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Are your training methods up to date?

Posted: Today at 10:48

I knew I was doing it wrong: I've been encouraging flatulency, not avoiding it.


Posted: Today at 10:45

Can the OP fit in 1,000 miles before breakfast?

Talkback: Ageing and efficiency

Posted: Today at 10:44

Most important of all - keep enjoying it. You're already at a very high standard, but if you do want a challenge, you could target the fastest V60 time this year - a barely believable 16'38" (unsurprisingly for those who follow vets athletics, that's Martin Rees).

I do believe Mr Rees holds the world 10-mile record for over-60s, and he did it in a race I was also running in last year. 

Talkback: Ageing and efficiency

Posted: Today at 10:43

Bloody hell, that's a great time for 61. This 51 year-old has a 19.44 pb from three years ago, so respect to you. Can you get faster? I thought I might, but my 50s have not been kind to my times so far. With us older folk it's a little bit in the lap of the gods - it's harder to train hard regularly, it's harder to get rid of any excess weight, we tend to have things like kids and responsible jobs that get in the way. I wouldn't be surprised if you could get faster (there are plenty your age who do run faster than that) and I wouldn't be suprised if you couldn't. Sorry to be unhelpful, but enjoy your excellent time. Which parkrun was it?


Posted: Yesterday at 12:52

I remember this well. One of the most terrifying things I've ever watched.

Personal Safety for Female Runners

Posted: 29/10/2014 at 17:40

Those bloody hoodies, shouting out useful information. They should be shot!

Personal Safety for Female Runners

Posted: 29/10/2014 at 13:27

I get the feeling BarefootTed was being satirical.

Gels etc when entering the States

Posted: 29/10/2014 at 13:26

Gels are allowed in every much as bit as their fellers.

Runners World Pace Groups

Posted: 29/10/2014 at 13:06

A friend of mine turned up out of the blue as the 1hr40mins pacer at the Ealing Half Marathon recently. I guess if you want to be one at London, it's worth getting some experience at a 'lesser' race first - why not ask around the halves and marathons?

Personal Safety for Female Runners

Posted: 29/10/2014 at 12:53

I guess the interesting thing is that on this very small sample, anecdotally it seems that running for lone women is pretty safe - the problem, if there is one, is that there are women out there who won't run at all or won't run at certain times or in certain places because of the perceived dangers. I suppose one of the points is that most of us, including men, prefer not to run through run-down housing estates or other less aesthetic areas, if we can help it, not necessarily because of any perceived dangers but because they're less interesting places, less calming places to run through - so we avoid places where it's possible there are dangers for a different reason entirely. I'm rambling, but this is interesting.

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