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Quiet this evening...

Posted: Yesterday at 15:08

Nice one Centurion!

Quiet this evening...

Posted: Yesterday at 11:30


Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 11:24

RS - Tough luck.  The air's good in Devon though, that'll help.  That and the cream tea. (I went to uni in Exeter.)

LS - Nice.  Some tasty running going on off the back of HMs this week.

bainsy (got that from TR...) - Good mix-up of quality on the x-training.  You could be in good duathlon shape when you get back into the running. 

Nope, definitely no proper marathon for me.  Berlin is a massive focus for me this year, so I can't be burning any mental matches in a Spring marathon.  Besides which, the master plan is to mirror my approach to last year's race (which seemed to work pretty well) with the odd tweak along the way, i.e. going into Summer without having to recover from a marathon, race myself PB-fit over May/June/July before getting back into marathon prep, this time on higher mileage off the back of what I'm doing at the moment.

...I've worked out I just need a 1.1% improvement to run sub-2:30.  That doesn't sound too scary. So my thinking is that a similar approach to last year with a few "marginal gains" along the way will allow me to compare indicators (race times, MP pace sessions, etc.) to see if I'm on track.  

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Posted: 03/03/2015 at 22:51
LukeS - prize bagging as well. Good work!

DrD - Good volume/pace so soon after Sunday.

I cracked on with usual Tuesday running double myself, 6.5M easy lunchtime, followed by a monster pyramid session at the track, 400/800/1k/1200/1600 and back down (8.4k volume). Was prepared to run it around 95% usual intensity and ended up feeling pretty good. 75/2.36/3.14/3.58/5.18/3.58/3.16/2.34/74. The 5.18 mile in the middle was particularly pleasing.

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Posted: 03/03/2015 at 15:24

I'm taking that as a compliment.  


Posted: 03/03/2015 at 10:19

The science behind beetroot seems credible enough, so I'm thinking that since it's a vegetable and it's good for you anyway, you may as well try it.  I'm not a fan of taking it in liquid form but FWIW I can confirm that a daily dose of the real stuff (say, the amount you get in a Waitrose beetroot salad) is still enough to turn your pee an interesting colour.  What I don't know is the correlation between pinkness of pee and changes in nitrate levels, but I'm willing to take part in a trial if there's some free beetroot in it for me.  

Gels: SIS Go gels work for me, also PowerBar gels, which is a stroke of luck because the first time I tried one was 27k into the Berlin Marathon.  Potential schoolboy error but it did the trick.

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Posted: 03/03/2015 at 10:06

TT - That's a nice lump of training.

TR - It's not textbook but I remember recovering pretty well after VMLM last year.  I did 50 miles on the bike to loosen the legs on the Monday then straight back down the track on Tuesday for 5 x 1k, average 3:08. Will obviously take it easier this year with some rest days and maybe a final tempo-lite HM pace run on the Thursday.

In fact, I've felt the freshest I can remember after a HM, and managed my standard Monday spin/run double yesterday.  Some tightness in the glutes, calves and hammies but really quite mild all things considered.

Also, a special shorts warning for TR on this link.  I still know how to gurn in a finishing straight!

Running a half before London marathon

Posted: 03/03/2015 at 09:58
RicF wrote (see)

Its odds on that anyone racing a HM will be out on the roads the following day, forcing the issue.

Sorry Ric, I don't think you can advise someone against racing a half marathon four weeks out from a marathon, and then go on to say that it's only a problem because you are assuming they're going to be daft and not allow a reasonable recovery from the half marathon.

Four weeks is more than adequate time to recover from an all-out HM.  Moreover, if you're sensible and take a couple of rest days, then ease back into proper training the week after the HM, you can still fit in a good quality final long run before the taper, which will give you plenty of recovery.  You will benefit from the fitness effect of the HM itself, you're quite likely to run a good time which will give you a lot of confidence, and it will give you a good indicator of potential marathon fitness in order to decide on a target.

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Posted: 02/03/2015 at 16:29

Padams - When I say split the difference, 32:50 is at the conservative end, so that I can dazzle people with my 32:47.    This is my target for Eastleigh 10k; I just mention the track pb because whilst I'm trying to go sub-33 I may as well aim for an outright pb for the distance.  (Road pb is 33:06)

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Posted: 02/03/2015 at 15:23

(server working apparently, try again...)

SL - Sitting in your armchair, shelling peas... Nice!

DrD - Excellent! I know some people think McMillan's predictor for HM is a little out of synch but my 73:00 is apparently equivalent to 32:45, so with a 10,000m track pb of 32:51 I'll split the difference and publicly declare a target time of 32:50.  

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