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Posted: Today at 15:26

TT - I didn't know you played bass. Stuart will be signing you up for the Kent AC house band. (Don't panic, it only exists in fantasy land, where I can actually play guitar properly. )

TR - Can't you join in the cricketers' training, or are you too old?  

Wardi - I admire your tenacity, going the distance on plan B. 15 miles on a treadie, serious stuff!

I only managed 68 miles this week rather than 70, as I cranked the difficulty factor up a notch on today's long(ish) run.  Yesterday was a very untidy looking threshold intervals session, as I got to the track late possibly due to hangover. So what should have been 4 x 2 miles became 1.63 miles @ 5:36, 2 x 2M @ 5:38 and a final 1M @ 5:28. 13 miles total, 6.63 miles fairly quick, head de-fuzzed.  Today was 14 miles and I decided to make it a full-on hilly session by simply running up the same hill in the woods 20 times. About 90ft of elevation on each rep, gradient varying generally between 10-15%, total elevation for the run was 2,121ft and took just over two hours. Hard work.

Not ran in 5 days exam coming up

Posted: Today at 10:34

If I feel unprepared for an exam I usually stay up the night before popping ProPlus.  Give that a go.  

Clean up on aisles one two three four and five...

Posted: Yesterday at 20:08
cougie wrote (see)
Thanks Wombles !

(do you do house calls ?)

Do you need someone to come and uninstall a dodgy kitchen what you bought off the interweb?

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Posted: 27/11/2015 at 14:59

ON7 - I hope I can add to the voices of encouragement as a cross-training champion! I've obviously taken it to extremes, with 12 months off through hip surgery (mainly through being on waiting list for hip surgery!) One of the most important things for me is to find something that you can put up with for a high volume of training.  If you're special like Lev  you might have the will power to spend three hours aqua running to simulate a long run; if you're lucky like me you might find a new or renewed enthusiasm for something like cycling which you can actually use as a good alternative right down to quality sessions or even competition.  OR you might just need to mix things up a bit, in order to maintain a weekly regime without getting totally cheesed off with it.  If the bike is going to be your main form of activity, I'd strongly suggest that as well as the exercise bike, consider spinning as well as outdoor cycling. Not sure if there are any velodromes near you but track cycling is still the most fun I've had with clothes on!

This week's shaping up to be a decent start to the new winter schedule, as I've managed 3 x indoor rowing sessions. (x 30 mins, will increase to 40 mins sessions next week.)  Only slight disruption to running so far was cutting short a 5 x mile rep session last night towards the end of the 4th rep. I'd been to the dentist a couple of hours earlier for a filling, and managed to convince myself rightly or wrongly that the anaesthetic was having an effect on my legs wanting to go round.  Felt pretty awful anyway, so decided probably best to call it a day.  Should still be on for about 70 miles for the week if the weekend goes to plan.

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Posted: 23/11/2015 at 14:49

Race best practice: plenty of loos not too far from the start, with plenty of bog roll.  

Ryan - Monster mileage! Any cut-backs planned? My biggest mileage stretch to date was 80, 97, 97, 80, 100 - but I was happy to drop down drastically from that in the build-up to Berlin.

Padams - Sounds like a well-pace race on the way to the "podium".

bainsy - Interesting session. Not sure I have a favourite session as such, but maybe my favourite "stock" session I've got used to doing more than many others is threshold miles on the track, usually 5 - 7 x 1600 w/ 30 seconds recovery. Feels like a good way of getting in a good volume of threshold running, and gives me a good indicator of form particularly for 10k/10 mile/HM races, which is about the range I think I perform best over.

South of the Thames "Junior" XC on Saturday over a proper XC course, based at a National Trust gaff at Polesden Lacey, near Box Hill in Surrey, and running over Ranmore Common.  Proper hills! (623ft over 4.7 miles.) We won the men's and women's 4-to-score competitions, and I still haven't worked out whether there's an official 8-to-score for the men, but I was 7th scorer, 36th overall. I finished one place further up the pecking order for the club compared to the last race, and have an eye on who I'm chasing down next time.  16 easy miles along the river yesterday for a fairly gentle 50 mile week.

I'm getting back into the double-days routine this week. I feel fat and unfit!  So a 10 mins jog to the gym and back today, with a half hour row in the middle.  I'll be hitting the rowing machine at least 3x / wk all being well. Easy 7M later.

Tips for increasing speed and making hills look easy, please

Posted: 20/11/2015 at 14:15
RicF wrote (see)

Can I only run up them please? or would that constitute not finishing the course of treatment?

No that's fine. Find a bus route and don't forget your Oyster card.  

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Posted: 19/11/2015 at 21:46
Wardi wrote (see)

Nice cooking on the turbo Padams!


Think I'd be well roasted after all that.

Good treddy action Wardi.

Jools - Well done on the probable PB. Going well post-marathon.

Leeds Abbey Dash is stacked like mad isn't it. Two sub-31 runners from my club alone and I know a few other Southerners who made the trip up.  Chichester's not quite in the same league but another one that's obviously built up a good reputation, so I'm hoping to get dragged round in a quick time in Feb. Even third V40 would win me enough vouchers for a new pair of shoes.  

I'm gonna get into the habit of a hilly fartlek every other week or so I think. Eased myself in with just 6 hills over 7 miles this evening (slight lack of mojo, don't want to beast myself before the next XC on Saturday, etc.) including 5 reps of Blackheath Hill. It's a bit traffic-heavy so perhaps not best for breathing in particulate matter, but Strava tells me I'm third on the segment, so that gives me something to chase, doesn't it?   I'm thinking 12 miles incl. 15 hills (5 reps x 3 hills with a little scenery/recovery in between) will be good to build up to.

Marathon training book recommendations

Posted: 19/11/2015 at 16:37

Also, whether you follow an actual P&D plan or not, the book's well worth reading for the principles of marathon training.

Marathon training book recommendations

Posted: 19/11/2015 at 16:36

I agree that a decent hike in mileage is likely to be required if you're gonna take big chunks out of your PB. And perhaps the quantity/quality of P&D would be a lot to jump in to.  How about also considering the Hal Higdon plans?  The Intermediate II plan gets you up to 50mpw but with fairly limited intensity, mainly tempo runs and race-pace, compared to the intervals you get with P&D.  I used the plan as a novice runner because I liked the simplicity of it. Maybe this would be a useful gateway to higher mileage?

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