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Posted: Today at 08:14

SL - fantastic report and race. For some reason, despite the descriptions of pain it's made me want to do it even more!

CJ2 - welcome. A similar plan to last time sounds sensible given that marathon was a tougher course, so you were probably already in sub-3 shape.

An easy 7M on Monday, then 7.5M including 20 mins of paarlauf on the track last night, just taking it easy before the race tomorrow.

150M for the month for me, with one PB (if 5000m counts as a different event from 5k?).

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Posted: 29/06/2015 at 08:09

TT - that sounds pretty positive, especially at the end of a big week.

Muss - don't worry about the time in a HM like that. The weather/terrain would have made a big difference. The second race shows you're in decent form!

CC2 - solid week there especially the long one.

Nice parkrunning by PP and Steve.

I did a long run on Saturday - only 17.5M but mainly off-road (inc. some very overgrown sections - will take the machete next time), very warm and had a rucksack with food and water.

Then 55M on the bike yesterday at a good pace (19.5mph, in a group) with some good hills. Jogged 3M straight afterwards to pick the car up from the station.

Main event this week is our last summer league fixture on Thursday - looks like it might be a bit warm! We're one point ahead in the men's team so need a good turnout to take the title.

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Posted: 26/06/2015 at 14:02

PP - nice race, it was pretty warm last night so there's definitely a sub-16 in there. And you were leading the pack, might be able to hang onto the back of a slightly faster group. You need to keep working though as MsPP is catching you fast.

bainsy - sounds like progress, have a good time in the Lakes.

I put a bit of effort in on the bike on Wednesday evening - 80 mins averaging 22mph over a rolling route (44 mins out, mainly uphill, 36 mins back). As bainsy mentioned Strava, I did pick up a KOM on a 20 min section coming back by 1 second! I was on the TT bike though, which always feels like cheating.

Then 10M yesterday morning, as we had a work do in the evening. Tomorrow I'm aiming to do my first long run for a while, so hoping for 18M or so. It's only 10 weeks to the 12 hour race so need to do some proper long stuff soon.

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Posted: 24/06/2015 at 12:04

CC2 - I bet that hurt. I wouldn't enjoy it anyway!

dct - like PP says, plenty more to come. I ran my first marathon (ignoring the one I did off no training aged 20) in 2:58, like you, not really knowing what I was doing. I stuck to about 50 mpw for the next year and improved to 2:51 then 2:44 during that year. After that more mileage was needed to get faster, but if you're new to it, you can certainly continue to improve on 50 mpw.

Bonne chance to Dan and SL. Very jealous - I definitely want to do some trail running in the Alps at some point.

10M for me last night inc. 5x400 and 5x600 on grass, and some 800m reps with Mrs Padams (which were just my warm-up, but very satisfying to see she is rapidly improving - must be her excellent coach!).

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Posted: 23/06/2015 at 07:48

PP - nice 800s, particularly with only 45s recovery.

TT - sounds like you have a good plan, and well done on getting the first 30km run done. The nice thing about metric is you'll find it easy to calculate 3:30 per km during the race....

An hour for me last night off-road and pretty easy. Not sure on the distance but I expect it was about 8M, given the stiles, gates, overgrown vegetation etc.

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Posted: 22/06/2015 at 16:07

Excellent news bainsy! Treadmill might be a good plan for a few more days, take it easy.

PP - impressive mileage on the bike, that's more than I've ever done in a day. It's surprising how the legs feel OK after a long ride - I usually just feel really tired, but not sore at all.

CD - 'only' 90M! I can never recognise anyone in cycling gear, so I wouldn't worry about not spotting PP. Mind you, the very short red shorts should have given it away - I assume he wears them for cycling too.

CW - it's annoying when a race ends up being a solo run, I expect you would have gone a fair bit quicker with company. Still solid training, especially with the extra miles taking it up to 25M!

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Posted: 21/06/2015 at 20:21

Excellent racing by PP and JAP. And some solid weeks from Jools and CC2, even if they weren't very structured.

Enjoyed watching the Women's Tour today. I ended up cycling 85M with the tri club ride beforehand then riding to watch the race. Luckily I just ate a massive steak!

33M this week for me, biggest since London! Apologies for the sandbagging - genuinely felt sore beforehand and wasn't expecting much. Made a huge difference being in a pack ticking off 75s laps rather than having to concentrate when running alone.

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Posted: 20/06/2015 at 18:32

CC2 - double win, awesome! Lots of MP running too (hopefully).

Very pleased with my 5000m race - for once there were lots of us of similar ability. 72 first lap and I was a couple of seconds behind the front 4 and lost another couple of seconds on the next while stuck behind/passing a guy who started too fast. Reeled in the front 4 over about 3 laps with steady 75s, then sat in until 4 laps to go (one guy dropped out after doing a nice pacemaking job). The pace slowed a bit so I took the lead but only succeeded in dropping my clubmate. With 600 to go the other two came past and I didn't have a lot left so could only maintain pace for 3rd place in 15:33 (track PB by 13s). The other two ended up beating me by about 15s!

Splits were about 3:04, 3:06, 3:07, 3:08, 3:08.

Cycling tomorrow inc watching the women's tour, should be good with decent weather forecast.

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Posted: 19/06/2015 at 09:56

bainsy - how annoying. Hope it clears up soon so you can continue with the progression.

PP - lots of quality in there. I suspect we may be on for similar times tomorrow, particularly as I'm not feeling to sharp after last night.

10k went reasonably well, in that I won but it wasn't particularly fast (33:13) as none of the fast guys turned up. There was a group of 4 for about 3k, then I pushed a bit up a small hill and it was down to me and a guy I beat by about 10 secs at the last fixture. We stuck together to 5k but I noticed I was running the downhills a bit quicker than him, so just after 5k I pushed on a bit at the top of a hill and continued down the hill and got a small gap. So then it was full commitment and try to pull away. I had about 10s on him at 7k (rough guess from looking on a corner), but the last 3k are all slightly uphill and always into a headwind. It felt like I was slowing but I guess so was everyone else, and by 9k the gap was bigger, so was able to enjoy the last km a bit more, and finished 20s ahead.

Legs are a bit sore this morning, but not as bad as after the last fixture, so hoping I can run OK tomorrow.

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Posted: 18/06/2015 at 08:02

Nice training (and breakfast!) CW. And very nice session ES - tough to hit 10k pace in training for longer efforts like that, so you must be in decent form.

10k for me this evening - the course is relatively quick, so would be nice to go under 33 mins, but we'll see. Did a bit on the track on Tuesday (not pushing it), and 80s laps felt pretty comfortable for 10 mins, which is a good sign. I also felt much better on Monday evening's run than I did the previous Monday evening, so maybe my legs have realised we're going to be doing some run training again now.

Then 5000m coming up on Saturday inc. virtual race with PP.

I pulled the trigger on entry to the 12 hour race in September, so that's given me a bit of motivation to train! I've also entered a local 50k trail race in 4 weeks for training.

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