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groin / upper thigh pain

Posted: 14/03/2014 at 10:02

Well I gave it a go last night with a gentle jog.  Stopped after just 200 metres as the level of discomfort was steadily getting worse, was already settling into a limp.

Ah well. I guess its an extended rest for me.  Will have to pick a nice 1/2 marathon later in the summer.


groin / upper thigh pain

Posted: 13/03/2014 at 10:33

Thanks for the wisdom all.

Its a week after it happened and I'm still sore every morning, with it getting better throughout the day, it is largely pain free by lunch. I'm going to try a gentle couple of miles this evening to see how it holds up and if I can make it to the start line next sunday. Realistically, I dont think Ill be there though. 

I too have some knee pain, which Im told (by my doctor wife) is normal if you spend your day limping!

Will be very disappointed to DNS, especially as I bullied my friend into doing the run when he didn't feel confident about making the distance. 


groin / upper thigh pain

Posted: 10/03/2014 at 13:34

After dragging myself back to some form of fitness over the past 10 weeks with the objective of doing the Liverpool Half within 2 hrs on 23rd March I have injured myself.

On my long sunday run a week ago, I pushed reasonably hard to do 11 miles at my target race pace of 9min/mile.  I had a slight tightening at the very top of my right thigh /groin at the front, in line with my leg.  

I stretched well and recovered ok.  Another 4 miles went by uneventfully on the following tuesday.  

Then on thursday I did 10 miles with a friend at a slower pace (10 mm) which was going fine until mile 8 when I had definite tightness and pain in the same spot - not terrible or enough to make me stop, but annoying.

The next day I struggled to walk properly, and am still in pain today (nowhere near as bad, but still there, really worried I wont make the start line on the 23rd.  

Any advice out there from physios about how to minimise time out?  I'm taking anti inflammatory, using ice packs and stretching.

Thanks, Pete

Getting back into running -frustration

Posted: 13/11/2013 at 13:40

Looking for motivation!

I started running about 10 years ago, just for general fitness, and did my first 1/2 marathon in 2006. I trained with a 2:00 finish in mind, and did all my long runs at that pace, and shorter stuff significantly faster. Everything went as planned and did a 1:58. Since then Ive done many more 1/2s and the Snowdonia Marathon (slowly!)

I kept a reasonable level of fitness up until this May when i got married, but havent done much since. And the break seems to have destroyed me. another 8 kilos on the belly, and I'm struggling to keep up any kind of pace on longer outings, managing a 59 minute 10k - absolutely exhausted. and a 27 minute 5k, shich was very hard work after about a month of training.  Looking back at my garmin record, last year I was doing 10k in ~50 mins and 5k ~23 mins.

Im finding it so frustrating that Ive lost so much pace. Has anyone else had experience of getting fitness back after an extended break?


Snowdonia Marathon 2010

Posted: 22/10/2010 at 22:00

Hey all,

SNOD will be my first marathon, and the training has gone well so far.   Longest run has been a 20 miler on the acutal route, which was ok! (although I was definitely ready to stop at the 20 point!)

 Just wondering if the feeding stations just have water or will they have lucozade (or equivalent).  I am trying to plan how many gels etc.. to carry.


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groin / upper thigh pain

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