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Posted: Today at 07:54

PP - if those miles felt relatively conformtable, and only 30s recovery, I reckon they must be around HM pace.

The last time I took nutrition during any run, it literally was a packed lunch as I'd made some sandwiches (on the Saunders). I never take any food or drink in training. I'll probably use 3 or 4 gels in the marathon, but not convinced they make much difference (but would be a risk not to take them).

About 10M easy last night, probably 7-7:30 pace but not sure really.

I'm looking forward to the HM on Sunday too. Only issue is that the forecast is for 35mph winds with 55mph gusts...

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Posted: 25/02/2015 at 09:10

Best wishes to the benchees, good that you're getting everything out of the way at once.

PP - nice sesh. I love starting a fresh pair of shoes, I'm sure they're faster. I haven't decided on a marathon shoe yet, but may go for some new Saucony Type As, just hoping I can find a reduced pair by then!

Nice miles Wardi. It was warmer here this morning, I didn't even wear gloves!

10M last night inc. 4x1min hills and 4x800 with a big hill in. Then 9M this morning inc. one 2.25M loop in 13:35 (6:0x pace) and one in 12:35 (5:3x pace). No more hard running now until Sunday!

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Posted: 24/02/2015 at 16:18

PP - never heard of that model of shoe, but they look nice and that's the main thing.

Tmuss - welcome. Excellent run in Seville, but sounds like you have plenty more to come with the right training.

I'm in two minds about my training this week. It's a cutback/mini-taper week, but I still feel that I should do a fair bit Mon-Thurs. I just had an easy day yesterday (as usual), will probably do the intervals tonight (mix of hills and hilly 800s), but maybe take them a bit easier? Then will probably cut Weds usual double 6M+13M to a single 10M with some moderate efforts. PP's approach is encouraging me towards doing a bit less than I was planning, as I'd like to run well on Sunday.

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Posted: 23/02/2015 at 07:51

Well done to all those who braved the mud at Parliament Hill. Quite pleased I had to miss that!

Toro - great run, parrticularly with the wind. Sounds like you're in great form.

CC2 - sorry to hear that. Hope it sorts itself out quickly.

Steve6 - well done, sounds like you judged that really well.

CW - crazy run as usual!

Dan - I suspect a rest day will have done you some good given the miles you've been putting in.

selbs - hope the littl'un's feeling better. Good that it coincided with a "rest" weekend!

Nice pacing by Wardi (I initially thought that was a HM and we thinking that was a good pace for you, let alone your pacee!) and PP.

10M very easy on Saturday and then about 21M yesterday including the 17M Gade Valley training run. Got round the 17M in 1:48, which comprised 9M in about 59 mins (6:3x pace), then 8M in about 49 mins (6:0x pace). First half was net uphill and second half net downhill, but it felt reasonably comforable other than the one main hill on the way back where we pushed the pace a bit and split the pack up.

83M for the week, again, my biggest since 2009 (and close to my biggest ever), but cutting back this week a bit for the HM on Sunday.

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Posted: 20/02/2015 at 08:48

I watched the 50 Creme Egg WR last night (6m15) - I literally can't comprehend how she was eating them that quickly.

ON7 - that's irritating. There sometimes seems no rhyme or reason to these things. Give it a couple of days, a bit of light stretching and see how it feels before making any firm decisions.

That's a very nice session PP. Weren't you tempted to do one more lap for a 36-ish 10k?

Tmoth - never mind you didn't quite hit the pace, that's still great training.

SJ - nice 600s, and impressive work hours! I guess you have some sort of flexitime then (or are self-employed)?

10M for me last night in the rain with only 2 clubmates (not surprising given the weather), starting at 7s and building to about 6:15s, all felt fairly comfortable. Then 6M this morning slowly.

This month is already comfortably my biggest since 2009, and there's still 8 days to go!

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Posted: 19/02/2015 at 12:37

I'm a big fan of Creme Eggs too. Haven't had one for a while though, so might have to treat myself before Easter!

bains - yes, it was continuous. There's no real logic to it other than it takes the boredom out of a 13M run, and gets some faster miles in.

Al_P - ncie session, you obviously took a bit of time to get going. A 20M "race" will take a bit out of you even if you didn't race the whole thing. Especially with 21M the day after!

I agreed to write a schedule of Thursday evening sessions for the club group I run with (rather than just doing our usual 8M with some faster bits). So I put in a couple of BAC-type sessions using the same 2.25M lap. I think we have 3x1 lap at MP in a few weeks, then I put in a 2x2 laps at MP session about 4 weeks before the marathon - that'll be tough but I think it has to be done.

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Posted: 18/02/2015 at 21:20

Nice one TR. How many miles was that today then?

Lev - sounds awesome. I reckon Iten would do me some good, particularly the whole lifestyle/nutrition, which I struggle with a bit.

13M this evening. 5 laps of my undulating 2.25M loop in 15:40, 15:15, 14:40, 14:15, 13:25, then 1.75M easy. Pleased with that as I was aiming for 16, 15.5, 15, 14.5, 14, and was holding back til the last one. Will aim for 30s quicker per lap next time!

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Posted: 18/02/2015 at 08:36

bains - that sounds like good news, pretty good paces too considering you've not done anything fast for a while.

PP - nice combo session, especially on a double day.

selbs - I'd prefer it if there were no more gruesome details of tooth fragments etc, thanks!

Lev - sounds like a great experience, I'd love to hear more about how they training, the daily routine etc. I expect you'll be in better shape than you expected when you come back home (and to sea level).

Our session was 8x800m on a road loop with one small hill in it. Average pace for the reps was 2:31 which felt fairly comfortable, except for the last one in 2:26.

6M easy this morning on my usual morning loop. Was about 45 secs quicker this morning compared to the last few weekks - don't know if that means I've got a bit fitter or I just didn't take it quite as easy this time!

I've just entered Finchley, I'm guessing some of you must have entered? It's the day after the Intercounties, but will probably try something like 1st lap 6:30s, then 6:15s, then 6s, then 5:45s.

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Posted: 17/02/2015 at 14:52

PP - doing your hair? Washing machine delivery? Don't want to get muddy?

My current pair of training shoes are coming away at the sole/upper join and they've only done about 350M. That's fairly typical for me, although I guess being larger than most I'll get through them quicker, or maybe I just run weirdly. I like the confidence on the vouchers!

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Posted: 17/02/2015 at 11:28

selbs - you seem to be in the wars! Getting everything out the way in one go though hopefully. Don't think I'll be keeing SL company - his 73 min training HM is about 5 mins quicker than I could do I think!

PP - forgot to say earlier, looks like I can't do XC on Saturday now. It's the Mrs' birthday lunch with in-laws etc., so won't be getting out of that one even though I'm taking her out on her actual birthday. To be honest, I'd don't fancy running at Parliament Hill anyway!

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