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Posted: 28/03/2011 at 22:37

MtR & Dull Cheers for the sponsorship fellas...

I know we're not meant to do this, but s0d it... Myself, Njord and his missus Caz are running from Lands End To John O'Groats on the 24th April in 13 days... so if anyone would like to sponsor me and Alder Hay Hospital...

LeJog (Pug Running For Alder Hay Hospital)

If you want to sponsor Kelvin/Caz's run then this is for

Lejog) Njord/Caz Hall Running for Wirral Autistic Society

So, how's everyone gearing up for Spring Marathons? My prep is rubbish, no speed and too heavy as usual... so, Lochaber is a write off... been so busy over last 5 weeks with work just not had time to get on here... 

Cheers Pug

Great North West Half Marathon

Posted: 28/02/2011 at 15:12

kevin oldham wrote (see)

hi guys

ran my first half mile marathon yesterday (Blackpool) thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the wind was a real killer but still managed to cross the line in 1hr 52m 58s!

 its given me the bug to do more half's and probably throw in a full marathon at the end of the year!

thanks very much to the organisers and everybody else that made it possible, will definitely be there next year.

Enter Chester Marathon in October matey... gives you loads of time, well done on your first half, you'll knock 5 minutes off that no problem on a flat and wind free course me thinks.

Cheers Pug

Great North West Half Marathon

Posted: 28/02/2011 at 13:13
  1. Crazytown Emperor wrote (see)

     Pugheaven™ wrote (see)

    Blimey O'Reilly, well done to everyone who PB'd and am bog smacked at how many people did as I measured the course pretty accurate so it's good for that and I had a mare' myself... wanted 1:22:45 and did 1:27 dead (not in results as forgot to put chip on).... couldn't believe how I died in that wind, just can't and never will be handle it... so fair play to you all, I had the stinker from hell and am well fed up.

    Cheers Pug

    thats really cheered me up. Finished in a similar time, I was aiming for 1.25 and had delusions of a 1.23 if feeling good. 

    felt comfortable doing the first 3 miles around 6.15 then went up the hill into the wind

    working hard to do 7mm isnt my idea of fun on a fast course

    £22 an not to offer anything to eat/drink at the finish is obscene! luckily mars refuel was buy one get one free at the service station on the way, otherwise id have had to go to my car and head into town for something better than water!  

    we must've been running together then for alot fo the time... these were my splits:

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 6:17(6:17/m) - 132cal
2) - 1m - 6:11(6:11/m) - 135cal
3) - 1m - 6:18(6:18/m) - 137cal
...4) - 1m - 6:47(6:47/m) - 137cal
5) - 1m - 6:40(6:40/m) - 136cal
6) - 1m - 7:02(7:02/m) - 138cal
7) - 1m - 6:39(6:39/m) - 137cal
8) - 1m - 6:19(6:19/m) - 136cal
9) - 1m - 6:31(6:31/m) - 138cal
10) - 1m - 6:39(6:39/m) - 137cal
11) - 1m - 7:07(7:07/m) - 139cal
12) - 1m - 7:08(7:08/m) - 138cal
13) - 1m - 6:49(6:49/m) - 136cal
14) - 0.1m - 28(4:37/m) - 12calI

was wearing gold/black trainers with a Amsterdam Bright Orange T Shirt?

David Worrall 4 wrote (see)
Really chuffed with the run in most aspects. well organised, great support from the crowd and other runners too... I managed to knock over 7 minutes off my warrington time from october despite the "slight breeze" which made it feel like i was still dragging my bloody suitcase around! Did the first 3 miles in 18:30, thought i'd better take a bit off the pace, turns out i didn't have much choice!!! Well done to all involved!

Must've been running with you as well? Bright Orange T Shirt I had? 

Cheers Pug

Great North West Half Marathon

Posted: 28/02/2011 at 11:26

Blimey O'Reilly, well done to everyone who PB'd and am bog smacked at how many people did as I measured the course pretty accurate so it's good for that and I had a mare' myself... wanted 1:22:45 and did 1:27 dead (not in results as forgot to put chip on).... couldn't believe how I died in that wind, just can't and never will be handle it... so fair play to you all, I had the stinker from hell and am well fed up.

