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November Marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 16:34



That's it, I'm done.  The only other one off the top of my head was Luton, but it's not exactly flat.  And it's Luton.


November Marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 16:31


Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 16:01

Lev - Awww crap! At least you've got Berlin in the bag and doesn't sound like a long term nightmare.  Definitely looking along the right lines regarding gentle prep for NY, and although it's a shame about XC I think it would be a good thing to avoid while your foot's recovering.  When my PF was flaring up exactly 12 months ago I thought I'd be able to get away with some soft ground under my feet, but race intensity + spikes + stony paths over Wimbledon Common ended up being a pretty awful combination!

SL - Forgot to say, I'm just a little envious of the Mont Blanc place.  Nice one.  Think you'll have a lot of fun training for that.  Maybe 2016...

Dammit, so many people I know now signed up for Berlin next year.  What to do... I had half an eye on Chicago... hmmm...

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 15:17

The most memorable age-related anomaly I can recall is when I popped over to Vancouver to visit my brother and managed to fit in a mountain trail race while I was there.  I came 4th overall (second over the top, not so good downhill), and won the V35 prize, but was beaten by three V40s.  I don't know what prize the 3rd V40 chap got but I hope it was at least as valuable as the truly undrinkable bottle of wine I won.  

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 14:54

That is one thing I suppose.  Being a solid lump I'm relatively good in the wind!


I think now's as good a time as any to wish the Frankenfurters well.  If we can have anything like last year's finish line elation from Jools all over again it'll be a good day!  

Joining a running club advice

Posted: Yesterday at 14:35


Joining a running club advice

Posted: Yesterday at 14:23

I've not done the Kent Roadrunner marathon, but although it's supposed to be a good event I can't imagine doing multiple laps of a "gently undulating" 2.5km loop would be the fastest course in the world!  I think you're more likely to get a good time at Brighton, especially with it being the first event of the two, and as Lit says I can't see congestion being much of a problem if you start in the right place.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 12:15

Padams - I'm sure your long legs can get you up and down those hills quick enough.    Take some inspiration from Chris Solinksy.

As it happens I've just started incorporating a couple of minor dietary tweaks into my daily routine. Not that I'm obsessive about weight, and haven't weighed myself since a few weeks before Berlin so I don't even know how much I weighed for the race.  (Guessing around 70-71kg.)  Nothing major, just some portion control on breakfast cereal (I bought a new bowl!) and replacing carby lunch habits with more veggie/bean/pulse salad type things (including good old beetroot).  I'll see how it goes, but I reckon if I can get the other side of 70kg/11st for the first time since teenage-hood it can't do my running any harm.

Pulled a CNBA last night but getting back into the running habit again gradually with 5 runs in 6 days.  More grassy hills tomorrow, might break out the X-Talons.

Can you train for a marathon on two runs a week

Posted: Yesterday at 10:28

Being a little less flippant, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume ignorance more than cockiness!  I'd ask whether there are any particular limitations on the number of times per week he can run?  If not, he may just be underestimating the task ahead, and I would definitely recommend upping the running sooner rather than later (like now), so that he can gradually increase from 2 to 3 to 4 runs per week, all of which can fit around his football.  I agree the footie itself could make for good cross-training including what is essentially a fartlek session with a ball.  I'm guessing risk of contact injury is one he's willing to take, which is fair enough, but there's no substitute for running lots and lots of easy miles.

Can you train for a marathon on two runs a week

Posted: Yesterday at 10:00

His bravado will get him to the finish eventually but it will be extremely messy.

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