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Posted: Today at 09:24

TR - Good luck getting back to it.  A few weeks of consistent consistency should get some potatoes back in your toothpaste tube.  

OO - Welcome back!  Get some dune running done in GC.

ES - Solid time, and a PB waiting for a quick course.

More XC fun at the weekend.  Sort of mini-tapered with a 4M tempo run on Thursday, then Saturday was the Kent Vets' champs around a mainly flat field in Dartford, just the odd sharp slope to break up the rhythm, but a fast, firm course. Main aim was to challenge for a medal, i.e. at least one place better than last year. Our best guy was a likely contender despite being far from fully fit due to recent injury, and there was a new just-turned-40 whippersnapper who beat me for victory in a 5k last year.

For the first half mile or so there was a lead group of at least 6 well packed, but as things thinned out, these two guys ran together at the front, I kept them in my sights and steadily built a bit of a gap to 4th/5th behind me (including a former national XC silver medalist.)  I managed to stay in touch most of the way round and the gap was only about 5 seconds well into the second half of the race, but on the final lap of four they wound things up a bit, and I resigned myself to staying strong enough to hold on to third place. My club mate was pipped on the line by the other guy who had spent 90% of the race sitting on his shoulder, I ended up 23 seconds clear of fourth, and we defended our team title (four to score).  5:34/m for 5.5 miles, one of my faster XC paces.  Very pleased with the race, and looking forward to the Southern Vets' XC next week, although the competition will be a bit stiffer.  A very pleasant 15 miles yesterday through the woods.

How to modify your training plan for a hilly marathon?

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 10:14

I think there's a danger of overthinking the specifics.  At the end of the day, the key challenge is still to have enough endurance to be able to run (and/or walk) a bloody long way, so I reckon a good proportion of your training can be exactly the same as for a "normal" marathon, but liberally sprinkled with some terrain-specific sessions.  

When I trained for the Beachy Head Marathon (3,500ft ascent I think, so not quite as harcore!) I made roughly half my long runs off-road and hilly.  The longest run was 23 miles with the last 6 miles (before warm-down) being effectively a hill-repeat session stuck on the end.  Then I substituted a hilly fartlek in place of my usual MP/tempo run mid-week, maybe every other week.  Generally 10-12 miles total, running easy on the flat, hard up each hill and recovery jog down, repeat...

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Posted: 01/12/2016 at 10:13

SL - Poor old Rudolph!  Good luck avoiding the lurgy.  (And get well, SL clan!)

Oh jeez, it's December!   (...where are the festive emoticons?  I want a hat.)

Monthly stats for November:
Running miles: 305 (yay!)
Cycling miles: 120
Exercise time: 44 hours
Races: 1 x road, 2 x XC
Winnings: £50, a bag and a beanie. 

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Posted: 30/11/2016 at 18:01

ES - Actually, looking at the Garmin stats afterwards I now think it was also due to not having warmed up properly. (I rode my bike to track rather than the usual 3 mile jog, got there bit later than planned so only a lap warm-up before MP.)  For both miles, cadence was identical at 185, so it obviously felt right but it took a while for my stride to get going. I find cadence correlates very strongly with pace, with easy pace being in the 170s, MP mid 180s, 5k about 188.

Congrats on Berlin!  Cracking race, that.  

Races that don't have a UKA licence

Posted: 30/11/2016 at 14:25
Millsy wrote (see)
I'm unaffiliated but it is possible to get your results listed on Runbritain/ Po10.
I only count PBs from those that are listed on the above sites.

Don't forget, there is a distinction between UKA licence certification and course measurement certification.  If the race has a course measurement certificate, I'd certainly take this for official PB purposes regardless of whether it's listed in Po10.  But it is nice having everything in one place.

Races that don't have a UKA licence

Posted: 30/11/2016 at 14:23

Po10 is definitely more inclusive than it used to be, even before considering the 50 squillion parkrun results it includes. I used to use the minimum requirements as targets; SG I think the 5k time was 16:40?  (The slowest 5,000m time I have listed for 2009 is 16:39, and I definitely ran slower that year.)  Certainly between Po10 and the RunBritain site, they've got most things covered.

From a race organiser's point of view, I believe ARC has (or had) its advantages over UKA in terms of less paperwork for H&S, etc. and details of insurance cover, but let's not go down that political hot potato of worm-cannery, especially as I don't really know what I'm talking about.

Whats the most cushioned trainer to protect knee

Posted: 30/11/2016 at 13:32

Just playing devil's advocate, but are you sure that maximum cushioning is what you need?  Has this been advised by your surgeon?  I only ask because the most highly cushioned pair of shoes I've ever worn - Adidas Ultra Boost - caused an injury to my foot due to lack of stability. If you're squirming around on a pair of marshmallows, this might not necessarily be the best way of looking after knees?  As I say, I'll defer to any specialist advice you may have received but be careful assuming that cushioned shoes are necessarily protective against injury.

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Posted: 30/11/2016 at 11:05

RB - Solid running.  Can you take this cold weather back up north please?  x

TT - 91 miles!  That's a bit more than I've managed since about August last year.

My Raynaud's got properly caught out last night at the track, despite preparing with double-glove strategy.  With little warm-up and frost already appearing in the back straight (which doesn't get much sun during the day) I foolishly went with just glove-liners for the 2M @ MP so that I could operate the Garmin for splits.  Ugh!  Apart from painful fingers, the other effect of the cold was to numb my feet and I'm pretty sure this affected my pace judgement as I literally couldn't feel how I was running. Metronome broken!  First lap nearly 5 seconds too slow, net result was overcompensation for overall "MP" mile splits of 5:44/5:34, followed immediately by a quick jog to the changing room to get some life back into my hands (painfully). I donned the lobster mitts over the glove-liners for 16 x 400, which meant not taking splits but also worked a treat.  Going by other people's splits these averaged 75/76. Not lightning but at least my fingers didn't fall off.  

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Posted: 29/11/2016 at 09:38


"Lev!" (I actually exclaimed out loud when I saw your name...) - Good to see you at it. Hope the long slow stuff does the trick in strengthening you up, I'd hate to think of you doing another squillion lengths of aqua jogging.  London?

Padams - Excellent 5 mile time, I'd be well happy with that.

ES - Aaargh! Been over both ankles more times than I care to remember. Needless to say, I'd try to avoid lumpy surfaces for a while as it will definitely be weaker.

Mid-week "easy" 10 milers are beginning to feel very comfortable.  Another MP+intervals session this evening and an easy double tomorrow will see me just over the 300 mile target for the month.

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Posted: 28/11/2016 at 09:28

ES - Very impressive pb smashing there, considering you weren't sure you were going to toe the line.

I went into the weekend feeling fresh, partly due to a binned session on Thursday.  Was due to be 3 x 2M but during the first rep I could feel my right foot which has been giving me a very minor bit of gyp recently, so I decided to call it a day.  Some sort of inflammation on the inside / arch of foot, but it's not got any worse than "niggly" after some hard running.  Seems manageable at the moment but will keep an eye on it.

Saturday was the South of the Thames "Junior" XC race at the rather scenic Polesden Lacy National Trust near Box Hill. 5 miles, pretty technical with 650 ft ascent and lots of stony paths, piles of leaves and tree roots. We didn't have all our big guns out but I was pleased to make 5th scorer, ran 40 seconds quicker than last year for 25th overall compared to 36th.  Then 15 miles easy/flat yesterday along the river.  Foot feels fine now, just as well since I'm doing XC on four consecutive weekends, including Kent vets and Southern vets where we've got some team titles to defend.

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