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working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 17:09

LOL at the GPO although I do fear for the sparrows and their cousins once he's measured his angles and distances

I've just bought a free standing bird feeder to put in the garden but need Mr P to put it in for me - cats shouldn't be a problem as the dogs keep them away but the DG has already worked out that the birds drop bits of fat ball from their current feeder so I may never see him again!

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 15:33

Recovery coming along slowly it feels currently Noggs

Can hobble round house without crutches but still need them for stairs and going any distance further - also still pretty swollen and aches a fair bit but I'm sticking to my rehab exercises all the same

Glad your ride went well even though you weren't feeling 100% - hope it's made you feel better not worse overall

Spence - happy birthday to GranGran first of all but (and don't shoot me down in flames) a recovery run is supposed to be just that - not a tempo run where you up the pace each mile!!

Glad you had a good weekend Jenni

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 12:54

Well one session wouldn't!!  

You said yourself you could feel it has worked different muscles and XC running is particularly good for core work (you have to use more core muscles to stabilise your pelvic girdle and hips) and for your proprioception which contributes to some injury protection in your general running............

Can't remember if you're in a club or not but most clubs partake in XC winter leagues for some good old fashioned dirty fun

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 11:42
M...eldy wrote (see)

My ginger one is bigger than your ginger one

  - I really don't know what to say to that......................

XC is very good for winter strengthening both on bike and on foot Kieran - well recommended if you have good local access

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 11:09

Awww bless him

working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 09:51

I was about to say I'll have Blue for a visit to keep me occupied but a dead sheep and dog poo???  He really doesn't do things by halves does he? 

And loving Porky's enthusiasm for life - it's one of the things I do so love about animals - they live for the day and enjoy it........

Morning All btw

working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 21:31

May have had a little liquid too...........would have been rude not to

working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 21:15

Damn - caught out 

working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 21:00

Evening All

working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 10:08

Morning All

Sun is shining but blowing an absolute hoolie out there today

Will wander up to pub for early lunch in about an hour........ Mr P got fed up with me being bored and decided spending money was the lesser of two evils  

Yes Coco - I've done the bag in the past but the cling film + tape also works quite well as I only have a small surgical area

Have a good one Spence

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