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Posted: Yesterday at 13:49

LMH - I was wondering exactly the same as bains about the gap, but forgot to ask! Awesome mileage by the way.

I also have a lair of X-Talon 212s that I have worn for XC and some other running and really like them. Not sure I would use them for a very long mountain race though as they're reasonably lightweight.

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:49

ES - that sounds like my run on Monday, I started feeling great about 5M in. That seems fairly normal for me these days - must be age, need more time to get the creaky joints and muscles loosened up!

SC2 - I've pencilled in 27 July (baby permitting), will see if Tom fancies it.

5.5M with the dog yesterday then 3M into work. 4.5M with the dog this morning, all easy.

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Posted: 24/05/2016 at 16:03

Just discovered my time from Saturday was 9:12.8 rather than my estimate of 9:15. Pleased with that as a solo run with a bit of wind and a bit left in the tank! Might try to get down to a Watford Open evening for a PB attempt at some point - probably need a bit more speedwork first though.

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Posted: 24/05/2016 at 09:50

Dan - ignore my previous message, misread your question on my tablet! Clearly I was thinking about road marathons, which is very different and obviously you would know about (I did wonder why you would ask that!).

CW - I actually did quite a bit of running (for me) in March and April - 247M in both. So I think that is what's helped the cycling, and the slight associated weight loss.

PP - definitely more to come with those splits. I reckon it takes a few attempts to get a 3000m race right as it's hard to judge the required effort in the first half.

Jools - impressive endurance with the fiddle! Parkrun PB must show you're in decent shape?

LMH - with 3 weeks to go you can start to back off a bit which hopefully will make you feel a bit healthier.

8.5M this morning - 5.5M with the dog and then 3M into work with a rucksack. Another midweek league race on Thursday (think this one is 6M) so all easy now until then.

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Posted: 23/05/2016 at 19:38

Dan - I'm a Saucony man so would recommend the Fastwitch, or the Type As if your legs/technique can handle them (probably a bit aggressive for most). I've worn the Type As in several marathons and 2 IM runs but that's against the advice of almost everyone.

Lovely 10.5M done in 70 mins, somehow managed to miss all the rain clearly falling very close by (thunder was fun!). Was quite stiff at first but felt great after 5M and had a bit of a Zen moment cruising along at one point as it suddenly felt effortless.

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Posted: 23/05/2016 at 09:46

SC2 - yep, he had a good run. I watched the last men's race live on the interweb and it did look interesting with the beer tent! Well done on hanging in there for a solid time.

Wardi - nice park run/MLR combo.

Not sure how we got through a whole weekend with no posts, what's going on?!

My training at the weekend consisted of an easy jog with the dog on Saturday morning, maybe around 4M in total. Then 3,000m in the afternoon in the league - our B runner was aiming for a PB and wanted about 9:20 so I said I'd do 74s laps and see how it went, especially with a reasonably strong headwind on the back straight, I thought that might help him. There was no other competition so just settled in 74s, he stayed with me to 1600m in 4:56 then he dropped off a bit. I just maintained that pace and think I finished with about 9:15 but maybe be +/- 2 secs. He hung on for 9:25 which was still a PB so he was pretty pleased.

Then 3 hours on the bike yesterday with the usual group, averaging 20mph. I feel remarkably strong on the bike given I've only ridden it 5 times this year. I even set some PBs (accoridng to Strava) and a couple of local climbs and was leading at the top of all the main climbs. I guess the running maintains it reasonably well, especially on the hills, and I'm reasonably light (for me) at the moment.

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Posted: 20/05/2016 at 16:47

SC2 - the 3000m on Monday was fairly steady so I don't think that affected the 10k on Tuesday. Another 3000m race tomorrow which might be slightly more competitive. TC is running pretty well at the moment - did 15:21 for 5k recently and on Tuesday I thought he might come back to me considering he ran the 2nd km in 3:06 but he held a solid pace pretty well for 32:4x on a not-particularly-fast course. I doubt he'll lap you though! Good luck.

CW - solid 5k, your WAVA ratings are impressive. On a good run I can hit low 80s, with my plan being to stay the same pace until I'm into my 60s, at which point I'll be decent.

Just some easy running with strides for the last few days - another track fixture tomorrow and then might go on the bike on Sunday depending on the weather.

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Posted: 18/05/2016 at 09:22

Jimbob - ah, I now know who you are! At least the weather was appropriate for the aviators!

Tom - nice 10k, I doubt there's many people who have run sub 34 on their first ever attempt!

I've had a decent couple of days of racing. 3000m on Monday - started steady with about 3:14 for the first km and there was one guy pretty close, so picked it up for the 2nd km in about 3:06 and finished with about 3:10 for 9:30 overall feelling pretty comfortable. I then ran the anchor leg in the 4x400 - don't know the split but probably not very fast!

Then the first 10k league race last night. After 1km my mate picked up the pace and pulled away, I let him go and moved into 2nd place. He had about 30s on my by 3km and then I held that gap the rest of the way. I wasn't wearing a watch so had no idea what time I was on for until I turned into the finish and pleasantly surprised to see I'd run about 33:12 with a bit left in the tank, and I think that's my fastest time on that course. The men's team must have won given we had positions 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9 and 12 with 12 to score, so a good start.

Very enjoyable 5M with the dog early this morning, legs not feeling bad considering.


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Posted: 16/05/2016 at 13:25

CW - very impressive race considering recent weeks' efforts!

Dan - Hope the infection clears quickly. I was reading a bit about your ultra and looked up some info on Pinnacle Ridge. Looks "interesting"...

bains - that's a bit gutting, seem to be a few short courses coming out of the woodwork these days.

Coro - nothing useful from me on the carb depleting/loading from me I'm afraid as I never do either really (other than carb loading virtually all of the time!).

Mainly just easy running for me the last few days. I managed to join our Sunday cycling group for the first time in 3 months and was quite pleased that I managed to keep up (and at/near the front on the climbs). 56M averaging about 19.5mph.

Tonight I have my first ever Masters athetics event (3,000m) - I think it's a pretty low standard league so hoping I can take it fairly easy before the first 10km road race league fixture tomorrow night.

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Posted: 09/05/2016 at 14:42

SC2 - thanks, sorry for not spotting you!

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