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Posted: 27/06/2016 at 12:29

I've been away on our golf trip around Inverness (played badly but had a good time), but doesn't look like I've missed too much. I did spot a reappearance of Pug, which was quite exciting!

Jools - well done in the 5000m. Sorry to hear about the personal troubles, hope it is all resolved soon.

Dan - unlucky. Sounds like you gave it everything though. A full report will be interesting reading I'm sure!

AlanB - good mileage and impressive reps.Not sure a stitch can last for 16M so sounds like you might have tweaked something, but hopefully doesn't impact on your training.

PP - well done to you and MsPP in the 30k, national champion too! How much longer until she's faster than you?!

I didn't do a lot of running on the golf trip, but did win the last league 10k race on the Tuesday evening before I left on Wednesday - time was 32:51 on an OK course (a bit undulating and quite a few turns, but not too bad).

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Posted: 14/06/2016 at 17:22

LMH - I thought that was the case, just wanted to check as that's a pretty rare occurence! That's amazing, especially as you haven't run much on trails before. Get yourself entered into one of the big 50M races next year (e.g. one of the Centurion ones), you'll smash it.

SC2 - actually it was a blue vest last night! Wore the AC vest as the Striders one was still in the wash from the Sunday race. You'll do well to beat a 4:13 runner - I managed 4:19 a couple of years ago (although I had done a 5000m shortly beforehand I think), I suspect you're a bit quicker than me but low-4:1x would be impressive.

Jimbob - I think there was one guy I didn't lap, so if he did 18:00 I was probably around 17 mins. Anyway, it doesn't really matter!

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Posted: 14/06/2016 at 10:06

Jimbob - yes, that was me. You weren't wearing the aviators so I didn't know it was you! I should be at the Hemel fixture on 11 July so will see you there. Sounds like you had a good race in the 1500m! Maybe my time was more like 17 mins then if you did 19:27, because I think I only lapped you near the end and so was probably only about 500m ahead when I finished, which is probably about 2 mins or so.

I think if I tried to run 100m flat out, I would end up in a much worse state than your hamstring twinge! Hope it's nothing more than a bit of cramp.

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Posted: 14/06/2016 at 09:01

LMH - awesome run. Are you saying that you won overall i.e. you beat all the men as well?! Either way, very impressive - 8 m/m over that terrain for that distance is amazing.

TR - good to see you pop in and that you're still doing some running. You're right, I wasn't doing laps waiting for the prizegiving - I went home to put some waterproofs on then had a chat with Dan.

I won the 5000m last night but there wasn't a lot of competition. I wasn't wearing a watch and they weren't calling out lap times so I have absolutely no idea what time I ran but my guess would be about 16:30. I ran the first 2k easy, someone was still with me at that point, so picked it up a bit from then onwards and ended up quite a long way ahead.

I decided to wear spikes as it was wet and pleased to find that they weren't causing any discomfort, which is good to know considering that was the first time I've gone beyond 3km in them.

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Posted: 13/06/2016 at 16:27

CD - it's actually one day later (well, about 33 hours). Let's wait to see how the 5000m goes...

Our dog would actually be the world's worst pacemaker, partly due to the very erratic route she would run, but also, with the right motivation, she would probably run the first mile in about 3 minutes and then massively slow down from there.

I'm enjoying doing a few miles with her most mornings though - a very gentle way of doing a few extra miles each day, and less boring than normal running. Especially once you let her off the lead and there's the "excitement" of whether she'll ever come back.

Don't tell the Mrs I enjoy running with the dog though as it gets me brownie points for doing something useful!

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Posted: 13/06/2016 at 14:02

AlanB - solid race/training there.

CW - nice to get the win, plus a long run. After my race I just ran home to dry off and put on waterproofs, then jogged back down for the presentations.

SL - good to hear you're tapering now, those hills will take some time to recover from.

bains - thanks, but I'm nowhere near PB shape (68:50 back in 2009). I reckon I might have a chance of low 71 or high 70 at the moment on a good course. But in any case I have no more HMs planned for a while. I'm going to attempt a 10k PB at the league race next week.

