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working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 15:13

Afternoon All

Happy Belated Birthday Westie

(((WIN))) - lots in the wars and being operated on, or just been operated on or about to be operated on it seems.........

500 mile round weekend trip for me to have lunch with a bunch of octogenarians half of which I'd never met before - I sure know how to live!!

Wrap up warm you few who are venturing out - tis sure a little fresh out there currently!!

working at it slowly

Posted: 21/11/2015 at 08:28

Morning..yes I am in a union but there's no rep in school...

Will take my time on this, there's no rush...and there's a step in one of my targets coming up which will give me a logical opening....

Anyway morning all

Ensconced in Cheltenham now, 4.5 hr drive as Meldy didn't clear the m25 of crashes for me! so quite late arrival last night

working at it slowly

Posted: 19/11/2015 at 22:25


sorry - just flying through and off to bed

((((various WIN and their family members IN)))

Is anyone expert on HR round here?

We have had an edict re pay issued today and whilst I'm sure it's legal (the blonde who camps in my foyer is employed to make sure that when they are p*ssing on us they are p*ssing on us legally) but it's certainly unfair and I feel discriminatory...

However I am planning a careful approach rather than going off half c*ck as usual.... 

Right must shoot off - sorry for being so abrupt - a morning in Ashford tomorrow (I always get lost in Ashford) then work for an hour or so and then a 200 mile trip over to Mother Podds

Melds - can you please clear my route from home from about 5pm to 10pm please

Sweet dreams all


working at it slowly

Posted: 17/11/2015 at 08:49

Morning All

It appears I have indeed been elected

But I like lists so it's right up my street Dragon

I am also feeling rather smug  this morning as I've outwitted the incredibly cut throat full of herself new (young) Head of English...........by pointing out that the assessment I've set up is what she asked me for in Sept when she's just criticised what I set up   

Is it very wrong that I feel oh so much better now  

Good luck Westie and hope you've managed sleep Daffers

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 21:19

There's nothing like a good slapping from friends

Thanks DL, Meldy, Spence and Daffs

Wonder if I've been elected membership sec of the tri club in my absence ????

Don't usually put myself forward for fear of not being elected (how embarrassing if you were the only one and they didn't want you!!!)....but list making is my speciality so membership is right up my street

Winter Swim 2015/16

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 16:59

I like the theory but my swimming is dictated by club sessions and the speed of the lane so not sure how much use it would be!!

Will have a look at the website and decide

I like swimming

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 15:06

Oh Daffy - you poor soul - that sounds horribly painful and deeply unpleasant

Hope this is turning the corner and your pain is going to go down from now on

Not sure if day has improved

- just had an unexpected fire alarm (but at least it isn't persisting down)

- still chasing exam Certs from the summer which are due to be issued on Weds...........seriously?????

DL wrote (see)


*slaps Podds*


Thanks DL - might just have jarred me out of a blue Monday funk

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 09:07


Warning: I am exceedingly grumpy this morning - yes even more than usual...... 

Please feel free to slap me  

working at it slowly

Posted: 15/11/2015 at 19:03

Daffs - what a brilliant day out

Well raced Spence

Sounds like fun meldy - I want to do more moutain biking this winter but there aren't many places round here sadly

I am still germified - but only got the dogs to share them with so you should all be safe from me......sadly I feel recovered enough to go to work tomorrow


working at it slowly

Posted: 15/11/2015 at 14:20

Afternoon All

Long'ish walk with the boys again this morning then back to the sofa & duvet

The most annoying thing is that I had all sort of plans to get stuff done in Mr P's absence in peace and quiet and now by the time I've revived it'll be time to go back to work I suspect 

Oh well, c'est la vie.......

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