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Running marathons is easy - Discuss

Posted: Yesterday at 15:50

Yeah, I'd pretty much agree with your point of view.  But then, same goes for many things, whether it be running, cycling, triathlon etc.

It's doing things well (or quickly, in this case) that is the difficult part.

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 14:46

Instead of sitting there sniffing really loudly every 30 seconds, blow your damn nose.  It's a small and quiet office, and we don't all want to listen to you constantly snorting your snot.

I've offered you tissues on a number of occasions, as a subtle way of letting you know that it is really quite noticeable (and, quite frankly, really getting on my tits), but you've just laughed about it being "the time of year for runny noses".

I can only be polite for so much longer, before I have a Michael Douglas moment.

Turbo trainers

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 08:55

+1 for Tacx Neo.  Pricey yes, but worth it? Absolutely.

I used to have a bog standard turbo trainer and it was never something that I looked forward to using.  Even using Sufferfest etc. it was quite boring and more of a chore than a pleasure.  Since getting a smart trainer though, and in particular using it with Zwift, I find that I am getting so much more out of turbo sessions, both in terms of enjoyment and development.

IMO, there is ‘price’ and there is ‘value’.  The initial outlay for the Neo was high, but given how often I have used it so far, and how often I am likely to use it throughout winter, it actually represents superb value for money.


Wireless Headphones

Posted: 30/11/2016 at 12:37

+1 for the Plantronics Backbeat.

Only ever use them in the gym, but they are great.  Sound is good, fit is brilliant, and they are very robust in design.


IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 30/11/2016 at 08:23

Sad to say that I am removing myself from the list, as my plans and focus for next year have changed.  A-race is now going to be Brutal double, so am transferring Lanza entry to IMUK.

Hope you all have a fantastic time, which I am sure you will 


Happy Chap 
Flat Footed 
Orange Cannon 
Shuffle Bunny 
Sunnysider Phil

Only here for the beer 
Lee the Pea 
Mrs Digger 

Brutal Triathlons Sept 16th 2017

Posted: 30/11/2016 at 08:09

Looking forward to this already.  The good lady wife found out via Facebook last night that I had entered.  Apparently the fact that I had vaguely mentioned that I was interested in a race in North Wales next September, did not constitute obtaining her approval for this.  However, true to the saying, forgiveness has been easier to seek than permission 

Seren - really hope you can make it.  If there's any problems with your employer, just ask for a duvet day or something - I'm sure they'll understand!

Mallow - you're partly to blame for me entering after egging me on, so yes you will be coming up Snowdon with me, or at the very least tending to my blistered feet mid-run 

SA - Be great to have you as crew, and I would really value your support.

PT - Get yersen entered - what's the worst that can happen?!  Either way, it'll be good to see you there, racing or supporting.

IM Wales 2017

Posted: 17/11/2016 at 12:09

Feckin' nora Blisters, that sounds awful.

Glad you're ok, and hope there's no lasting damage.

Can't say I blame your family for taking that view, but hopefully they loosen the leash a little as the race approaches. 

Treadmill help for winter running

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 10:15

Can you not just wrap up warm and get out there?  Even if it's icy, just look at getting some studded trail shoes or some yaktrax - cheaper than buying a dreadmill.

Just my opinion, but then I just can't abide running indoors.  I've tried music, sufferfest videos, watching films, but it's just the pits - would much rather be out there, whatever the weather.

Low Carb (high fat) Pirates

Posted: 01/11/2016 at 09:32
Lee the Pea wrote (see)

I think I need to reduce my dairy content.  I've been having a lot more lately than I usually would, and it's making me more mucus-y which is lovely, lol.  

Out of interest Pea, when you say mucus-y, what do you mean exactly?

The reason I ask is that I am finding I am having to clear my throat all the time recently.  I am drinking plenty, as I always do, so it's not a dehydration issue.  I am not ill, nor have I been in the past few months.

You've now got me wondering if it is anything to do with dairy, as I do tend to eat quite a bit of cheese, double cream, creme fraiche etc.

New Head torch recommendation

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 15:11

David - I have the Petzl Nao and really like it.  Burn time probably IS lower than advertised, but not by a long shot.  

You can buy replacement rechargeable batteries to use when they run out, to save you having to faff with changing to AAA (using the AAA batteries isn't a particularly elegant solution).

It is expensive, but worth it in my view.  I'm sure others will be along to big up other brands though.

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