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Posted: 03/05/2016 at 14:19

AlanB - I wore spikes for a 3000m race last summer and that was OK, but not risked them for anything longer than that. I'm tempted to try them for 5000m later this year but will do a few intervals in them first to get the calves a bit more used to them. I'm not surprised you're still in discomfort after 10,000m in them!

Not sure on plans for the year now. I'll do our summer 10k road race league and some track league races. Then I might do the 12 hour race organised by my club again - that's in September so also not good timing but at least it's only a 15 min drive from home and there will be lots of people there I know. I'm not entering anything for now and will just see how things pan out - that's not ideal training-wise as I don't really know what I'm aiming for, but never mind! I'll just keep doing a mix of stuff as usual.

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Posted: 02/05/2016 at 17:35

Wardi - yes, £100 vouchers for Up & Running which I'm sure I will use. The winner took home £500 in vouchers with the course record. Interestingly last year apparently there were basically no prizes, which might explain the increase in quality.

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Posted: 02/05/2016 at 16:17

AlanB - that's a great 10,000m given the circumstances. A lot of people struggle to run quick times for 10k on the track - you would just assume it's quicker but I don't think that's necessarily the case.

RB - top effort, shame about the fall but still an impressive result.

Well my run today was pretty tough. Said hello to Marigold at the start who was doing the HM (pothunting) and he had a comfortable lead when I saw him at the out-and-back after about 2M.

I was running with one other guy for the first half, clipping along at 5:5x feeling ok. Only issue was I'd tied one of my shoes too tightly and it was hurting on top, and then on the outside when there was a camber. We were in 3rd/4th with one guy a long way ahead (2:20ish runner) and another about 2.5 mins ahead according to Mrs Padams at 12M.

Around 14M my companion pushed on a bit and I decided to let him go as it felt a bit hard that early on. He got about 15s ahead but no further for a few miles. At this point I was still doing about 6s. Weirdly we caught 2nd place around 16M so he must have blown up fairly badly.

Around 19M I was slowing a bit but slightly closing on the other guy. I felt ok and thought if I held that gap to say 23M I could push on and catch him. However, at that point we turned into the wind and the course got very twisty with lots of small undulations (classic MK bike paths). The wheels fell off a bit and he pulled away. I was a long way ahead of 4th so knew I could just nurse it home, although to be honest I just wanted it to finish at that point. The last few miles into the wind were 6:2x, so not a complete disaster, but final result was 2:38:0x (77:30 + 80:30 ish).

Spoke to the two guys who beat me afterwards and that made me feel better as they both said the course/conditions were tough and had expected to run faster (we all beat the previous course record). The winner did 2:31 and said he slowed to 6s by the end, so sounds like it was the same for everyone.

My legs actually feel ok, but my foot is a bit sore so will probably take a couple of days off, or dust off the bike.

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Posted: 29/04/2016 at 08:24

louise - I'm not qualified to comment on your situation, but with your background I expect the fitness will come back pretty quickly if you can get a solid block of training in, and breaking 1:30 shouldn't be too much of a problem. Build it up slowly though, as others have said (and I'm sure you already know).

Cakesy - sounds like you have a bit of a sporting background then, and I expect quite a bit of talent. If you can build to say 60M per week (gradually) with consistency I expect you'll be down in the 2:3x range (or better) fairly quickly. I'm doing the Milton Keynes marathon on Monday - it was originally training for some ultras, but a change of plan means I'm going to run it reasonably hard and see what happens.

Scores on the doors from my 2M MP test were 6:03 and 5:58 - I didn't look at the watch during the 2M and it felt reasonably comfortable, so I will aim for the same effort level on Monday and hope it converts to about 6s.

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Posted: 28/04/2016 at 09:57

Welcome to all the new people - some amazing runs on Sunday, particularly by LMH and Ros!