Another race this evening - 5000m on the track. It's the Masters league so I'm hoping I can run it fairly steady. My legs feel surprisingly good, but I suspect they will be lacking a bit of zip when I try to run fast (I did take the dog for a run this morning and they seemed OK).

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Posted: 12/06/2016 at 22:02

Good to see Dan too, seems to be in decent form.

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Posted: 12/06/2016 at 22:01

Quiet on here! Hope you all had a good weekend.

Pleased with my race today - summary is I won by about 45s in 73:05 on a very undulating course (maybe worth 2 mins).

Living less than a mile from the start was very handy with the rain - just sat at home until 15 mins to go and then jogged down. On the line I couldn't spot any of the really fast guys I had been expecting to see so thought I might have a chance.

I immediately seemed to be in the lead, but didn't really want to be so wasn't pushing it, so was surprised with 5:30 for the first mile. One guy was on my shoulder but I didn't know who he was. A couple of hills in the next 2M and we were together, not working too hard. On the flat section from 3.5 to 5M I pushed a bit to see how he was but he seemed to stay with my reasonably comfortably. So eased off a bit and waited for the top of the biggest hill at 7.5M. Got a gap off the top and just kept pushing - the gap opened up gradually and by 11M I knew it was in the bag so didn't need to completely bury myself. Splits were (all 5:xx): 30, 57, 25, 50, 34, 36, 48, 22, 20, 39, 31, 23, 28. The hills are fairly obvious at 2M, 4M, 7M and actually mile 10 is tough but I was pushing hard there (pleased with that split). Anything in the 20s had at least some downhill!

Some decent prizes which is nice for a change!

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Posted: 10/06/2016 at 10:42

PP - completely schoolboy. I assume it was being timed by someone else anyway, and lap times being shouted out?! Solid run though.

bains - sounds like good progress and a decent time on a less-than-ideal course.

As usual, 2nd place for me last night, but being beaten by someone different this time! Ran the first 4k in a group of 3 of us until one of them put in a surge on a hill. That dropped the other guy and I got across to the one who had surged. It was a young (18) guy I've raced quite a few times, and it's always been very close. He's more of a track runner (4:01 1500m), so I knew I couldn't leave it to a sprint. Once there was just two of us I was leading but not pushing (was hoping he would lead, but he wouldn't come past). At about 7.5k I pushed on a false flat at the top of a hill. He stayed with me for a bit, then I pushed a bit harder and managed to get a gap but had worked really hard for it. Held the gap (maybe 5 secs) down a big hill, then there was one more uphill with about 800m to go. Just as we reached the top (400m to go) he came past quite rapidly and I had nothing left to go with him.

That was the hardest I'd worked for quite some time, which wasn't really the plan with the HM on Sunday, but I had a chance for the win so had to go for it. Annoyingly after the race the winner said I could have won if I'd push on at halfway - when he wouldn't come past it was actually because he was struggling rather than because he chose not to. He then recovered a bit and held a bit more back than me for the last hill. Never mind.

The last league race (in 2 weeks) is on a flatter 10k course, all on tarmac, so I'm hoping I can get a PB there.

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Posted: 09/06/2016 at 12:17

bains - thanks, yes, I appreciate I probably won't be able to do it and you're not the first to tell me how hard it is in the first few weeks! The race is at the start of September by the way (not October - that was the other ultra that I won't be doing). If it all goes to plan in terms of timings I'll have been at home for about 3 weeks at that point, so would be nice to get out of the house, and what better way than a 12 hour run! But I think I still don't quite appreciate how hard it's going to be and don't have any real expectation of being able to do the race.

Also, I tend to do OK on not a lot of sleep, partly helped by the fact that I can go to sleep very easily (and sleep very deeply) - my plan will be to grab an hour or so whenever I get the opportunity!

Let's not worry about the training - that's overrated!

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