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Comrades 2014

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 12:46

Thanks guys and yes, have bowed to your combined experiences and have decided to stay at home and 'save' myself for a LSR with Douglas and his pal on Sunday.

Jacquie - have had a good response from Chris re Broadmeadow and told him I am going to give it a miss this year but yes, looks like a pretty good event for another year.

Thanks Marty for Brighton congrats.

All is calm now in PH world.... 

Comrades 2014

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 17:00

LOL.......just what I needed....someone taking me firmly in hand. Thankyou Douglas.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 13:52

Douglas - my throat was RIPPED to shreds by the end of the day......lol.

Guys, I am feeling like a sloth and NEED to get another marathon under my belt.

I am doing Crawley Track, 3 Forts and Bewl.

Just checking out Broadmeadow for this Friday and have been in touch with RD. He said I can still enter and sounds like a thoroughly nice chap. I have folks in Cheltenham so could make the event by going up the night before. I see Fido, Jaquie and Camilla are down to do it - question mark over Jacquie.

Help me PLEASE decide ladies. I do not know this run. I am CRAP at self navigating so, more info please. Is it a self navigate ?? Is it easy to navigate ?? What time are you all starting off ??? I would realistically be looking to head off at 9.00 as will have to drive from Cheltenham. Am I being mad ?? Is it worth the drive on an Easter weekend ?? Oh and I have to get back for a LSR planned with Douglas on Sunday.

OR, should I just stay local, stop panicking and do the runs I have planned. Thanks guys. 

Comrades 2014

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 11:34

Well done everyone at London - was great to watch from mile 17 and gave Douglas a HUGE shoutout. 

Comrades 2014

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 13:57

...oh and thanks for the congrats. xx

Comrades 2014

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 13:57

Hey everyone - well done on all your achievements to date.

Brighton was amazing - got what I wanted - a sub 4 to get a D pen (best I can muster) and a GFA. JUST missed my PB by 8 seconds but am well happy with the result as ran my butt off !!

BRILLIANT to run with Douglas for a whiley and he was certainly very entertaining.

Great to see you at the finish SD looking so calm and fresh. Awesome time as well. Maybe that's why you were looking so calm and fresh as you'd been back so long !!

So, 50 at 50 at my 5th Brighton now done...and weirdly, I came 50th in my age category !!! Have been waiting since Beachy last October to get another mara under my belt so very relieved.

Onwards and upwards now with the Comrades training and am very tempted to slip another couple in - SDW on 27th April - a LDWA event and the day after Crawley Track so am unsure. Am also looking at MAYBE going to have a bimblel around Orpington Marafun on 17th May, but we'll see....might be too close to C but Iit really would be a bimble.

Great to see you all doing so well and long may it continue.  

Comrades 2014

Posted: 26/03/2014 at 15:43

I see Jacquie and Camilla are doing Bewl and Halstead - would really like to do that double. I live on the South Coast and it is a 2.5 hour drive up to Halstead from me......but am very tempted.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 10/03/2014 at 11:21

Oh and get well soon WA.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 10/03/2014 at 11:20

Slotwin - thanks for that. My resting heart rate is fine - actually cause my doc concern recently as it is so slow but then that is very common amongst us lot isn't it ??

Jacqui M - yep - racing 'proper' rather than just training makes such a difference I think at this stage.

I did Worthing 20 yesterday and was chasing a sub 3 as in my pea brain mind, that would set me up for a sub 4 at Brighton - I missed it by 17 seconds...grrrr.....always done that event under 3 hours but yep, not a good time of year to be chasing times. Have now properly stepped into the tail end of a marathon plan now for next 4 weeks leading to Brighton so will be sensible, eat better - my diet is pretty hit and miss - and just look after myself and NOT race !!

Hope you all had a good running weekend and wasn't the weather FAB !! Great to see Douglas at W20 yesterday in his yellow Comrades T shirt. Happy days.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 07/03/2014 at 14:07

Ooops - managed to do it myself so here's my add ons -

March 8  Groundhog Marathon - Marty74, Ashby 20+ - WA (9th), Becca7

March 8/9th Bolton Hill Marathons - Jacquie, Camilla

March 16 Northants - Carmen; Barcelona - Slow Duck, Slotwin, Running Rodent, AONEH , Jacquie , Camilla

March 22 Charnwood - Becca7, Emily, WA, Jacqui, Camilla,  Martin 

March 23 Rome - Muzza;  Atlanta - Dannirr 

April 5 SDW Becca7 

April 6 Manchester - Muzza, Slotwin, SW3, Camilla; Brighton - Slow Duck, Possum Hopper; Blackpool - AONEH ,

April 13 London - Slow Duck, Emily, AONEH, Dannirr, WA , Jacquie

April 18th Broadmeadow - Camilla

April 19 Compton 40 - Carmen, Slotwin, Slow Duck, Margie2; Two Oceans - Marty74

April 21 Boston - Muzza, Becca7, Running Rodent , Jacquie

April 26 Crawley Track - Possom

April 27 Huddersfield - Becca7, Jacquie, Camilla,  Kielder 50K - Emily;  Shakespeare - AONEH 

May 4 Worcester - Muzza, Becca7;  Three Forts - (Emily?), Possom - Thames Path 100 - WA (3rd/4th)

May 5 Milton Keynes - Muzza, Carmen, Slow Duck , Jacquie, Camilla

May10 Marlborough 33 - Marty74 ; Bewl Jacquie, Camilla, Possom

May 11 Halstead - Slow Duck, Jacquie, Camilla

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