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Lancaster & Morecambe Race Series Lancaster Half-Marathon

Posted: 05/10/2010 at 00:50

I entered this months ago, lets hope it's not windy

Cheers Pug

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 23/09/2010 at 23:13

Hi all... well, I fly out tomorrow at 7:50am... so probably won't be back on forum... although got phone with me so... just a "maybe" last word before Sunday...

Good luck to everyone... take care and don't go off too quick... listen to your body, you all want to get to half way NOT tired, if you are, ease off... half way should be easy... make sure you all drink going around even if it's pissing down... and ALL HAVE FUN... I know I will whether I run or not...

If I run, I'll be wearing my usual light blue shorts, orange vest with "PUG" on the front... and I've got no hair...oh yeah and gold trainers, I try to blend in <img /><img /><img />If anyone sees me, be sure to say hello, and mention you're off this thread, that many people I may give you a blank look, but if off thread... it'll remind me.


Cheers Pug <img /><img /><img /><img /><img /><img />

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 23/09/2010 at 13:21
mmmm...marmite wrote (see)

Is it my imagination or is the weather forecast changing every 30 mins ???

Have a safe trip out there everyone.

I've decided to make the journey and just pray that my foot has improved enough by Sunday to let me run.

Great stuff, "may" see you on the start line, look for the lad who's put on 10lbs in 3 weeks

EI22RE wrote (see)

News on the weather front again: 14C and a bit rainy. More to come, I am sure...

Now that is what I call perfect weather!

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 22/09/2010 at 23:15

Well, just ran 5 mile, felt crap and slow, lets see how legs react tomorrow...

I'll be going expo Friday, as I think we land at Tegel at a round 10:50am... so might just go straight there, get my number etc etc.

Cheers Pug 

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 22/09/2010 at 12:53

Light drizzle is perfect IMHO, and I hate heat so if it's cooler than 16C and drizzly... I'll be gutted as in terrible shape, however, I'm going for a 6 mile run tonight and see how I feel... just stuffed myself with pills to take away any pains, and see how I react... might be able to jog around Sunday, you never know. Good to see people getting excited though, awesome infact... and just set SkyHD Eurosport to record it if I do run, be nice to get some footage hahaha.

Cheers Pug

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 21/09/2010 at 12:25
mmmm...marmite wrote (see)

Have added a whole new dimension to my taper madness this year by giving myself extensor tendinitis on Friday. Foot is sore, but improving. Whether it's improving rapidly enough is another question! Have to make a decision by Wednesday if I'm to avoid paying for the hotel room. The good news is that my usual taper madness anxieties have paled in comparison to the thought of not being able to run.......it's a nail-biter for sure!

SHIT! Sorry a dn I really mean sorry to hear this... mate, do whatever you can to painkill it... I've been looking forward to what you can do for this race... make it so fella... any idea what's caused it? How bad is it, can you feel it walking?

As for Puglet... well, I went out (even though not told to run now for weeks), for 7 mile on Sunday to see what happened... got around slowly BUT stretched for 20 minutes afterwoulds... anyhow, Monday, backs of knees sore and swollen around the back, legs aching... however, going to take my racing gear anyway incase some sort of miracle happens... tell ya what though, 7 mile seemed like 15 with the amount of training I've missed... and personally even if I did run, I very much doubt I'd be able to run the whole distance now... with hardly any proper training for 8 weeks run up now... it's a bit risky hahaha...

Anyhow, I'm still out to eBerlin, on the 7:05am think it is flight from manchester and coming back on the 6:00pm flight on Tuesday... cannae wait now... been wanting to go to this country for years... and even if I don't run... it'll be a nice break.

Cheers Pug

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 16/09/2010 at 13:29

I'm excited and I may not be running, it's nice to read some people are having nice runs all of a sudden, see tapers work, if you've put the work in, and start resting, your mind plays tricks, but your body will be perfect for Berlin... great stuff... important thign now is to remain injury free and don't do anything weird or wonderful now..

Cheers Pug

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 15/09/2010 at 13:26
Blockbuster wrote (see)
Pug those times are a completely different class to me I can only dream about a 3-32!. Hope you make the start line. Quick question if you use gels just drink water? If you use energy drink dont take gels? I have run three marathons using both and usually always have stomach problems. You reckon it's carb overload?

