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Posted: Yesterday at 08:17

Forgot to say, TT, I think you have a good point about the different types of runner and not needing the extra few miles if you are more endurance-based naturally (and then able to run better in other sessions).

And some nice reps from PP - about 10k pace I guess?

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:13

Good to see a food pic from PP, it's been a while!

I don't think the likes of us should be questioning Mo's training...

Jools - that's a good effort as a last-minute decision.

I've never really done much more than 23M in marathon training, although I am fairly used to exercising for long periods of time, so maybe that counts for something.

10M for me last night inc. 4 x 1 min hills, 4x1k including the hill (av. about 3:20 going off 5 mins), and 4 more hill reps. Nice session and pleased to get it done considering I really wasn't really "up for it" at the start. Legs felt really heavy initially and I was falling asleep on the sofa 20 mins before leaving!

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Posted: 26/01/2015 at 12:35

Good effort PP - to make your scoring team means you must have run reasonably well!

SB - I wouldn't read anything into it. You did the session at the right effort level, so your body will adapt in the way you planned. There are many reasons why your pace might have been a bit slower than you hoped, as others (and you) have said. The main one for me would be that I find it takes me at least a few miles for my legs to start working first thing in the morning.

bains - sounds like a sensible plan. I'm very jealous of your Coniston trip!

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Posted: 26/01/2015 at 08:05

TT - I love those old-style Celicas, classic!

More nice long runs from ThR, CC2, CW and others. And well done for anyone completing the Southern XC Champs - 15k round there must have been tough. The Northerns and Midlands were probably not much easier (shorter though!).

ES/ON7 - yes, Gade Valley. I'm planning on doing the next one (17M) but can't make the last one. I just like doing them as it makes a change from our usual long run routes, more people to run with, and cake at the finish. Might see you there in a few weeks!

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Posted: 25/01/2015 at 14:35

Jools - that's a great placing in a regional champs, nicely done.

Good long runs from TR, CL and Wardi.

17M for me today including a 12M organised training run (~500 runners, not timed, but a marshalled route with water stations etc. and, most importantly, cake at the finish). Ran with a group of clubmates and a couple of others, starting at just under 7s, then picking it up, with the last 3M in 18 minutes. Felt pretty comfortable throughout, which is good news considering it was my longest run since November.

Bike ride was cut short yesterday due to cold/ice, only about 90 mins, so did about 6M in the afternoon (half with the Mrs and new dog, half on my own).

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Posted: 23/01/2015 at 09:01

TR - thanks for the tip-off about that team. However, I did no triathlons last year so not got a great CV! Also, I'm not on Twitter (not even on Facebook), and that is an essential part of it. I could join Twitter, but I hate that stuff so couldn't commit to promoting them.

Tmoth - as TR says, that does look like a tough schedule. However, given your endurance background it might be OK as I'm guessing you can do 23M at an easy pace without any real effort/fatigure. If you started trying to put quality in both weekly long runs, I think that would be a problem.

CC82 - some good stuff in there. You'll want to build up the miles a bit in marathon phase, but as you say, just building for now so looks good.

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Posted: 22/01/2015 at 19:40

TR - no decisions yet. Decision will probably be made at about 11:30am on 1 Feb.

PP - looks like you're putting in some miles. I expect you're in better form than you think.

Just some strength stuff followed by about 5M easy this evening.

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Posted: 22/01/2015 at 08:32

DrD - you did a hills session in the morning and 4x15 mins at MP in the evening?! That's a tough day! Sounds like you're on good form and should be flying in a couple of months.

ES - nice one! I bet it was more enjoyable than the mill.

TR - he sounds like me when I started running, although I may have been slightly heavier. With lots of easy running and losing a bit of weight he should get down towards 3 hrs quick enough (and he has a good mentor obviously!).

12M steady for me last night. I just wanted to get the miles in with minimal effort as I'm concerned I'm lacking endurance, but when I got home I was pleased/surprised to find I'd averaged under 7s. Seems like the calf is fine now, but will be building gradually - hopefully still time to get in reasonable shape.

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Posted: 21/01/2015 at 08:19

ON7 - very nice run, which suggests HMP might be a bit quicker than 5:5x.

Dachs - 12M at 5:46?! Nice. Seems like you're in good shape but probably just don't have the sharpness for XC.

ES - nice tempo run, but poor effort on chickening out going outdoors. It's not that cold!

Tmoth - good effort. Don't worry about the pace, there will be various reasons why iit wasn't quite where you'd want it to be. You'll still get the training benefit of a hard tempo run whatever the pace is.

DrD - yes, that's how our selection works too. However, usually some of the top 5 don't go, and anyone in the top 10 (or showing decent form in other races) gets called up.

I glazed over before halfway of CW's post I'm afraid. Good luck with the Nobel Prize though!

40 mins on the turbo followed by 9M inc. 12x620m(ish) for me. The intervals weren't especially fast, but were done off short recoveries, so more of a speed endurance session than pure speed.

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Posted: 20/01/2015 at 08:31

Great report Dan. Yes, I probably lost 5 minutes or so getting lost when I did it (mainly that bit in Denham), but that's all part of the race! I've raced that Woodford guy a fair few times - think I can normally beat him but he's good at the longer stuff. I even saw him in the Lake District at the Saunders Mountain Marathon - he was doing the solo event so must be decent (they won't let you do it otherwise).

TT - that middle one was uncalled for...

DrD - I would thoroughly recommend doing the Intercounties if you can spare the day to do it. It's a great experience running in such a high quality field. Don't worry about not having done XC before - it's still running, and the Intercounties course isn't too severe.

Only had 30 mins in the end last night so snuck in 4.5M - 2 of my usual laps in 14:55 then 14:20. Then did some stretching and exercises at home.

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