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Is This Safe?

Posted: Today at 17:26

This is one method.  I would echo the need for a good warm-up first as if you're anything like me your HRM will be all over the place for the first ten minutes.  The idea of running for three minutes rather than over a set distance is because the effort you put into a distance depends on your fitness - 1k is very tough for some people, so they'd go at a lower effort in order to complete it.

(3 mins also curiously echoes Billat's original VO2max training.)

Is This Safe?

Posted: Today at 16:14
cougie wrote (see)
You really need to get your HR max sorted.

It's been two threads so far, but I reckon if we just keep the pressure on it may sink in.

Calculated HRMax = Guess.
Real life, tested, legs turned to jelly, ran out of air and couldn't do another HRMax = Not Guess.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: Today at 09:47
JT141 wrote (see)
It looks like as part of Brexit we may not be negotiating for continued access to the single market. For a bit of fun ask your nearest leave voter what the EU single market actually is.

That's a good idea, I thought, so I did!

They left.

Is This Safe?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:58

Go with some of the advice in your previous thread?  Do a MHR test to see if 192 is really you, then decide.  If it is, and you want to train by HR, then it's ok from time to time, but within the boundaries of a controlled training plan.

Are you and "in" or an "out"?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:48
skotty wrote (see)

we might have been begging them to let us in.

I thought we did!  But then maybe that was because we were so upset at being kept out of the club in the first place.

I'm intrigued to see which club we pester to join next.  ASEAN?  They've got some good beaches down there.

The crazy sentence game

Posted: Yesterday at 16:34

Mental intercourse needs diversity, else deprecates.

The crazy sentence game

Posted: Yesterday at 13:12

Eating New Roget's inflames condition.  Heard it's not good!

Improving my time

Posted: Yesterday at 13:02

Well done, FatBoyRuns!

Keep running gently and your times will improve.  Losing more weight will definitely help in reducing your times.  Keep it up!

The Middle Ground

Posted: Yesterday at 12:09

Dr. D, fat adapted can be Queen aswell! (On behalf of all those overly PC types.)

Andrew, you ran more miles than I did.

DT19, never experienced that after so much distance.  I definitely experienced tight hams just after beginning runs.  Because it's after that much distance I'd tend to put it down to fatigue, and, in my case, probably run three miles less.

I finished my first week of the 100 push-ups challenge.  It hurt.  Intriguing how it's an endurance challenge but it begins with strength work and doesn't move into stamina work until near the end.  For that reason I'm fascinated to see how it works out.  Also worth noting that it doesn't ask you to ever 'run' more than about 50% of the total in one go - I think 60% is the max and that only once before 'race day'.

Bucket list

Posted: 13/01/2017 at 14:42

Bucket list: Straw, axe, whetstone, water.  Optional: Liza, Henry.

I try to have a very short bucket list.  Too many things on there and it makes it impossible to think about doing any one of them.  It becomes a wish list, and I'd prefer to keep it as a to-do list.

At the moment, become a Snowboard Instructor.

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