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Saturday 19th April 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 23:03

There's a slim possibility of attempting sub 2:45 a month early which would allow me to help you with Abingdon subject to negotiations with Mrs PP.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 22:58

TR - even I thought it would be to much to ask for something on my doorstep!

Robin Hood looks like the most suitable so I shall begin negotiations soon.

Thanks for the input peeps.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 18:32

Robin Hood would fit time wise.

What's BMAF? (I'm 45ish)

Saturday 19th April 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 15:33

Still not back running yet though thee legs seemed to have recovered. 

I may have a plan LMH, but will have to get approval from Mrs PP if you want help at Abo.

London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:27

Has PM79 gone to Spain?

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 15:24

Can anyone recommend a September marathon for a 2:45 attempt? It would need to be within an hour or so of Oxford if possible but could travel further if necessary. Ta

London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: Yesterday at 06:33

I may even read the Sun today for the big t*t on the front page!

Great work Ryan

London Marathon Cheat?

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 19:32

I've got to hand it to him, that's one hell of a negative split! 2h 07' 05" first half and 1h 01' 42" second half!

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 14:02

That's a very flattering proposition LMH but I have unfinished business at Abo and the thought of a blue start next year is rather tempting. I know of a couple of local ladies who may be able to help if they're running it this year.

Sub 3

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 11:48

First of all big well done to Speedy Goth, like Joolska last year you have worked bloody hard for that time and now have been rewarded, hope theres a red vest winging it's way towards you.

Great debut Bufo.

Marigold once again awesome.

ON7 nice to meet you, Ode and Mr B at the start, maybe I'll jump aboard the minibus next year.

As for my race I made the start line quite relaxed without too much of a plan other than to see what happens. Having met Mr B, Ode and ON7 shortly before the pens opened up I was invited to join them on a sub 2:45 train. I thought this over for a bit but eventually declined the offer as I felt that I would make a bit of a fool of myself.

Went off with the gun quite near the front with brakes applied and let many pass. The aim was to try and stick around 6:20 to 6:25 pace and hope to hang on. The first half was really comfortable and I hit halfway in 1:22:33. I kept ploughing on with the pace slightly dropping but only by the odd second. In previous years I begin to struggle by mile 17 but this time I was still feeling ok. Mile 20 seems to be the tipping point this time and by 23 I was hanging on for grim death. Kept my head together through to 24 but lost it at 25. Slowed right down and started searching the crowd for the family as they were based on Birdcage walk on the park side. Let the crowds carry me through and did a "T-bot" as I passed Family PP. Threw everything I had into the last few meters just missing out on a pb but still making a course pb.

5K splits 19:22, 19:25, 19:36, 19:51, 19:44, 19:56, 20:50, 21:54, 10:04

In the last 7K I passed 24 but was passed by 77

2h 50' 42", 603rd over all, 2nd? in my club, 3rd with the surname Scott and faster than my brother! (He got 3:12 after 3:22 last year so dead chuffed for him)

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