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Posted: Yesterday at 08:21

PP - I'll be at the road relays on Sunday so will try to say hello before you beat me again. Nice work by Ms Pub!

Lev - sounds to me like you're in much better form than your PB. I don't think I would have been again to complete your last two big sessions when I was running 2:29.

CW - good work, nice to pick up a bit of cash! Hope you had a good curry with it.

bains - yes, Ballbuster is as TR described. I've obviously forgotten how painful it was last time - it's the downhill running that causes the most damage, especially as it's all on tarmac.

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Posted: 14/09/2014 at 18:26

Dachs/PP - great 5000 times, sounds like a good evening. And impressed by PP doing another tough session so soon after.

Some good training by lots of others, sorry, forgotten most of them now!

Nice day on Friday - 50M on the bike including a pub lunch and watching the Tour.

About 10M easy yesterday then a quick spin on the new bike. Then a wedding but drove home so no hangover. Lev - funny you should mention about setting a target as a few people asked me what my target for VMLM was and I said I don't know, will just see how it goes!

Club champs triathlon today - 30s slower than my fastest ever time but did my fastest ever bike split (done the course 15-20 times over the years) on my second ride on the new bike, and it felt more comfortable, so very pleased with it. Run time was a bit down on my best but that's not very surprising.

Tempted to have a go at the Ballbuster now it seems I'm cycling fairly well and have a bit of time to sort the running out.

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Posted: 11/09/2014 at 11:41

Forgot to say earlier, Lev, that is awesome! Just be careful now and you'll nail it. I wouldn't mind a marders for pacing too - where can we buy one?

Jools - that's good news. Curry cures everything!

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Posted: 11/09/2014 at 08:27

The Bus - yes, that's the hill. It's not too steep, just a steady climb and I expect the pros will fly up there.

TickTock - no, a Trek Speed Concept (9.8 I think), so not a top super bike but a big step up from my current one, and it was very comfortable on my test ride, which is the main thing. Felt like I could get the power down while on the aerobars better than my current TT bike (which feels a bit cramped so lose a bit of power).

TT (not TickTock!) - very nice run. I'm amazed some of you lot can do these structured long runs. I'll probably need to start doing them after Christmas, but will need to build up to them.

Wardi - Midsummer House is good. I remember going there while at uni (in-laws took us - obviously couldn't afford it as students!), but I think that was before Daniel Clifford was there.

50 mins on the turbo (some intervals) this morning starting before 6am. Very sweaty in the garage, especially with the doors closed (don't want to wake the neighbours with music at that time!).

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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 15:06

The Bus - we may cycle up both those hills beforehand, but then probably going to watch on the (easy) climb out of Berkhamsted.

bains - yes, it is a big improvement (in theory). My current TT bike is six years old and was a low-end one at the time (one of the cheapest you could get at the time). The one I'm buying is less than two years old and more towards the top end. Not too expensive though as the seller works for a bike company (so got it at cost price), is a mate, and we are both freakish sizes so his market is quite limited!

He came 10th at IM Wales on it (including the pros), so I'm expecting an immediate huge improvement. Or maybe he's just better than me....

V. impressive reps by the way, particularly as you were on your own.

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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 12:24

Thanks Jools, that's useful to know (although a bit of a shame we won't get to cycle on closed roads!). I'm guessing they'll be lots of cyclists around though which should make it more fun.

Your mention of Bristol reminded me, a female clubmate of yours came to our interval session last night. I managed to avoid getting chicked, but it was fairly close (so you can probably work out who it was!). Luckily she's not on 2012 form or she'd definitely have been ahead of me.

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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 08:14

Wardi - sounds like a nice race, well done.

CW - "exert the willpower", no offence but I think you might struggle with this bit. Seriously, just have a day or two off!

Intervals on an undulating road loop last night. 6x800(ish) all in 2:20 or 2:21 - on that basis I guess they must have been short, but measurement is suggesting about 790m. Then 4x400. A couple of miles warm-up/cooldown made it around 9M in total.

Agreed a price for the new TT bike, so will hopefully pick it up later this week! Got the tri club champs on Sunday so might be able to test it there.

Also, going to take the day off on Friday to watch the Tour of Britain just down the road from here. Will try to ride some of the route beforehand (hopefully on closed roads, but I don't know how it works in terms of the closures) and then watch them do it at twice the speed!

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Posted: 08/09/2014 at 13:54

KD/Tmoth - two epic reports to read over lunch, thanks! And well done on great races.

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Posted: 08/09/2014 at 08:27

Tmoth - awesome, always nice to get the first win. Looking forward to the report!

PP - nicely done. 2:30 would be a great conversion from that but agree 2:32 should be doable given your endurance base.

bains - good effort. I went for a run yesterday and it was fairly warm, so I expect that would have cost you a bit of time.

Fairly busy weekend for me as the tri club was hosting a race and Mrs Padams is the race director. So I rode the bike course early on Saturday morning (21M including getting there and back) before running with the club at 8am (about 12M fairly easy). Then up at 3:30am to set up for the race yesterday - back home around 10am once the race had finished and we'd packed up. Had a bit of food and sat around for a while before realising I was just going to fall asleep all afternoon unless I got up and did something, so did a steady hour or so running - was really warm at around 1pm and I think I was probably a bit dehydrated having not really drunk anything all morning, so it was a bit of a struggle.

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Posted: 05/09/2014 at 07:48

Some monster stuff going on by the likes of Lev, Al_Pand DrDave (and probably others). Hope you can all hold it together for the target races - don't push it too far.

CW - well done in the 5k, unlucky not to get into the 16s. Weird about the blood blister - I guess you won't be trying those shoes again?! Hope it heals quickly.

10.5M for me last night - no idea on pace but probably averaged about 7s, with pace varying from 7:30s to 6:15s (club run and some were pushing the pace a bit).

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