checked out by a consultant that specialises in young people (under 50ish) with hip problems. In 2008 my hip xrays were also considered normal -since then I found the right consultant who, knowing what to look for,  diagnosed severe hip dysplasia! After 5 surgeries, including 2 reconstructions of my hip sockets I get the final lot of metalwork removed in April then can continue my training for the GNR. Unfortunately my story isnt unique and I know of many others who were also told by consultants that their xrays were normal too.

Regarding the VLM only you can decide but if you are able to do it without causing too much pain but  I am sure you wont be the only one walking it and positive noone will laugh-everyone has their own reasons for taking part and various limitations that mean some cant run it.

Good luck.

Park Runs

Posted: 10/03/2013 at 16:00

Big bad Bob, I am a similar age , 43, but over the last 4 years have had 6 hip surgeries, including 2 major ones to reconstruct my sockets so although I have been back running a year have had to build it up very slowly to avoid injury due to various muscle weaknesses/inbalances. Thats why I want to try and keep the hard sessions as far away from each other as possible.

Chazzersdad, well done to you for completing your HM last week! I think I need to try and juggle my long runs to midweek which should be easier once the nights get lighter. We live in quite a hilly area so cant really avoid them on the longer runs, which can be hard but I'm sure will be a benefit in the long term. Do you have anymore planned?

Parkruns sound such a great idea, I would love to run to one and then run home again but our nearest is about 14 miles away so unfortunately thats not a feasible idea....though a house move might be  


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