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Posted: Yesterday at 16:55

TR/ES - good to see you both back. Sounds like mini-TR is still having cricketing success, looking forward to seeing him in the England squad in a few years.

CW - 12 hour race on Saturday. I have no idea what to expect but for some reason quite looking forward to it (I won't be thinking that after 6 hours I suspect).

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:31

Dan - that's insane, don't think I've seen a report before involving going on a drip, being unconscious for an hour and then cracking on and running much better! Amazing effort just to get to the finish.

RyanS - sounds like you're going well with some good speed in there. BTW, running in lane 2 is worth about 6m per lap I think, so you can knock 2-3 secs off those 800 times.

CC2 - nice mixture of training, hope the minor surgery goes OK and you can crack on asap afterwards.

CW - 16M on that terrain would be "worth" more than that, so still a decent long run. Were you actually running up and down the platform whilst waiting for a train? You must have got some funny looks!

TT - that's a great long run, you should be flying once fully recovered in a week or two. That week of lower mileage at altitude might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

PP - great monthly stats, I'm looking forward to seeing the results at Berlin (for several of you).

Nothing major to report for me, just ticking over until Saturday. Did the Park Run on Saturday after an hour's warm-up in 16:28 which felt reasonably comfortable and surprisingly close to my best time (16:24). No idea on how I should taper for this, but I'm guessing I want as much glycogen as I can for the day so basically not going to do much over the next four days. I don't mind being a pound or two heavier either as I'm assuming I might need all of that.

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Posted: 28/08/2015 at 08:45

Blimey PP, that's some run. Really does look like MP could be 5:3x now.

TT - hope you're feeling a bit better.

CW - you must be on for a pretty big mileage week then, so tough to put some efforts in at that stage.

8M for me last night then 5M this morning, all easy. For some reason my easy pace seems to have improved suddenly, possibly as I've had a fairly light last 7 days, so the 8M averaged close to 7s on an undulating off-road route including lots of stiles, gates etc., where I'm usually closer to 7:30s.

Will probably do an hour+park run+ mile or two home tomorrow, then just easy running and cycling before next Saturday.

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Posted: 26/08/2015 at 08:23

Wow, there are some amazing sessions being done and I think we might see some pretty good times at Berlin - maybe 3 of the top 10 Brits?!

I've actually done two runs already this week - 9M steady on Monday, then yesterday I was a bit bored so decided to do the middle 6M of an 8M run alternating "steady" and "hard" miles. So the middle 6M were 6:04, 5:47, 6:12, 5:38, 6:03, 5:27, which felt fairly hard but not horrendous. What I like about a session like that is when you come down to the steady mile after the hard one - it feels really easy but the pace always seems to be much faster than how it feels.

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Posted: 24/08/2015 at 12:26

Been away since Thursday (wedding in Florence) so not really taken everything in I'm afraid. But sounds like PP is smashing it at the moment, and Lev is obviously is top form despite his now patented cross training build-up! And CW continues with the insane stuff.

I'm intrigued to see what TT can do when he gets back.

I would be cautious about betting on anyone with short odds in an 800m race as it seems to be the most unpredictable distance (shortest race not in lanes) e.g. the men's semis.

I only got one run done in Florence - too much drinking/socialising/sightseeing. The one run was very enjoyable though, out along the river and then some hills at the end. 12 days to go until the 12 hour race - massively underprepared both in terms of training and having any sort of plan, but should be interesting either way!

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Posted: 19/08/2015 at 15:06

SL - very good, I nearly missed that pun!

TT - fair enough, wasn't saying you were wrong to stop, just that I wouldn't have done! (Don't do as I do.) Having said that, I don't think the fact that you knew you could do the session is (in itself) a valid reason to not do the session (obviously, otherwise the only training you'd ever do would be stuff where you were going to the limit).

Dan - I suspect the Kenyans would say they have a plan for Mo, but then completely ignore that plan when it comes to the crunch, as they usually do. I don't think any of them are really willing to sacrifice themselves.

