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RW's Basic Marathon Schedules: Intermediate - Too much???

Posted: Yesterday at 20:32
You mean Monday? I was indeed doing BUPA 10k and the red beauties were out!

RW's Basic Marathon Schedules: Intermediate - Too much???

Posted: Yesterday at 14:33

The race was April 2007.  I was literally starting running from scratch nine months earlier, but off a good aerobic base (cycling, gym). Having chosen the HH Intermediate II plan which starts on 25 mpw building to 50 mpw I decided to spend Oct/Nov/Dec to build from about 20-25 to 35 mpw just to get a bit ahead of the schedule.  So 18 weeks out from the race my LR was already up to 15 miles, and 35 mpw, and then I loosely followed the plan but let it catch up to me, so that by the time the LR was getting up to 18 miles it felt reasonably comfortable.

Being slightly ahead of the written schedule allowed me to add in a few tweaks but nothing too crazy, e.g. the odd tempo run as mentioned, but also increasing the max LR to 22 miles and getting comfortable with a mid-week run of 12 miles instead of 10.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 13:00

I've never been a mileage monster. I did throw in a couple of weeks of 90-100 miles when peaking last year, mainly by adding a couple of running doubles per week, but average in the 8 weeks leading to taper was 62 mpw.  But I tend to do a lot of cross training, especially spinning (2/3 x/wk) and cycling over the summer before concentrating more on running in the month or two before the marathon.

I wish it felt relatively comfortable!  Berlin was weird, I had doubts in my head from early on as to whether it felt harder than it should based on previous experience.  Even at halfway in a textbook 1:15:52 (I was aiming for 2:32:00) I doubted I could hold the pace, but just kept plugging away, ran evenly till I was completely spent at the finish.  I haven't worn a HR monitor for a few years now, so race pacing is always a combination of target pace based on recent performance, and perceived effort.

Anyway, that was my fifth (raced) marathon, and although I've never completely blown up (splits have ranged from 1 minute negative to 3.5 mins positive) I'm still not sure exactly what the perfect race should feel like!

RW's Basic Marathon Schedules: Intermediate - Too much???

Posted: Yesterday at 12:48

I've always thought that the HH plans are preferable for a first-timer compared to RW, because they're more straightforward.  The RW plan will have you increasing your mileage substantially (something that is unavoidable IMO if you're to give the marathon a good go), but with lots of quality thrown in, i.e interval sessions and hill work, often in the same week.  If you've got a heavy mileage base already, adding in some quality might be the icing on the cake, but if you need to up your mileage substantially I think you're better off keeping it simple.

The simplicity of the HH schedule also means that it can provide a template to add in some quality if you're coping with the increased volume.  For example, I used the Intermediate II plan for my first marathon, and as well as the easy and race pace runs, I added either a weekly or fortnightly tempo run, by including some faster running to the mid-week "sorta long" run.

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:16
cybistrider wrote (see)

Anyone on here managed to get a marathon time that online calculators say you should get based on half marathon Times. I'm apparently capable of a 2.34 from a 1.13 half but the marathon is a different beast isn't it.

I got there eventually at Berlin last year.  2:31:41 which McMillan equates to 1:12:04, which is actually 15 seconds inside my HM pb.  All I need to do now is go back to Berlin in September with a 1:11:16 HM under my belt and I'll run 2:29:59. Simples!  

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Posted: 26/05/2015 at 15:14

Good shout TT. My symptoms have been very mild over the past few years but I might get back on the nasal spray before races just as a preventative measure.

Hammies pretty tight today but I had a proper beasty spin sesson at lunchtime since I knew Tuesday track isn't happening.  An easy ten miles planned this evening to help get the mileage back up.  Something threshold-y on Thursday along with the 10k will be enough quality for the week.

too short?

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 10:43
Nessie wrote (see)

BTW, most courses are measured slightly long to take into account slight discrepancies in measurements (see here).  The only way to get a 100% accurate 10k time would be to run on the inside lane of a running track.

This is quite a good explanation.  So you might have run a PB after all.


Trust DCRainmaker to write the most comprehensive explanation for the wiggly race line over-measurement phenomenon.

Ironically, this year's London Marathon is the only one that my Garmin has measured as 26.2 miles, yet it's the one time I've swerved to the other side of the road to give my dad a high-five.

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Posted: 25/05/2015 at 22:52

Oh selbs - congrats on the sub-35!  A very near miss today, since I was sitting next to TT by the R-S meeting point, so as to be close to the P-Q meeting point to meet Ms,er,P.  

Sub 3

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 22:49

Wotcha folks. Haven't been around much recently, although that reflects a measly 63 miles of running so far this month.  Dodgy foot had me scrapping a HM the week after London, then resting up before going on holiday. Did four easy runs in Croatia, which is flippin' lovely BTW,  then came back last Sunday just to have tummy lurgy , compounded by dodgy neck possibly brought on by disturbed sleep.  Ugh!  So just a single spinning class last week, abandoned any ideas of doing the Kent county 5,000m champs on Saturday but thought I might as well have a run round the BUPA 10k today so as not to waste a free club place, and at least see what damage has been done recently.

I decided to run watchless for the first time ever, just for a laugh. Bumped into TT for a quick warm-up together, then lined up at what seemed reasonably near the front of pen 1/A but still seemed really busy through the first 1k or so. Settled into what felt like reasonably hard but comfortable pace but by 4k felt like there was still some virus lurking, with a bit of a raw chest.  5k time check was 17:04 and settled into a group to grind out a consistent bit of pacing for a finish of 34:07.  Nice to know the metronome isn't Garmin-dependent!    So over a minute off PB but reasonably happy that it's where I thought I was, and the foot seems OK.  Happy to press on now and try to get back to it.

Berlin Marathon 2015

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 15:41
Meadower - Yes and no! Fulfilled my pacing duties with textbook splits. 2:59:20, 1:29:45ish halfway. But ran with a niggly foot and made it worse. Seen physio, rested with the help of a holiday, and picking up again after a very light month of training. So, some fitness lost short term but plenty of time to get back into the groove. Foot seems ok now and will hopefully hold out.

Good luck John, P&D will get you there.
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