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Posted: Today at 11:56

Looks like Marders had a decent run!

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:28

PP - very nice by you and Ms PP. Cotton wool time for her now! Just got my result - 16:24 which is apparently a course PB, which is good news given I had plenty left in the tank.

TR - faster than MP, but still bodes well as it'll feel easier on the day, so 6:30s might be doable.

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Posted: Yesterday at 11:10

Nice one TR, how did the 6:20s feel?

I look how Ode just pops in to drop that on Dan!

13M inc. park run win in about 16:30. Not MP but had plenty left in the tank, which is promising given I've not done much quicker on that course. Probably the busiest I've ever seen it - a lot of swerving to lap people!

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 14:28

I saw Nick the Stick's name in the Brighton results and assumed it was him (although it's a fairly common name so wasn't sure). Great run - I remember trying to pace him and GoldRush around Abingdon in sub-2:45 - I did 2:44:5x, GR missed by about 10 secs (PB so he was pleased, but also slightly annoyed!) and NtS had a bit of a mare in the 2nd half, so wasn't a great day really.

PP - I was going to say sub-2:25 for CG. Will be interesting to see if he can do it - may be a bit harder at Manc with fewer people running that sort of pace compared with London.

CW - I was wondering when we were allowed to start checking the weather forecast. I'd prefer about 15C I think, but the wind direction is more of a concern.

Good luck SJ - we'll be watching (virtually)!

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 08:13

Jimbob - have a great time. I wanted to catch a Red Sox game when I went to do the race but the logistics didn't work.

PP - that's some monster training, you should be flying for the HM (as long as London feels pretty easy, which it should).

6M easy this morning, then will do some strides this evening. My legs were wanting to run faster this morning (I didn't let them), so that's good news. Tomorrow I'm going to do an hour very easy into the park run (won't do it flat out, maybe slightly quicker than MP). All easy from then on except for some strides and a bit of MP on Wednesday (P&D-stylee).

I agree with others about the 10M at MP KD. Not sure what the point of that is at this stage other than being a hard run that will still (slightly) be in your legs in a week's time.

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Posted: 16/04/2015 at 10:22

SL - you're obviously not feeling too bad if you can knock out a 5k like that outside of a race.

KD - you've got 10 days of not too much running now which will sort it out. And on the day the adrenalin will kick in. I always feel a niggle leading up to a big race and rarely notice it once the gun goes.

Dan - nice miles. Looking forward to seeing the fancy dress!

5M easy this morning - calves felt reasonably good so hopefully the virus is now completely out of my system and the muscles are healing a bit better.

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Posted: 15/04/2015 at 19:45

That's annoying, just wrote a long post and lost it. Anyway, in summary, I felt the need to do some MP this evening (digging up my potatoes...). Result was 5M in 27:30, although obviously that was harder than MP. Even the warm-up and cooldown was faster than usual meaning I did 10M in just under 61.

So not sure what happened on Sunday given my fastest mile then was the same pace as I just ran 5M.

It also just verified to me that I'd rather the temperature was approaching 20C than below 10C as I feel like I'm much smoother when it's warm.

Good work by TR with the mentee - was be satisfying to help someone out and see it all come together.

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Posted: 15/04/2015 at 08:03

PP - very nice session, good pace on those km reps.

TR - good luck with the Bosch!

LS - you're on top form at the moment. Take it easy now - you just need to get to the start line without any niggles etc. I wouldn't adjust the pace you start the marathon at based on the 5k - you can always pick it up in the 2nd half if you feel good.

Decided against the miles reps on the track last night and did km reps round the lake in the park instead. Didn't know the exact distance but the reps were coming in at 3:20ish, just measured and it is actually about 1030m, so probably about 3:15 km pace. It felt pretty comfortable other than my calves still feeling sore, so if I can sort that out maybe I'm in OK shape.

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Posted: 14/04/2015 at 07:47

ES - that's interesting, I didn't realise CJ was a serious runner (guess he is aiming for sub-3 with that training run).

PP - sounds like a good run at the Nationals and must be fun to be mixing it with the top teams.

SL - our train seems to be becoming derailed. Hope you recover soon - if not, I'll bring you a spare bungee cord to go with mine, which is being attached to Lev.

Was at work from 7:20am-9:20pm yesterday so no running, although a rest day was probably not a bad idea anyway. Mile reps tonight - will probably start them at 90% and see whether I feel like upping the pace.

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Posted: 13/04/2015 at 07:46

DrD - excellent run to come 2nd at a moderate effort and with all those organisational issues! I've done a couple of the Bournemouth races before and they were fine, but I think they've massively expanded it since then and maybe the event is too big now.

LS - thanks, if I add up all the reasons it was slow, maybe it wasn't too bad! Just realised I did 72M last week as well, which after two weeks of virtually nothing was maybe a bit much. Two weeks to recover and get a bit sharper!

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