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Beginners guide to the Surrey Hills ride is back!

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 21:56


Dart 10K

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 21:54

The good thing is I've managed to plant the seed of doing it next year in Madge's mind!  At her current pace she reckons it'll take close on 5 hours for her to complete it!  

Dart 10K

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 21:53

I didn't see the chop on the river tbh.  I understand it was about a foot to 18" in which case it would be expected given the wind and the meeting of the river and the creek.  There was some chop last year, but I can't say whether it was any better or worse really!

The weather was from the east, so blowing up the estuary and that was likely to increase any chop I think.  Last year there was quite a bit of rain a couple of days before so I think the added flow at the start made for quicker times overall.

I swam the day before from Brixham to Berry Head and back and the 'swell' there was quite big.  The difference between the peaks and trough of the waves was about 3-4 metres, which completely interfered with any stroke I had planned!  It also made me quite dizzy when I eventually climbed out onto dry land.

It is a shame the river isn't cleaner or as inviting.  I think the Thames is probably cleaner looking.  Having said that, there are still jelly fish and seals in the estuary and not long ago a small pod of dolphins were there too, so it can't be too bad!

Dart 10K

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 21:17

Nice to see you all down there and really glad you both enjoyed the swim too!  

There were a few complaints about the lack of jelly babies at the second feed station so that will be addressed next year.

I didn't get a medal last year and thought the idea of the 'key ring' medal was a good one.  It's quite discreet too.

having got up at 5am and not leaving until nearly 5pm I'm not sure if actually taking part is harder than volunteering!  Not sure I fancy doing the baggage handling next year as that was hard work!  "What does your bag look like?"  'Err, it's a black back pack.'  "Really?  So are 90% of the other 800 swimmers bags!!"  Hey-Ho!

Dart 10K

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 12:57

Nice one Soupy! Great report and a fantastic achievement! Really pleased for you!

The Vitruvian 2014

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 23:26

Anyone seen the latest Inbetweeners 2 movie with the 'Water Park' scene?  Made me think of Rutland Water that's for sure!!  

The Vitruvian 2014

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 15:35
fat buddha wrote (see)

out of the water, around an inflatable and the straight back into the water from the shoreline aka a bloody uncomfy stony jetty, no bank, just the stony shore

...and duck shit!  Don't forget the duck poo!  There's lots of it!  

The Vitruvian 2014

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 22:59

Sorry I can't be with all you peeps on this!  Good luck, have fun!


Outlaw 2015

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 22:55

Not been on the forum for a while, but I'd be happy (more than happy really!) to do the swim leg of a relay!  

Dusty?  You up for a leg too?  Lord H? 

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The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 12:18

Good luck to all, and try to keep Foo under control somebody! There was a world shortage of brain bleach after last year's event!

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