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Comrades 2014

Posted: 07/03/2014 at 13:55

Margie2 - sounds good.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 07/03/2014 at 12:20

Wow - busy people.

Can someone add me to the list ?

April 26th - Crawley Track

May 4th - 3 Forts

May 10th - Bewl Water

Was toying with Richmond park on 18th May but a few folk on here said it was too close to Comrades so I will listen to their more experienced advice.

On the subject of overtraining and might sound like a daft question, but how do you know ?? I am running 6 days a week and have been since last October. I do appear to be on track time wise judging by recent events - Brighton Half and my Tuesday evening Time Trial is going well.......but I had a horrendous run on Sunday - Steying Stinger half. Could only do the half as saving myself for Brighton as a biggy for me (50th mara on 50th birthday). Steyning was so, so muddy and probably a big issue in why my legs felt so tired. It was my slowest ever half and I was exhausted. I did then run a further 7 miles on the flat to nearest train station, to get my miles in.

I am doing Worthing 20 this Sunday and am after a time. Thing is, I am kind of after two things - I want a sub 4 at Brighton for pen time at Comrades (I have sub 4's already to my name) so am focussing on training for that BUT am also running the 6 day Comrade schedule.......I am planning on going for my desired time at Worthing 20 then for the next 4 weeks really almost stepping back into a short marathon plan to ensure I am fresh as I can be for Brighton....then all things being well....will step back into Comrades plan. Does that make sense ???? Last year I used Brighton as a training run but it is really quite important to me this year for a number of reasons.


Comrades 2014

Posted: 28/02/2014 at 12:19

RR - last year was my first year and the furtherest I ran was 36 miles at Crawley Track - flat as a pancake - and I was o.k. I had wanted to do Compton 40 but I was unable to in the end. The advice I got last year was to really concentrate on running 6 days a week and back to back running at the weekend, with Monday off. I think the focus was running on tired legs and building stamina - I know lots of folk do different things but it worked for me.I also squeezed in a weekend of double marathons - Bewl Water followed by 3 Forts the next day. Deffo a challenge and it was tough, but I managed it and took both quite easy. This year I have not really found a double weekend that is close enough to home to really do.

I am mix-matching two training plans - same as I did last year. Alsoranrunners one and the Comrades Bronze plan.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 14/02/2014 at 14:46

Sort of Comrade related and wanted to share. Just received confirmation that my number for Brighton marathon has been confirmed as being '5050' as requested by myself. Brighton will - fingers crossed - be my 50th marathon and it just so happens to fall on my 50th birthday. I did my 49th at Beachy last year and have been patient and been waiting for Brighton so I can get back on the marathon treadmill.....so to speak. I am also going to use Brighton for my Comrades pen time which is currently 4.07 from New Forest last year with a dodgy Achilles and is there if I need it, but I really need a sub 4 which I will try my hardest to get at Brighton. So, sort of Comrades related and very exciting I think.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 12/02/2014 at 12:09

I was eagerly awaiting getting to the first aid station where they had potatoes on offer as had heard so much about them and by the time I got to them, I scoffed a couple of small ones. They really were good. I also had some orange slices, chocolate and Pepsi which was just lush but not so for the last 15k when I barfed it all up starting from top of Polly Shorts. Can't blame the food even tho it was all new to me on a run but put that down to the heat and constant jiggling of my poor body for best part of 10 hours at that point.  

Comrades 2014

Posted: 03/02/2014 at 13:36

David Marsh has been on FB and responding to posts on his page. He is saying T's and vests are available now.

Rodent - last year was my first Comrades and I didn't see anyone with a backpack.....that's not to say there weren't any but I don't think it was the thing to do. The aid stations were very well stocked and I also had my usual gels for the first half, as would do for a marathon.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 29/01/2014 at 15:10

Slotwin - funny you shoud say that about loved ones knowing more than you do as a runner.....last year folk back home knew WAY more than me about the difficult conditions. Being my first Comrades I had no idea what to expect other than I knew it would be hot, hilly and hard and it was, in spades. Those back at home knew that it was an exceptional year with the weather and how high the attrition rate was. Me?? I had no idea which was just as well really. The tracking thing also 'lost' me with 10k to go and they were all stressed, and very anxious about my whereabouts as they knew it was a toughie. It was only after the tracker had 'found' me and updated, thart those in UK knew I was o.k. It was also a give-away as the live streaming filmed me finishing. I videoed my run into the stadium and the live streaming picked me up......my daughters and friends at home watching were just blown away when OMG....there was MUM on the telly !!!!!!! My super techie pal managed to do a screen freeze and took a pic of me holding my camera up as I got to the finish line........gives me goosbumps now thinking about it. 

Comrades 2014

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 12:02

Just to add my bit if I may - totally agree that Comrades is a 'runners' event. My other half is a non runner and thinks we're all nutters...he is however, my biggest supporter. He didn't go with me last year and won't be going this year. Some people found this odd but I just knew it would be no fun for him. I had been told that unless you are a local and know the area really well, you're pretty much not going to get to see much of the action en route. Also as a runner you'd only worry about them (crazy) and hope they are o.k. There is enough to think about what you yourself are doing, than thinking about how family or spectators are faring. He drove me to the airport, waved me off, watched my progress on line from sofa at home, and collected me on my return.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 21/01/2014 at 12:21

Thx SD....I am doing Bewl Water the weekend of Halstead and yep - that will probably be it...maybe. Last year I said i would not do a back to back marathon weekend but I did in the end, but yeah, this is probably too close.

Oh and great news on the UTMB.

Comrades 2014

Posted: 20/01/2014 at 15:50

Thanks for that - I will hold back on entering it but yes, if I do it will be run walk.

RR - I stayed at City Lodge and it was clean and close to all that you needed to be close to.....even closer this year with the finish stadium quite literally just over the road !!  I get butterflies just thinking about how excited I will be to have finished and to have that happy feet stroll over the road !! How amazing that will feel. Long way to go to get to that happy place. 

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