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Snowdonia Marathon 2011

Posted: 05/02/2011 at 00:23


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Snowdonia Marathon 2011

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 17:48

Nope never ran it before, everyone around here goes on and was sitting at desk at work thiking, yeah sod it I'll give it a whirl. That makes three marathons for this year... most I've ran... hahaha, sure I can make it four though

Cheers Pug

Sub 3

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 13:40
Ginger N wrote (see)
 I'd run your halfs but only as training MP runs so not to stress your body too much and allow for a quick recovery so you can keep cracking on, just spend a couple of weeks running easy and it will come back...

That's exactly what I should've said... agree 100% on that one...

Cheers Pug

Sub 3

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 13:39
Njord wrote (see)
I certainly won't be in shape to beat my pb, and I'm a little bit glad we're not toeing the same line on 10th April after what happened at Chester last year.  Still laughing now about my stupidity that day.

And before the race, I told myself SO many times not to follow you...


Hahaha, it was quality that, I knew if I went you would follow simply just incase I had a stormer so you couldn't take the chance hahaha... to be fair, think any other day you'd have been with me and kicked my arse no problem, you had a bad day that day... for one, it was too warm for me over the first 10 mile... was shattered... not boiling, but enough to knacker me out... was funny that day... when I got stomach cramp at 14 mile, kept asking Simon where you was rofl... and he said "miles behind"... that's fine normally but when you're in bits... I wanted to hear "he's dropped out" rofl

Cheers Pug

Sub 3

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 13:08
Joolska wrote (see)
RS: I'd agree you've nothing to lose by taking a few days easy - up to a week if necessary; it could well be the step back your body needs to recover.  You won't lose any significant fitness in a week and so I'd take the break, especially as you're coming into this marathon build up with plenty of residual fitness from an autumn marathon.  Hope you feel better soon!

Wasn't it Ovetts coach Harry Wilson who said you lose no fitness within 10 days, then it declines? Sure I read that in one of his books somewhere... So taking a week off, the only thing you'll feel coming back is stiffness and I feel that every morning oohhh errr missus!

Cheers Pug

Snowdonia Marathon 2011

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 13:04

Just entered this, must be mad hahahaha... 20 days after I'll have raced Chester Marathon... still hey ho.. should be fun, lets see what all this is about.

Cheers Pug

Asics Alsager 5

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 12:54

Don't care if it's pouring down, but it's the wind that's worrying... this'll be my first time and wanted this as a time trial to see what speed shape I'm in, was hoping for 29:30 ish to just see... but can't run in wind, I die everytime... hey ho... will still give it beans... it's the highest quality 5 in the country. Awesome runners will be here. it'll be won in around 23 I reckon.

Cheers Pug

Trimpell 20

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 12:51

I very much doubt you can enter on day, can't remember, but know it fills up every year... so I'd enter online if I were you... it's possibly, infact 99% it's the quickest 20 in the country judging by Mike's winning time last year of 1:44... I mean, come on, that's insane that... I do lovea fast race and this has to be for some reason i can't fathem, my favourite race of the year... just something about this race that gets me interested.

Cheers Pug

Sub 3

Posted: 04/02/2011 at 12:44
RSalter wrote (see)
Peoples feed back on here becuase I'm in unchartered territory as far as running a marathon in spring, autumn and then spring again.
10 weeks based on your previous training is easily enough IMO FWIW... I mean you're hardly starting from scratch have done long runs etc and you finished last year in good shape? Rest up for a few days... infact even if you had a week, it'll make no difference whatsoever... I mean if you look at me, basically nothing from October 17th until the 1st January... did 197 miles January, hopefully 200 this month and I'm targetting Lochaber Marathon 10th April... and I'll be in shape... ok, not the best shape you could be in but certainly back in PB shape. Depends what time you want, I think Haille's record might be out of you rreach fella
Njord wrote (see)
 40 miles clocked this week, but including 26 at mp or faster. Very unusual for me, and not what the professionals would be doing at this point for a Spring marathon, but wtf... ...s'posed to be fun isn't it?

hahaha, I knew our Sunday evening conversation would push you a little harder, you can't have Puglet slipping in under your PB can you hahaha. And to light a candle, I've just entered Snowdon Marathon... so you've got to put some effort in now... I reckon 20 days receovery from Chester Marathon is easily enough hahaha!

Cheers Pug

Sub 3

Posted: 03/02/2011 at 23:38

Blimey 2 million people... I hope they've learnt something from us... nahhhh, probably not lol

Cheers Pug

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