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Best running headphones???

Posted: 26/01/2013 at 12:43

I have had a pair of these for 3 years, used 4/5 times a week and have been faultless.

Cover Photo March 2011 NXZ Gear

Posted: 07/02/2011 at 22:14

I think this is what you are after  (you wre looking at it upside down)

Running and weight training

Posted: 24/01/2011 at 22:10
Thanks for that,sub 45 is my aim for this year,fingers crossed!

Running and weight training

Posted: 24/01/2011 at 17:55
Thanks for the reply,yes,it was mainly how i could keep the strength gains whilst running.

Running and weight training

Posted: 24/01/2011 at 15:26

First post so here goes!

I come from a racing cycling background and have always used running as an optional training method during off season etc,when i gave up (about 10 years ago) i started to run more often.As of 5 years ago i took up technical scuba diving which puts a lot of emphasis on upper body strength,with rigs weighing over 50kgs,as a result i now do a fair bit of weight training and have put on about 5kgs of lean muscle,i now weigh 84kgs(6ft and 8% bf) i consider that to be heavy for a runner but carry on using it for conditioning.At the back end of last year i started running 10k's and got my times down to 47mins,i thought this was ok for my weight etc,i really like the distance and would like to do more 10k's,my question is that how far can i push the distance running without impacting my upper body gains?Answers from anybody that has gone through the same process much appreciated.Thanks,Simon.

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Running and weight training

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