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Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 09:29
can you move me to the 'also running' group TRex as yet again plans to get my speed back didn't happen this year. And I'm tempted to say add Mr Panad to the 3:57 with you and FR - he doesn't think he'll manage it, but I think IF he's sensible at the start he'll manage it.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 25/09/2015 at 21:17
hope another 24 hrs means you can get to the startline of #99 FR

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 25/09/2015 at 13:58
Welcome CR

A lot of us on here have done this as our first marathon, so you're definitely not alone, and the fact that we keep coming back tells you all you need to know about the fantastic course!

From my limited opinion I'd say you will be absolutely fine, make sure you take it (very?) easy up to Pen-y-Pass and then steadily down to Beddgelert. From halfway to Waunfawr is the bit I always find hardest as the crowds are a bit more intermittent and it's a bit of a long, slow drag, so just keep yourself going. From Waunfawr over Bwlch-y-Groes is hard for everyone, and most people walk some of it at least, but once you are at the top it's downhill all the way

I'd say the mileage you've got up to is a good basis for a good race, forget about the hill at the end, just concentrate on getting there, walk as much of it as you have to then enjoy the descent into Llanberis.

As it's your first marathon it'll be a pb whatever happens, and given you're running in memory of one your best friends it's going to be emotional enough, so just enjoy it!

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 25/09/2015 at 10:25
cheers guys!

No, no double brutal for me next year TRex. In fact over the summer I made the decision that I'm not entering anymore races after this year's SNOD until I've got myself into a position that I'm happy with with regard to training. Partly to do with family stuff and partly work, but fitting training in for all of the events I have done this year has been a struggle and has then turned it into a chore, which I have not enjoyed. So I am cutting it right back in an attempt to enjoy it again. I may not get any faster, and that isn't a major concern, but at the moment I'm getting slower, feeling worse and just generally resenting it, which given one of the reasons I run is to have a bit of 'me time' and stress relief seems a bit silly.
So the plan is post-SNOD I'm going to drop my running back completely, probably follow some kind of 5K plan, that will easily fit into life as it is at the moment. Hopefully the enjoyment will come back and so will, in time, some of the longer distance stuff.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 11:39
I am so glad I carried on and finished, but am not at all sure it was sensible or safe that I did. Given the lack of training I did I'm very happy with how it went. You'll notice I've barely mentioned the weather, for once it was perfect - I even noticed a bit of sunburn when I got home. Whilst waiting the 10-15mins for mr Panad I stood and chatted with a dad who was waiting for his son to come round to complete another lap of the bike course, a triple competitor: 7.1miles swim, 350miles bike followed by 3 marathons. Now that would be crazy......

