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Posted: Today at 18:10

SJ, Alan - Fantastic!! Well done fellas, enjoy the recovery.  

Top stuff from Marders, to be expected but I know he was having some niggles recently so great to see him get out there and triumph again.  My mate Chris seems pretty chuffed with 2:23 and 7th in the race, not bad for an old geezer!  

Getting quite excited about next week now, after this morning's course reccy, starting in Greenwich Park and running the first 6 miles (Blue start).  7 VMLMers out and another couple along for the ride.  Much talk of shoes, malt loaf and Aussie 3 minute burn-ups.  (Yes, some people are still doing it.)  9 miles total. My local's had a face-lift recently and the kitchen is back on form.  After an impressive half chicken roast I had a dessert I could have designed myself: salted caramel and chocolate cheesecake with clotted cream.  My god, what a delight.

Berlin Marathon 2015

Posted: Today at 17:36

Meadower - I wouldn't run a HM flat-out two weeks before, no. May not be a complete disaster but I'd just end up worrying that recovery wasn't as good as it could be.  If I absolutely wanted to run a HM at that time (mate doing it, free place, whatever) I'd probably do it at marathon pace, or at least some sort of sub-maximal effort like first 10 @ MP then blast the rest.

I suppose with the HM three weeks out I'm effectively having a four week taper.  Biggest week/hardest long run four weeks out, mini-taper leading up to the HM to run on relatively fresh legs, then wind down towards the marathon like normal.

Talkback: The stats of London Marathon

Posted: Today at 17:28

"Contrary to popular belief, marathon runners actually hit the wall in the final stages of the race. A study of the times from 2014 shows that the 25-mile split is the slowest point in the race with an average elapsed pace of 9:50/mile, suggesting that runners hit the fabled wall later than traditionally thought."

Whoever wrote this doesn't know what "the wall" is.  They're also trying to draw conclusions from cumulative statistical data that are meaningless for the individual.

This article propagates the myth that "the wall" (which it doesn't define properly) is an inevitable part of everyone's marathon experience that makes many debut marathoners shit themselves.

This article is shit.

Berlin Marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 13:41

I'm doing the Wissey HM in Norfolk on 6th September, i.e. three weeks before Berlin. Very low-key race but flat, fast course and incorporates the British Masters' champs this year. That might not fit in with some people's plans, e.g. standard three week taper with a final long run that weekend, but I raced a HM flat-out on the corresponding day last year, and recovered OK, so I want to do exactly the same thing this year as another marathon performance indicator.

You're right, there isn't much around in August, so it depends how you want it to fit into your schedule and what you want out of it.  I didn't even start looking for a 20 miler!

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:15

Ode - Ha! See you in the Red Lion?

TR - Nice sharpener.

Padams - Good work on the parkrun. One better than me, I ran round with another chap for the whole thing until he pulled away with 400m to go and pipped me by a couple of seconds, but dragged me round for 16:11, a course pb and just five seconds shy of my 5k road pb.  (The parkrun is on a pre-existing certified 5k course.)  Even more encouraging, Kent AC women's VMLM team (we have a Champs team) all ran round in pb's, including MsP in 17:07.  Confidence abounds.

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 18:24

Ah yeah, saw Nick's name in the Brighton results. Top man!

Padams - Chris was saying there could actually be a decent group of guys around low 2:2x so it could work out quite nicely for him.

ES - Yes, HM pb is 72:19 and I'm confident in having a go at it.  71:30 would be nice @ 5:27/m but anything sub-72 would make me happy.  I can definitely recommend the threshold miles, particularly progressing the number of reps over a few sessions, e.g. 5 up to 7 as I've done over the past 2/3 months. When I did the recent 10 miler the pace felt familiar and I think it's a good intensity for practising tidy running form.

Also really keen to see how Marders gets on at the pointy end of Manchester.

Is it highly likely when you get faster you'll migrate to racing flats?

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 16:07

Ric actually weighs 12oz.  If he were to try and run in Brooks Adrenaline, it would be like that game I used to play when my two nephews were a lot smaller and I'd try to walk around their house with one of them on each foot.

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 13:54

selbs - Ha!  2:30 with a flag... maybe if CW's ESE wind picks up a bit after the Docklands.

sj - All the best for Manc!

TT - He's gone public with target so I'm sure wouldn't mind me sharing: 2:22. Hoping to be back from my morning run to catch some of his splits.

Just a spin at lunchtime today, relatively easy and legs feeling a little looser.

Is it highly likely when you get faster you'll migrate to racing flats?

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 11:34

That's pretty trim.  Depending on your biomechanics you could probably get away with something more racy than Adrenaline, although would be best to try out on something shorter initially like a 5k/parkrun or maybe 10k.  Assuming you need support, you can get pretty lightweight race/trainer type shoes which aren't an out-and-out racing flat but would still be a big weight saving over the Brooks, and have medial support.  Plus they just feel more slipper-like and less clumpy.  Saucony Fastwitch, DS Trainer, Brooks ST5 Racer all spring to mind.

Overdone it?

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 11:14

I can't remember what my movements were last year.  Being on Green again this year, rather than Champs start previously, I will be sharing portaloo services with the masses.  But then, contingency plan does involve living 600 metres from the start line.  

On the fibre front, I think the (possible) magical endurance-promoting properties of beetroot would warrant keeping that in the pre-race eating plan for me. It's more sugar than fibre anyway; 7% compared to just 2.8%.  (Dates = 8% fibre.)

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