Cheers Pug

MBNA Chester Marathon

Posted: 23/02/2011 at 14:30

Had a nightmare 17 miler on Sunday... with three toilet stops and stomach cramps... not good, wanted around 6:50's or quicker and just had no chance... hey ho... lots of running to do yet

Cheers Pug

Great North West Half Marathon

Posted: 23/02/2011 at 14:29
brian porter wrote (see)

I'll be there on Sunday armed with a microphone.

If you've got a story to tell, please tell me and I'll tell The Fylde Coast.

Or just ccome and say "Hello"

Hey tell ya what Brian, my missus will be there watching me for once hahaha and I'm not really in her good books at the moment, ... so if you can remember to say "and a shout out to Sharon Dodd, Pugs Missus's", that would be great hahaha... You running Sunday or just doing commentary? Injury still plaguing you?

Just come back from 10 miler @6:45's... didn't feel easy at all which is worrying considering I need around 6:15-6:20's on Sunday to see what shape I'm in... hey ho, must've been one of those runs

Suppose we better start checking the weather forecast hadn't we?

Cheers Pug

Sub 3

Posted: 22/02/2011 at 13:21

What races everyone got this weekend? Been catching up and some nice training going on here as per usual and the buzz is starting to come through for London as usual...

Cheers Pug

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Posted: 22/02/2011 at 13:19

bonjourno... I had a cracker of a 17 mile, but I mean this is sarcastic way... blimey, did I feel rough... Sunday long run which was meant to be 19 mile... was a nightmare, Grace has woken up at 4:45am, no crying etc, just wanted to get up so I'm watching Pixar's UP at 5:30am left Sharon in bed for a kip... and was shattered come 12pm when I went out for a run... after 1.5 mile gutts were in a bad way and beforehand thought I'd take some paper with me... by the time got to 3 mile was nigh on doubled over... and jumped in the bushes along the canal. Like a tap is all I can say with unprocessed rive and kidney beans from previous nights food... used loo role and one "Hilly Glove" rofl... not nice and not cheap ... then seen a mate from another running club coming other way at 4.5 mile, and told him I was in trouble and might have to call it and get Sharon to pick me up, he had some so gave me that... 0.5 mile up the canal, same thing, dived into bushes thinking this is ridiculous.. same thing... then same thing happened at 7 mile and called Sharon. Anyway, she wasn't dressed etc and was cooking... so said forget it, I'll plod back... decided not to do the 19 mile course I wanted, and instead short cut... gutts were ok from this point BUT I was drained... seriously seriously gone, legs and mind... and just had £1 coin in pocket... at 14 mile, stopped at petrol station and bought can of coke... drank half of it... and ran home... was shattered and looked grey when I got in the house... managed 7:20 m/m, which is annoying as I wanted 6:50's but that was gone at 3 mile so...

One one hand, bad run, on another it was still done and calories burnt etc... so Blackpool Half for me on Sunday...

Cheers Pug

Great North West Half Marathon

Posted: 22/02/2011 at 12:53

Bonjourno people... how's it going? Training gone well I hope for everyone. I'm a little behind schedule to where I wanted to be, however, nothing I can do about it now, so target is 1:22 if possible without absolutely killing myself... will see how I go...

See you all Sunday

Cheers Pug

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Posted: 07/02/2011 at 13:25
Filthyrich wrote (see)

72 miles for me last week, then a dreadful 22 miler yesterday. Was planning 8.00 pace, but ended up averaging not far off 9 minute pace. Had to force myself to keep going from mile 2 onwards and it didn't get any better. Don't know why it was so hard - I feel fine today. A bit dispiriting really but at least I did it I suppose.

I want to bring up this heavy/light training shoe thing again. Speaking from a position of ignorance (which I often do), it seems logical that if you train in heavier shoes you will be working harder and therefore reaping more benefit in terms of strength and muscle development. Where's the flaw in my logic?

Well, sometimes a long run can just be one fo them, for whatever reason it is, either fuelling or whatever, it just doesn't happen, you've had one fo those days mate, and we've all been there... what is important, you had "that day" in training and not toeing the line at an important race...

As for shoes, I generally train in lighter trainers now, not race weight but deffo not big cushioned shoes and I've been injury free for 18 months now... so to me, they alter the style too much.

Cheers Pug

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