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Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 27/06/2016 at 07:28
Muttley wrote (see)

It is okay to laugh at people who do something stupid. For example, vote for Brexit but then complain that actually they didn't want Brexit.

That is slightly different from laughing at people who just voted for Brexit. Which I was not doing.


Zouse wrote (see)
It is not snobbery to criticise those who do not make themselves aware of the consequences of their decisions before they cast their vote.

For the record, my comment wasn't aimed at posts on this thread.

This thread is "things you want to say, but can't", and I was pretty much doing just that and having a moan about things I had seen and read elsewhere.


Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 24/06/2016 at 20:25
I suppose that's the benefit of living outside the M25 Screams - everything's not so London-centric. I suppose this has been much of the Remain campaigns problem.

Multiculturism, in all its absolute glory, is alive and kicking wherever you go, believe it or not!

15West - I don't whether you're trying to be clever or funny. You're achieving neither.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 24/06/2016 at 20:13
Screams - maybe something to do wit the fact that over 80% of the population is white?

This is purely a factual observation (in case it has to be stressed that this is the only reason I am pointing this out).

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 24/06/2016 at 20:02
Get over yourselves.

All the name calling and snobbery is pretty pathetic.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 24/06/2016 at 19:59
15west & deanr7 - really?

Kettle, pot, black.

Reducing yourself to name calling does yourself no favours....

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 24/06/2016 at 17:48
Reading this thread today, I can only 'assume' that the Remain voters have as much hatred for the Leave voters as the Remain voters seem to 'assume' that the Leave voters have for immigrants/EU parliamentarians/Dave Cameron/[insert other stereotype].

As far as I'm concerned the worst thing to come out of today's result is not that fact that we are leaving the EU (for that is how I voted), but the division and contempt amongst people who would otherwise be friends.

It's getting really tiresome listening to how "52% of the country must be complete fucking numpties". Sure, there have been some plonkers quoted in the press today, but take your own advice and don't base your entire beliefs on what the media shows you.

The vote has happened, the result is known, it's not going to change, that's democracy folks.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 24/06/2016 at 05:58
Dustin - at least 500 points I would have thought. Wouldn't be surprised to see quite a few trading halts today as we tailspin towards a 4 figure drop.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 16:30
15West wrote (see)

Pounds dropping too.

Yep.  In fact, there's possibly money to be made here.  The market has pretty much priced in a 'remain' vote, to the extent that if it does happen then it will shrug its shoulders and say 'meh'.

However, if 'leave' wins, the market will get twatted tomorrow morning.

In other words, buying the market now gives you not much, if any, upside potential, but PLENTY of downside risk, so you wouldn't want to.

However, if you already own shares, you might have wanted to sell them all today.  Tomorrow, if leave wins you can buy them all back at pretty much the same price and you've gained nowt but you've lost nowt, but if remain wins then you can buy them all back at a massive discount after the bottom drops out of the market.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 16:12

Interesting watching the bookies odds today.  From a leave result drifting out as far as 8/1 at lunchtime today, odds have now started to shorten quite sharply, being around 4/1.

Remain still the clear favourite though.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 14:37

There's an echo in here......in here......in here.......

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