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Monday 13th October

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 20:12
Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

That should have read an hour.

Paddy - I came off my bike descending the Horsehoe Pass, broke three ribs and my collar bone and ruptured two shoulder ligaments, also had a pneumothorax so had to wait seven weeks for an operation to replace ligaments and remove fragment of collar bone (it was right at the distal end and too small to successfully reattach). Operation was on 22nd September, still stuck in a poly sling 24/7 and waiting to find out how much strength and movement I'm going to be able to regain. 

You're spending a lot of time in your car at the moment Alehouse.

Sounds like good news 40. Hope race went well.


Monday 13th October

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 18:32
Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

What:           An nor on the turbo

Why:            I managed to get a bra on

Last hard:    Riding upright whilst wearing a sling

Last rest:     Since 2nd August.

Congrats on the 2nd Gobi.

Sounds as though you've recovered well Donaldo.


Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

What:           An nor on the turbo

Why:            I managed to get a bra on

Last hard:    Riding upright whilst wearing a sling

Last rest:     Since 2nd August.


lmh - what have I missed?

Monday 13th October

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 16:36

Dragged in by more good lyrics.

swim this morning. about a mile when the cramps kicked in.

will resist the temptation to run tonight but might jump on the turbo - I want to be Dave Scott


Sunday 12th Oct 2014

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 16:00

Had to pull up due to a hamstring strain. Was in third and comfortable enough... eyeing second when strain came on. Decided it was better to stop rather than push a worse injury. Off on my holiers next week!!!

LMH - reaction not too bad. If i can find out a way to fit in the training I think I'll have a bash and finally decide a few months out. I have my eye on one in Ireland that's low key, but with a tough cycle that can be entered late. We'll see.......... I want something to challenge me as i'm 50 next year. 


Sunday 12th Oct 2014

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 11:25

Morning all.

Hope all here keeping well

LMH - was watching Kona. A local lady was competing. Its hard to imagine that she started last evening when we were having dinner. Watched her finishing this morning well after breakfast

Ale - hope the body is good!

Going to have a go at a XC race today - county intermediate champs. There's a few fast fellas going but i'll chase them for a while!!

LMH - I'm getting very itchy to do an IM distance race. Even broached it with Mrs PM. 

The lyrics today remind me of things that I don't need reminding of!!! Its gas too - it refers to a modern thing out-dating something. The modern thing now itself outdated!

Good Luck



Wednesday 03 September 2014

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 11:05

The Dead Frog Part 3 

In a new category next year but it wont get any easier!

Nearly 50 and still learning.

Happy overall with the race with that and now I suppose I’m Half an Ironman – maybe the tinman? – Wasn’t he the fella with no heart?

I didn’t find the Lost Sheep, but I did come across a dead frog lying in the road somewhere in the mountains.

Hope all well in here. I don't get a chance to look in these days but do think about you all. Will read back to see how all are!!!


Wednesday 03 September 2014

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 11:04

The Dead Frog Part 2

Off to collect the shiny bike and pointy helmet. My race now really starts!! I knew the cycle course was famous for its 4 climbs - the two small ones and two big ones (the Healy and Caha passes) lay ahead. Felt great on the bike and started to pass people. The first of the smaller climbs came and went and on the descent I was passed by a few – obviously still need to work on the descents – is it worth it? Those boys were going fast!! Anyway, turn left and we’re climbing again before there was time to think - I overtook the few who passed me on the descent with interest and continued passing people on the way to the top – is that it? I wanted more!! – I had prepared myself for this cycle well. This descent had more twists and turns than a soap plot - they call it “technical”. On each hairpin it seemed that someone passed me – those boys were still going fast. Mind you, less passed me than I had earlier passed. Around another bend and there was a fella on the side of the road not looking good being tended to – did he take that bend too fast? - must find out afterwards how he was - does anyone know?

Nice straight to Glengarriff and a bit of time trialing – isn’t this what Tri Cycling is supposed to be? Left again in Glengarriff and climbing again – the Caha pass. (don’t know where the other smaller climb went!!).

This climb was long but not too steep and yes, passing people again – felt great still. Started the long descent to transition. On this descent I held my position and when it flattened out I knew that the last stretch was upon me. 

Average speed on the Garmin strapped to the handlebars - my improvised bike computer - told me that I was averaging about 32 kph – I was very happy with that on this course!