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 11:36
On the 2nd lap I really started feeling tired, and it became a jog-walk rather than a jog. I also started noticing that I was 'drifting asleep' whilst I was running. Not Good. Thankfully there were trees in between me and the lake and I was jogged awake before there was a splash! On I carried, with a niggle of concern that I still had to go up and down Snowdon before crossing the finish line, was this wise? or safe in any way? (No being the obvious and correct answer of course) A quick stop and chat at the aid station again, a change of marshal had taken place since I was last here, new marshal asked how I was, 'not bad, only one lap to go now' I replied. Lap two had seen a lot less jogging that lap one, and a quick check of time told me I had 3 hours to do the third lap and still make the cut-off for being allowed to start off up the mountain, so I reasoned, it's only a 5+ mile lap, I can walk it in that time. So I did. I didn't attempt to jog any of lap 3 and when I got to the aid station the marshall said 'well done, only a small hill now..' By this time I was feeling sick and shortly after the aid station I was indeed ill again. Hmm, not good for planning on going up Snowdon. Back into Cae'r Ddol, collect my mountain bag and off to the medics point to be checked over before starting up the mountain. 16hrs22 since starting the swim. How was your last lap asked the medic ' ok, I walked it on purpose to ensure that I didn't feel to bad before starting up the mountain.' I replied. So off to Snowdon it was. I was still feeling sick, and a bit light-headed. My intention had always been to walk up Snowdon, never had it crossed my mind that I'd still be running by this point in the race. As I went through the gate onto the mountain itself I told myself that I *had* to have something to eat. A small corner of mars bar very quickly confirmed that my stomach was not happy and didn't want any food. I continued sipping water and carried on. At halfway house I sat down on a rock and tried to decide what to do. I knew sensibly that I could not carry on, feeling as tired as I was and unable to take on food, but the really stubborn part of me didn't want to 'give up' having got this far. I carried on up to the bottom of allt moses, and again sat down. Started dozing off and gave myself a good talking to.. I couldn't stay here like this. I had a bottle of sports drink in my bag, so gave myself an ultimatum. I had to drink, and more improtantly keep down, what I could of the sports drink by the time I got to Clogwyn or I had to retire from the race. The climb up allt moses was slow and hard, but I kept sipping away. By the time I go to Clogwyn I hadn't been sick again, and was feeling the effects of getting a bit of sugar into me, and continuued up allt goch. By this time we were in cloud and I put my waterproof jacket on. But I knew that from the cairn it was, relatively, flat to the summit, and suddenly had a new lease of life. Less than a mile and I would have made it. And at 2am that's exactly what I did A quick chat with the marshal at the summit and it was downhill all the way to the finish line. I felt fantastic! From Clogwyn I managed to jog the rest of the way down the mountain. Just before coming off the mountain I met a few hundred NSPCC walkers on their way up to see the dawn in on the summit. As soon as I was back on the tarmac I rang mr Panad and told him that I was almost done, and could he come and get me. Then it was along Victoria Terrace, past the mountain railway and into Cae'r Ddol. Over the line and a medal over my head from Claire (brutal organiser). 20hrs and 16mins.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 11:31
off to find my bike - one use of being slower on the swim is that there were only about 20 bikes left on the racks and so mine was very easy to find. Out of the field and turn right down towards Caernarfon, the bike course is essentially the SNOD course in reverse, minus the off-road section. A left turn at Llanrug and up the hill to the crossroads in Waunfawr - where we will turn right and go up *that* hill to Bwlch-y-Gores in a few weeks. Now of course doing the course in reverse means that when I got to Rhyd Ddu it was downhill all the way to Beddgelert my favourite part of the bike course. From Beddgelert onto to Nant Gwynant and the long, slow drag upto Pen y Pass, before the fast descent back to Nant Peris and round to Llanberis, over the timing mat and off round again. From the start of the bike I knew I had to make sure I took on food, but I was feeling quite nauseous following the swim and the first finger of sandwich didn't stay down for long (this becomes a continuuing theme as the day goes on). The sports drink goes down a bit better, so I concentrated on that until I felt I could try some more food. This time I was ok, but it did mean by the end of the first lap I hadn't had as much fuel as I hoped for, I was feeling a bit light-headed and the first lap had taken longer than I had hoped. Nevermind I was on lap 2 now and managed to succesfully eat and drink all the way around. Lap 3 felt the strongest lap (although looking at my time splits all 4 laps were within 5-10mins of each other) and I started to feel confident that I would make it. I have never ridden further than 56miles before and that was during the 'half' distance event last year, and although I 've been on a turbo trainer over the summer, other than my short commute I hadn't actually managed to ride more than 20miles on the road this summer and that was last week!
Lap 4 consisted of me telling myself I was almost done, that I only had x,y or z hill to go now, and when I got to Pen-y-Pass the last time that I was done (despite of course having 5 miles to go ) But done I was and it was off the bike, a short wobble as I tried to persuade my legs to hold me up, and into transition. The bike had taken me 2 hours longer than I'd planned and 'technically' I'd missed the bike cut-off time, but nobody said anything to me, and I was ready to argue my case that I still had 11 hours to complete the run before the finish cut-off time so surely I could start and try to finish at least. Change into my trainers and a cup of tea (one of the nicest I've ever had!) before going off around Llyn Padarn for the first of the 3 lake laps that I needed to do. By this point it was 7pm and I'd been on the go for 12hours and to be honest was knackered. One of the organisers was off on a loop of the lake course himself fixing glow-sticks to all the route markers and asked me how I was feeling. Considering what I had done so far today 'not bad' was probably a fairly accurate answer So lap one was a slow jog, with short walks up the steep bits, a short stop and chat with the marshals at the aid station, then a bit faster back down the hill into Cae'r Ddol, put my torch on as it was now getting dark and ready to start the second lap.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 11:30
ok, a report for the Brutal full distance triathlon...

