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is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:57

I didn't know how rubbish I was downhill until I did a fell race.  Spent the second half of the race being overtaken by northerners.  

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:50

Let's talk about hills again!  I know common sense dictates that flat = faster than hilly, but from my experience it can be a little complicated trying to work out just how much effect different profiles have.  For example, without anything scientific to back it up, I think a course that has short, sharp uphills and gradual downs will be faster than one with gradual ups and sharp downs; the reason you can't fully compensate for a slow uphill on the way down is that in running downhill there are braking forces being applied (so you're not freewheeling like on a bicycle, although even on a bike you lose some efficiency by having to brake downhill, even if there is no real physical effort involved...)  The steeper the slope, the less you can let yourself go without losing control, and the greater loss of efficiency in applying effort to brake (which kills the quads in a longer race/run).

So on paper, the Chichester Priory 10k for example shouldn't really be as fast as it is, starting as it does on a sharpish uphill.  But the subsequent altitude drop takes place on a nice steady, very gentle downhill, so hardly any braking force is involved and you can put normal effort into moving forwards at a faster-than-average pace.  So the race is virtually as fast as a flat 10k.  Maybe there's even a small benefit in the leg muscles being worked in different ways.  I'm sure the odd undulation in a marathon can come as a welcome change from a constant flat profile, even if it slows you down marginally.

FREE Massage Centres in LONDON & PRESTON

Posted: Yesterday at 15:57
seren nos wrote (see)

....if you have internal conflicts



Adidas Boost Trainers, anyone had a run in a pair yet?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:46

Ok, cheers!  The Bostons have a Continental sole on as well, another potential selling point.  At the moment, volunteering to pace another London Marathon looks all the more tempting when I think I might get another free pair of shoes to try out.  

Adidas Boost Trainers, anyone had a run in a pair yet?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:07

I should probably say some nice words about the Adios Boost while I'm here!  I got a nice freebie pair of the normal Adios 2 for pacing the London Marathon this year, and they've been really good for shorter distance races.  Nice fit, grippy, responsive sole, but a little firm.  I did actually wear them for the marathon as well, but even though I wasn't racing at full pelt they proved to be way too firm for such a long distance, and I could feel my calves aching from around 17/18 miles.  Still happily using them for shorter distances and they're especially nice on the track.

So I invested in a pair of Adios Boost (version 1) and wore them for the Berlin Marathon.  As a heel striker, the extra cushioning was a godsend and I had none of the issues I had in the normal Adios.  The tarmac did start feeling fatiguing after a while but I guess that's the marathon for you.  If I've got any criticism, they feel a little stiff in the transition from heel to toe-off, compared to something like Saucony Fastwitch (which unfortunately changed between versions 4 & 5, with a lower heel drop, so I don't get on with them any more), but it's a very subtle thing so I'm more than happy to use them for road races, and may reserve the normal Adios solely for track use.  I've not used the new Adios Boost 2, which has the same upper as the normal Adios 2 and I've read is an improvement for it.

Adidas Boost Trainers, anyone had a run in a pair yet?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:54

Has anyone put ridiculous mileage into a pair of Boost shoes yet? I'm curious about the durability of the sole, since this ought to be a selling point.  (And they're not cheap!)  I'm not really into the 500 miles rule, and will happily get over 1,000 miles out of a decent pair of shoes (Nike Zoom Elite and Brooks Defyance for example), only retiring them when the outsole wears down too far.  I'm considering using the new Boston Boost as an everyday lightweight training shoe but only if I can get decent mileage out of it.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 14:35


Crikey!  Just updating my fetch log.  As of last week I've already surpassed last year's running mileage and total exercise time, and I overtook the cycling mileage whilst in Mallorca.  (I'm behind on the rowing but don't tell Hywel...)


FREE Massage Centres in LONDON & PRESTON

Posted: Yesterday at 14:12

So the placebo effect has been around for several thousand years.  That doesn't surprise me, given the timescale of human evolution.

Boston Marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 11:48

TJB - I've just realised that your Abingdon time is palindromic (give or take a zero).  This pleases me somewhat.  Can you try and run 2:59:52 at Boston please?  I'll take 2:58:52 if that feels more comfortable.  Thanks!


What happened to the thread

Posted: Yesterday at 11:24

kk is Sylvester McCoy and ICMFP.

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