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Posted: Yesterday at 22:36
I rode 2 miles on a Boris bike with 1kg of pasta in my pocket this evening. Does that count?

12 days to race day and I'm definitely feeling the benefits of taper already. The training week is still looking fairly full but little things like single sessions per day and leaving out the pre-interval MP miles are leaving me feeling fresher even after a quality session, which is the idea I suppose.

11 miles inc. 15 x 400 this evening (3 x 5; 100/400 recovery) done in definite "cruise" mode. Average 73 although the metronome was a little skew-whiff with a rogue 75 (started lane 3 on a busy track!) and a couple of 71s, otherwise all 72-74.

Taper madness? Pah! Loving it!

What's the general level of fitness

Posted: Yesterday at 18:48
Depends which website you're on.

Never mind Man vs Horse

Posted: Yesterday at 16:58

I got on the Circle Line once, intending to travel two stops from Embankment to Blackfriars, to get the train home in South East London.  Pissed off my nut I was.  Unfortunately I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later in Edgware Road.  Bollocks!  Not even sure how many times I went round...

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:17
Stevie G wrote (see)

Certain things standout though, like how long it took to ge under an hour in a half. The peril of one attempt a year

Is this Mo Farah talking in 2015?  


What's the general level of fitness

Posted: Yesterday at 15:11
seren nos wrote (see)

also depends on what you call fittest.    how do you judge it.


If you were looking at the most horrible person who ever got banned from here.......

would it be the person who got banned the most number of times for horrible personal attacks and kept on coming back under different names....

or would it be the person who got banned for saying the most horrifically horrible things and getting banned once...


 you have to define what you mean by fittest...

Have you been smoking the good stuff?

What's the general level of fitness

Posted: Yesterday at 13:46

Actually another data point I have is a couple of fire drills.  29 floors is a LOT of stairs and I can't remember anyone around me complaining too bitterly during evacuation.  So there are some pretty good stair walkers.  My calves were trembling at the bottom.

What's the general level of fitness

Posted: Yesterday at 13:08

Krispy Kreme are generally a bit sweet for my liking but come to think of it, they might feature in my taper plan anyway.  Something with a toffee/caramel vibe I think!

One personal trainer, a guy who ran a half decent marathon before having a very nasty car accident, and a lot of don't knows.

Naive Carbs Question

Posted: Yesterday at 12:59

Have you got any sources?  950g of carbs is worth nearly 4,000 calories. That's definitely NOT per meal, otherwise you'd be featured on Man vs Food!

And I presume you're talking about a carb load before a marathon, rather than recommended everyday diet?  I think if you search the good old web you'll get quite a variety of ideas on how long the carb load should, how much, what sort of carbs, etc. I personally think you can overdo these things, and I certainly wouldn't carb load for three whole days.  

A good marathon taper will involve a significant cut-back in training volume in the last week, which means your glycogen stores will begin to replenish to normal levels naturally anyway.  So I think you just need to give this a boost to make sure glycogen levels are at max leading up to race day.  I tend to have a clear day between end of carb load and the race so that you're not going to bed the night before feeling bloated, and your digestive system is on an even keel.  So something like Friday through to Saturday morning for a Sunday race, maybe a little more carb than normal on Thursday evening but no earlier than that.

Maybe you could write out an eating plan for a Friday carb load involving your normal meals supplemented with sensible carb snacking.  Simple plain carbs like rice cereal, bagels, Jaffa cakes, malt loaf (those last two are my favourites!), sports drink, etc.  See if all that lot adds up to 950g, but seriously, don't sweat the details, especially if you're struggling to actually eat it all.

Lastly, I hope you are just talking about pre-marathon; for any shorter (normal) distances you're better off getting by on a normal healthy diet, good hydration, sleep, and a sensible taper plan.

Beetroot Juice

Posted: Yesterday at 10:18

Wow, written by Dr Michele Ferrari, no less...


"The single intake of 0.5 liters of beetroot juice led to an improvement of 6% in the power generated in a trainer-simulated 16km time trial in a group of mid-level cyclists (VO2max = 56 ml/kg/min), as shown in a English double-blind study (Med Sci Sports Exerc 2011; 43:1125-1131). 
This improvement, more than negligible, corresponds to 48 seconds (3"/km) and is comparable with the result of a transfusion of a pint of blood."

Impressive!  I guess he'd know a thing or two about blood transfusions.  Strangely, his Curriculum Vitae doesn't actually mention Lance Armstrong by name... 

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 17:04

Weather?!  Blimey, leave it out!    Since you mention it, the BBC's finger-in-air guestimate is that the temperature is dropping down to 16 degrees by Wednesday week.  Having said that I'm not looking again till Thursday week.  Honest!

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