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Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 19:02
No Conwy half for me this year, it's a great event I'd love to get back there soon....

How are you doing Chrissi?

Good luck to those of you doing more mad things this weekend!

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 18/11/2014 at 18:42
ahhh Chrissi - throw the contents of a medicine cabinet down you throat along with a hot toddy! Fingers crossed you're better by Sunday.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 20:41
take it easy Brer! Sounds like you had a lucky escape - though like AOH says xray's can be wrong...

Been managing to get some runs in here Just concentrating on getting out regularly at the moment, new plan will kick in in New Year - no point aiming to have a plan as we head into December as life gets silly here and I'll just end up not being able to follow it!

I've bought myself a second hand mountain bike today to replace my stolen bike so all being well the cycle commute will resume tomorrow

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 10/11/2014 at 16:12
FOOW - love how the spider's footage really brings home how many people ran the marathon - it didn't seem anything like that many standing in the middle of the crowd!

Well done Chrissi

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 31/10/2014 at 13:53
Afternoon gang!

right target for 2015 is sub 3:45. Training *IS* going to go right this year!

do we have a thread started for the 2016 double?

Not been for a run yet, but legs have been feeling ok since Tues. Went for a rather cold swim in Llyn Padarn yesterday whilst Mr Panad and Flo went kayaking followed by lunch in Y Pantri - great end to a good week

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 31/10/2014 at 13:42
Hi Guys, back in the land of the internet!

well I was expecting SNOD to get the better of me this year and it didn't disappoint I was going ok until Beddgelert when the lack of long runs really showed, the drag out of Beddgelert broke me and although I managed to pick up the pace again after Pont Caer Gors I was losing time from then on. I had been playing leapfrog with one of the mums from school all the way - she'd go past me on the ups, I'd catch her back and take over again on the downs and flats. We ended up at the station in Waunfawr together and she kept me going up to Bwlch y Groes, when I asked her what her time hopes were and she said she was hoping from sub 430 (previous pb of 445), but she was running without a watch, a quick glance at mine and I told her we had 8 mins to get down to Llanberis and returned the favour of help up the hill by 'pushing' her down the other side and we crossed the line with 4.29.30 on the clock - gave me a chip time of 4.28.30 so I avoided a SNOD pw by around 6mins - and she must've got her pb

Mr Panad made it to Rhyd Ddu this year before I caught up with him - he's getting further each year! - his wheels had also fallen off, and he staggered over the line at 5hrs.

Next year is going to be pb effort for me (assuming training goes to plan....!)

love the idea of a double SNOD I'm sure you all told me I was completely nuts when I suggested it a few years ago, glad to see you've all caught up!! (and I've been sectioned so I've got an excuse!!) Add me to the list for 2016

TRex - glad to hear you've survived your latest adventure!

Well done everyone Off to find the 2015 thread....

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 18:42
Yes, Good Luck everyone on Saturday
Hopefully see some of you in Llanberis or on the course..

(will probably be at registration around 530 ish tomorrow)

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 16:39
Cheers FOOW

#514 for Mr Panad
#2652 for me

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 16:31
TRex - take the road through Deiniolen all the way up, through Dinorwig, and when you get to the bus turnaround at the quarry continue along the road, cottage is on the right shortly before the road runs out!

Apparently Mr Panad informed me last night that he is aiming for a sub 4, I did tell him he was pushing it considering the training he's managed to fit in, but to be fair, *if* he manages not to go off too fast he may well have the determination he needs to get the sub 4...

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 16:46
Brer and Chimney - hope you had a good time at Yorkshire.

Trex - mr Panad is joining the party again this year, but leave us both in the others group as yet again training has not gone as planned!

We had a final push at doing some sort of training for this year's SNOD with a 20mile hilly plod last Thursday, very hard, but psycologically very glad I did it (even though on race day we won't even be at Waunfawr by then :-/ ) - Mr Panad said the same, he almost cut his run short at 15miles and said he'd see me back at home, but a few mins later I turned a corner and spotted he was behind me again, so waited for him to catch up then we slogged the last few miles together. Whatever will be will be now
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