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Posted: Yesterday at 11:42

Spirun - nice report and very well judged race. Sounds like you enjoyed it! Interestin you mention the small vomit, as my answer to LD's question about what remains at the finish line was going to be the vomit stains.

selbs - funny you should ask about the worlds as I'm probably not going to do it now. The Mrs wouldn't be able to come (can't leave the dog), and we've got a fair bit going on right now. Plus the total cost of the trip would be pretty high (not got the money back from the cancelled ski trip yet....). I need to enter by 5pm on Friday so will think about it a bit more in the next couple of days.

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:48

LD - impressive burger blagging.

PP - very nice km reps, even ignoring the run on Sunday!

8x750ish on a big hill for me last night, done as a loop so we had the downhill and uphill on each effort. Pretty tough but felt OK once I got going. Actually felt very fast on the downhill and flat section, but a bit "heavy" going uphill, so maybe I've put on a bit of weight from the cycling.

Then 70 mins on the turbo this morning inc. 2x20min efforts at 305W-310W. That was a sweatfest! The 2nd effort felt easier, probably because I'd just got out of bed on the first.

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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 19:04

Just watched HR's video after the marathon on the Sky Box, very thought provoking. I can't even imagine going through that. Fantastic run by the way!

Not going to list everyone but a special mention to Bufo for a fantastic debut (will be running 2:1x soon I expect), CC2 for a perfectly judged sub 3 and TR for keeping the streak going.

I've decided I will probably do VLM next year - I always regret not doing it, but it also annoys me at the time! So December onwards will be focused on running.

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Posted: 13/04/2014 at 18:54

Wow, seems like most of you absolutely nailed it! Drove back from the wedding this morning and watched the race when I got home. Seeing Marigold getting that coverage made my day. Should have just pulled his finger out in the other years when he just ran 2:19.

So does this mean that the new recommended taper includes a 50M run two weeks out?

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Posted: 10/04/2014 at 08:07

Marigold - great news, glad to hear you took my advice! A HM in 69 followed by an easy HM would be a good training run anyway if you're not feeling good at HW.

Coro - that will be nice to have your daughter buying you a pint (legally!) for the first time.

CW - I've seen Mo quoted at a wide range of weights, but also an even wider range of heights from 5'5 to 5'9. Even so, you are ridiculously light! I'm literally 50% heavier than you.

Yes, you should all be feeling slow/tired/fat etc. etc., don't worry about it.

Took the afternoon off work yesterday for various jobs relating to being the best man at a wedding on Saturday (e.g. writing a speech!). Managed to fit in a couple of hours on the bike in the sun though - 48M with a couple of big hills and managed to keep the average just over 20mph without completely hammering it.

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Posted: 09/04/2014 at 08:07

Steve - when you say "I don't think he's top tier", do you mean at the marathon (which we don't know yet), or the 5k/10k (where he is reigning World and Olympic champion i.e. has beaten everyone that's tried to beat him in the last 2 years)? If the latter, who would you say is currently "top tier" in the 5k/10k?

Unless you mean top tier compared to people in the past?

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Posted: 09/04/2014 at 08:03

Interesting discussion! If I had to guess I would say he'll finish around 5th on Sunday in 2:07ish (dipping under the British record).

Steve - I agree that for marathons the majors seem to be more important to the top runners than the Worlds/Olympics. However, this isn't true for 5k/10k, which is what Mo has been consistently winning for the last two years. However, I certainly wouldn't say he's the greatest distance runner of all time - Bekele wins there in my view (track golds, a million XC golds, and now seems like he could do something special at marathon distance).

I also disagree with "The best runners in the World are the World Record holders, I'm not sure how anyone could seriously argue against that ?" You enter a race, the idea is to win the race, regardless of time. That is why IMHO Haile is slightly overrated as a marathoner (I might be expelled from the thread for expressing that opinion), as he never won a marathon against the top opposition.

LD - Scott Overall has never won anything on the international stage. Steve Jones won Chicago (and possibly other big races, I haven't checked).

PP - nice mile reps off very short recoveries. Probably clocked a reasonable 10k time in there even with the rests!

10M for me last night including 3x400, 2x600, 800, 2x600, 3x400 on the grass (so not accurate distances).

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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 13:47

Rob - well done on the big PB! I wouldn't do more than 2 marathons a year personally i.e. every 6 months. You should be able to start easy jogging by the end of the week, just go with a slower group at the club.

In terms of whether sub-2:45 is possible next time round, why not just train as well as you can and see where that gets you? It might be 2:50, it might be 2:25, who knows. I also find it weird when people set targets about 6 months before a race when they're on a steep improvement curve.

Sounds like there will be some good thread groups on Sunday - will be helpful to stick together and give moral support.

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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 07:48

TS - nice run and sounds like you enjoyed it. I was going to say 1:24 is already fast enough for a sub 3, but several have beaten me to it!

LD - the foot must be bad if you're not being bullish about the race. Hope it sorts itself out.

I always like wearing light shoes in races as they seem to make a big difference (possibly just psychological). I sometimes get a blister, but usually hardly notice it until I've finished as there's generally a lot more pain coming from other places!

Just an easy 6.5M for me last night. Intervals tonight.

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Posted: 07/04/2014 at 12:28

TR - no, a few of the faster guys (one World Duathlon champ, one former elite cyclist and one guy who was 10th at IM Wales, and has gone sub 9) weren't there yesterday so once they're back I'll be hanging on again!

Hope you're all fit and healthy for Sunday. Very impressed by the sacrifices people are making!

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