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Compressport FORQUAD

Posted: 27 October 2012
Overall: The Compressport FORQUAD is compression wear designed specifically for the quad muscles and will enhance your performance and aid your recovery after a tough training session, and also reduce the risk of injury. The Compressport brand is probably the best compression specific brand on the market today. Their products are well designed and come with a good guarantee, but are more expensive than comparable compression brands (2XU, Skins and Orca).
The amount of compression provided by these FORQUAD Quad Guards is good and much better than other brand compression shorts. They are also more comfortable than shorts and don't fall down your legs. The material is thinner than their Calf Guards but with careful application should last a while.
Have worn these after long runs (>13 miles) together with their R2 Calf Guards and they have reduced the effects of DOMS. I would recommend these Quad Guards over compression shorts, but search around the internet for reduced prices as specific on-line running retailers do have them on offer every now and again.