Cakesy - 2:52 off 15-20mpw is ridiculous. Do you do any other sport or have a background in something fairly competitive? I don't know South London but there must be some clubs nearby. I suggest going along to a local one - most will allow you to join in a couple of times without actually joining, then you can join if you like it. Once you start going regularly you'll meet other local people and can arrange other runs with them.

I've kept about 20 medals I would estimate, just the ones of importance for whatever reason (e.g. PB, first race). The rest get thrown away.

Just some easy running this week for me as a taper for MK. As it's on Monday (I wish it was on Sunday!) I'll be doing the classic 7M with 2M at MP this evening rather than the usual Wednesday. My plan is not to look at my watch, run at what feels like MP and see what it comes out as.

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 08:43

Jools - gutted for you, but I have no doubt you'll be back in top form for Chicago.

Ryan - shame it didn't quite pan out, but you've put in a huge amount of work that will put you in good stead for future campaigns. And it was still a PB!

CD/Dachs - very solid runs from you both again, as expected!

TT - that's a great run given your build-up and sounds like you paced it very well (or possibly could even have gone a little bit faster in the first half?). You comfrotably beat my best ever final 2.195km!

Muss - pleased that all your hard work paid off, you earned that.

CC2 - not a bad result considering, you'll be back in shape quickly.

EliudK - reasonable.

My weekend was a bit different from all of yours. Up early on Friday for an easy run then drove to Liverpool for the stag do, golf in the afternoon and then a big night out. Got back to the hotel around 5am (don't really remember getting back...) then woke up at about 8:20, just in time to do the local park run. Annoyingly I forgot my barcode, but would have crossed the line in 2nd in about 17:30, although that felt harder than it should have, although it be fair I was probably still quite drunk.

Afternoon of clay pigeon shooting, quad biking etc, then another night out and back to the hotel a bit earlier (around 4:30am), amusingly I was one of the first back! Drove home, watched the marathon a few hours after it had actually happened (awesome race), then managed about 10M at 6:40s.

I slept well last night!

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Posted: 21/04/2016 at 09:11

ES - good to see you back. Shame about the injuries but good news that you know what the problem was and you are getting back into it. Better than if you'd ignored the pain and made it worse.

Chicago is expensive, but nearly my favourite marathon (close to Barca) - I did it twice, but that's partly because Mrs Padams was working in Wisconsin at the time. And Chicago is one of my favourite cities to visit as well.

Some nice taper runs - I see most of you are sticking to the classic 7M with 2M at MP. I expect CW is doing something different!

10M for me last night as 4M at 6:45, 4M at 5:50, 2M at 6:30. The 5:50s felt a bit harder than MP, but it was undulating and a bit breezy, and I didn't have my fast shoes on, so who knows. I think the plan at MK will be to start at 6s and see how it goes.

4.5M very easy with the dog this morning over the fields, good fun.

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Posted: 20/04/2016 at 14:20

Good memory RB! The one I was struggling with was Orinocho - I could remember his actual name but not forum name. I was thinking about a 10 year reunion, but I think we'd struggle to get hold of some of those. We could probably get 7-8 of us together without too many problems though. There must be some easy WR we could have!

PP - nice intervals and baking!

Marders - good luck, will be checking your result with interest. Presumably you'd be looking to qualify for GB rather than NZ, now that you have your citizenship?

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Posted: 20/04/2016 at 08:17

Just remembered the 12th! That would have bugged me for the rest of the day....

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Posted: 20/04/2016 at 08:12

Ode - nice one digging out that photo! Can anyone list the forum names of all 12? I'm just struggling with one I think but it's in the back of my mind somewhere...

Wardi - good to hear DFC is still running (and quite fast by the sounds of things). Impressive running from the paralympian!

One of my favourite track sessions last night - 20x300 off 100m jog, so more like a 5M tempo/fartlek. Ran with my mate who beat me in the 5000m on Saturday and we managed the 5M in about 27:15, the 300s being in about 54s and 100 recoveries in about 28s. Was working hard by about the 8th rep but held it together pretty well (mile splits were 5:20 then all 5:28-5:30 after that).

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