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Posted: 21/05/2015 at 08:31

Good to see everyone is back at it with 10ks, ultra etc. I've not been doing a huge amount, and then randomly got a really sore hip yesterday, despite not doing any training and not feeling it happen. Feels a bit better today though.

I've not entered any races yet, so just got the summer 10k league and some track stuff coming up. I'm away quite a bit anyway (brother's wedding in Greece, friend's wedding in Florence, wedding this weekend in Cambridge), so keeping myself busy.

For some bizarre reason I'm very tempted by a 24 hour race (5M off-road loops) at the end of August but can't bring myself to commit to it. There's just that nagging feeling that I want to see what it's like to try to keep going for that long...

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Posted: 12/05/2015 at 08:45

Not been on for a while as I've been busy with other stuff, but well done to those racing already - I'm not (mentally) up for that yet. Luckily I'm off on our annual 5 day golf trip later today.

CW - I have no idea, but I find it interesting that you apparently spend so long thinking about this kind of stuff! I was the other way around (10M race 2 weeks before was slower than MP, but breathing twice as fast), but just put it down to conditions, mental state, tiredness etc.

CL - I'm quoting chip time. It's only 7s, but the gun time is close enough to 2:28 that some people might be tempted to round up!

I've not done much training for the last week or so, probably 3 or 4 runs and 3 or 4 rides, none of which were very long. I've been out on the TT bike a couple of times though and found I've been going at a decent pace, so hopefully I won't embarrass myself at the local sprint tri in 1.5 weeks (assuming I don't drown having done no swimming at all).

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Posted: 07/05/2015 at 07:30

I'm just making up my recovery too. I tried some intervals on Tuesday but after a couple of 1200s I started to feel a bit sore so cruised the next few then went home (7M total). Last night was another run with Mrs Padams and the dog - they've been good to get me moving but ensuring the pace has been slow (and nice to all run together).

Will try the usual club run this evening and hopefully the legs will be feeling normal again pretty soon.

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Posted: 05/05/2015 at 17:10

Steve6 - I've done the Chicago Marathon twice (Mrs was working in Wisconsin, so close in US terms as you say), I loved it. It helps that Chicago is probably my favourite city to visit anyway. For maximum post-race weight gain I recommend the Cheesecake Factory - I couldn't actually finish the portion I was given, and I can eat a lot of cheesecake.

Will have a go at intervals on the grass tonight, but will just do them at 90% unless I'm feeling especially sprightly (unlikely).

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Posted: 05/05/2015 at 08:05

Loving the long reports (Lev, Jools etc.), give an insight into how people think during a race, which can vary quite a bit from person to person.

PP - sorry to hear that but sounds like the right decision. Enjoy the time off/holiday!

I was in the Cotswolds over the weekend, so a couple of walk/runs with the Mrs and the dog in some lovely countryside. We were at the Pudding Club (google it!), so think I've put on all the weight I lost in the marathon build up! Also got one ride in on the road bike, but managed to pick the only wet bit of the weekend so got soaked. Plus a round of golf yesterday (about 92 I think so not great, but OK considering lack of practice), so a busy but fun few days!

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Posted: 01/05/2015 at 10:12

Looks like Marders has really made it as a runner, defined by having a Let's Run thread about you (Marigold had one too a year or so ago I think):

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Posted: 01/05/2015 at 09:55

selbs - yes, I expect I'll be at the JPM again. Will be trying to get our other decent runners together and see if we can win this time (think we we're 2nd last year)!

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Posted: 01/05/2015 at 08:01

Enjoying all the reports, keep them coming!

CW - that phone is ridiculous small. Mind you, if I was in a bad enough state to drop out of the race, I doubt I'd be able to accurately press the tiny buttons!

4M on Wednesday with the Mrs and the dog. One of the best results of the race on Sunday is that it seems to have inspired the Mrs to get get back into running, and she's entered a 10k in August. It's good fun with the new hyperactive dog too.

Then 8M last night with the club. That was probably a bit more than I should have done (middle 4M were about 6:30s), but feeling fine and won't do anything today.

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Posted: 28/04/2015 at 14:16

TT - that makes up for it a bit! I still have that doubt that I always have after a race though - could I have gone a few seconds quicker? Was it really hurting that much? (Answers are no and yes in that order but I quickly forget the pain.)

CW - I was also wondering about the people who were passed by more than they passed. I guess some drop out, which means more people have a positive place gain than the number with a negative. E.g. if everyone stayed in order but the leader dropped out, the entire field (except for the guy that dropped out) would have a +1 gain. Equally, those that end up walking and losing 100s of places cause the same distortion.

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Posted: 28/04/2015 at 12:24

Lev - result! Must be happy with that.

I got 7 secs back for 2:27:46. This might sound like good news but:
- SL has now officially beaten me by 2s (I should have started further back!)
- I've been training a bit with a 2nd claim lady at our club who has a PB of 2:27:44 (you can probably work out who), so that's a bit frustrating...

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