Yeah, wasn't braging or owt' about the times hahaha, I missed an important factor out as I was typing too quickly... in the fact that for the 2:51 Edinburgh run, I was in my opinion in the best shape of my life and had just ran a 58;18 10 miler, and was looking at around 2:42 marathon... YET, stomach and other factorsd come into it... certainly say I didn't eat enough running upto it for the previous 5 days ish... as I was obsessed with putting weight on... yet NY was my first "serious" marathon, ate what I wanted (within reason of course) BUT I got the carb loading, build up just right and had ZERO stomach problems and was GOING FOR SUB3 at the time, and had what I class as one of my best ever races... so performing to your best isn't all about being in the best shape, it's about getting food and drink correct for the build up... get this wrong and even if you're in 2:20 shape, forget it.

Chester this year, was a nightmare and I really do put it down to mixxing GELS AND Energy drinks... for me anyway.

Don't get me wrong... this might not be the case with people, however, if I do get to Berlin, I can guarantee you all, I'll be taking 5 GELS and ZERO Energy drink and just sips of water whenever I need it...

However, I don't see any problems with people just doing energy drink and NO GELS... it depends what you've done in the past... all I'd say is, DON'T experiment on the day... make sure you trial something over the coming week.

I know that all that suger in your system in one go... it's like an overdose for me.. think about it, all that energy trying to be processed by stomach and getting into muscles and blood, can't be good for you...

Cheers Pug

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 15/09/2010 at 13:06
theboynice wrote (see)

Just one other thought I had on pacing which some folk were asking about earlier...

Whether a marathon first-timer or an experienced racer, there is no doubt in my mind that going out a little slower than perhaps you feel you could manage is the way to go. Even if this means cursing yourself in finishing with still a little bit left in the tank, this is INFINITELY BETTER than hitting the wall at 18-20 miles because you've gone off just a little too fast.

Anyone who has been there will know this, but the dreaded 'wall' is just about the worst feeling - physically and mentally - that I can remember since the cat dying when I was a youngster. Seriously, for those who don't know, despite there being hundreds of runners by your side and literally thousands of supporters willing you on, it is a dark place and the loneliest feeling in the world. Every step requires the utmost concentration and effort, and despite a distance of 5 miles or so being a breeze on any other day at any other time, you simply cannot see how you are going to make it. A truly horrid place to be.

(Puts on his best Duncan Bannatyne accent) and for that reason, I'm out (slow)...

1,000,000% Agree for a marathon. Normally I'm a d1ck when it comes to pacing and go off too quick and die... however, from my limited experience of 4 marathons... I'd agree bigtime. My first one in April 2006 was Paris, and although I wouldn't say I went off to quick, I wasn't prepared mileage wise, so the 7:30's I set off at were easy BUT didn't have the stamina in the tank... so slower pace may have made me last longer than 18 miles when I've never ever been in such a lonely place ever... not something I'd wish on anyone, as when it's gone, it's gone... and nothing and no body by shouting at you will spur you on, believe me.

As for Gels, everyones different... just be aware of what happened to me... I mixed Gels AND Energy drink in Chester Marathon... with disastrous conciquences... basically I was taking Gels every 5 miles and have used this in the past fine... five gels... 5,10,15,20 and then whenever you think you need it... I personally would reccomend taking one early at 5... as for me, you've already worked off 500+ cals and 500g of carbs typically, so get it replenashed quickly... no point waiting until you feel tired... as they take some time to get into system. However, I personally wouldn't mix them with alot of energy drink... I think it overloads the system and from 14 mile in my marathon to 21 mile, my stomach was cramping and never been in so much pain stomach wise... literally nearly doubled up... then all of a sudden it cleared and I picked back up to the finish...

That's my advice anyway... take it or leave it... from my view... like I say I've done 4 marathons, 1st one was a disaster and 3:32 think it was, then I trained properly and 6 months later November 2006 NY did 2:55:55... then April 2007 Edinburgh did 2:51:51... then this year did Chester in 2:49:28... however the only run I'd say was a fault free run (apart from a 5:55 stupid 2nd mile as I did a 8:00+ first due to crowd) was New York and here I took energy gels every 5 mile... although dying at the end...  it got me through.

Cheers Pug

P.S. Cheers for the good wishes means alot, and you never know, I still might make the start line... miracles can happen...

Berlin Marathon 2010

Posted: 13/09/2010 at 21:04
Joe Hawk wrote (see)
Pug - I don't think you are allowed to use "just" in the same sentence as 2:30.
Hahaha.. yeah was hoping someone would say that he'll do 2:28:47 I reckon... just off the top of my head
Cheers Pug
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