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Suunto T6

Posted: 31 August 2008
Overall: This is an excellent product. The new T6c with revised Heartmonitor belt and footpod is reliable and sturdy. The T6c can be worn as a day to day watch unlike others especially the Garmin 405 - which is enorrmous on your wrist.

The Footpod is identical to the Garmin (manufactured by a Garmin subsidiary) and when properly calibrated is as accurate as GPS with the benefit of accurate instantaneous pace info - no GPS system can do this. BTW it is not a pedometer - the person who stated this does not know what he is talking about. The original foorpod was similar to the Polar 625x pod, the new one is as I said exactly the same as the Garmin product. I use the optional GPS pod for long runs, the footpod for speed work, and racing.

The watch software is simple to use and setup, yes it does lack the interval options of say a Polar, but I found the polar interface incomprehensible at times and the manuals useless. The manual is thick - that is because it is in various languages, but the content is simple.

Excellent choice for triathletes as the watch is waterproof unlike the Garmins, and automatically detects the transitions from bike to run etc. The new heartrate belt is extremely comfortable and as yet I have had no problems with it. The watch display is user configurable offering two screens showing three lines of info, the bottom of which can be set to display more than one info type, paging between them is easy.

I am glad I switched from the Polar 625x and do not regret not buying the Garmin 405. I will have a look at the new Polar RS800cx when it appears which promises to link the footpod and the GPS systems together.

For anyone looking for a simple, reliable, and accurate heartrate & speed distance watch, I cannot recommend it highly enough.