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Talkback: Sex Machine

Posted: Today at 13:48

Dev D looks made of wax.

You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: Today at 13:12
RicF wrote (see)

We need posters like that. If we didn't have him to beat up, it might have to be one of us.

Do you want some?  I'll give it ya!


Posted: Today at 12:25




Posted: Today at 12:20

Here's a nice one for Kenbro!



Posted: Today at 12:07
RicF wrote (see)

I see. 60% of 18 year olds went to University this year. 

Erm, no.  Assuming "male" and "female" cover the entire population (I doubt the stats cover "hermaphrodite" or "don't know" but we could probably assume the numbers to be negligible anyway), the number is some weighted average between 26% and 34%, depending on the numbers of males and females in the population. So about 30%.

You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: Today at 12:01
Screamapillar wrote (see)

How about Marcus et Spencius?

  I like it!  But way too clever.

You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: Today at 11:55

We should have a sweepstake on his new username.  I'm going for Marcus Aurelius, but with a spelling mistake somewhere.

You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: Today at 10:54

^ That hat's incredible!

Your "booze nationality"

Posted: Today at 10:52

Oh dear.  My usual moderate results (honest!) are heavily skewed by last Saturday's running club Xmas do.  (I'm not sure whether that counts as irony?  Probably not.)  So this week I am Romanian.  **Hic!**


Posted: Today at 10:31

Somebody please produce a Venn diagram.  They make everything clear.

Actually, here's my favourite for this time of year.  No mention of university places though.


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