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Posted: Yesterday at 11:44

Some fantastic racing (PP, CC2, TT) and training (Jools, MussDan (very jealous) and others).

Just some easy running for me - somewhere between 20 and 21 miles on Saturday morning and a short run to pick the car up yesterday. Tempted to have a go at the 3000m at Watford Open on Wednesday (a good chance to tick sub-9 off the list), but will see what the weather's looking like.

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 15:59

Can't believe it went 24hrs without a post - Dull would be horrified!

RS - that's a great run and confidence boost. I've never really tried such a training run, mainly as I would be too scared.

Muss - looks like you're still banging out some good training.

CW - absolute madness! Can't believe you're not sure if it was 100 or 101 reps. You could carry a bit of chalk a keep a tally on the wall at the top?

Although the legs weren't feeling too bad yesterday, I had a rest day as they felt a bit sore. Will just do something easy this evening.

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Posted: 20/07/2015 at 10:23

PP - that's a great run in the 10k, close to 16 for the second 5k! My Po10 PB is 32:44 as you say, although I have run quicker in the midweek league we do (32:33), but for some reason they never go on Po10, despite have a proper measurement certificate etc.

TickTock - that's a solid 50M time, and well done for beating that guy even if it was unnecessary!

ES - nice run, particularly after those miles in the preceding days.

Quick update from me as I haven't been on for about a week.

Thursday was the last of our summer 10k league races. I felt like I was on decent form and it was a quick course so was hoping to break 32:30. We had the usual pack of 5, then I found myself at the front after 3k. 4-6k was into the wind and I didn't want to lead so slowed and slowed but no one would come past. At 6k one attacked and I couldn't really respond, and just didn't have good legs, finishing in 33:07 in 4th. No one ran particularly fast - it was really humid (vest was soaked at the end), so maybe that didn't help.

Some easy running and had a really good ride on the TT bike on Saturday morning, fastest average speed for a ride ever, including some hills.

Then yesterday I did the Fairlands Valley Challenge 50k as training for the 12 hour race in September. Almost all off-road and no course markings, so following a map and instructions. Ended up running most of it at the front with one other guy - he actually pulled away by a few secs in the last mile, but I wasn't particularly concerned about racing to the line! We got a bit lost at various points so ended up running just over 32M in 4:22. Pleased with that considering:

- long runs since London have been one of 17M and one of 21M (nothing else over 12M)
- was still doing under 8m/m at the end, when terrain/map-reading allowed.
- my legs don't feel too bad today.

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Posted: 13/07/2015 at 08:15

DrD - 5M tempo is tough and the pace is bound to be affected if you've done a big week. Still a solid session though and sounds like you're on decent form given the 10M race.

PP - another good session, I used to do that one occasioanally, mainly when training for a HM.

Al_P - good effort, especially as it wasn't a "proper" race (where I think adrenalin makes a difference).

Muss - that sounds tough! Well done for getting through it, the next 20 miler will seem easy in comparison.

I was on a stag do, but managed to get to the Bath Skyline parkrun on Saturday. Obviously wasn't feeling great (was drinking until 2am), but managed to make it round in 2nd place in 17:01 (not a fast course, course record is 16:3x I think). A few miles before and after as well.

Then an even later night on Saturday, so did absolutely nothing yesterday other than drive home and watch sport all afternoon.

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Posted: 10/07/2015 at 08:32

PP - very nice session. Yes, it's probably better to do the MP a bit slow and the threshold a bit fast, rather than the other way around (which would slightly defeat the point of the session). 10M of that would be tough, given 10M at MP is already tough! Wouldn't that be more like 56:27 though i.e. quite a bit under 57?

ES - no company for me last night! I was on the 3rd row back at the start (couldn't get any closer), and got stuck behind a few people wearing headphones etc. (aka numpties). By the time I got through them the front four were gone. I ran with another guy for about 2k but then dropped him and by the end I was about 30s behind 4th and 30s ahead of 6th. I wouldn't have beaten any of those 4 anyway so not really a problem.

Result was about 18:05, which is 7s slower than last year, but not bad considering the poor start and the fact that at about 4k a marshal shouted something at me that I couldn't make out, so I stopped and went back a bit (thinking he was telling me to go back around a lamppost I had just cut inside), but turned out he was telling a cyclist behind me to get off the course.

11.5M done in the end including the nearly 4M each way from Blackfriars with a heavy rucksack.

Then just over 20M on the bike this morning - decided to blast it a bit and averaged 21.5mph with a couple of decent hills.

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Posted: 09/07/2015 at 15:36

ES - nice run. Seems like hardly any of the really fast guys were there last night, so I expect there will be plenty of quick guys this evening. Two of our best runners have dropped out (and expecting more due to the tube strike) so our team is looking fairly weak now.

Muss - nice tempo, but seems like you're doing a lot of hard running. Be careful not to push it too hard (quality-wise) - I tend to stick to a max of two hard sessions a week.

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Posted: 08/07/2015 at 08:12

ES - yes, good luck getting there. My current plan is a 3M+ warm-up from Blackfriars along the riverside path. Have a good run if you make it!

And I've got a stag do near Bath on Friday/Saturday, affected by the train strikes - luckily I was planning on driving but others are hoping to get a train....

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Posted: 07/07/2015 at 17:35

Dachs - it was probably the end of July one I was going for, but will check out the other dates too. Nice run there, although obviously annoying with the 0.23s!

ES - we've just lost a good runner to injury, so the team's not looking so good now. We never quite get our top team together, which is a shame as it could mean a free holiday if we did!

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Posted: 06/07/2015 at 16:43

CW - fairly insane as usual! That'll teach you to jump up from the dinner table in a huff.

ES - we're on Thursday this year so will only be able to race you virtually. We've got a decent team this year (if they all turn up, which rarely happens), so hopefully we can get near the top again.

Official 3000m time was 9:02.2, so I must have done a decent last lap. PB by 4s, so very happy with that, but would be nice to go sub-9 this year, so I might go to a Watford Open in a few weeks.

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Posted: 06/07/2015 at 08:21

Muss - looks like you're putting the work in, including a fair bit of faster stuff.

PP and CC2 - well done on the season's bests, both of which I expect you'll improve on pretty soon.

ES - can't complain about a PB! Made it into a nice long run too.

3000m for me on Saturday went well. I took the lead after about 600m (about 71s first lap) and ran fairly consistent 72/73 laps, but could hear one guy on my shoulder the whole way. He seemed to be slightly yoyo-ing though so I was hopeful he was struggling, and luckily he was, as I could only muster a small increase in pace at the bell but that was enough to drop him. Not sure of the final time yet, but I heard 7:52 shouted at the bell so I expect around 9:03. PB is 9:06 so unless some weird timing happened I should have improved on that. Kms were 3:00, 3:01 and probably about 3:02. Cycled there and back (only about 12M each way) to make it into a decent amount of training.

Then 20.5M off-road yesterday - not fast (just under 8m/m), but after the knees started to feel a bit sore at around 14M, I started feeling better again at about 17M and got into a nice steady rhythm that I think I could have maintained for a while longer.

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