After managing to mis-read the bus timetable to get me to Llanberis on the Friday I arrived slightly later than planned, registered and had my mountain bag checked. I then set off up the hill to Dinorwic (where we have a house we're renovating) to pick up my bike and check I really did have all my kit before taking my bike back down to Llanberis to rack it before the compulsory race briefing at 7pm. Transition consisted of a large marquee full of chairs, and a food and drinks table (urns, tea, coffee, hot choc, biscuits, cake, toasters, microwaves, soup, bread, spreads - my kind of event!) So I chose a chair to set my kit up on before trekking back up the hill again to an awaiting bed.

Friday night didn't see a lot of sleep and so it was rather dozzily I turned the alarm off at 5am on Saturday morning. Attempted to get myself dressed and couldn't find my sports bra - I eventually found it packed at the bottom of the bag of stuff 'I didn't need'! A cup of tea and a bowl of porridge later I grabbed my torch and started down through the woods for Llanberis and to meet my fate. Clear skies overnight had led to a layer of mist sitting on the lake and Cae'r Ddol and dawn broke. Transition was now a hub of activity. I checked my bike was where I thought it was on the racks, made sure my tyres were still inflated and that I had my picnic packed on the crossbar - 116 miles of cycling was going to need more than a few gels, there was an aid station in Beddgelert and Llanberis so I would pass each of these 4 times over the course, but wanted to have enough on me. So I had some fingers of sandwiches, snickers and mars bars and a few gels alongwith two bottles of sports drink loaded up.
Back into the marquee and into my wetsuit before the walk down to the edge of the lake. To be fair, although the water wasn't too cold - around 14C and after 5mins acclimatisation we got out and were counted back into the water for the floating start. The distance I was doing required 4 laps of the course, getting out of the water and over the timing mat after 2. (This event has much potential for increasing madness in that they do a 'half', 'full', 'double' and this year a 'triple' distance event)
Now swimming isn't my strongest point. I can swim no problem, but I am not a fast/strong swimmer, so I positioned myself towards the back of the 200 competitors, told myself to ignore everyone else and just concentrate on breathing. I swam a few hundred yards, stopped, trod water and calmed my breathing down before getting into a steady rhythm and carrying on. two laps later and I needed to get out and go over the timing mat. As I got to the shallow water and put my feet down I got cramp in my calves, but it went pretty instantly and out of the water it was, over the mat, past the aid station (a mouthful of flat coke and a handful of jelly babies) and back into the water for the rest of the 2.4mile swim. I had a sportcount finger watch on and quickly checked my time, a minute slower than I'd hoped for, but all good. The second two laps took a bit longer (I've only swam the total distance once, and that had been a few weeks ago, so definitely at my limit on the swim distance, full respect to the 'triple' competitors who were swimming 7.1miles!) and I'd had enough by the end of the fourth lap, but out of the water for the last time, and I was not the last 'full' competitor out, but the swim had taken me 1hr45. Quick check from the medics lakeside to check for signs of hypothermia and I was off up to the field to get out of the wetsuit and off onto the bike. When I did the Slateman tri earlier in the year I had suffered on the bike course from the cold, so was determined not to make the same mistake. So two pairs of socks, t-shirt, armwarmers, buff and jacket on and

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 22/09/2015 at 19:40
well done Brer

I seem to have survived my outing into iron-distance triathlon in one piece , but boy was that brutal!
unlike you though Brer I'm now having a week off

then it's a couple of weeks with some long runs in before SNOD...

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 10/09/2015 at 11:39
I'm banking on you guys doing enough long runs to get me round as well TRex, you seem to be so far!
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