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Comrades 2014

Posted: 11/10/2013 at 15:50

...oh and the V & A Waterfront (Victoria and Albert) has some good eateries...bit touristy but still worth a visit.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 11/10/2013 at 15:47

Ally - I have been to CT a number of times as have family and also own a modest sized property there. All the above that has been suggested is great BUT if you are wanting to get some decent tasty grub in you then I say you MUST go to the Mount Nelson Hotel - AKA Mount Nellie - as they do a sumptious afternoon tea there. Pretty much all you can eat for about 16 SA Rand. Cakes, sarnies, strawberries and all washed down by LASHINGS of different kinds of teas. Gorgeous grounds and an old colonial hotel...nice and genteel in a non snobby way and posh gear not needed. 

Comrades 2014

Posted: 08/10/2013 at 15:39

Quick question re Hokas......I'm hearing great things about them but cannot find any high street stockists. Are they only available on line ?? If so, how on earth do you know if they are any good for you ??? Lots of dosh to pay if not right for you. 

Comrades 2014

Posted: 08/10/2013 at 15:37

Well done everyone on some pretty fine running recently.....sorry to hear about your Bournemouth shenanigans SD.

BH next and final mara for me before Brighton next year but yes, no chance for a PB there.....lol. Will just kick back and enjoy the ride for that one and fingers crossed we have good weather.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 25/09/2013 at 09:52

Thanks Becca, I was mighty pleased to have gone and given it a go and actually thoroughly enjoyed it and wished I had pushed myself more but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

GOOD LUCK for Berlin. 

Comrades 2014

Posted: 23/09/2013 at 12:34

Well done Bakkiesmat - I did Nf in 4.07 which I was very pleased with......considering a few weeks ago i wasn't going to go as have had Achilles issues. I had entered it to get a sub 4 for a D pen as I had this year at Comrades but knew that was just not going to happen.

Am so glad I went as I thoroughly enjoyed it - my 6th consecutive year there......will submit that time for now but will have to wait until Brighton 2014 to get a better time as the maras I'm doing between now and then are cross country hillys.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 09/09/2013 at 12:48

Great to see some familiar names cropping up again....and good to see Becca has entered. I'm sure I'm repeating myself but can't remember what have already posted!

Am doing New Forest in just under two weeks and was hoping to get a sub 4 to use as qualifying - but have a niggling Achilles which I am going softly, softly with. I uumed and ahhed about NF but am going to do it, even if I run walk it. I then have Beachy Head which will deffo be just a day out and a number as am hoping it will be my 49th marathon. Brighton next year falls on my 50th birthday and am planning on that being my 50th mara.....so...Comrades training next year won't have any 'official' marathons before Brighton but then I hope to pretty much repeat what I did this year with maybe an extra one slotted in.....maybe. Am just wanting to get this year sorted to get to number 49 before I can really kind of relax into training. I will have to use Brighton for my qualifying.....unless I manage to pull something out of the bag at NF.........one lives in hope !!

After BH I really am going to have some down time as have pretty much kept plodding away since Comrades this year.......even managed a 10k PB 3 weeks after C !! So, yeah.....need to get rested and injury free.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 04/09/2013 at 15:54

You have to Douglas......it couldn't be any worse than cycling along the Thames towpath as 'sweeper' on the Thames Meander Marathon, on someone elses bike, pulling a trolley loaded up with water, lifting that trolley over gates and most of it in the pouring down rain !  

Comrades 2014

Posted: 04/09/2013 at 12:06

Hi there - yep - I'm in to try to get a B2B and hopefully a bronze. My cheeky long suffering non running better half told me to not bother going home if I don't get a bronze....cheeky git !!!

I have booked into City Lodge as was happy with my stay there this year. My man has kindly said he will pay for my flights as my birthday pressie...what a hero.

Next year I am flying out on Thursday, arriving Friday - then home again Yuesday after. Short and sweet now I know the lay of the land.

It's all very exciting but strangely, I just know I will be way more nervous next year as having done it once, there is more pressure to do it again...does that make sense ???

Comrades 2014

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 13:18

Well done at TM Ally - and good to see you again as well...looking very chilled out....again !!

I did initially say to Douglas that he had the best job trundling up and down on a bike....not realising that he had to lift, yes LIFT it and the trolly over the stiles! The poor man was exhausted........but still smiling when I last saw him as the last runner past our point at about 14.30.

You lot are way too speedy for me and I can add nothing to this for now.

Am also staying away from Comrades FB page as it is going into meltdown with the coundowns, hyping up...etc etc.

Looking forward to Le Weekend when entries open. 

91 to 100 of 379

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