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Indoor rowing machine as cross training?

Posted: Today at 11:17

All right Muttley!  

MrSoft wrote (see)
Thanks for the link that's a great help. Is there a way of setting up intervals on a concept rowing machine?. I usually do 500 meters, 2000 meters or just a single time. Thanks

Yes, depending on what machine you've got I'm sure you should be able to pre-programme an interval session where you can specify distance and/or time for any number of reps. 

My rowing's been a bit on and off recently.  Just 26 sessions so far this year according to the training log, and my main strategy for marathon training (VMLM 2017) is to run more miles, with most of my x-training being in the form of cycling.  I never did invest in a Concept 2, and the gym is further away than it used to be!

Indoor rowing machine as cross training?

Posted: Today at 10:38

Rowing is a fantastic aerobic work-out and definitely a good complement to running. You work a huge range of muscles so as well as being a good calorie burner it's good for exercising muscles that running doesn't reach and is great for core strength.

There's been a few discussions on here but I'd suggest having a look through this thread (warning: I feature heavily!) for more, including suggestions on how to progress training sessions.  Here's the Pete Plan that RW user Muttley refers to.

Adidas boston 5 to 6

Posted: Today at 10:28

I'm only 300 miles into my Boston 5's (and about the same into a pair of Adios Boost as it happens) and they feel fine.  As far as the Boost material goes I'm also 600+ miles into a pair of Glide Boost 7 and they're also perfectly fine, but there's more midsole material in those. I guess if you've got two pairs on the go on different mileage, that can be useful for comparison. I'll probably get a pair of Boston 6 for HMs and marathon in the new year and save the old ones for fast training.

Running and Cellulite?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:16

I cover my thighs in spam.  Dogs love me.

Adidas boston 5 to 6

Posted: Yesterday at 11:36

^ Nice review, ta. I'm also considering v6 for my Spring marathon shoe, having set marathon and HM PB's in v5.  v5 scores 9/10 for me, a really nice ride and just the right balance of weight/cushioning for long races, but the upper isn't ideal. I get a bit of pinching around the bottom lace eyelet, but it looks as though the knitted mesh upper of v6 ought to be more comfy.  The white/orange pair in the review look pretty fugly but thankfully there's also a red/blue pair which will go nice with my race kit.  Plus you can't knock a 0.5oz weight saving.  

Wanted: Flat 10k or 1/2 with places

Posted: 23/10/2016 at 22:27

Off the top of my head and it's not even my area, Silverstone HM in March.  But there must be dozens...

Sub 3

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 16:07

LMH - I was considering going out there but what with the £ becoming worthless, air fares have doubled since I first looked into it and can't really justify the expense after recent holiday.  Hoping there might be some sort of online streaming or at least tracker, but might end up tracking down Twitter updates!  At least 20 laps means lots of refuel options...

TT - Ooh, will be a keen V40 competition at Bath.  See you there if not before.

16 miles this morning, including 10 miles alternating target paces 6:30 (something close to MsP's provisional target pace for the 50k) and 6:00. Average pace was inside target, each lap within 2 secs/mile, and nobody died.  

Sub 3

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 16:50

LM.H - Thanks, yeah ultra training is going pretty well I think. Good mileage being covered at the moment, we've got 15 (with some target pace) and 22 this weekend, and beginning to taper after that.  Less than three weeks to go.  MsP's reasonably confident after a relatively comfortable marathon and a HM pb, but slightly disconcerted that the course has been changed from 10 x 5k laps to 20 x 2.5k!  


Seriously thinking about fueling my marathon with some ale gel.  "Carlsberg don't do sports nutrition, ..." etc.  

Sub 3

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 13:32

^ WTF?!   Do they do a Broadside flavour?  Good luck for Abo, and yeah if you can get yerself in 2:29 shape for April I'll use all the pacing help I can get!

Padams - Yep, that's about the size of it.  

How to pace a 10 mile run?

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 12:09
AlexRoy wrote (see)


My gut feeling is is to attempt it at closer to 10k pace but with negative splits so if I start feeling tired after 10k I can simply not speed up rather than pay the full price of going out too hard.. 


AlexRoy wrote (see)


"try a pace in the middle and see how you feel along the way" is exactly what I'm suggesting: negative splitting means, broadly, running a slower first half. So if I go out at, say, 7:15 miles and increase towards 7:00 miles in the second half of the race then my time will be closer to my 10k pace than my HM pace. 


I think HA77 questioned your use of the term negative split because the first sentence above doesn't make sense.  It would if you said "closer to 10 mile pace".

What happens when you predict your HM time from your 10k time?  How does it compare to your actual HM time? If there is any evidence of being biased to either speed or endurance, use this to decide how to pace the 10 miles.

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