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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 21/08/2012 at 18:40

Seb - Swim 06.35 (got held up though), Bike 41.34, Run 19.11
Results are if you want to have a proper look at everyone and see where you would be. I was hoping for a bit quicker on the run but as I said off road and hot, and just hadnt done any training for the bike - so after your mileage you should be quicker on the bike.

Dach - I might be down at RRR tomorrow - that will be three track sessions in total this year!

Sound vs Silence

Posted: 03/06/2008 at 12:27

At the same time there are plenty of situations I have been in where runners without music are just as careless.

 Anywho, point is, music or not, everyone should know more about whats happening around them. I think we can agree on that!

Sound vs Silence

Posted: 03/06/2008 at 10:45

I run with headphones all the time, and I race with them too. No one will stop me running with them because thats how I like to run.

The problems raised by posters such as runners being careless with music, not being sociable etc, none of them have any real point to them.

Is it just me that doesnt actually want to have a in depth conversation when Im racing? When I have raced without music no one talks anyway, everyones trying too hard, and when theres someone I know near me how difficult is it for me to turn it off for a few mins, not very. So this argument is rubbish, ban stupid watches that beep all the time to set your pace, I dont want to listen to your beep every second, or the random people who wear a bean bag on their shoe so they can hear their pace. Now this is annoying.

As for being less aware and careless, I take more care because I am sensible enough to know that I can't hear. I always check to see if Im cutting people up in races, but theres a difference between taking the racing line and cutting up, non music runners cut you up as well. But what about those people who in races and on the roads are too busy looking at their watches, too busy chatting, etc to notice me coming behind them (this happens a lot) this is just as bad, but you wont want to outlaw watches or talking will you.

I think I need a run now.............           with music

Ashford & District 10k

Posted: 01/01/2004 at 20:31
Im only 16 and apparently theres an under18 category, so I'll probably enter, does anyone whose done this race have any idea how many juniors enter? Just so i have some idea of the competition :P

Woking TenTen - 10K

Posted: 04/03/2003 at 17:04
Does anyone if know if theres a junior category like U17s or anything? im 15 and have done 2 10Ks since starting being coached, and have won the junior titles both times. Would this be a good course to run a 39minute time?
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