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Posted: 08/08/2016 at 13:00

LMH - I don't know, I'm sure others on here know more about the high standard ultras. Isn't there a qualifying race to get into the GB team or something like that? Not saying you would win but I think you might surprise yourself! Age doesn't seem to be too much of a barrier in the longer stuff.

Or Comrades, which is on my to-do list. That's a bit more of a financial/logistical undertaking though!

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Posted: 08/08/2016 at 11:23

LMH - amazing run (again!), you should have a go at a high quality one sometime soon to see how you fare - I suspect you could be pretty highly ranked amongst the top British women.

RB - pleased to hear you had a good honeymoon and enjoyed NYC.

Some solid training by lots of others e.g. AlanB.

Been doing bits and pieces, mostly with the dog but also a couple of reasonable sessions last week - one alternating slow and fast miles, then on Saturday I ran 7M to a different park run, won in 16:30 (off-road but flat), then ran home again. And did a good ride yesterday, about 54M averaging just over 20mph with a few decent hills.

Might be my last post for a while as Mrs Padams is booked in for a c-section tomorrow as he's breached and won't move around. A bit nervous but also quite excited!

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Posted: 01/08/2016 at 14:58

LS21 - all that stuff about injuries and then you say you've done 264M in July! I guess you're in decent shape.

SC2 - hadn't seen the individual results so just had a look. I doubt it was the team manager who put Pauline, so suspect someone else - I'll find out next time I'm at the club! Or maybe it's my new tactic to get a spot on the 2020 Olympic team...

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Posted: 01/08/2016 at 12:01

AlanB - unlucky, that can happen in track races and it's a learning process. That's happened to me before (most notably a couple of weeks ago at the intercounties). I think the key is that even if you're following someone, you need to be looking in front of them to see if any gaps are appearing. Then you can move around to latch back on without being isolated too long.

Reminds me of the end of the bike ride yesterday - with about a mile to go before the usual sprint point I was at the back of the group of 7. That's usually good leading into the sprint, but positions 5 and 6 sat up for some reason - by the time I'd realised there was a big gap to close. I managed to get across but it took about a minute at full gas and I had no legs left for the sprint.

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Posted: 01/08/2016 at 08:36

Wardi - as you say, hardly surprising with the lack of sleep. You'll feel great after the holiday!

Jools - well done for getting the 10k done and sounds like you're recovered now with that long run.

ES - solid training, if you can hit all the P&D sessions you should get into good shape.

Did my longest run for nearly 3 months on Saturday - 6M with the dog then 9M progressive on my own (starting at 7:10 pace, each mile quicker than the previous down to 6:19 for the last one). Not specatular but felt reasonably comfortable given the lack of long runs recently.

Then 60M on the bike yesterday with the usual group, averaged 20mph with quite a few hills.

That brought up a total of just over 30 hours' training for July: about 165M running (20 hours), 200M cycling (10.5 hours) and a bit of swimming. Not massive, but keeping myself in reasonable shape without doing too much.

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Posted: 29/07/2016 at 08:47

ES - I get that sometimes, it just doesn't feel smooth/natural. Sounds like it's cleared now though.

Not such a good run last night (perhaps not surprising). We were in 3rd place after the first leg and I was running leg 2. I set off about 25s after SC2 who was in 2nd place. I never quite felt "right" but worked as hard as I could and think I roughly held the gap, or maybe lost a couple of seconds. Time was around 9:14 I think but wasn't wearing a watch so that's just based on looking at the finish clock and deducting the time our first runner said he'd done.

We overtook SC2's team after that but ended up in 3rd - 1st place was Bedford with a very strong team, and then 2nd place was also Bedford with a team that had one slower runner and then I think the other 4 were guys who had also run in their A team! So they won't count for prizes and I think we will be given 2nd, and first in the county champs (being in a different county to Bedford).

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Posted: 28/07/2016 at 13:51

Results now up, 8:50.60 for me, 15th out of 34(!). There were 69 runners across the two later 3,000m races, not sure why they didn't split it into 3 races rather than 2.

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Posted: 28/07/2016 at 10:08

SC2 - I thought it might have been her. She must have enjoyed drafting me - not many people of my size to slipstream in most of the races she does! I did notice you were very wide for a lot of the race but there wasn't much you could do about it at that point. You probably ran at least 1,530m!

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Posted: 28/07/2016 at 08:22

Blimey Dan, that looks a bit sketchy. At least it was dry, I certainly wouldn't want to do that in the wet.

TT - sounds like you're doing enough to tick over and I've no doubt you can make some massive gains in those 8 weeks.

Well, I don't know where my good form has come from but I had a great run last night. 35mpw with not much other than running with the dog seems to be working well for me, on the shorter stuff at least. I've done quite a bit of racing, so maybe that is helping.

My wife wanted to get out of the house for a while (she's already bored of being on maternity leave!) so came to watch and seemed to enjoy it. We watched the fast 3,000m race (won by Andy Baddeley in 7:58 with a young Tonbridge guy right behind him, then about 15 others under 8:20), then registered and went home for a bit. Came back at 8:30 to watch the last few 1500 races - looked like SC2 had a decent run but looked in a bit of pain in the last 200m!

My mate and I were in the last 3,000m race which ended up starting at about 9:50pm. To be honest conditions were absolutely perfect so had no excuses really - the only problem was the large number of runners, about 25 I think and all having an estimated time within about 45s of each other. So I lined up right near the outside to get a cleaner first lap but was on the 2nd row.

I ran the first 400m or so in lane 2 but at least was avoiding the clipping of heals that I saw on the inside. First lap was 70s which was perfect, then 800m in 2:21, then 1km in 2:56 at which point it had stretched out a bit and I was on the inside in single file. I remember thinking at that point that it was absolutely perfect for a fast time - nice conditions, I'd started at the right pace and was just following others going at the pace I wanted. The next km was fairly uneventful, just holding 71s and actually feeling OK - working hard but felt strong. Went through 2km in 5:54 and thought a PB was on as that only needed 3:01 for the last km.

With 800m to go I started to try to push on a bit, although in reality I probably only picked up to 70s, but was catching a few people. At the bell the clock said 7:41, so I knew I had a PB at that point and it was just a case of how fast I could go. At 600m to go I had passed my mate who holds the club record of 8:51, so thought that might be on.

Just to keep you in suspense, I don't actually know the final time yet as the clock stopped on the first runner (8:3x), but my wife timed it at 8:50, so it is probably somewhere in the 8:50/51 range. I asked my mate afterwards what the exact club record was and he said 8:51.99 so I should have beaten that, but hopefully it's more like 8:50 (8:4x would be amazing).

Interestingly with 800m to go a lady pulled alongside me which took me a bit by surprise. I don't know who she was but she finished in about 8:54 which is the 4th fastest by a British woman this year.

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Posted: 27/07/2016 at 15:07

SC2 - yep, see you later. I think I'm going to register at about 6pm, watch the fast 3,000m at 6:45pm then go home for a couple of hours.  Will aim to get back around 8:45pm for the fast 1500s (maybe inc. yours). I'm guessing they will run way over time as usual and I probably won't be running until about 10pm!

We've got a decent team out tomorrow evening so should be competitive but will see which other clubs get decent teams out.

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