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Posted: Yesterday at 10:41

ES - these events where they run about 5 races simultaneously seem to be becoming the norm (I guess cost isn't increased much but revenue is). Sounds like it would have been quite chaotic on that course, so well done (and a nice long run to back it up).

Wardi - decent mileage there. I didn't watch Berlin but read about it and sounds like it was a great race. They would have had the WR without a bit of surging/slowing in 35-40km from what I read. Would love to see those 2 plus Kipchoge race in the spring - I still believe Kipchoge is basically invincible at the moment.

Only had a couple of short slots for training at the weekend so did 7M inc. 3M "progressive tempo" on Saturday (3M were 5:51, 5:42 and 5:27) then 55 mins on the turbo on Sunday inc. 2x20mins (around 315W average). Both decent pace/power for me so I seem to be maintaining a semblance of fitness.


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Posted: 23/09/2016 at 10:32

SL - fantastic 50k, especially with the other runners in the way and having something to spare at the end.

AlanB - well done on getting that session done. That has to be one of the hardest marathon training sessions, but probably one of the most beneficial.

Dan - sounds like you're in decent shape. My favourite session is 20x300 with 100 jog recovery, with the jog being at a decent pace (say 8 m/m) and straight into the next rep. I've found I can actually get a decent 5M time with that session! It helps to have someone of a similar pace to do it with though.

Not much training going on here, but enjoying watching mini-Padams growing up - he seems to change on a daily basis!

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Posted: 16/09/2016 at 15:57

CD - ah yes, I think I remember now you mentioned Mallorca a while ago. Yes, I've probably ridden the route although when I was there we tended to ride it the other way around (the descent is better the other way). It's on my list of IMs I'd like to do, that list also including Roth, Whistler and Lanzarote (and I wouldn't mind going back to Kona, mainly just for the holiday!).

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Posted: 16/09/2016 at 11:22

TR - good to see you pop in and that you're still doing a bit, even if you've binned autumn marathon plans. It's very easy to get stressed/worried about lots of baby-related issues, so I'm trying to stay calm to hopefully stop others (mainly Mrs Padams) getting stressed.

Dan - some very nice training there, especially that last 800! Is that a PB?!

CD - I hadn't realised you were doing an IM. Which one? (Wales?)

Still just ticking over, mainly running with the dog but did manage to get down to the club on Tuesday night and do half the session (I did 4x800 on the grass).

Trying to make a plan of sorts for next year - mainly would like to have another go at our club's 12 hour race. I did 18 laps (72M) last year and would like to do 20 laps, which should be doable given I had 1h45 left when I stopped last time, and there were various things I did wrong.

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Posted: 12/09/2016 at 15:22

LMH - didn't you do a run a week or so ago that had several 6:xx miles in it, so that can't be too far off MP? Anyway I can't really manage much MP in training either, so maybe I mean marathon effort.

And I agree, no long runs on holiday! A few shorter ones will be fine and/or a bit of gym work or other exercise.

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Posted: 12/09/2016 at 11:48

Jools/Dachs - well done at Battersea, very random prizes! I'm guessing 2nd place gets a pineapple. Nice long run too Jools.

Wardi - you turned into a good long run at a solid pace, so salvaged a solid session when the legs weren't feeling great.

LMH - that's a massive PB, awesome run. Given your ultra exploits I suspect you have plenty of miles and long runs in the legs so I wouldn't worry too much about missing the last long run. You'd probably be better off doing something a bit shorter and a bit faster anyway (e.g. 12M with 10M at MP or something like that).

Busy weekend for me - not much sleep as I was trying to give Mrs Padams a night or two off (as she doesn't get much sleep during the week when I'm getting proper sleep so I'm not too zomobie-like at work). Only running was a few miles with the dog each day, but got out on the TT bike for 90 mins yesterday in the sunshine - worked pretty hard and averaged 22mph (one very tough hill, rest of the route rolling).

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Posted: 06/09/2016 at 08:44

ITU sprints won't fund my retirement LMH!

A couple more runs with the dog, one yesterday evening and one this morning, both about 3M (I'm not measuring/timing them). Will try to get down to the track this evening but doubt I'll be able to do the whole session.

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Posted: 05/09/2016 at 16:34

LMH/ES - yes, that's the plan! Although I think 2032 might be a bit early (will be just under 16), maybe 2036. I'd prefer him to be a golfer actually, as I reckon I'd be a decent caddy and they only play in nice locations!

ES - you shouldn't really have to look out for marshals, they should be so obvious. But I guess if they haven't done any road races themselves they are not really aware of what they should be doing. I think you'd struggle to go off course in Chicago!

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Posted: 05/09/2016 at 10:47

Jools - I've always thought that a HM in tough conditions and untapered is probably about MP if you've got the endurance (which you have), so I reckon that's a good result. Big mileage over the previous week too.

Wardi - nice park run and long run combo.

ES - great effort, sounds like the marshalling was not ideal! Good to see they are actually starting to enforce the no haedphones rule too - maybe people will start to comply with the rule if it is enforced.

About 6M for me on Saturday morning including park run. One guy looked good and went off fast at the start, I was around 20m behind after a couple of km. Managed to close up on him in the 4th km and was on his shoulder with about 800m to go, but he pulled away a bit to take the win, I was a few seconds behind in 16:15. Only 18s outside my best time on that course so pretty pleased considering (and I felt like I had a bit left in the tank but for some reason just didn't feel too compelled to push it really hard).

Took mini-Padams for his first swimming lesson in the afternoon which was fun! He slept for the first half of it, but then woke up and seemed happy until the bit where he was dunked under! Then he started to get a bit cold so we got out a bit before the end. He was by far the youngest there but we wanted to get him used to water asap.

Didn't have time for much exercise yesterday so just a few miles with the dog.

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Posted: 02/09/2016 at 09:13

Dan - sounds like you're fatigued, I would try taking a week off, or just doing a bit of jogging/cycling/swimming/whatever else you fancy for a week or so.

Still just short runs for me - did manage to make it to the track on Tuesday for 4x800m (had to get home after that). The first rep was 2:30 and got faster from there to about 2:26 for the last one, but they felt gradually easier which was a bit weird. I guess my legs had to remember how to run fast again.

Might try to get down to the park run tomorrow to have a more definitive estimate of how much slower I am than a month ago.

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