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The Middle Ground

Posted: 31/01/2015 at 23:14

Alehouse - Sorry, just seen your post from last week. To answer your question, yes I'm still alive and the 300th parkrun at 150 different venues was clocked up at an incredibly boggy Ellesmere Port this morning in an impressive 20:26, which believe it or not was good enough for 2nd!

Playing out with Dr Dan and YD in the morning at Dewsbury, just popped in to see if anyone else was joining in?

The Middle Ground

Posted: 20/12/2014 at 23:52

Alehouse - I have a couple of pics of the illustrious moment with you on the shoulder of Ron and PSH alongside as you came into the finish. I can't post them on here for some reason but have since seen just as good pics on the BBC website, you're on the first pic on the main news article.

It really went well, suitably fitting sense of occassion!


The Middle Ground

Posted: 16/12/2014 at 22:31

Good stuff, Alehouse. If you see Ron again can you ask him if he'll be there with his RUN 26 number plate, it would be good to get a pic of that with our M262 RUN together And, no we haven't had chance to get back to Cheadle for the dog lead yet.


Nice mileage stats building there!

The Middle Ground

Posted: 16/12/2014 at 19:18

Alehouse - Are you still going on Saturday? If so. we'll see you there

The Middle Ground

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 21:15

It was Yorkshire this morning DT, London next year is a long way off yet - next on the list is Dublin Marathon in 14 days from now

The Middle Ground

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 21:02

Thanks Mr V, Alehouse and Wardi.

It really was one of those days where everything just clicked into place - conditions, the course, pacing etc. 

Even though it is a big city marathon, once you get out on the country lanes you can pick out everyone you know supporting along the route, which can be a real boost. Seeing Wardi at 23 miles was one such occasion

Eventually, the PB from 1993 has now gone and 2:47:34 has replaced it, which is not something that I was expecting to be able to say even at the start of this year. It was somewhat surprising to finish 24th overall and have nobody older than my ancient self in front, despite Darren Bilton and several other fast vets in the mix.

I think I might even blog this one



The Middle Ground

Posted: 10/10/2014 at 17:13

Alehouse - We still need to get back to Cheadle to get that dog lead, we'll let you know when. Last Saturday was a very rare non parkrun Saturday, I was knocked for six by some dodgy virus. After the best part of two days in bed I found myself on the start line of the Burnley 10k on Sunday morning just a couple of hours after getting up - that was an interesting experience


That 50 years stretch is unlikely to ever be achieved again.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 09/10/2014 at 17:06

Is that all it is, Dr Dan? That's come around quickly but then again there's a small matter of Yorkshire this Sunday to enjoy first

Which was actually the reason for looking in, is anyone else on here running at Yorkshire?


The Middle Ground

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 08:54

Alehouse - Very astute of you to spot the reason for me missing the finish, there's no fun if an inaugural team don't have one or two challenges to deal with

I think it works well as a parkrun course, the bridge was a bit slippy but apart from that it was good

Happy with yesterday at Rhyl, if you want a PB course then this is it as long as the wind stays away. We were with the half marathon runners for the first half, which worked well, but were well strung out in the second half. Hopefully numbers will increase for next year's event which will make it even better. This was the first year and there were 118 finishers in the marathon.

With nobody to chase the stall was set out to aim to extend the string of sub 3s to six in the last 9 months. Therefore pleased with 2:58:24 for 3rd place but I should have kept an eye on the rear view mirror as Hannah was closing rapidly in the closing stages to take the win (4th overall) in 3:00:11.

Really good event but very sunburnt now!


The Middle Ground

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 17:05

They did a bit Alehouse (running that is) but they didn't let it detract from their main focus.

The Norman boys were in good spirits after their 2:19 and 2:24 at Manchester.

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