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Falling over whilst running! Anyone else?

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 16:20

Serial faller-over. Low knee lift. My local parkrun has lots of tree roots and, thankfully, is often muddy, which makes for a softer landing. The worst fall of all on that route has been a 70-something male runner, who managed to break his collar bone - not very pleasant.

Charity running comparison site

Posted: 06/10/2015 at 12:42

I would answer that by saying look at the work of Crisis or Shelter. They don't piss money up the wall.

Charity running comparison site

Posted: 06/10/2015 at 12:33

Actually, if you look at the history of Kids Company - the charity founded by Camila Batmanghelidjh to give her her proper name - it identified a pressing need and did good work, which was why successive governments gave it support. She certainly grew too big for her boots and didn't pay attention to maintaining reserves, but bent is a wee bit strong. Anyway, the simple truth is that most charities carry on doing what works for them - if it brings money in, they'll carry on doing it. That's why there are still chuggers - we all say we hate them, and yet enough people seem to hand over their details to make it worth their while to, mainly, pay agencies to do the work. I think the same goes for marathons and other events. You also cannot underestimate the 'brand awareness' charities get from being there at national, televised events. Anyway, handing over £50 - I can remember a time when people were saying 'don't give beggars money; give it to a charity that helps beggars'. You really can't win either way.

Charity running comparison site

Posted: 06/10/2015 at 10:47

Surprise surprise, charities have overheads and pay their staff. Whatever next. What you could do, if you really wanted, is check out the accounts of a particular charity and try to work out if in your mind it gives enough of what it raises to the cause. Most of them spare the vast majority of what they raise for that. Bear in mind that any charity that says it gives 100 per cent of what it raises to its beneficiaries is either lying or... well, being economical with the truth. Phones, premises, staff don't cost nothing.

Team events - not necessarily running

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 10:36

I tried and got wet.

Vasectomy & marathon running

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 10:34
Muttley wrote (see)

"Personally, I'd say delay the until after the marathon."

Aye, priorities, priorities ... the OP's (friend's) missus might have an opinion on that.

Surely one refrains from the pleasures of the flesh while training for a marathon...?

Team events - not necessarily running

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 15:19

A few years ago a friend of mine invited me to go with his very long-standing mates on a canoeing trip in the River Wye - that was fun and very different from running. (Tip: don't try running in a canoe)

Vasectomy & marathon running

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 15:12

I wouldn't have one while you're running, mind.

Type 2 Diabetes and distance running

Posted: 17/09/2015 at 18:31

I wouldn't trust that advice, personally. Everyone needs carbs, even diabetics. You can't cut them all out of your diet, and it's very unlikely that this Banting diet will cure diabetes or all of us diabetics would be on it. One of your 'enemies' in fact is hypos, caused by LACK of blood sugar - if you go very low, you will go into a coma and die fairly soon. What IS true is that you should be careful about what carbs you eat. I'll leave you to research that - in any case, your health pros should be clueing you in. You should in any case carry emergency carbs with you in case your blood sugars go very low - I find that something like jelly babies work well: they're usually 0.5g of carb. On a long run or race, unless you know there are carbs waiting for you somewhere, you should carry your own supply and, depending on the length of the run, aim to start the run with blood sugars somewhat higher than normal (what that level should be is trial and error, I"m afraid). The beauty of sweets such as jelly babies is that they have no fat - not only can fat make you, er, fat, but it can impede the process of getting vital sugar into your blood. I now really only run up to half marathons and have found that I can get through one without taking in any carbs at all, but I still carry a small supply because how your blood sugars work and what can make them go up and down is unpredictable. One aspect of running is that your body's first response to exercise is to treat it as an emergency - and you'd find, if you stopped and tested, your blood sugar readings going up as a fight or flight response. Over the long term, however, they will go down and you'll get the tell-tale signs if you are going hypo.

This is a good site

Remember, whatever some claim, there is not yet a properly researched and verified 'cure' for diabetes. There are, however, good methods of controlling it. Good luck.

Is it unlucky to wear a t-shirt before the event?

Posted: 16/09/2015 at 17:10

Mind you, I have a couple of items of running wear that you get for not getting a place in the London Marathon... What do I do with those? They don't say 'I didn't do it' (except to those people who see me who know...)

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