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Anatom NM1 Superlite

Posted: 06 November 2013
Overall: The last few years I got going by starting properly barefoot to get my form off to a good start. Once up to about 5Km (on an easy solid surface) I then follow this by using some sort of shoe mainly because my form is simply not good enough to avoid some issues. I know for me that near the 5K mark it's time to think about some of footwear again.

I saw the Anatom shoes in RW & that they're British perhaps made me investigate further. That I could also get them for nearly half the quoted price made me press buy.

I'd ordered these as RW said they're super flexible & have almost no cushioning. Still barefoot I felt the onset of metatarsalgia. I figured I may need more cushioning so I also ordered some Sketcher Go-Bionic shoes.

I had a couple of weeks to get over my injury before the start of a 24 week marathon plan. The Anatoms arrived and I was not convinced that they'd be viable running shoes, they felt too tight to let my feet work. The Go-Bionics felt like heaven just in the house.

Injury over, I started my plan in the Go-Bionics with the inserts removed to get zero-drop. They felt great to start with but by the time my first run was over the side of one big toe joint was rubbed quite badly. Investigating it looks like a flap below a seem was the cause. Game Over for them.

All my subsequent training (3 1/2 weeks) in both cold UK and hot Malta conditions has been in the Anatoms.

In summary; great for road/easy dry trail, strange fit that works. My current #1 running shoe.

Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession by Richard Askwith

Posted: 21 June 2012
Overall: Enjoyable, go on, you know you want to... it was great.