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Chernobyl 10K

Posted: 31/07/2005 at 13:59
Well, had a disaster. Ran but achellies gave in, and had to walk/slow jog the rest of the way. Was at the 3 mile marker in 0:19:46 but had to drop out, think I came in at over 50 minutes... however my mate, Richard Broster, did a PB, posting 0:43:19, that means he's just had 3 PB's in 8 days... nice ;-)

Derian House Children's Hospice Blackpool Beach 10k

Posted: 30/07/2005 at 12:27
right, I'll knock that one on the head then, I was hopping for a PB on such a flat course (if it was road)... shame that... oh well, have to find another flat course int eh northwest in stead for august... that's what I'm training for...

Chernobyl Challenge 10K

Posted: 29/07/2005 at 22:36
May see you guys there, I'll be a bald fella in a bright green t-shirt ;-)

Derian House Children's Hospice Blackpool Beach 10k

Posted: 29/07/2005 at 20:37
Now, I'm reading different things here, is this a 100% sand 10k, or is it a road race???

Chernobyl 10K

Posted: 29/07/2005 at 01:13
So, let me get this right, is it mostly normal tarmac then? The reason I ask is I can use this one to try for my 1st sub 40 minute 10k if it is... anyone?
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