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Posted: 06/12/2016 at 12:18

CW - good run at Bedford. It's not flat, but I think it's relatively fast (although clearly not optimal). I got my first Champs qualifying time there, must have been around 2006.

Dan - another nice parkrun, you seem to be on good form (ignoring the marathon result!).

RB/Dan - I ran a lot of the Country-to-Capital with him a few years ago. We hit the canal (20M to go) and he took off and managed to catch the leader who had been a long way ahead. It was quite impressive.

Knees have been feeling a bit weird since Saturday so just done a couple of miles with the dog the last two mornings. Nothing major, just feel the occasional twinge.

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Posted: 05/12/2016 at 11:56

Forgot to say, I also did a Santa run yesterday with the family and some friends (all dressed in Santa costumes). I did a lap (2.5k) on my own then caught Mrs Padams and mini-Padams on my second lap and did a lap and a bit with them. Good fun!

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Posted: 05/12/2016 at 11:54

PP - very nice run, and you can say you beat a 13:54 5000m runner!

TR - good news! I bet you'll find the running comes back quite quickly as I expect you're still fit from everything else.

RB - 3,000M in a year is good going. Think I managed it once or twice and it was my benchmark for getting in very good shape.

OO - welcome back! Which marathon(s) are you aiming for, and what sort of shape are you in at the moment?

Chiltern League XC for me on Saturday. Was feeling a bit sore from our work Xmas footie on Friday evening, but once warmed up I felt fine. Got a bit stuck at the start and was back in about 40th place during the first mile but gradually moved forward, sheltering in a few groups before moving up to the next one. It was 5.5M consisting of 4M very flat and fast on grass fields, then a big downhill and then the hardest hill I've ever run in a race. It started with about 20 steps, and after those I was well into the red. Then it leveled off a bit (still probably about 10% gradient) before kicking up again for about 100m which must have been around 20%-25%. I was actually very close to being sick and felt a bit light-headed and one guy re-passed me. But I managed to take him again about 200m after the top and hung on to finish in 11th place, which is decent for me in that league (runners around me have been running 31:30-32:20 for 10k recently).

The winner was the guy who finished 1st off the Championship start at London. 2nd was my clubmate who won the 5M race last weekend in 24:5x. I was 59s behind him, so good to get within a minute of him.

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Posted: 01/12/2016 at 11:47

November stats:

Miles: 130 (more than half with the dog)
Average pace: around 7:15 m/m
Cycling miles: 80
Total hours: 20

Nothing much to write home about, but a decent 5M time last weekend and won an XC race.

4M this morning with the dog - needed hat and gloves but still in shorts! Should make it out for 6M at lunchtime.

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Posted: 30/11/2016 at 16:08

TT - yes, she's fine. I expect she just trod on something when haring around the garden.

CW - I decided to drive to work today rather than cycle due to the cold. Unfortunately that meant that it took twice as long to get here and will probably be similar going home!

LD - thought so. It stuck in my memory as your parkrun name is actually "Lord Didsbury", which stood out when I looked at the results!

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Posted: 30/11/2016 at 09:30

TT - that's a very random selection of activities over a few days at the end of last week! Why don't you stick to 70-80mpw for a while and then move on from there rather than trying to get up towards 100mpw? I expect the additional benefits from the extra miles are small anyway.

LD - I think I saw your name in some results recently (maybe my local parkrun) and wondered what you were up to!

5M with the dog this morning - really cold (for the south), even needed to wear a hat.

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Posted: 29/11/2016 at 13:44

ES - yes, a few medals etc., medal for 3rd in county champs, trophies for 3rd in the race and for 1st team and £20 cash for 3rd place. To be honest I only kept one of those 4 prizes...

Lev - good to see you pop in. When I'm tired I occasionally wonder what it would be like to just stop running and came to the conclusion that it would be nice for a day or two but then I'd miss it after not long. I bet you'll get in decent shape just doing easy running at that volume.

SL - presumably you are talking about the "unofficial" WR rather than the official one? From memory it seemed like the official one would be fairly comfortable for you, so I'm assuming you're going for the harder target.

Dan - nice parkrun, but obviously a bit frustrating/confusing!

PP - good mileage, "enjoy" the MP/intervals!

3M for me yesterday with the dog and 6M this morning mainly on my own because the dog seemed to be limping a bit yesterday morning. Not during the 3M run, but when we got home she decided to go hyper in the garden doing a few laps at full gas, then came in hopping. Seemed fine this morning but didn't want her to do too much in case it was still a bit sore.

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Posted: 28/11/2016 at 10:42

ES - nice work in the 5M race. Going to have a look at those results as it sounds like a quality field!

PP - good news that the foot issue was only very fleeting, shows that it is usually worth stopping a session when you feel a niggle. Great XC/long run combo.

5M race for me went broadly as expected although I was towards the better end of my estimate. 26:06 for 3rd place - first 2 miles were 5:05 each but perhaps the easier part of the course, then 5:13, then struggled a bit in the last 2M which were slightly into the wind and a slight drag uphill, both around 5:20. I was running alone after the first 100m as two clubmates shot off and I was left leading the second group which was just me and one other after less than a mile, then just me by around 2M. The front two split up after about 1.5M and I closed marginally on one of them but then he pulled away a bit again. The winner kept pulling away and ran 24:5x. Nice for the club to lock out the podium though (and we had 5th place).

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Posted: 23/11/2016 at 14:55

SL - haha, when I ran the 25:57 I was in decent form so I will almost certainly be slower than that! 25k at 2:28 MP - nice...

I've given up trying to work out the reasons for Dan's results!

12M in the last 4 days, all with the dog. Big mileage...

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Posted: 22/11/2016 at 11:06

TJK - as Dan said, sounds like you're back in good shape already. Whereabouts in the US are you living? Somewhere quite far south by the sounds of things.

Dan - don't know what to say really, not sure how you can be in such good shape a few weeks ago and then struggle to get to 10k at the same pace. Well done to the missus though, that's a good chunk to take off and clearly she'll want to break 4hrs now! Marders seems to race at least a HM every weekend and run quickly every time, not sure how he does it.

Just some running with the dog for me. I've entered a local 5M race in Sunday but based on the start list will do well to make the top 3. I hold the course record (25:57) but one of our young guys will probably break 25 and my mate will also be around 25:30 I expect. I'd be happy with a low-26 at the moment.

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