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How much speed work on HM training?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:31

Sounds like too much for me too.  For the standard week's training I would tend to have a couple of quality sessions in the week (one interval / one tempo) and keep the long run nice and easy whilst building up distance.  Then you might want to include a couple of harder long runs incorporating faster finish (every 2/3 weeks?), but if you're gonna get anywhere near target HM pace this will be a hard session, and I would probably just keep Friday's run easy on that week.  Also, depending on what sort of mileage you're used to, 8 miles at any pace the day before an interval session might be quite tough, so you can make this run easier as well if necessary.

Help - 4 weeks to go and panicking

Posted: Yesterday at 11:49

Yeah, 3:45 sounds more like it.  And if your times are accurate, once you've rested up after the marathon, try some middle distance training!  

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 11:31

Lev - Forgot to comment on your most recent encouraging training.  Looks like it's all coming together nicely.  2:32... choowoo!!  Re: speed work, I don't think there's much harm in doing some faster running, but w.r.t. that particular session, 8 x 1k @ 3k/5k pace is a lot, and apart from injury I'd simply be concerned that you'd get horrific DOMS that might interfere with the rest of your training, even if it is winding down now.  When I've not been interval training for a while and get back to it, my hamstrings really know about it.  By all means throw in some VO2 max running but be cautious with the volume I reckon. Or just stick to Plan A!

bains - You're flying!  I don't think I've ever hit 600, 400 or 200s that quick (definitely not the 200s; possibly a 31 on a final rep of a pyramid, imagining I'm John Regis or something!)  

Re: taper. I've surprised myself this Summer with my ability to get over a hard session or even race, and race well off it soon after. My traditional strategy would be to run as normal up till Thursday (easy Monday, intervals Tuesday, easy Wednesday) but then have a cut-down Thursday (e.g. 3 miles tempo-lite, HMP pace instead of full-on 6-7 miles HMP tempo), then rest/easy or easy/easy, Friday/Saturday. It might depend on how I'm feeling, any niggles or tiredness, etc.  So this week, I'm feeling rather indestructible (possibly an ominous sign!) and feel inclined to blast the race on Thursday (it is only 3 miles) even though Sunday's HM is a bit of a target race.  Either way, I'd err on the side of cutting down volume towards the end of the week even if I'm still happy to run hard.

Re: Vets' marathon, AFAIK the international vets' competitions tend to be open entry so you just apply through your country's vets' association and you're in.  One exception is the British & Irish International XC in November which involves being selected, which I'm putting myself in for.  You get a free England vest but you need to provide other kit "(including red shorts if possible)".  

Advice - Average Heart Rate on 5KM Run

Posted: Yesterday at 10:56
Dr.Dan wrote (see)

Too much effort too soon leads to fatigue setting in before you get to maxHR.

I think this is true, and actually a good test for max HR for me is a well paced 5k or 10k race.  Well paced meaning even splits, hard effort, but having just enough left in you to up the pace in the last km and to be absolutely spent when crossing the line.  I only attempted the standard max HR test once (easy jog, 3 hill reps) but couldn't even get close to HR that I regularly see on all-out race efforts.

Running with portable speakers (X-mini) - is it allowed?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:29
Philomena Cunk wrote (see)

Banned on the run by Wings


That's quite good for you.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 10:18

CL - Nice to see ya.  Are you AL'ing on Thursday?  We'll definitely be hanging around for some drinks afterwards.  Actually, I haven't weighed myself for a bit but I'm definitely at my leanest.  Maybe I'll have a weigh-in and get the fat photo out to celebrate.

Dachs - We might be starting a little earlier than planned so I'd suggest getting there for 7 or just after.  And yeah, 71.xx sounds good to me!

Yesterday's training log remains a single green blob (1x spinning class) for my first non-running day in four weeks, and the legs feel nice and fresh today.  Will have another double today but now dropping the MP prior to interval sessions in a bid to start freshening up. Some weird pyramid thing going on this evening.

What made you smile today?

Posted: 01/09/2014 at 17:07
booktrunk wrote (see)


What have you seen recently or done that has brought a smile to your face?


Cake's joke.  I'm using that!  

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Posted: 01/09/2014 at 15:52
TippTop wrote (see)

I seem to have missed when you changed from avid x-trainer with solid mileage to mega mileage  

Just for you, TT, a colour illustration!

 My fetch log, June / July / August. Red = running, green = cycling/spinning, grey = bit of both.  (A rogue "black" entry for a hike over Scafell Pike!)

I turned into a bit of a runner four weeks ago when I decided that the Summer was over and I should make sure I'm fit enough to run a marathon.  I may well have started a trend, because I think I've adapted well to double runs on Tuesdays and the odd Thursday, so I'm planning to keep this going, along with spinning Monday/Wednesday(/Friday?)  So even outside of marathon training I should be able to log 60/70mpw compared to 40-60/mpw previously, but keep up a modicum of cycling fitness.

See you Sunday!  

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Posted: 31/08/2014 at 23:18

Solid week DrD.

Dan - Must be a big mental investment getting yourself ready for such an event, sorry it didn't work out. I'm sure you'll bounce back as you have before.

TR - I think I just wanted to clock the target pace with as little mental effort as possible, and I've enjoyed the Zen-like simplicity of running round in circles recently.  And yeah, definitely helps with metronomic pace adjustment.

Well last night wasn't quite as messy as anticipated so I thought I'd push my luck and keep MsPub company on  a 15 miler today (8:37/m) to bring up 39 for two days and 101 for the calendar week. I certainly felt tired and the feet are particularly achy, but nothing's broken and I'm niggle-free, so it feels like I got away with a final push which brings up my best ever month's training:

Running miles: 323
Rest days: 2
Races: 4
PBs: 2 (plus a national silver medal and a couple of V40 top ten rankings) 

I suppose it's a four week taper now.  This Thursday we've got another Assembly League race (3 miles) which will be a sharpener before the Maidenhead HM on Sunday. Following week is the club 5,000m champs; following week the road relays.  So basically keeping myself sharp with some B (A minus?) races with reduced mileage in between.

Sub 3

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 14:10

Dachs - Cracking 3000! I set myself the exact same target for my one and only 3000 so far and was very pleased to be within a couple of seconds, so sounds like you're in fine shape. Game on for virtual HM competition!  

I think my mini-carb-load helped enormously for this morning's long run.  (Not to mention undoubtedly being fitter than for my last attempt at a similar run.)  Took an easy 5 miles (7:40ish pace) via a newsagent where I discovered you can still get Lucozade Sport for 99p , then met up with a nice little group for the 8 @ 6:20, which ended up being 8 @ 6:19, then after polishing off most of my sugary drink, straight onto the track where, with a bit of application, I managed to run within target pace, 8 @ 5:48 (average 1600 split 5:46) with the last few miles being the fastest.  Then a final 3 miles hobble home for 24 miles in 2:43, and a much-needed sit-down and refuel.  106 miles up for the last 7 days, so well pleased to be able to get a tough final long run done within target.

Tired but happy!

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