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Posted: Today at 15:07

selbs - You've deserved all that eating and drinking!  Onwards and upwards.

Keith - I'm a spring chicken when it comes to our vets!  Keep an eye out for some Kent AC V50s, you could have a good scrap.

Advent Running

Posted: Today at 14:46

In all seriousness, I intend getting some serious miles in over December, but Xmas day is one day I plan on being far too hungover to consider a run.  With that proviso, I might actually give this a go.

There one minute gone the next

Posted: Today at 14:41

Ooooh pretty!


Advent Running

Posted: Today at 14:35

Do we get to eat a really small piece of chocolate at the end of each run?

Black Friday

Posted: Today at 14:26

Fucking muppets...


“I got a Dyson but I don’t even know if I want it. I just picked it up,” Louise Haggerty, a 56-year-old hairdresser and waitress, said of her 1am trip to the Black Friday sales. “It was mental in there. It was crazy. It was absolutely disgusting, disgusting.”


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Posted: Today at 11:14
PhilPub wrote (see)


Oops, I meant...    I'd be interested to see what my HR gets up to during a proper hard spinning class these days, but I don't currently have a HR monitor on the go.  Ne'er mind.  

Winter training must haves!

Posted: Today at 11:09
cougie wrote (see)

Asked if wintery conditions were unusual when coming into winter they said: "No".


This thread's a good reminder.  I need to get some merino wool glove liners to go under my lobster mitts.  Should keep the Raynaud's at bay when it gets proper perishing.

Sub 3

Posted: Today at 10:27

Nice riding Padams.  The last time I cycled 100 miles I had a big tail wind behind me all the way from Felanitx back to Port De Pollensa.  Maybe my lunch would've kept you going that bit longer.


Jools - A marvellous set of PBs including an impressively non-Bubkaesque marathon time hammering.  I'm very pleased to have PB'd from 5k - marathon distance this year but you've done most of the ones in between as well.

Whatever virus/lurgy I had definitely feels like it's stopped affecting me day-to-day.  The cross country race on Saturday wasn't much fun, but I got round.   At that stage my lung capacity definitely still felt restricted and I couldn't do much about a few club mates overtaking me whom I'd normally beat, but I was pleased to be getting back to it and I did actually make the scoring team.  Anyway, since then I've been either running or spinning (or both) every day.  I have a low-key 10 mile off-road race on Sunday (Pirie 10, Farthing Downs) which I wouldn't be hitting 100% anyway since it's the Kent County Vets' XC six days later and we always target that.  So I'll be on for about 55 miles for the week including effectively a hard tempo run, plus 3 spin classes.  So hopefully back up and running full-steam next week.  :y

There one minute gone the next

Posted: Yesterday at 16:32

The bloke in the taxi haddock coming to him.

There one minute gone the next

Posted: Yesterday at 16:15

Ric, I was thinking about this over a lunchtime run.  It's supposedly illegal to handle a salmon "in suspicious circumstances".  Sounds a bit fishy to me... surely doing something suspiciously should just alert the authorities to investigate further, i.e. to see if those suspicions are confirmed.

I should be a fish lawyer!

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