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Posted: Yesterday at 13:55

PP - massive congratulations, that will be a great experience. I trust you'll be sporting the wig and tash in the race as well as some classic red shorts?!

Wardi - nice one on the improptu marathon! Didn't know we had some people there so will take a look at the results now.

XC on Saturday for me was OK but not amazing. Was in 10th most of the way running alone, then started to lose power on the 3rd lap (of 3) and dropped to 11th. That's OK in this league - my best was 6th last season and worst 12th. Just slightly annoyed I didn't hold on for 10th, but it was a bit of a shock to the system and takes some time to remind your body to run that hard (I wasn't breathing as hard at the finish as usual, so possibly could have gone a bit harder).

Great Birmingham HM on Sunday - just scraped into the elite start, so I believe I'll have my name instead of a number for the first time ever. Slightly nervous though as I expect I'll be the slowest "elite" male (getting in by 14 secs on my marathon time but nowhere near on other criteria), and not on good form, so don't feel like I'm going to live up to it! Plus it's live on Channel 5, and I might be near the lead women...

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Posted: 09/10/2015 at 11:22

Awesome report RJ, even tempts me to have another proper crack at a marathon!

Decided to go mountain biking yesterday for no particular reason. A bit muddy, was getting dark by the end in the woods and nearly crashed several times - great fun!

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Posted: 08/10/2015 at 08:03

Tom - as others have already said, you should be on for 2:45 at least, especially as it seems you're still in the rapid improvement phase. For the next few months I would say 75% (or more) of your training should be at an easy pace i.e. at least 7 min/mile. Lots of easy miles now (a bit of tempo/intervals - cross country races are good for this in the winter), then you can sharpen up closer to the marathon.

P&D has worked well for me and lots of others on here.

TR - good news about mini-TR!

12M last night steady. Wasn't monitoring pace but got home in 1:21 and that felt very comfortable, so I don't seem to be too unfit (although I'm not sure about my speed endurance, which is what is needed for XC on Saturday).

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Posted: 07/10/2015 at 14:30

muss - haven't done this year (haven't really done much training full stop!), but in the past we would do weekly hill reps or similar in the park (on grass).

A session I like is to find an off-road loop of around 1200m which is about 400m uphill, 400m downhill and 400m flat. Run the uphill and downhill hard and jog the flat, continuously for 20-30 minutes. People forget to practice running fast downhill!

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Posted: 07/10/2015 at 08:24

Great news Wardi. And 5 runs in one evening totalling over 30M is impressive!

Nice interval session bains - another one who seems to be recovered from an injury (touch wood).

CD - like the Boardman theory. Actually, when I've run my best times, the answer to the question has been "probably not" rather than "maybe"!

CW - crazy as usual!

Just 6M easy last night with a few strides. First XC race of the year on Saturday - can't believe it's come around again so soon!

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Posted: 05/10/2015 at 08:24

Ryan - fantastic run, impressive to be able to push yourself that hard with no competition. For me, that would cost 5-10 minutes I expect, and I'm sure you'll go sub-2:40 in a big race.

Muss - enjoyed the report, sounds like you got everything out of the tank and couldn't have gone any faster on the day.

Jools - sounds like you're in great shape. The pressure's on now though! Funny to think back to you struggling to break 3 hours for a long time.

Something came up and I couldn't make it to the 10k race yesterday (ES - hope you had a good run). Instead I did 6 laps of my usual 2.25M loop from home, aiming to alternate easy and "hard" - did 15:25, 12:25, 15:00, 12:30, 15:35, 12:55 and 1.5M cooldown to make 15M in about 1:36. Was struggling on the last hard one, but averaged just under 5:40s for the hard bits (and 6:50s for the "easy"), so pretty pleased with that considering the last month's training (or lack of).

A shame I couldn't make it to the race as it was won in 33:3x with a £200 first prize! The two fast guys who entered obviously DNS'd (or DNF'd).

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Posted: 01/10/2015 at 12:05

PP - PBs at those three distances in one month is pretty awesome. The Mrs was actually saying to me the other day that maybe I could be decent if I focused on one particular distance, given I ran a 8:54 3000m (PB) 4.5 weeks before winning the 12 hour race. That would be boring though!

Not worth reporting my monthly stats - suffice to say well over half of my mileage happened on the one day i.e. not a lot for the rest of the month.

Also awaiting Lev's report, come on....

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Posted: 30/09/2015 at 16:29

RJ - different class. Your comments made me realise that 30-60 secs is quite a difference once you get to that level.

SC2 - I refer you back to JAP's comment!

TT - sounds like a quality night out!

Jools - great run, bodes well if you can run a 5k PB at this stage.

ES - I'm number 1145, should see you there. At this point I'd take a 34:xx but probably won't know if that's feasible until about 1k in!

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Posted: 30/09/2015 at 08:52

RyanS - I always do 7M with 2M at MP on the Wednesday before a marathon, and I've always had the same issue, so don't worry about it!

ES - nice session.

Mr Boat - very impressive run given the build-up. Shows that the years of miles stay in your legs, and you can pull off a decent run with limited training if you have the foundation.

SC2 - very nice! I thought you were being a bit conservative with your target (given the 3000m we did), but I guess the marathon isn't your sweet spot (yet...).

Since coming back from hols I've had an ear infection (too many swimming pools), which seems to have migrated towards my throat now, so binned last night's run as I wasn't feeling great. Got up early this morning though and did 7M inc. 6x800(ish). Paces nothing to write home about - around 2:45s for the 800s but only had about 40s jog recovery. Not feeling confident for the 10k on Sunday!

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Posted: 28/09/2015 at 08:50

Lev - based on the start of your post I was expecting 2:3x or DNF! Great run considering, and shows what you might be capable of when it all comes together. Now where's my "I beat Lev VMLM 2015" t-shirt?

PP - solid run there, good work. Even more impressive by MsPP - how long until she starts beating you? I guess you're not feeling too sharp as I type this, unless you're still drunk.

Muss - can't complain about a 4 min PB, sub-2:45 will come if you can keep the training consistent.

ES - very impressed you controlled yourself in that situation! Great marathon training.

CW - sounds like you're in good shape for Snowdonia. Running downhill after 20+ miles is usually pretty painful, so all those stairs must have done some good.

I did a bit of training at the weekend but nothing worth going into any detail about!

Right, going to check out the full Berlin results, mainly to see Race Jase's.

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