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Posted: 19/08/2015 at 07:43

PP - good luck in the 5000m. I occasionally count my cadence (usually when bored on an easy run) and it's about 170 too. I don't think it varies much with pace, although I suspect it must get a bit higher towards the top end. I passed 1500M last week, which is big mileage for me nowadays - by the end of next week I will have done more miles in 2015 than I did in any full calendar year since 2009.

TT - very interesting. I would have carried on, but sounds like you've had this happen before and know what you're doing. Good news though!

piscator - I'm assuming that cadence is per leg i.e. double that for figures comparable with PP?

5M very easy for me on Monday - legs felt dead after the weekend's efforts (not sore though, which is good). Then 9M last night increasing pace from 6:5x to 6:0x, felt surprisingly nice at the faster pace.

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Posted: 17/08/2015 at 08:00

Fantastic PP and MsP. Like the Wicks' winning the men's and women's at the JPM CC most years! With a proper taper looks like you could be in shape for 32:30 or so.

I think I'd built up Ditchling to be worse than it was, so took it steady at the bottom and them picked off some people once I realised it wasn't actually too bad.

Forgot to say to Muss before, 1:19 converts to about 2:45 I reckon if you convert well (a lot of people don't). Even then you're on the limit. But if the HM wasn't a fast course, it could be on.

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Posted: 16/08/2015 at 21:29

20M at MP for me is basically as hard as a marathon, even when doing it at a race. I wouldn't even come close to managing it on my own. Sounds like RS has thought about it though and is aware of the risks and how to manage them. I see you've modified the plan slightly now anyway - that would be on the verge of doable for me!

TT - very nice session. Presumably you are doing these intervals sessions on your own (given you are setting your own sessions)? Even more impressive if so as I lose a couple of seconds per lap on my own I reckon.

Jools - well done, never mind about the 2s, it's fairly arbitrary! (Although I was pleased to dip under 33 last weekend for no particular reason!) Well done on getting the 20M done too, all good training even if it didn't feel great.

Muss - massive PB, well done. Weird about the ear, have you had anything like that before?

CC2 - presumably you won?!

Matt - blimey, sub-2:40 in training! What's your target? I wouldn't suggest doing too many fast long runs, although a couple can be good for the confidence.

piscator - you've obviously still got a bit of speed then! Good session.

About 21.5M for me yesterday fairly slow (averaged around 7:40s I think), then cycled to Brighton today in a good of 12 of us - 105M-ish at around 19mph. Was really struggling to hang onto the group in the 3rd quarter of the ride, but then we stopped for refreshments, I nailed 500ml of Coke (the drink, not the drug) and a Mars bar and felt better by the time we had to climb Ditchling Beacon (nice climb).

Feel like a couple of easy days after that weekend combo!

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Posted: 13/08/2015 at 08:30

Jools - it made perfect sense at the time but when you describe it like that it doesn't sound quite so rational!

Dan/TT - I didn't know the latest story and couldn't remember all the details from the past, but as soon as TT mentioned "Abeylegesse" I immediately associated the name with doping. I decided to hold back on the comments, but suspected Dan might have something to say!

Dan - strength work is probably a good idea, and in any case it's usually worth trying something new to see if it works.

TT - be careful. There are two outcomes from a trip to Iten - getting very fit or getting ill/injured. I guess it's a fine line between the two, and you could easily back off a bit and still see big improvements.

As Al_P mentioned Marigold I decided to look at his blog, which he seems to have started using again. Marders looks like he could do with a good meal, but Marigold is just ridiculous.

Went for an easy jog with the dog last night and tried to do some strides, but she was being a pain and legs felt pretty dead anyway, so didn't do a whole lot. 11M this morning though felt a bit better. Might try another run this evening, then a long one on Saturday. The plan for Sunday is to ride down to Brighton with my cycling mates (about 105M), which could be tough based on how my legs feel at the moment!

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