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Posted: Today at 09:55

I think it's a Serpies thing, but anyone free to join in. Torry and Greenleaf at the front last night!  There's A and B groups, and apart from last night's Kent AC/HHH (Sean F) splinter group, I think my aim will be to hang off the back of the A group if there are people to drag me round.

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Posted: Yesterday at 23:22

I didn't want to embarrass Marders so I only let him see me when I was on my warm-down jog.  Looked like he was ticking along nicely.  As it is, I was let off the hook from doing a harder session as a couple of guys I know were planning to do 6m/m for four laps = just under 7 miles, so I decided to join them and made it up to 10.35 miles (6 laps) @ 5:57/m. 12.5 miles total.  That'll do to ease me in, especially with the 16.5 miles round trip on the bike to get there and back.  

I can see this being a pretty tough Thursday "brick" session once I start homing in on target pace, but for now I'm happy to report sub-6 pace for double figures feeling pretty comfortable. Training's looking a bit more marathon shaped now.

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Posted: Yesterday at 16:15

OO - Good luck, and enjoy the Estrella or whatever cold fizzy stuff afterwards.

Apparently Marders will be at the session this evening.  No doubt he'll be knackered and sluggish after all that mileage, so maybe I'll be able to just hang on to his beard on the way round.  Erm...

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Posted: Yesterday at 09:39

RB - Ick! Sounds tough, tummy troubles are bad enough in training runs but add an extra bit of hell to harder efforts.  All good training, eh.

SC - There must be some new fast old buggers around. I can't wait to turn 45!  I keep half an eye on RunBritain rankings and for the same handicap I'd be going up from ~top 80 to top 25 in age category after my birthday in June.  And a fast marathon is usually worth a healthy bump on the handicap so should be higher than that hopefully.


Posted: 18/01/2017 at 21:55

So we're still in agreement that a certain proportion of the population are knobheads, whether they are walking, running, cycling or driving a car. Glad that's sorted!



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Posted: 18/01/2017 at 15:08

CW - Cracking HM time, nice one.  And belated happy birthday!

ES - Looks like your training has been pretty full-on recently, so no surprise if a pacy LR was a struggle. I'd be fairly happy with how things are going I reckon.

I've been a bit quiet mainly keeping my head down trying to shake off a cold.  Last week's mileage was minimal but I'm glad I rested as much as I did as things seemed to have cleared up by the weekend.  I'll use the cold as an excuse for not quite managing to keep up with Simon Coombes in the Surrey League XC, but really I ran OK and he had another really good run.  In mad contrast to the same fixture last year, whilst I matched my non-scoring team position of 12th, overall I was 47th (first top 50 position this season) compared to 74th last year.  With the help of some very quick second-claim athletes we closed 10 in 35 and now have a comfortable lead in the league with one match left.  

Hammies were a bit stiff the next day but no problems completing my first 20 miler of the year.  No MP running yet this week, but yesterday was the epic hilly fartlek session instead of track, 20 reps and 13.5 miles total.  Mid-way through an easy 5/10 today, and tomorrow should finally be my first session at Battersea Park. Not sure what that will entail (haven't seen the e-mail yet) but should be fairly high volume continuous tempo trying to keep up with faster runners.  Can't wait.

Trouble finding Adidas trainers

Posted: 17/01/2017 at 17:59

Really?!  Oh dear. I thought the Supernova was just a different shoe.  I'm OK for training shoes for a while; always keeping an eye out for a bargain I've got three pairs of v7 Glide on the go, with mileage ~1200, 700 and a new pair with one test run in them.

Cheers for the heads up anyway.  Are the 8s pretty much the same as the 7s?  I'll keep looking out for bargains...

Trouble finding Adidas trainers

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 21:40

Yes, I've tried the Ultra Boost, and the Supernova Glide, and the new Boston upper is similar to both, actually more like the Ultra Boost with the sock-like opening.  I didn't get on with the Ultra Boost because they were too cushioned and unstable for me, but the Glide are my favourite training shoes.

Trouble finding Adidas trainers

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 20:05

The upper feels very different to me, and much better.  I really like v5, have run a (PB) marathon and a few HMs, and the only minor niggle I had was a pinch-point at the bottom-left lace hole on the left foot.  The whole upper on the new version feels much more slipper-like, the tongue is more comfortable, and it feels more plush all round.  Despite all that it's also marginally lighter.  

As far as I can tell the sole is identical. I've only done one test run so far and they felt incredibly springy, but I don't know how much of that was new-shoe syndrome, or just my feet feeling so damn comfortable.

Trouble finding Adidas trainers

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 16:36
Andy D wrote (see)


Anyway, the main thing is I now have a pair of red adios for London

Definitely the fastest colour!  Good luck.  I did PB a marathon in Adios but found the tarmac feeling pretty damn hard after 30km and my calves were battered. I think Bostons hit the sweet spot for the full distance, for me.

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