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Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Posted: 19 December 2010
Overall: A good shoe to complement the Brooks Adrenaline GTS range, but (as I've just found out after 3 years) there are better trail shoes around.

Garmin Forerunner 305

Posted: 17 October 2007
Overall: Although very fond of my 305, I am always on the lookout for a replacement which indicates that it has some weakness. There are bugs in the software on the watch which make it occasionally lock up and the lack of waterproofing is a huge drawback for me, on the other hand, the many excellent features and the quality and range of the data available are fantastic and will be hard to beat for the price. This certainly ticks 9/10 of the boxes for a good priced, good value S&D monitor + HRM.

Polar F11

Posted: 08 March 2006
Overall: I've only had mine 2 weeks and already feel familiar with it - I think that if I was to start serious training or x training it would be limited. Apart from the -ve comments I am happy with the watch and glad that I invested in one... as my son said last weekend "Dad is still beeping so he must be alive"!!!!!!!!!!!