Back to transition – how many did I pass? I’ll find out after. Rack the bike, look at the socks – nah, I’m hard – stick on the shoes and off I go. I’m running now – I’m on home territory. Sure enough I was passing people again and started thinking about my category position – this was the National Championships after all! Caught up with Aileen Flynn. who was eventually to win the race, but she wasn’t letting me past! I knew now I was getting to the business end. At this stage I still felt good and we ran together passing each other and vice versa. 

This run course was beginning to get tough and my toes were beginning to give out. The hills were tough and eventually Aileen pulled away – she was running good. Got to the feeding station at 15k – Aileen had one last refuel and took off like she was starting a 5k run fresh – impressive stuff. Then the next hill appeared in front of me – it was a tough bastard and I didn’t enjoy it!

After another 5k that seemed like 50 miles I got to the finish. I lost 3 and a half minutes in those last 5k to flying Aileen. 

Checked the results – missed out on category bronze by 45 secs. I had borrowed too much in the swim and spent the last few shillings on the run! Then I started thinking - what if I wasn't worrying about cramp? – What if I could descend like those fast fellas? – What happened me towards the end of the run? – even as the last leg of a Triathlon I know I was capable of faster than 1.32 – I need to work on that. Then realized – jaysus, I had finished the Lost Sheep in 4.49 – that was a good time! Inspection of my feet and the big red blisters on every toe told another tale. Note to self – socks for distances above 10k. 

Continued in next post

Wednesday 03 September 2014

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 11:02


Hope all well here.

Thought I'd give you a report on my latest activity:

The Dead Frog

This is what I got up to yesterday: Lost Sheep national middle distance championship, Kenmare

Well the Triathlon season is over for me for this year – my first full season and I wanted to go out in style. The pinnacle of the season was the trip to my ancestral county of Kerry for the toughest race on the circuit. 

I arrived at the Bed & Breakfast on Friday afternoon and that Kerry trait of stuffing as much food into your guests as possible was still alive and well to bring back memories of my Grandmothers meals. “Do you want more”, “no thanks Gran” and hey ho another mountain lands on the plate. I could never understand why she asked, as the question was rhetorical. The hospitality however in my Kenmare bolthole was second to none.

Another trait and memory of my childhood trips to the Kingdom was the black mountains, mist, cloud and rain that magically appeared as you crossed the county boundary – yup all were still there.

Race day started at 5.15 when my alarm rudely woke me up – more reminded me to get up as I was awake after a substantially sleepless night. The dreaded cramp had hit in the night also and set my mind racing – how can I face the long swim with cramp before I even started. The “Fear an Ti” wouldn’t have been disappointed with the size of the bowl of porridge I whipped up. 

Anyway, got the bike and the pointy helmet ready and headed off like a cavalier at dawn on my horse picking up comrades from the side roads (or are they all enemies) as we headed to the pier. How is that on the morning of a race an hour lasts for a minute? It was 7.30 AM and time for the dip sooner than it should have been.

Race strategy – Swim easy and don’t get cramp – and the rest will look after itself. I knew I had done the Bike work and the run – sure I’m a veritable Haile Gebrselassie – we even share the same birthday.

When setting up transition I place a pair of socks beside my runners – Will I wear them? – I dunno but probably not as I’m hard. I knew in my heart that 10k without socks in my speedy shoes was ok, but a half marathon – I wasn’t sure! On with the wetsuit and the green hat provided by the organizers.

Into the water and 400 or so of us gathered in the bay like a big pot of peas about to come to the boil. The yellow buoys in the distance like two stray pieces of corn were the target. Adverse to Kerry tradition the weather looked good and I settled into the race. Purposely keeping wide to avoid the washing machine I got into my easy pace and with the repetitive thought of stroke, breath, stroke, breath.

Got to the first buoy without cramp and the first fence was flown. Turn right, right again and there was the white house on the pier in the distance – it was small and far away. However, it slowly got bigger and no sign of cramp. I hadn’t got through a race all year over sprint distance without a cramp attack and here I was in the longest of all and no cramp – could I get through without the dreaded “Charley Horse” – seemingly so and the slipway bordered by the “Vodafone” tubes arrived – out of the water. I knew I was slow but the first goal was achieved – 35 mins and apparently at that stage in 206th place – just as well I didn’t realise this at the time – I thought I had swam good enough. The main objective was to get out of the water in one piece, and that was achieved.

Continued in next post

Monday 14th April

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 22:40

LMH - Delighted for you. Next target?

Saturday 12th April

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 20:00

A quick jump in to wish all the best to LMH and Postie (I Think) tomorrow!!


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