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is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Today at 13:40

I live in Camden Road, Brecon. Lovely flat run along the canal there.

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Today at 13:08
thespare wrote (see)

I actually stopped reading this thread in detail because I've never come across such a bad-tempered, bitchy, nasty collection of comments in my life! Grow up the lot of you, and if you can't say something civil don't say anything.

Pair of bitches

Running without music

Posted: Today at 12:25

Are all races on a public road then? I would have thought a road closed to the general public would be safer than a public park(parkrun). One marathon bans personal music and another allows them. Both charge money and give prizes. How is this possible?

For the record, I don't run with music and don't approve of it. I just don't think it should be banned.

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Today at 12:17

Great post Dean. Good points. Loved your post too Max. Thanks for your contribution too the spare. 

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Today at 09:30

Pete. I really wasn't thinking of you and your comment when I posted that. You do seem like a reasonable man and I welcome criticism from you. I don't want a mutual back slapping forum either. Sarcasm is a brilliant art form but if you miss an important part in the OP it doesn't look so clever does it? 

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:58

Hmm interesting in terms of how this whole site has been going recently. I've pretty much kept my distance as I've seen, mainly KK, dish out some personal abuse. I think we, as a group, need to condemn and distance ourselves from this type of behaviour. People can talk about being in the get along gang all they like but if they think that personal abuse and vicious pm messages are okay then we have nothing to talk to them about. We have to ask what sort of forum do we want to have here? Do we tolerate and accept it? It's our choice.

Are ultra runners fast or plodders?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:35

When my mate stepped up to Ultra distances, he did very well and got some top 3 places. His 5k times also improved. 

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:39

Actually Pete I have only just spotted the "I got no car" in there. I would have suggested a bus like you if I had. I'm happy for you to say my comment was crass but calling someone an arrogant cretin is not the right thing to do. I wasn't offended but felt the need to piont it out to you. Thanks for pointing out my mistake about the car. 

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:18

A widow is a woman. 

Why is calling someone a girl a term of abuse?

You talked as if flat was another planet. Is there really someone in this country that cannot access a flat 3 miles? 

You can't send abusive remarks to people just because you don't like the answers they give. That will get you banned pretty sharpish on here.

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:06

Good advice Gideon

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